Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Myanmar, A Hostaged Nation

Oppression and repression, these are what our neighbor, Myanmar is experiencing. This is what military rule is all about. Burma is a country held hostage for almost two decades. A member of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the military junta continues to wield power. It rules with an iron fist and will not hesitate to kill its own people.

The ASEAN has never gone past rhetorics in blasting Burma's leaders. Members countries are just too busy with its own affairs. Asia is a budding democracy and some live under authoritarian rule. They have an twisted view of freedom. Sanctions were never employed by the ASEAN to address rampant human rights abuse, some members are themselves guilty of the same crime.

ASEAN is inutile if you ask me. Its nothing but a group of countries who sit and talk and talk is all they do. If the ASEAN cannot go at it alone, I would like to see a more international participation in the near future. Although its been getting the attention it deserves because of the recent strife, it would be nice to go beyond mere condemnation.

This is when I would turn to the super cop of the world, America. If the US can bring down despots in other parts of the world, so can it in Burma. I never agree with violence but it seems that this is the only language the junta in Burma understands. I wouldn't mind a few "snake-eyes" (smart bombs) here and there. If the US can bomb the hell out of Iraq, it can certainly turn the tide in Burma in favor of the people.

Of course we know only too well that the US will not lift a finger. Burma has nothing to offer the great nation. It has no oil to warrant interest. Outside help has ceased to exist. The Karen rebels go at it alone. It received a few aid before but the Thai border has been closed for quite sometime now. Everything has to be smuggled in.

I hope the American people will pressure its government to save the Burmese people. It should militarily intervene and stop the suffering in Burma. Only then will it prove to the world that it really is a protector of freedom and democracy. The world should not sit idly by while a nation suffers. We should stop talking and start acting.