Thursday, October 25, 2007

A League Of Their Own

After admitting that the cash gifts handed to Govs. Panlilio and Mendoza came from the League of Provinces of the Philippines, Govs. Evardone and Reyes may now have to face the entire assembly of the LPP for violating their bylaws.

Nowhere in their constitution does it say that they are to disburse funds for neophyte governors. The disbursement of funds must also be approved by the entire assembly. The main source of funds of the LPP comes from contributions of the different provinces. These are collected annually from the provincial governments. These funds are public funds and does not come from the private pockets of the governors.

Investigations also revealed that the money given to Gov. Panlilio came from a bank in Pampanga. Now Gov. Reyes says that its the fault of LPP's secretary why the money was distributed in Malacañang. Wow! Now its someone else's fault. The poor secretary has become a scapegoat. A governor also said that never did the LPP hand out cash and that disbursements before had accompanying documents and receipts.

Gov. Ynares of Rizal who is the leagues treasurer does not know of the disbursements. With the admission of Evardone and Reyes, they have protected Gloria, DILG Ronaldo Puno and the palace. It seems that these two liars have a league of their own as the rest of the LPP members are not aware of what these two have been doing.

Now its clear, the two have lied to protect the true perpetrators of the bribery. The fools must have thought that we are gullible enough to take hook, line and sinker their assertions. To "contain" the issue anew, the ombudsman will now investigate the matter. I expect the ombudsman to sit on this case until the people forget the crime ever happened. Its the easiest way out of the scandal for GMA and her gang.

The senate will soon be investigating the matter. The governors are not covered by any EO or MO that could shield them from any inquiry. I would love to see Evardone and Reyes explain their side. I suppose they thought that they can simply admit and the controversy will die a natural death.

By lying, the two have signed their death warrants and could face criminal charges. The Anti-Money Laundering Council will now enter the picture and this would be disatrous for the two hoodlums. Let's see how tough these two are and if will they put their necks on the line to protect Gloria. They will also have to explain to the members of the LPP why such an action was taken without the consensus of the assembly.

The truth will come out and Malacañang cannot do anything about it. The coming days will surely be a jittery one for the palace. I cannot wait to see Gloria drop her jaws in shock. With the spate of scandals hounding her, she might as well keep a huge stack of underware beside her to keep her bottom dry.