Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Truth

We've heard P-Noy's SONA and the two Kontra-SONAs of the minority in both houses. Edcel Lagman described P-Noy's SONA as "bitin" and misleading. The truth of the matter is that P-Noy got it right. His data was genuine as can be. He was right about the excessive benefits the MWSS execs get. Even the MWSS's OIC admitted it. What about the over importation of rice by the NFA? Yap denied it but evidence presented by Sec. Lito Banayo proved otherwise. In fact, surplus as far back as 2008 was discovered. P-Noy wasn't lying when he said the budget had been spent. Sure there's money in the coffers but all have been allocated to the different agencies. He has nothing to work with in terms of programmable funds. The misuse of the calamity fund was also proven to be true. Perhaps Lagman felt bitin because P-Noy mentioned only a few anomalies.

Alan Cayetano was his old true self. Feeling self-righteous as usual. He implores P-Noy to follow up on his promises. I guess he forgot that his gang blocked the resolution of Villar's scandalous C-5 Ext. controversy. Isn't that worthwhile job for the Truth Commission? Cayetano may have also forgotten how he exploited the Arroyo administration's scandals to further his political ambitions. He is the one selective in the fight against corruption. Their camp also was the one who used downright dirty tactics against P-Noy during the campaign. All the issues hurled against Villar were supported by real documents and not fabricated ones. He was never truly for the people in past nine years. He played poker with the people at the least of his concerns.

Lagman and Cayetano may have massive hangovers of the past nine Glu-rious years. The country has entered a new phase. The likes of Lagman and Cayetano are remnants of old politics where the truth is fabricated and manipulated. The truth of the matter is that the people can now differentiate fact from fiction.