Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoodlums In Robes

Claiming judicial privilege, the Supreme Court denied to allow even administrative employees from testifying in Corona's impeachment trial. The SC claims that they have their own internal rules. There is jurisprudence that executive privilege cannot be used in the commission of a crime. It is public knowledge that Corona extended "preferential" treatment to the Arroyos when he and his co-conspirators issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) watch list order. It is also public knowledge based on Justice Sereno's dissenting opinion that Corona tried to hide the truth from the public. It is my humble opinion that the SC is obstructing justice. One cannot invoke the bill of rights to coverup a crime.

With the senate's decision to avoid butting heads with the SC, any future impeachment case filed against any justice will be an exercise in futility. Clearly the SC is abusing its powers. The SC is telling us that they are untouchables. The last bastion of justice has just been turned into a mafia den. Because of these developments, it is useless to continue the impeachment proceedings if even public documents which would not violate the "sacred" judicial privilege is disallowed by the gods of Padre Faura to be subpoenaed by the impeachment court. I would have liked to see the senate assert its power as an impeachment court and go head to head with the SC. If a constitutional crisis would be the only way for the people to see how abusive the SC is, than so be it.

Shameless and devoid of any moral value is how I see the SC now. That is how I see "all" the justices. I say all because not even one of the justices has come forward to go against the scalawags of the SC. I do not understand why Carpio and Sereno has not volunteered their testimonies if only to shed light on the obvious injustice and abuse their colleagues have committed. The SC cannot punish them, it is only by way of impeachment that they can be punished, so what are they afraid of?

So, is there true justice in our country? I shudder at the thought that there is none. Lady justice here is controlled by a bunch of hoodlums in robes that will twist the constitution if only to serve their means.


Monday, February 06, 2012

Betrayal Of Public Trust

"Public office is a public trust", this the reason why government employees whether appointed, or elected must ensure that they maintain their integrity and honesty. The Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) is a sworn document. It's not a simple list of things you own. Every entry is presumed to be accurate and true. A discrepancy of a few thousand can be deemed honest mistakes or even lapses of memory. Discrepancies of several millions and more than half a dozen properties cannot be considered honest mistakes. If one is so forgetful as to overlook these is not fit to be chief justice.

We are taught as kids to never lie. Honesty, as we are all told, is the best policy. Was Corona absent when his teachers taught this in school? Was he sleeping when his parents discussed honesty in their home? The SALN is to ensure that all government employees do not enrich themselves during their stint in office. Being honest is to me the most important virtue every government employee must possess (loyalty to an appointing power is not included). I remember my mother who even lists the number of blouses she owns in her SAL/N.

The office Corona sits in is one of the highest offices in the land. Anyone who occupies it should not only be honest but extremely honest. Anyone who is appointed there was put there because the public trusts him. If one cannot execute his SALN truthfully, it is tantamount to betrayal of public trust. The senate should not take this lightly. Lying may not be a high crime but is the beginning and the end of all crimes. The constitution may not have a very clear definition of "Betrayal of Public Trust", but even a 7-year old can tell you what honesty means.

So what do you think of my argument? Is it safe to say that undervaluing your net worth constitutes lying? As being members of the "public", we should not be confused by technicalities. There are no gray areas when it comes to honesty, integrity and credibility.