Monday, October 01, 2007

Will Abalos Suffer Alone?

Abalos may just suffer alone. A poor sacrificial lamb of a highly organized syndicate. It has become apparent that this gang had made it their mission to leave out to dry. With Neri corroborating Joey de Venecia's claim of bribery, the senate should Abalos's impeachment reach the upper house can dispense with his case swiftly.

Majority of the senate including some Malacañang lackeys have an ax to grind with Abalos. Clearly, there seems to be an palace-orchestrated move to do him in. The lower could send the impeachment to the senate just to appease the people hungry for a big fish. This will clearly shield GMA from any attack from the opposition.

I do hope that Abalos will not go quietly into oblivion. I want to see him go out with guns blazing. I don't want him to squirm alone. I would rather see him take everyone down with him. GMA and her gang have not seen the end of Abalos. Even if they nail Abalos, I am sure our presidentiables will squeeze every ounce of media mileage that could eventually lead to Malacañang's doorstep.

We might have expected too much for Neri. Who knows, Abalos may just be GMA's Chavit. I am sure that I would not be the only one cheering Abalos on. Neri may have disappointed us but Abalos just might be the unintentional hero we have been waiting for.

A cornered rat will fight to defend himself and for the first time, I am rooting for Abalos. I hope he can somehow redeem himself. I may be alone in this but I am sure that many wil follow as soon as Abalos starts singing. If we prayed for Neri before, we can do it with Abalos. C'mon Benjie, do your stuff. If your gang has turned their back on you, there is sense in sticking your neck out for them.

Let that baritone voice of yours sing. Sing to us, the people who has had enough of corruption. Just look at Chavit who despite his criminal background can speak proudly of his exploits. You can do the same, I know you can. I hope you keep this in mind, there is and never will be honor among thieves!