Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Its so obvious that Eastern Samar Gov. Ben Evardone and Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes are lying. They know it and we all know it. The two said that the P500,000 came from the League of Provinces of the Philippines. They said that this was for capacity building for neophyte governors.

Its more than a week since the cash gift fiasco and during the days following the expose, the LPP never even bothered to answer the calls of the people to come out. Now from out of the blue, they claim responsibility. HINDI KAMI MGA TANGA! This two are obviously protecting Gloria. They do not have the credibility and they both know it. Just the same, they might as well pay their political debt to GMA.

Gloria may have benefited temporarily with the Glorietta blast but the people never forgot what happened in Malacañang. So the lying continues and the liars are the only ones who believe their lies. So what about the congressmen who admitted they too received cash gifts? MGA GAGO PALA ITONG MGA GUNGGONG NA 'TO! From whom did this money come from? Did the money the congressmen got come from them too?

C'mon, stop pulling our legs, baka humaba yan at sipain kayong dalawa. Stop making us look dumb. Will you please comeup with a more believable lie? Its so obvious what you are trying to do. Just yesterday, your organization had a full-page ad in the dailies and never was it mentioned that the money Govs. Mendoza and Panlilio came from them.

Granting that the money came from the LPP, why the lack of documents? Was the entire league aware or even consulted that funds will be disbursed? The more statements are made, the deeper the hole Gloria is in. This is crap and bullshit in its purest form. They have only made the people more convinced that bribery and corruption is an accepted practice in this administration.

Let's keep our focus on this one. Let's not allow these "BOBOS" to get away with murder. To let them go without a good spanking is to accept that we too are morally bankrupt as GMA and her ilk.