Friday, January 29, 2010

Squeaky Clean?

I was able to catch the DLSU Youth Forum on ANC. It was a welcome deviation from the usual debate wherein questions were uniformed. The students had good questions and were tailor-made for each presidential aspirant. Towards the end, Sen. Jamby Madrigal took a dig at Manny Villar's C-5 scam. I call it a scam because Villar clearly scammed not the government but the taxpaying Filipino.

Of course Villar defended himself, saying that he never stole a single centavo. He added that he should not be blamed if he wanted Las Piñas to prosper. The city actually can prosper on its own. But without Las Piñas and his wife's influence, Manny Villar will never prosper through "legal" means. He's been exploiting the people of the city. He's been using them to enrich himself. Only Villar and his family prospered in the various road projects he has undertaken.

So he claims that he had answered the issues leveled against him in the senate. Who did benefit most in the C-5, the Daang-hari and the new Bacoor road projects? Evidence presented in the senate hearings (the ones Villar chose not to participate in) showed how the BIR took it upon itself to value Villar's properties far more than the existing value in the area. Villar also used his position to make sure that these projects had funding. Aside from collecting right-of-way compensation, his properties gained from these projects through increased value.

He may claim all he wants that he never stole from the government. You see, stealing is not the only way to enrich yourself. You can also build roads at the expense of the taxpayer to raise the value of your otherwise cheap property. You can also use you pork barrel in the guise of progress to make your subdivisions more marketable. Most of Villar's properties have no access to main thoroughfares. They are tucked behind other properties and would have to pay for right-of-way to other entities. The only logical thing to do is to use his position to push for road projects that would allow passage for his erstwhile inaccessible subdivisions. So who pays for the right-of-way? None other than the government.

It can be compared to technical smuggling. Villar did not need to shell out a single centavo so his subdivisions can have access to other road networks. Hell, he even earned because the government payed him right-of-way compensation for expropriating some portions of his land to build roads. All these are legal, but is it ethical? This is why Villar says that he never stole. Technically, he did not. This is why re fuses to be questioned on propriety and ethics. He knows that he had committed unethical practices during his term in congress and the senate.

So is Villar squeaky clean? If he can use his position and exploit the people of Las Piñas for his personal gain, then he should never be elected into any public office ever again. Here is a man presenting himself as pro-poor yet uses them to enrich himself. Here is a man who promises to give every Filipino a home yet there are many informal settlers in Las Piñas. They have been residing in the city for decades. Last December, 100 families lost their homes Renarville. These are all informal settlers. Did Villar give them homes? Without Gawad Kalinga's help, some of them would still be living in shanties. Villar is a businessman and studies the market well. This is why his developments are geared towards the OFWs who has the purchasing power.

So does Villar deserve your vote? You be the judge. Learn to scrutinize him. Be discerning. And of course, ask him to defend himself in the senate instead of hiding behind the flimsy excuse that his issue is one of politics and not of ethics.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lagot Ka Kay Batman

I guess Joker Arroyo has forgotten his motto, ""Pag bad ka, lagot ka". He could also be too old to remeber how he accused Manny Villar of the very same issue confronting Villar today, conflict of interest. Seeing him stand up to defend Villar is a lesson we all must take to heart, money and Manny is the root of all evil. Perhaps Joker is playing the role of Batman's nemesis. A villain caught up in his twisted world of crime.Justify Full

Joker like his good peer, Nene Pimentel epitomizes what we call "tumatanda ng paurong" or "walang pinagkatandaan". This regression if we may call it that, only shows the effects of power have on unprincipled men. Graft-buster he certainly is not? It's only been a decade since he stood up to question Villar's ethics in congress. Has his memory deteriorated in such a short span of time? Or is seeking for more glory should Villar get elected?

Of all the 180's I've seen politicians do in their political lifetimes, Joker's is one for the books. The issue against Villar back then is no different from the issue he faces today. Villar has used his position and influence to enrich himself. I wonder how Joker can sleep at night or look himself in the mirror? He knows that we all know what he accused Villar of. If I may suggest, Joker should simply sit quietly and let Cayetano and Pimentel do the lawyering for Villar. The least he talks will lessen the ridicule people will subject him to.

But then again, men without principles are immune to criticism. I'm sure Joker will stand up for the coward Villar. He, Cayetano and Pimentel will be Villar's ball. They are like mercenaries willing to risk their lives in the name of money, err, Manny pala. So be it. Joker has made his choice. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Now you will have to face the consequences of your stand. Lagot ka kay Batman!


The Truth Is In The Documents

Unfortunately, the showdown in the senate was cut short. It is so obvious that Villar's allies are putting a spin on the issue to make it appear it's a simple demolition job on their big boss. But what better time to expose the true Villar than now? Are we to take chances of electing him to office only to find out later that he's worst than Gloria? Cayetano even tried to question Noynoy Aquino's integrity by throwing the Mendiola and Luisita incidents into the fray. He even added the SCTEX in his potion of lies. Not to be outdone, Pimentel showed what an uneducated moron can do.

The documents presented in this case should be appreciated. Testimonies can be twisted but documents never lie. This is the reason why Manny Villar will never face the senate. He knows that his hand has been caught in the cookie jar. The documents shows how he manipulated the entire project. The DPWH officials can say otherwise, but documents showing who lobbied for what is very clear. BIR officials can say otherwise, but documents will show what the true prevailing zonal values were.

Perhaps now the people will stop listening to Cayetano and Remulla and start to take interest on studying the documentary evidence of the case. Villar cannot run from the truth. It is clear that he benefited from the C-5 project. He can talk all he want in different mediums but the fact of the matter is that he still has to debunk the evidences. He could put out more ads but this will only strengthen the perception that he had been stealing to enrich himself.

I'd like to think that Filipinos are more discerning now. Take time to study the evidences then meke your conclusion. Is this a simple case of politicking? Is Villar as clean as he projects himself to be? Do not listen to me or those who try to expose the true Manny Villar. Look at the evidences. Demand that Villar defend himself before the senate. Let him prove that he never used his power and position to enrich himself. He is a public servant, demand from him the service he vowed when he took office. Only then will he be able to prove if he is innocent. We are talking of ethics here. The ethics that all public servants are expected to adhere to. It is election season and we deserve to know who these people really are. We cannot rely on ads or jingles. We deserve to know the truth.

(Check out the committee report and other pertinent information here. Please take time to look over the other documents pertaining to the C-5 case)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Cover's Blown

I was informed that a couple of men have been casing my parent's house, even taking down the plate numbers of the cars parked there. I had been using their place as my base for investigating Manny Villar's projects(?). So it seems that my cover is blown. This is the reason why I've tried to keep my identity secret. It's to protect my family from getting involved in my activities.

This is not the first the first time something like this has happened. I've been chased, harasses, threatened and even tailed. I was asked by my brother to be more cautious. I don't think this is serious though. I don't know who these people are but I won't let things like this bother me, I have more important things to worry about. Politics is just politics, it's better to educate the people than let them find out for themselves.

So to those who have taken notice of my work, thank you. You do your work and I'll do mine. Don't worry, I'll double, even triple my effort to expose your shenanigans. And to those who think that what I write here is hearsay, wait for the documents I'll publish to silence your twisted minds. No stench can be kept forever. The truth will always come out no matter how much you spend on ads to make you look good.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silang Walang Moralidad

Although I voted for Koko Pimentel, I'm glad he's not in the senate now. Hearing his father, Nene protect Villar shows what values the older Pimentel possesses. Add the opportunistic Alan Peter Cayetano and the circle of immorality is almost complete. For the information of these two dimwits, we're not talking of simple politics here, we're speaking of ethics. To sweep this scandal under the rug is an injustice to us who put food on their tables, pay for their trips abroad and everything else that they get out their positions as senators.

Regardless whether it's elections or not, accountability and justice must always prevail. Villar may not have made a double insertion, but the fact remains that he benefited from the C-5 project. Villar has been doing this since he entered public office. He wouldn't be this rich if he were honest. Is this the kind of leadership we want? Those who protect Villar should not be voted into any office ever again. We don't need people who can accept abuse of power and corruption as norms.

I wonder what promises Villar made to them? Or even how much money they'll be showered with to fund their candidacies? It only shows that they do not want change. They want the old-style politics that has mired this nation. They want us to be as corrupt as they are. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can see that there is something wrong with this project. Hell, even my 11 yr. old niece saw through the flimsy justification of this scandalous project. We all know that the quickest way between two points is a straight line. Don't tell me that Nene and Alan are so bad in math that they chose to become lawyers instead.

Because it has become harder to conceal the truth from the people, Villar's cohorts now plan to kick out Johnny Enrile as senate president. It's good that the draft resolution was leaked or the people will forever be in the dark about who Manny Villar really is. They will only know Villar through his ridiculous ads. He should be man enough to face the consequences of his actions. He knows what he has done and should answer for it. I'd like to think that Filipinos are intelligent. I'd like to think that Filipinos have wisdom. And I'd like to think that Filipinos still know what is right and what is wrong. Being successful morally and legally is something to be proud of. Getting rich at the expense of the Filipino people is totally unacceptable.

To those who still think Villar is a saint, spare us, us who can tell what is right and wrong. Don't drag us down with you. We're fed up with elected officials who lie, cheat and steal. Villar will give you his fiinger but will take away your entire arm. That's how Villar works. He's a shrewd businessman. He will not invest if he will not gain anything. Walang tangang gagastos kung 'di niya ito mababawi. So you see Mr. Villar, money can't buy truth. Your minions can try their best to cover your filthy ass, but the stench will always come out. If only you used your "Sipag at Tiyaga" honestly, you may have a bigger chance to be president.

See what happens when you use money to level the playing field? You cannot buy integrity and credibility. This is not about politics, this issue is about ethics and morals. It's imperative that the truth come out. The people has the right to know how Manny Villar stole from the people. I know the real Villar, do you? Or are you like Cayetano, Pimentel and the rest of his gang? Meron din ba kayong moralidad?


Monday, January 18, 2010

Huli Ka!

The draft report by the Senate's Committee of the Whole seeks to censure my favorite senator for improper and unethical conduct in connection with the scandalous C-5 Ext. project. No wonder Alan Cayetano moved mountains to have a questionable resolution signed to preempt the committee's findings. Cayetano also wants us to think that this is a case of political persecution. For me, there is no such thing as the right or wrong time to bring out issues against any political figure. What is important is for the public to know what our leaders are engaged or involved in. It is also unethical for Cayetano to protect an erring official.

The report also found the following:

• Villar was the proponent of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C-5 extension project which were made to pass through the properties of his corporations “following a curved, instead of a straight alignment.
• The alignment of the C-5 segment of the Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway Project of the Toll Regulatory Board was changed to accommodate the two road projects.
• The properties of Villar’s corporations that were acquired for the Las Piñas-Parañaque link project and the C-5 extension project were given zonal valuation for different areas (not the zonal valuation of the area where they were located), jacking up the compensation due them.

Villar's properties in the area are, Adelfa, Brittany and the Golden Haven Memorial Park. Over the weekend, Manuel Buencamino and I took a field trip In Las Piñas. It was like Villar's little kingdom. The city was littered with small and big subdivisions owned by Villar. What's so revealing is that his subdivisions had access roads to C-5. In one of my posts, I pointed out the impracticality of having the C-5 pass through the area. The exit to Quirino Ave. is just too narrow. In fact, as we traversed the road, we practically were alone. No trucks or other vehicles were passing. Quirino Ave. is notorious for its horrendous traffic. The Coastal Rd. is still the most practical route when going south. He patiently bided his time. Since 2001 to 2008, he worked tirelessly to make sure that the C-5 Ext. Project will benefit him.

Here is a person who can look you in the eye while lying. Here is a candidate who says he will fight corruption. Here is a senator who abused his position for his own benefit. No wonder he can spend for so many ads. Whatever he says now should not be believed. No timing is more perfect than now to expose the real Manny Villar. If can do this as a congressman and senator, what more if he becomes president. We might all end up tenants of this very corrupt person. Let the truth be told so that people may realize that Villar is nothing but a crook.

"Si Villar ay tunay na masipag at matiyagang gumawa ng pera. Si Villar ang hahakot ng ating kayamanan."


Monday, January 11, 2010

The Midnight Express

I'd like to believe that between now and May 17, nothing else will give Gloria a reason to extend her term. But it seems that she's making the mJustify Fullost out of her last days in office. Midnight deals and appointments seem to be floating everywhere. As these continue, I wonder what the new president or even the country will wake up when she does steps down. All these brings me to the proposed Freedom of Information bill which has been gathering dust in the shelves of congress.

Transparency has always been an issue with the current dispensation and believe, it has been wreaking havoc on the country. Investigations have been rendered useless and scandals left unresolved. Executive Privilege has kept all issues from the public's questioning eyes. Even agencies are having a field day with midnight deals. One such contract is the very expensive RFID deal between Stradcom and the LTO. But what about deals that we don't know about?

With a ballooning deficit, we have yet to find out what othe surprises await the new administration and the country. Already mired in debt, I don't think we could take anymore. FVR left us with PPPs that continue to keep our power rates up. What would GMA leave us with? With only so many days left, I don't think the Freedom of Information bill will be passed. We will be left clueless of what to expect or find when the dust of GMA's presidency finally clears.

GMA's Midnight Express is running full throttle. All we can do is file petition with the Supreme Court whose allegiance is in question. If only we are armed with a law that will force institutions to be transparent? How I wish that even without a law, administrations would be honest to the people. I guess all we can do now is to sit tight and brace for the uncertainty GMA will leave us with.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Not Gibo

No matter what Gibo Teodoro says or paints himself, I will never vote for him. So what if he's intelligent or eloquent? Even if he tries to look sincere, two statements from really turn me off. The first is his reason for his loyalty to GMA, the second is his view of what accountability is. These statements are so glaring that even a good platform will surely not sit well with those who truly understand the repercussions of such statements. Let me explain why.

Gibo says that GMA gave him the break. As far as I am concerned, once appointed, you shed whatever "utang na loob" you have as you are now a public servant. Although you may work at the pleasure of the president, the fat is that you work for the people, the taxpaying public. GMA is not his boss, we are. We are the ones who pay his salary and shoulder the perks that goes with his position. His loyalty should be with the people. This leads to his second statement.

Gibo says that he would like the country to move forward. One thing that has stagnated the country is the sincere and credible prosecution of the Marcoses. There was no closure and we now find the cases against them being dismissed left and right. If we do the same with the Arroyos, every crooked politician can now freely lie, cheat and still without fear, knowing too well that they can get away with their transgressions. We need to honest;ly go after those who have wronged the people.

No amount of makeover or window-dressing can cleanse the image of Gibo. He should reexamine himself and if need be, stop being a pawn of GMA. Isn't it obvious that he is being used by GMA? For someone who is intelligent, he seems not to see this. I guess he lacks wisdom. Isn't it obvious that he like Erap and Gordon is being used to increase Manny Villar's chances? We all know that Villar and GMA are of the same mold.

I will never vote for anyone whose loyalty is not with the people. I will never vote for anyone who would rather force the people to forgive and forget. Our children's future have already been sent to limbo by the rising debt. Allowing these criminals to get away with their crimes is not a step forward but a million steps backward. Gibo is not the kind of president we need.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Villar, The Environmentalist

Once pristine and teeming with life, this portion of the Zapote river is nothing but an ordinary 'Estero'. I used to fish here in my younger years. Reptiles and plant life is abundant. Manny Villar thought that it would be a good idea to cement the banks, for whatever reason, I really don't know. Is this the kind of progress Villar envisions? The subdivisions that line this river's banks now experience flooding. This is but one of the many waterways that suffered under Villar's dream of development. Many other creeks in Las Piñas were covered to give way to his subdivisions.

The impact is not only to the subdivisions but to the entire Zapote area. Residents and businesses alike experience floods never experienced before. It's funny how Loren, an environmentalist could align herself with an 'environmentalist' like Villar. If only mother nature can speak? I wonder what vile words she'll be spewing out?

"Naka ligo ka na ba sa ilog ng basura?"


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who Is This?

Not too long ago, in a place called San Jose, Delmonte, a grave injustice took place. Several landowners lost their properties. The properties were subsequently used as collateral to secure a P50 million loan from the government. It's a loan that was never paid as the corporation who acquired the loan soon closed. The rightful owners sued the land-grabber. The media reported about it but was never really given much attention. Involved in this horrendous injustice is a former senate president.

The case sits idle as far as I can recall. I am not sure of its status now. This case is important as this is not the first time this politician took away lands from lowly citizens for his own benefit. I hope that anyone out there can share with us more information about this case. This could unmask the truth behind this person or company.

At the moment, I await the pertinent documents linked to this issue. I hope that in the next few days, I will be able to share with you the details of this case. At any rate, if there is someone who can provide additional information regarding this matter, please share it with the rest of the country.