Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lie, Lies And More Lies

Mike keeps insisting that he does not know Joey de Venecia yet he advised him against joining the NBN tussle due to his affiliation with the speaker. He also said that he does know anything about the ZTE deal and yet he advised Joey to stay away from the deal. Before he left, Mike denied ever meeting JDV III only to confirm that they indeed had a chance encounter.

A fish is caught by its mouth and the latest statements of Mike Arroyo debunks his claims of innocence. Ok, fine, he never told Joey to back off, but why give unsolicited advice to a total stranger? Why try to dissuade the fellow from cornering a government project? So it seems that the chance encounter was not by coincidence but was planned all the while. And he definitely knew something about the ZTE deal. Perhaps even played a vital part in the deal.

Mike must take us for fools. Sorry big guy, only paid hacks believe you. I believe it was a ploy by Malacanang to leak what transpired during the executive session to cast doubt on the senate and finally close the investigation on the ZTE deal. This will justify the non-attendance of cabinet members in future hearings. This will shield Gloria from further embarrassment.

To complete the scenario, GMA now announced the cancellation of the NBN project. But the senate should not be deterred. It is apparent that all parties involved new about the kickbacks. It should continue the investigations and call Ricky Razon and Mike Arroyo to the senate. I am sure Mike will show his true self and prove to us that his vocabulary has more words than the Webster's Dictionary when put under pressure.

Forget about Enrile, Joey can easily muzzle the toothless attack dog. Forget about Joker who chaired the blue ribbon committee that protected Jose Pidal. Forget about Miriam, she's good at shooting herself in the foot. Come November, its time for the senate to buckle down and nail the culprits behind the ZTE scandal.

This administration has nothing to offer but lies, lies and more lies. No one is listening anymore. We have grown tired of your lies. The only destabilizers in our midst are from the palace. The only ones creating political noise are Gloria's rah-rah boys. And the only one who's jittery is GMA.