Friday, October 12, 2007

A Disaster In Waiting...

With the initiation of the laughable Pulido-San Luis complaint, not only was GMA immunized, Mike Arroyo is also shielded from the ZTE investigation. Now NEDA could keeps its dark secrets to its self. The senate must now stop its investigation on the NBN deal. In one fell swoop, the administration has gotten away with its most successful coup since the power-grab of 2001.

Gloria's two pairs of lips must be sporting orgasmic grins. She had once again outwitted the opposition and her critics. The despot is always as step ahead of her enemies very much like a slippery thief. But thieves fall because of their complacency and arrogance. I am sure that one of these days, Gloria's overconfidence might just do her in.

As more scandals of corruptions are exposed, the people might just lose their patience with her. With another scripted impeachment, she might just be pushing her luck too far. With a restive military and an impatient citizenry, she might be courting disaster. The judiciary is independent as well and could be a headache for her. The SC is slowly putting the executive in its proper place.

With the Writ of Amparo, the military's back will be pushed against the wall. Esperon will soon be having nightmares of his own. The military should now be as professional as it can be. The regular loyalty checks the AFP hierarchy only shows that Esperon is not in full control of the troops.

This impeachment may just be the spark that could ignite the beginning of the end. Gloria maybe smiling now but would she have the last laugh? Erap was too confident and he was kicked out. GMA might have forgotten that. But the complaint must reach the senate for this scenario to materialize. I am sure that her allies in the house will kill the impeachment when it reaches the plenary. They cannot allow it to reach the obviously hostile senate.

But all is not lost, the opposition congressmen must make sure that it does not lend credence to this Impeach Me ploy. They must do their best to expose the truth behind this circus. They must not let this opportunity pass or all will be lost. If they choose to participate, they must pull all the tricks in their bag. I hope they turn this into a real circus that would leave the administration embarrassed. Or they could just boycott this show or do a dramatic walkout like what the prosecution did during Erap's impeachment.

Did the administration cover all the bases this time or have they been too emboldened by their past victories to try this. All we can now do is sit wait how this unfolds. I hope this blows up in their faces. I love seeing Gloria throw tantrums. I have my best laughs when she blows her top.