Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Atat Na Atat

Renato Corona's first brush with the scandalous midnight appointment came during the Ramos administration. FVR wanted to appoint him as associate justice. But as fate would have it and an impartial Supreme Court during that time, shot down his appointment. The reason was his appointment came during an election ban. Former CJ Narvasa followed what the constitution said. His ambition became a reality when GMA appointed his as an associate justice during her term. Fast forward to 2010. Once again, Corona would face his old nemesis, midnight appointment. This time however, he has the numbers to make something illegal, legal.

The Supreme Court was full of Arroyo appointees. So they came up with a migraine-inducing resolution that upheld Corona's appointment. I guess they thought that Filipinos are dumb and stupid and that we all slept through our Constitution subject in college. Based on his statements, loyalty is what guides him. True enough, his decisions show how loyal he is. Unfortunately for the hapless Filipino, his colleagues live by the same creed. Never mind what is lawful, he an his cohorts will bend what is straight to protect their benefactor.

Under attack, Corona decided to throw in a monkey wrench to muddle the issue. He is now asserting that his impeachment is connected to the SC's decision on Hacienda Luisita. It was clearly a diversionary tactic to confuse the public who are increasingly disgusted with a very biased Supreme Court. Clearly, GMA is still pulling the strings. Is Corona collateral damage in making GMA accountable for he sins? No he is definitely not. He is a co-conspirator in destroying the judiciary so that GMA would not be brought to justice.

Corona's ambition took several years to materialize. He persisted and persevered and GMA rewarded him handsomely. So who is "Atat na Atat"? Not content with his power and influence, he is trying to drag the entire judiciary down with him. Corona is not the Supreme Court. I will follow this impeachment. I will list down the senators who will acquit him and make them pay come 2013.