Friday, December 16, 2011

Hate To The Chief

The judiciary has finally exhibited its arrogance. Despite the delays in justice, its employees (workers and judges) closed shop to hear CJ Corona call PNoy a dictator. As the final arbiter of the laws of the land, the Supreme Court can dictate what is legal or not. One perfect example of the SC's power is how they legitimized the obvious illegal appointment of Corona. I a blatant disregard for what is lawful, they upheld Corona's right to accept his otherwise midnight appointment. The SC said that Gloria Arroyo can appoint. Yes she can, dummies, as long as it is not within the prohibited period during elections. Any appointment within that period is unlawful. But hey, we are mere mortals who must swallow whatever the SC says. We cannot tangle with gods. They can jail us mortals if they wish to.

How then do we make them accountable? I support PNoy's move to impeach those we all know have and continue to abuse their power. I want them (the justices) to know what fear is. To hell with constitutional crisis. We can live with the justices who are left. What we cannot live with are demigods who obviously are not loyal to the constitution and the people they are supposed to serve. We cannot live with justices who are too loyal or grateful to the one who appointed them. Corona will fight tooth and nail and bring the judiciary down with him. For the first time, someone is serious about weeding out the termites in the judiciary.

I am happy that Corona is finally impeached, although I would have wanted his midnight appointment included in the articles of impeachment. Everyone in government must be accountable, even those who are supposed to be the experts on laws.