Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pay Taxes or Feed the Masses

As the country celebrated Valentine's Day, the RH Bill reared its beautiful head yet again. As condoms flew around, who else but the holiest of holy again reminded us the evils(?) of contraception. I cannot overemphasize the separation of church and state. They rally their base and demonize the government's solution to population explosion. The church reaps in billions in collections and donations. They own schools, hospitals and even banks. Every time a child is baptized, confirmed or if someone dies, the church collects fees.

All these earnings are tax-free. Not a centavo goes to the country's coffers. I am quite sure that only a fraction of these funds goes to the poor. Everything else goes to the church. Perhaps to pay for their Macs. cars and the Pope's wardrobe. Like I said before, I am a Catholic and have seen how the church goes about its affairs. There good priests and there are those who care about nothing but the finances of the church. I have seen up close how these so-called priests devour these funds.

They dictate upon us as if they were God. I am sure that God would not like seeing the poor slowly die of despair and hunger because His men like us to be rabbits. So they meddle in the affairs of the state, threatening everyone who goes against them. Of course they dare not touch PNoy's predecessor or they wouldn't receive their white envelopes. See the hypocrisy? There are those who believe that the poor should never vote because they don't pay taxes yet these men in robes vote.

If you want to have a say in affairs of the state, pay your taxes. We are answerable to God and God alone. If the church is bent on blocking the RH Bill, they should have concrete solutions to overpopulation. You even call off classes so you can drag your students to the streets to condemn the bill. I am very sure their presence was compulsory. We need to arrest the rapid growth of the population. Seminars won't cut it. We should be given free choice. Even the Pope condones the use of condom if only to prevent disease from spreading. We must respect our partners too. When you can "honestly" hold accountable your members who have sinned, maybe I will listen to what you have to say.

Human decency is what's at stake here. We need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. It is our money that you spend on the poor. It is our donations that keeps the church afloat. Perhaps it is time that we take your exemptions away. It is time for you to give your fair share. I am sure that only a small portion of what we donate actually reach the poor. My challenge to you is to pay your taxes. If not, you feed the masses.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tele-babad Queen

The Godmother of institutionalized corruption loves her telephone. For the second time in her life, she used it to ensure that she is in the clear. In '04, she called the godfather of electoral fraud to make she'll win the presidential race by one million votes. This time around, she called her favorite general to make sure that that buck stops with the general. I wonder how many times she had used her phone to make sure that she will never be implicated in any corruption case? Her knack for calling personalities to cover up her shenanigans is onve very bad habit.

The general did not take this lightly and succumbed to the pressure. El Generalismo once said that "hindi siya nang-lalaglag and yet back in '01, at the height of the calls for a disgraced but popular president to step down, he withdrew his support for the constitutionally elected president. Di ba pan-lalaglag yon? Now El Generalismo is gone and with his demise brought scandalous secrets to his grave. Godmother must be laughing her heart out. She has dodged the bullet yet again. Unfortunately for her, she is no longer in power. I do not think that he gang of military REMFs will follow what El Generalismo did. Someone will surely sing his heart out and save his neck. Nothing can escape the eyes of Godmother especially when it come to MONEY. Her micromanaging skills in the realm of corruption is legendary.

So what happens now with the corruption investigations in congress and the senate? It will continue for sure. Wives and mistresses might even get to socialize with each other when they appear before the committees investigating these scandalous thievery in the AFP. When the smoke of these investigations clears, ghosts of corruptions will begin to haunt Godmother. And for the last time she may again use her phone. . Who you gonna call Godmother, the Ghost Busters?