Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Roads Lead to Las Piñas

Why is the C-5 Ext. so important to Manny Villar?How much benefit would he and his family get from it? Villar has many developments in the area. He had been acquiring lands both legally and with brute force from small people who had seen generations of their families live in the city. U[ to the boundaries of Parañaque, you will see small villages and subdivisions owned by the Villars. This also extends up to Cavite. No wonder he has very close ties with the Remullas. Anyway, let's see how all these connect with the controversial C-5 Ext.

From Sucat, the CAA Rd. has been widened. Informal settlers, the public market and several privately owned lots have been removed and expropriated. The CAA Rd. leads to the main road of BF Resort where Villar has bought several lots and have turned them into small villages. All along CAA Rd., Villar has small subdivisions. This then leads to a dike which borders Las Piñas and Cavite. Villar has been expanding his developments to Cavite. He in fact has constructed, of course not with his money, Daang-Hari which traverses Cavite all the way to Muntinlupa. Yes you guessed right, all along Daang-Hari, Villar has several subdivisions. I've used this road several times. Very few people pass through here. Most of course are those who live in his subdivisions.

Going back to the CAA Rd., he intends to build a bridge to cross the dike going to Cavite. Flooding was virtually nonexistent before they decided to build this dike. Now residents of BF Resort, Philam and smaller villages leading to Zapote all experience flooding. In all these, he has managed to convince subdivisions to open their roads to the public. He calls this the "Friendship Route". Stickers are provided to the residents for FREE. But of course the villages had to hire additional guards to man the newly opened gates. Association were forced to increase their fees because of this. Why you may ask I question the motive? The intention seemed noble at first until I found out that his developments are located in the interior areas. Viola! He doesn't have to pay for right-of-way to the other subdivisions, and road maintenance is shouldered by the local government. WALANG GASTOS si Villar. See how he uses public funds to benefit him? Paging Sen. Madrigal, the C-5 scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think he really pushed for the diversion of the C-5 Ext. so he can link all his developments and of course increase their worth. Kaya pala bilyonaryo ka! He has invited his friend SM (remember, kasama niya ito sa C-5 Ext.) to open a second mall in Las Piñas. I couldn't understand this as the other SM is just a few kilometers away and Las Piñas is a very small city. I wonder what connection Villar and SM have.

Villar is a very "good" businessman. He contnues to amass wealth thanks to his position. He sure knows how to get around things. Nga nama, why spend your own money when the government will spend for you? Yan ang "Sipag at Tiyaga" ni Manny Villar. Now I know why he is a millionaire. Ano Mr. Villar, buking na kita. Magaling ka talaga sa RIGHT-OF-WAY. In just a matter of years, you were able to amass such wealth because you have managed to disguise your motives very well. Iba ka talagang kumurakot. Just imagine how much you were able to save because you never had to pay for roads and right-of-way.

This is the kind of person this Manny Villar is. We help fund his developments. No wonder you have no liabilities. Unlike other developers, you don't have to borrow to fund your access roads. Even the drainage systems are paid for by the government. All you have to do is tap into the system. Remember how you did this for your Camella Homes which did not have a drainage system? Remember how homeowners complained that their bathrooms drained to the kitchen? Kaya pala mura ang mga bahay sa'yo. kulang-kulang. Other subdivisions have small treatment plants for their waste water, yung sa'yo ba meron?

Elections are still in May. I'll have more time to dig up dirt on you. I'll expose how rotten you really are. The people deserve to know what kind of president you will be. I'm very sure that you will definitely surpass Gloria's notoriety.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising

Erap claims his presidential bid is all about redemption. He wants to show the Philippines that he is still loved by the masses. Yes, the masses. The masses whose despair he continues to exploit. It's the very masses who were coerced by the likes of Miriam Santiago and Juan Ponce Enrile to lay their lives on the line in that fateful day in May. Yes the masses who only shows up because they were promised to be paid to attend rallies. I've attended several rallies which Erap attended. The masses he claim to love him so dearly came by the handful.

Yes Erap dreams to redeem himself still believing that the crowds he draws are genuinely supporting him. Erap dreams that he will once again walk the halls of Malacañan as a president. Growing old sure is a sad phase of life wherein you believe and see things that are no longer there. He claims to be imprisoned but never spent a day in a cell with common criminals. He spent his incarceration in the comforts of his resthouse complete with all the amenities five-star hotels offer to their guests.

Erap the dreamer is desperately trying to get the people's sympathy. Yes his a victim, a victim of his arrogance and stupidity. I suppose the years of debauchery has drained whatever sense of reality his brain still had. So why do you think Erap is running for president? Is it about redemption or is he following the statutes of his pardon? The latter I believe is more likely considering the disinterest of GMA and her cohorts. Erap's charisma is gone. Gone with the minute common sense his pea-sized brain that has gone to the dogs.

For whatever reason Erap might have, he is in for a rude awakening. Libre ang mangarap, what is hard is what you see when you finally wake up. The people already know what he is. Regardless of whatever he says or claims to be, Erap will always be the gambler, drunkard and womanizer we all know him to be. He is not genuine opposition, he's in the league with trapos like Villar. His running for the presidency is one that I welcome. Let him embarrass himself. Let him make a fool of himself once again. Sige Erap, mangarap ka pa. Walang masama sa pangarap. Tama yan, ubusin mo ang yaman mo.

I'm sure the COMELEC and the Supreme Court will let him run. They think that he'll be able to split the votes. After all the vote have been counted, the only thing he'll be splitting is his head.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Villar's Golden Water

Subdivisions in Las Piñas not owned by the Villars are celebrating. The reason, they are now freed from Villar's water company with the entry of Maynilad. Unfortunately for the people who live in Camella, they will have to continue paying for high water rates. Villar refused to allow Maynilad to service his subdivisions. Maynilad's rates are way below what Villar's water company charges its subscribers. He clearly does know how to put his interests above that of the public.

Let me show you how expensive water coming from Villar's company can be. Maynilad's basic charge is P106.77 while Manuela 4A-4H charges P 190.00. The difference doesn't end there. Maynilad's rates gradually increases and plateaus at P45.28 at 200/cum and over. Villar's is P47.50 for 51 cum and over. Spot the difference? The poor residents have no other alternative. If they want cheaper water, they should live elsewhere. "Iiyak talaga ang lahat kay Manny!"

I don't think Manny Villar invested as much money as Maynilad did. If he really cares for the people, he will help them lessen the burden by allowing Maynilad to enter his subdivions. We all know how high the cost of living is. Without competition, those residing in his developments will not have any option but to pay what he charges them. And I thought that monopolies are illegal in this country? This is the kind of businessman Manny Villar is. This is the kind of person who presents himself as coming from the poor or even pro-poor. This is the kind of person who would like to become our president.

If you cannot even help alleviate the burden of those living in you area, you constituents,then why should we believe your advertisements? Here is how he makes money, he sucks the life out of those who buy from him with exorbitant charges. Sure he develops low-cost housing but here's the catch. Take the case of Camella Homes which did not have its own drainage system. It was the government who spent for its drainage. Can you imagine living in a house witjout drainage? Every time you took a bath, it drains into some other part of the house, usually the kitchen. No wonder Villar is rich, he doesn't complete the job, he let's others spend for his projects' completion.

This is just one example of how "good" a businessman Villar is. Don't believe him when he says he spends his own money. I'm quite sure that you and I spend for his programs in one way or another. No trapo or businessman will spend his own money, that is why they find donors and investors. This is just one example of how Villar cares for the public. You'll be surprised at why Las Piñas now experiences floods. But that's another story. Stay tuned and I will share it with you soon.

*Elizabeth Seton School's PTA has been actively distributing relief goods to typhoon victims in Las Piñas. In one barangay, the barangay captain told them to leave the goods with him. The PTA protested, they want to be the ones to distribute the packs to the victims. The captain refused and told them that they will still have to repack the goods in Villar's bags. Wow! Makapal talaga. Villar will never spend his own money for his projects. Ano siya, hilo? That is why he is a billionaire. Why should he spend his ill-gotten riches when there are caring people that will spend for him? I'm sure this is not an isolated case. That's only in Las Piñas, what about the other places?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Bayad Muna....Manny

I was surprised to see Satur Ocampo praising Manny Villar on The Probe Profiles last night. My jaw nearly fell off as he spoke. Is this the kind of supposed to be principled people seeking change. As the program went on, Villar was candid enough to admit that everything can be done through "magandang usapan". He also said that every problem can be worked around. You don't have to meet it head on but circumvent it. I suppose this is what he did with his various projects. Case in point, the lack of drainage with one of his subdivisions. He simple let the government solve that problem for him.

Politics is indeed a business in the Philippines. As I dug around to find more about Bayan Muna and Villar, It seems that Bayan Muna is talking to everyone. Is this the partylist who pictures itself pro=poor or even socialist? The party is making sure that every base is covered. It's spreading its ranks so make sure they'll be elected. No wonder folks in the "barrio" are unhappy. The political fronts are keepign all the "goodies" for themselves.

I once admired what Satur stood for. I wanted social justice.But if you cavort with a transactional politician like Villar, then you are no different from any trapo. You therefore have betrayed the very constituents you represent. I'm glad Bayan Muna has exposed its true color this early in the game. Divide and conquer is their strategy all along. With numerous other parties affiliated with them, they're making a killing. They have no right to claim to be agents of change. Mere acceptance of a corrupt individual for the sake or election is totally unacceptable by my stamdards.

I suggest they change their party's name. They do not deserve to called Bayan Muna but Bayad Muna. Villar has promised to bankroll Satur's bid for the senate. Isn't that enough proof that he has betrayed the people? We are all aware how Villar exploits the poor. He feeds on their weaknesses and despair. He is no different than Gloria. He will buy the loyalty of others as Gloria is doing now. Villar sure knows how to exploit the situation and Bayan Muna is has taken the bait. I will no longer super this partylist or its affiliates. When you can sell your sould to the devil for personal gain, then you have no right to be elected.

Principles and values are very important nowadays. It is a must have for anyone who wants to be elected. We are looking for change not a morph of the current political situation. Villar will be seeking more weak people to exploit. I'm sure that it would cost him and he will surely looking for payback should he get elected. Buying people and parties isn't cheap. Bayad Muna Manny bago suporta! I wouldn't be surprised if he would be worst than Gloria. We really should allow these people to reach the halls of the senate and of Malacañan.


Friday, October 09, 2009

Job Well Done

Gloria praised the ineptitude of he stooges for their handling of Ondoy. In fairness to those on the ground and despite their lack of resources, they really tried their best. But for those on the top, what job did they do well. For starters, funds were definitely misused. How many rubber boats could have been bought with the infomercials of Teodoro, Puno and Fernando. These three spent millions to promote their "accomplishments" kuno. Gibo even had a commercial for disaster preparedness which didn't amount to anything.

As donations continue to pour in, they even had the time to play politics which added to the suffering of those affected by Ondoy. What did Gloria do, she sent an emissary to Ateneo to ask for relief goods much to the dismay of the teachers and students who volunteered. Are the presidential funds so depleted that they had to source their relief goods from private relief centers? How many dopller radars could PAGASA have acquired if only they scrimped a little from Gloria's lavish trips abroad? How much has Gloria poured into Pampanga that she forgot that there is a country called the Republic of the Philippines and there is no Republic of Pampanga in existence? Perhaps Pampanga should secede from the rest of the country since it seems their local leaders love her so much.

The only job this government does so well is to spend money like its their own. Kung sabagay, what are they in power for? As Gloria's popularity plummets more, her mouthpiece once again blames their favorite punching bag, the media. What's wrong with calling it as they see it? Just imagine if the media closed its eyes to what the government has been doing, kawawa na tayo talaga. If only I will be allowed, I wouldn't give this officials a pat on the back and praise them for a job well done. I'd probably whack them on the back with a baseball bat for allowing such a catastrophe to happen.

Now Glorai and her cohorts wants to extend the state of calamity. For what, so they can get more kickbacks from projects without public bidding? The country entered a state of calamity the day Gloria stepped into office. That was the start of a disaster that would go on for 8 disastrous years. How I wish the elections were now so we can finally rid ourselves of a catastrophe she brought upon us. What she brought with her was not only environmental but moral disaster as well. The sooner she leaves office, the faster we can rebuild the nation. Job well done Gloria, you've brought the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse sooner than God planned.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dick and Manny: The Dynamic Dodos

So now Dick blames organizers for the "rumors(?)" about his abuse of the Red Cross. The poor fellow who wrote about this, his peers and even the hapless victims now appear as liars. Pardon me Mr. Gordon, kanino bang mukha ang lumalabas sa TV ads ng Red Cross? 'Di ba sa'yo? So please spare us from your "palusot", di kami mga tanga. Organizers wouldn't act without your orders. Since you showed interest in the presidency, you've been trying to get as much media exposure as you possibly can. You're a fake and nothing else. If you're not, then let the PRC do its work without your face being there. I'm sure the PRC has beautiful faces other than yours.

Ikaw naman Mr. Villar, how can you even "account for every centavo" the government will use during calamities when you can't even make yourself account for the C-5 scandal? Why target the tax collection when you are one of those who's been inserting billions in the national budget which we taxpayers are funding. Get real, be a man and face your accuser in the senate. Where were you when OFWs were camping outside the Saudi consulate waiting to go home? Ayan, naunahan ka tuloy ni Gloria. I thought you cared for these people? At least that's what your infomercial shows, thankful, sobbing OFWs you helped to go home. How many were they again, seven? Las Pinas doesn't flood before you created that dike. I used to fish there and now it's a filthy canal which you plan to erect a bridge over.

Do I also need to remind you about the Daang-Hari road which I think will be another charge that would be raised against you? Talk about accountability. How about the school which was planning to build a dorm for their teachers which you've been blocking the building permit? The school lost so many good teachers because of this. Is this what we expect for your education program? What about SM's attempt to tap the drainage system of Philam Life Village which the homeowners opposed? Come to think of it, you and SM benefited from the C-5 extension. Hmmmm...I smell something fishy again. Mag-partner ba kayo?

I wish these two would stop hammering us with lies. Buking na kayo humihirit pa. What else is new, it's the same traditional antics these two are using.


Friday, October 02, 2009

Appeal for Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

Dear Family and Friends,

In the midst of all this anguish, there are those that are suffering more than able bodied folk. Our brothers and sisters with special needs like the tenants of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan are more uncomfortable than most. They need at least 300 foam beds, they're beginning to get bed sores from lying on mats.

I'm reaching out to all of you, hoping that you may know the owners of Uratex Foam Beds or any similar company that may be willing to donate or at least give us a big discount. BnW is part of Operation Tulong Bayan, along with Noynoy and Mar volunteer groups, and partner organizations like Operation Compassion, Caritas and GK, but Tulong Bayan is mainly into relief goods packing and distribution, so this is a special case for us. If we're lucky enough to get the beds, we'll be more than happy to pack them and send them off with relief goods!

As always, we are in great need of the essentials - water, rice, sugar, salt, canned goods, sardines, candles, matches, clothes, blankets, slippers, soap, and anything you can spare. Tulong Bayan will continue operations through the weekend at our hubs from 8am to 9pm - Balay Expo Centro, Araneta Center, across Farmer's Market, and at White Space, 2314 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati. You can drop off your donations at either place. As of today, we have packed and distributed over 55,000 relief bags. We're ecstatic, but we all know that we need to provide even more to so many, so we'll save the jumping for joy for another time.

May God bless all of us. Please, please help!

Best always,


Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Real Side Of Presidentiables

At a time when the people are reeling from the devastation of Ondoy, three presidential aspirants have taken advantage of the situation. All for the glory of being elected, these three are what we call as "MGA BUWITRE". Manny Villar and Joseph Estrada has shown what they are really made of. Dick Gordon on the other hand think he owns the Philippine Red Cross. Is this the kind of leaders we want in office?
Justify Full
Manny Villar and Erap did donate. What a noble gesture if only they chose to be anonymous like the other politicians. Villar's relief bags bore his and his wife's name while Erap's claim stub even had his picture printed on it. Gordon took another path. This fake had volunteers and victims alike waiting for hours so he can be the one to distribute relief goods. Hoy Dick, hindi sa'yo ang PRC! What kind of asses are these people? Using the suffering of the people to further their political ambitions.

So what should we do to these villains? The best is to spread the word. They are no better than the looters who take advantage of the helplessness of the victims of Ondoy. They are no better than Gloria and her cohorts who spend billions on lavish trips. They have shown us that they have no morals or conscience. To those who support these three, think again. Only fools and those who stand to benefit from them would continue to support them. Aren't their actions enough reason for you to dump them?

This is the real side of these bozos. They are exploiters. They are liars and fakes. Their candidacy is not of service but of personal gain. How much more of their antics can we take? I will make it my crusade to expose the true colors of these so-called servants. When you are so insensitive to exploit the suffering of the people, you have no right to be elected. Let us not allow these three to fool more people. Let us make sure that their kind never gets elected ever again.


What Supplemental Budget?

So both houses of congress has pledged a P10billion supplemental budget to augment the NDCC's dwindling funds. I'd like to believe that this is a purely humanitarian gesture. But where have all the contingency funds gone to? No it's not a time to be skeptical but hey, the way this administration works is always suspect. Case in point, Gloria's use of her office's contingency fund for her foreign trips. So why shouldn't I have second thoughts about this supplemental budget?

How transparent would the agencies be? We all know that "SOPs" is the norm in our institutions. Congress may think this will go to where the funds should be but how sure are they that this would not be going into some one's campaign kitty? It seems odd that it's been several days now and Gloria hasn't released any emergency funds. Instead, she's been relying on the people's "bayanihan" spirit to help those victimized by Ondoy. Where are the funds supposed set aside for calamities? Perhaps Gloria wants to keep her funds intact, after all, she needs money for her trips.

I'm also wary of how foreign aid would be spent or distributed. Remember how aid for the Leyte landslide was switched? With money pouring in from all over the world, I wonder whose pocket most of it would end up. If Pichay's LWUA can spend for a lavish party at a time when thousands are hungry and cold, what more about the office of the president? No I'm not being cynical, it's just how this administration works.

So now let's go back to this proposed supplemental budget. Some members of congress may have a pure motive, but who can say that it will be used for purposes other than intended? Another example of the point I'm trying to drive home is how relief bags distributed by Manny Villar bear his name. My daughter has volunteered for relief operations being undertaken by another politician but his relief bags do not bear any sign that it came from him. Why you may ask, because it's not the time to campaign.

The people affected by Ondoy really needs a lot of help to rebuild their lives. I just hope that the government will truly help them this time around. Now is the time to help our people, but government should not take the backseat and rely on the Filipino's kind heart. If only we exercised our "bayanihan" spirit when the "Hello Garci" scandal came out, our coffers may still have enough funds to help our people. Oh well, May 2010 will definitely be a date awaited by our tired, exploited people.