Friday, April 30, 2010

Freedom of Depression

My mind was blown away as I read Carmen Pedrosa's column last Saturday. She questioned Noynoy Aquino's mental fitness. She claimed that a friend of friend of a psychiatrist told her about how the late Ninoy Aquino sought the help of the doctor to help Noynoy. She went as far as giving out details and that we should protect these sources. It was also very convenient for her to say that the psychiatrist had already passed away. So how then do we confirm this hearsay? Pedrosa should have gone straight to the widow of the late doctor. Unlike Guido Delgado, Pedrosa is a journalist. She should know what her responsibilities are.

Like the two earlier (but already proven to be fake) psychiatric reports, Pedrosa's story was as tall as her idol, Gloria Arroyo. I have already pointed out in a previous post what differentiates black propaganda from the truth. Perhaps Pedrosa is the one suffering from depression and needs to have her head checked. Perhaps she is depressed because her beloved charter change had died several times. Perhaps depression had set in because no one seems to be listening to her. Or maybe she's depressed that unlike Jarius Bondoc or William Esposo, she has no credibility.

I know that Freedom of Expression is enshrined in our constitution, but we must also make sure that we do not throw around lies. It is obvious that Pedrosa was simply sowing intrigue. The wife of the late doctor condemned the use of her late husband's name in the attempt to smear Aquino's name. So there you are, Pedrosa was not exercising her constitutional right. What Pedrosa is exercising is her "Freedom of Depression". All of us have experienced depression in one way or another. A loss in the family, poor performance or continuing failure at pushing charter change.

Who knows, Pedrosa may just join Villar in seeking psychiatric help for severe depression after he loses the presidential race. Villar with the specter of a senate hearing or corruption charges and Pedrosa for once again losing to neophyte president. Whichever way their senseless story goes, Villar and Pedrosa will surely use their right to suffer depression.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Is The Black Propaganda?

The presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party claims to be swamped by black propaganda. So far, all I've seen or heard being hurled against him has been proven to be true. Careful and diligent research has been undertaken by those like me who have reported on his very unethical and highly criminal dealings. Let me breakdown the issues so far brought forth against him. So far, he has not shown any document to debunk or refute the issues we raised.

In the first place, he chose to answer allegations that he benefited on the C-5 project in the media. He refused to answer in the proper venue that is the senate. So there is nothing wrong if media also airs the reports of his "sins". The issue here is if all these are simply black propaganda? Mr. Villar may have been used to faking and fabricating documents that is why he failed to recognize truth from lies. Colluding with the right officials may have made his claims to be true. But other documents and investigations brought out have proven otherwise.

He said that all his developments were legal. Why are there cases filed against him because of land grabbing and illegal land conversions? Just because you present land titles issued during the Japanese occupation doesn't prove ownership of these lands. Just because government agency officials say it is so, laws on the other hand say they are not. So how do you account for the farmers of San Jose and the Dumagats of Norzagarayclaim that you stole their land? Documents and laws have confirmed the wrongs you have done. Can you also explain how a sequestered piece of land can be acquired by your company? Perhaps the PCGG can do the explaining for you.

Is the illegal conversion of prime, irrigated agricultural land in Iloilo a figment of our imagination as well? I don't think so as those who used to farm there have spoken out to recount how they were forced to sell their lands to you. With another 600 hectares awaiting your development in the area, how many more farmers will succumb to your pressure? I suppose the DAR or the local executives there have some explaining to do as well. I am sure that there are many more similar cases hidden from public knowledge. Don't worry, we have a way of getting the information out.

The Vista Land issue being hurled against you by Erap and Enrile was one that eluded us. Fortunately, Enrile got hold of the document to pin you down with impropriety and unethical practice of a public official. Of course the PSE had exonerated you. Let me borrow Guido Delgado's ploy, a simple denial does not prove the document to be fake. Unless you see nothing wrong with being a businessman and politician at the same time, then you really must really think we are dumb and stupid.

Your lies have been exposed. You even lied about your status in life. When you can lie about your past, how then can you convince us that your entire existence is based on truth? At least this election has exposed the real Manny Villar, the Villar who abused his political position to enrich himself. What was a picture of inspiration in reality was a career mired in oppression and corruption.

Where then is the black propaganda you accuse us of? All I know is that we worked hard to prove tha issues against you. What have your supporters and your camp come up with? Nothing but a bunch of lies that have proven nothing but your desperation. Despite the billions you have already spent, despite the drama, despite the exploitation of children, women, the dead and the dying, you continue to slip in the ratings. Even a disgraced former president has more credibility than you. It's insulting to our intelligence that you call the truth as black propaganda.

Even if we take all these issues out of the equation, only one question sticks out like a sore thumb. How will you recover your billions? Ah yes, I have forgotten that you are a very good businessman. You have already proven your brilliance, after all, you have made yourself from a simple multi-millionaire into a multi-billionaire in just over a decade. What the Ayala's and Lopez's and even Lucio Tan took almost a lifetime, you have managed to do in a fraction of that.

Black propaganda? So far the only one using this in all forms and mediums is you and you camp. What is funny is that it keeps backfiring on you. No one is buying the lies you've been peddling but losers like you. It really is tough running a campaign based on lies and deception. Black propaganda my ass!

Find out the truth about the real Manny Villar HERE, HERE and HERE.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motherhood Statements

So desperation has really set in. I never expected Manny Villar to stoop so low. To defend him from the issues hurled against him, he has enlisted the help of his mother. Of course anyone wouldn't dare crossing a crying mother. This is really a cheap gimmick to use in the face of criticisms and charges of impropriety. Villar's propagandists has done a good job, at least for the time being. I expected Mrs. Curita Villar's press conference to be followed by an ad, true enough, it was.

So Villar has used everything to gain our sympathy and for us to turn a blind eye on his transgressions. For children singing to the elderly, Villar will use any means to get himself elected. But will his mother finally stop his critics? I don't think so. In fact, it might have worked if his camp did not use his mother in an ad on television. It reeks of exploitation and they had no qualms about it. Sen. Enrile is right in calling him callous and insensitive. After all, Villar was insensitive enough to use a departed brother to make it appear he was poor. I doubt if Erap'a or Enrile's hearts will be softened by Mrs. Villar's tear-jerking, heart-wrenching statements.

What I really don't get is Villar was arrogant enough to use his position in his indecent dealings but hides behind the skirt of his old mother in the face of the accusations of his critics. I must admit, Mrs. Villar maybe too old to know what her billionaire son has been doing all these years. I got to hand it to Villar's image-builders, they showed how low they can really be. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how Villar had avoided answering the accusations leveled against him.

With this latest stunt, Villar has proven once again how low he really is. He will use anybody to gain sympathy. He wants to look like an underdog with everyone ganging up on him. But did it really work this time around? He has only himself to blame for the position he is in. He may have thought that his wealth can hide the truth. See what happens when one uses too much drama and theatrics in his campaign ads? He placed himself in an indefensible position. He portrayed himself to be something he really was not. He has proven one thing from his latest antics, his mother truly loves him. As the adage says, "he's a billionaire only a mother could love."


Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelan Ka Ba Talaga Sasagot?

The latest bomb to hit Manny Villar came from someone in the Know. Former president Joseph Estrada sure knows what he is talikng about when he accused Villar of stock manipulation. Who could forget the infamous BW Scam? As usual, he first called it black propaganda. When the issue got hotter, he said "no law was violated". Then he changed his tune to "Vista Land should be the one to explain".

So far, Villar has not answered any of the issues against him. From the C-5 to the Vista Land issue, It's either smear campaign or someone would answer for him. It really is very hard to defend the indefensible. Look at Alan Cayetano, his "askal" demeanor in defending Villar may have ended his political career. Remulla did not do well either as he exposed the link between Villar and the Ampatuans. So far, Adel Tamano is still hanging in there, but I'm sure he wouldn't last long. Who else has come to defend Villar? The list is long and includes a host of characters whose credibility and integrity are all questionable. Even one of the biggest scammer in the country had come to his defense.

They all have tried their best to answer for Villar. So far, all they have done is to dig deeper Villar's political grave. With the campaign winding down to its last two weeks, Villar just couldn't shake the troop of monkies on his back. People have seen through his web of lies. His delusion of being poorer than a rat had been exposed. Time and again, Villar had the chance to debunk the accusations hurled against him. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), time had ran out to clear his name. He is unrepentant for the thousands of people he had taken lands from, from the investors of his IPO and to the farmers whose families now starve because of his land conversions.

Mr. Villar, errr Mr. Villaroyo, like with Gloria, we are all waiting for you to answer all the accusations against you. Buti pa si GMA nag-sorry. You have remained evasive and untrue. There is a deeper word for greed, it is "GANID". You think you can have your cake and eat it too. Sad to say it is not to be for we can see through the drama, the antics and the propaganda. I echo the question millions of voters ask, "Kelan ka ba talag sasagot?"

I suppose like Gloria, you will say sue me in court. I'm sure your many victims will do just that as soon as the election is over. Intimidation will no longer work because we will have an administration that will make sure that justice will be served. You will finally wear your favorite color for many years in a room worthy of someone like you.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Simple Life

I'll the title and photos speak for themselves. Neatly tucked away in the heart of Las Piñas lies the very simple abode of a very simple man who leads a very simple life. Based on his claims, he enjoys simple living. When you finally get to see for yourself how simple he really is, then you might say that poverty does not exist in the Philippines. You might say that poverty is a figment of the Filipinos' imagination. I don't know how this man can claim simplicity without batting an eyelash. If the poor he says he care for so much for can see the size of his estate, they might think they're living in another planet.

Tall tales have been spread by his cronies. Tales that would make your heart sink. His campaign ads are filled with gut-wrenching stories of his rise to fame (or infamy). What was once a small subdivision within a subdivision is now owned by this very simple man. He as managed to acquire the properties in this very small community. He even bought a sizable lot fronting his humble abode so his guests can have a place to park. The owners of the few remaining properties have to abide by his very strict security protocols. After all, with the many lives he has ruined to get to where he is, threats would surely abound. But of course, the endorsement of the supposed protector of the abused have taken away the threat of the left.

Unlike the viral photos of his supposed mansion circulating in the net, these pictures are the real deal. Of course he doesn't live there as he has bought the ancestral home of a prominent political clan in the glitzy area of Wack-Wack. I'm sure he still owns this as this is where he started his empire. Let me remind you however, that this property does not occupy a block but a big part of a small community.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of this very simple home.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Sino Ang Tunay Na Baliw?

The Nacionalista Party continues to deny the spurious psychiatric report of Sen. Aquino came from their camp. Villar on the other hand has challenged Sen Aquino to undergo a psychiatric test. While this is a legitimate issue, why does it seem that Villar is pushing the issue? The more Villar pushes it, the more I believe that he had a hand in this. Instead of coming out with a strong condemnation, Villar can still come out with a challenge to his rival. His party mates may not be privy to this black propaganda. Villar may have instructed others outside the loop to this despicable act.

After all the issues about Villar's ruse to riches came out, faking documents is as easy as pie to him. Knowing how dirty Villar plays politics in his kingdom in Las Piñas, I am not surprised if he can order a demolition job like this. We all know how a fish is caught, with his arrogance, Villar may just say enough to pin himself. With the insane way he's been spending, and his ratings dropping, he maybe experiencing desperation.

We've all seen how deadly the combination of arrogance and desperation can be. The Amaptuans have shown us that. The entire situation may have depressed Villar so much that he had asked someone to concoct such an insane report. Unfortunately, his plan backfired on him. Not only did it hit him in the head, his political party may suffer some setbacks as well. At the end of the day, was it all worth it? The backlash wouldn't be felt yet but Villar and his lot will surely find that out.

There are only 28 days before the elections. What if Villar, despite his outrageous spending lose the presidential race? How would he feel? How will he take it? Who knows, he maybe the one in need of psychiatric help. Oh Mr. Villar, you are threading on very thin ice. Be careful what you ask for, it may come back to bite you. Sino nga ba ang tunay na baliw? Is it the one who ran because the people asked him to, or is the one who throw billions for a measly P35,000 a month pay? Will the real "baliw" please stand up?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Si Garapal At Si Askal

We woke up to a report of a supposed psychiatric report on Sen. Noynoy Aquino's mental state. Soon the blogosphere was abuzz with matching documents to boot. But before the day ended, it became apparent that the said report was a fabrication. Both Fr. Caluag and the Ateneo Psychology Department denied such report was ever made. ABS-CBN refused to name the source but confirmed that the documents came from two members of Villar's Nacionalista Party, Aquino's rival. The blogger who posted the documents in the net has taken down his blog after the falsity of the report was established. Villar's camp now wants the network to reveal their source.

This was not the first time a psychiatric report on a presidential candidate was used in the campaign. Back in 1992, Miriam Santiago was a victim of such a tactic. Garapal who is considered one of the best operators in the country and whose mere mention of his names makes Miriam's mouth foam in anger, is the one who engineered the propaganda. The father of "dagdag-bawas", Garapal is as creative as Goebbels can be. We all know how Hitler's evil PR man turned Germany into a mess.

The NP has in its pocket, Askal. Now Askal is one rabid individual. He will used whatever means to further his ambitions. He used the unpopularity of GMA to get elected into the senate. Just a few days before before the fake report came out, he was seen on TV declaring Noynoy's team as a bunch of TOPAKs. This opportunist will exploit everybody and anybody who will help him get what he wants. Askal epitomizes what a traditional politician is. I wouldn't be surprised if his team was the one who fabricated the Aquino report.

I am in the belief that Askal got the idea from Garapal. Same tactic, same circumstance but are their parties really different? Or is the rumor of an alliance between their parties really true? Although Askal is as creative as Garapal (ex. taking us for a ride when he went after FG) and could possibly have thought of this on his own. But I think someone fed him this idea and he thought it a a very good tactic to use. NP could always deny it and could simply pass the blame to the Liberal Party. After all, they can claim black propaganda or smear campaign to protect themselves.

Could the use of the same tactics be purely a coincidence or is the rumored alliance be true? If it is true, then the Villaroyo rumor can be true. Villar could very well be GMA's secret candidate. With Garapal firmly behind GMA and Askal rabidly for Villar, the two can easily work together to save their patrons' necks. Both Villar and GMA has many things to explain. Both can face numerous cases when a new president outside their loop is elected. He scratches her back and she scratches his.

Could this theory be true? Is this the link that will finally prove the Villaroyo rumor? The coming days could reveal the truth. I expect both camps to deny it. It's up to the public to see through the two parties. In the kind of political culture we have, an alliance like this is not remote. When both leaders have personal ambitions and necks to protect, they could come together and destroy whoever poses a threat. The use of fabricated reports like this really shows desperation. This is one for the gutters. Only people who "swim in a sea of garbage" will use this strategy instead of sticking to the issues. Iba talaga trumabaho si Grapal at si Askal!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The True TOPAKs

Out of desperation and lack of creativity, Nacionalista Goebbels, Alan Peter Cayetano and Gilbert Remulla has coined a rather lame acronym for Noynoy Aquino and his campaign team. After Manny Villar's significant drop in the latest surveys, they had to come up with more lies to throw at Sen. Aquino. To get under Aquino's skin, they called his team TOPAK which they say means, Trapo, Oportunista and kamag-anak inc. Also throwing his lot into the fray is Bongbong Marcos, son of a dictator who took the country into near destruction.

So let's dissect this new tirade against Noynoy. Alan Cayetano who took us all for a for a spin in the last elections to get elected into the senate is, as his actions in the senate would confirm is a pure unadulterated trapo. Defending his embattled patron Villar to the point of making a fool of himself in the C-5 controversy, Cayetano showed us a real trapo at work. He is an opportunist himself. Riding on the unpopularity of Gloria Arroyo, he used whatever means possible to get elected. And when the time came to investigate the NBN-ZTE deal came, he did not even dare call one of his biggest campaign contributors whose name was mentioned in the hearings. The Cayetanos are a kamag-anak inc. Alan's sister is also a senator running for re-election and his wife is a congresswoman of Taguig. Iba talag, all in the family!

What about Gilbert Remulla who calls Noynoy Gloriaquino? Is he also a trapo? Is he also an opportunist? Is he also a member of kamag-anak inc.? I say all of the above. His brother Boying Remulla did not sign GMA's impeachment. He may claim that he's different from his brother but I call it playing safe which translates to being a family of trapos. His other brother is the vice governor of Cavite who tried to wrest the governorship from Gov. Ayong Maliksi. It was supposed to be in exchange for Gilbert's silence in the Garci hearings. Unfortunately for them, Maliksi thwarted their plan so the deal did not push through. What is it with politics that entire families are lured into "public service"? The pay must be really good, don't you think?

So who are the true TOPAKs? The holier than though duo of the NP surely are. Their records speak for themselves. Without anything to destroy Noynoy's reputation with, they now deviate from the real issues. If they claim to be what they are are, then I dare them to demand from Villar answers to all the controversies hounding him. Like the two leftist in their senatorial slate, they remained silent on the cases hurled against Villar. How then can you convince us that you will faithfully serve the people when you cannot even question the integrity of your presidential candidate?

At the end of the day, it is the vast wealth of Villar that forces them to make fools of themselves. Clean your own backyards first before you accuse anyone of being TOPAKs. I dare you to run as independents and show us what you are really made of. Don't BS us with motherhood explanations to the transgressions of your beloved leader. The crap you thrown maybe your own. Now who are the true TOPAKs?