Friday, October 19, 2007

A Bastard Command

Esperon has obliterated whatever discipline, integrity and principles a professional army embodies. His assertions and demeanor is not how a professional soldier should be. Boy scouts are a far better lot than him and those who follow him blindly. Obviously he is one very corrupt individual who has sold his command to an illegitimate presidency.

When a soldier thinks that military law is far greater than the constitution, then he no longer is a uniformed man of honor but a mere bandit in disguise. Gloria has managed to bastardize the office of the president and the entire chain of command of the AFP. Illegitimacy breeds illegality. This is now the norm in the military. When Esperon and the Garci generals chose to be tools of thievery during the presidential elections, they ceased to be soldiers and became mercenaries instead.

Now they exact their own brand of justice. Those who uphold the constitution are the ones being condemned. Those who stand beside Esperon are handsomely rewarded. The once professional army does not exists. The army has immersed itself in politics and now sells itself to the highest bidder. The deterioration started during Marcos's reign is now institutionalized with GMA's illegitimate presidency.

Gloria has polished the rough edges and it is now a well-oiled system that can quickly adjust to protect its interests. The once proud and thinking soldier has been reduced to automatons. GMA and Esperon has bastardized the doctrine of the chain of command. Soldiers now follow without question, even the most unconstitutional and unlawful orders.

When a bastard takes over the helm, everything is bastardized, literally and figuratively. Security guards are paid to protect "private" interests. The military is now doing the same. The oath they took has long been forgotten. From protector of the people, country and constitution, they are now protectors of Gloria, her family and her gang of thieves. This is the system the present military revolves around.

But I know that there are those who still love our country. Its sad that they have yet to rise and rid the armed forces of soldiers of fortune. I hope they soon wake up and redeem the pride and integrity the AFP once had. They shouldn't cower at the threat of incarceration. They should uphold the constitution and disobey a bastard command. Time can only tell which side they will be on, the side of the people or the side of greed.

To the men who in the past rose and sacrificed their future in the name of principle, I salute you. You maybe few in number but you have shown us what a few good men stand for and what you are willing to give up. I admire your sacrifice. You are truly soldiers of the people. I don't care what Esperon and Gloria prefer to call you. Whether it be destabilizers, mutineers or even coup plotters. Unlike Esperon and his gang, you chose to fight and make a stand.

Now if only more soldiers have the same conviction, Esperon and Gloria will never succeed in further destroying the Armed Forces of the Philippines.