Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back Off!

Malaya reported that Mike Arroyo denies that he told Joey de Venecia to back off. He said that it is not in his vocabulary and its not his habit of pointing fingers at strangers. But he reminded Joey that he should not be engaging in such projects as he is the son of the speaker.

Yeah sure, eat my shorts, Mike. We all know too well how you conduct yourself even in the hallowed halls of the court and hearings in the senate. Yeah, back off is not in your vocabulary. Maybe you never said back off but your favorite phrase, PUTANG INA! For someone who claims he does not know Joey, then he has no business reminding him of his affiliation with JDV.

Maybe Mike forgot how he challenged a lawyer to a fistfight during a hearing. So this man who claims to be immaculate and well-mannered has more words to offer than a harmless back off. Maybe his bypass had given him selective amnesia. Being forgetful is one of the side effects of undergoing such a procedure.

Ask Sen. Alan Cayetano and he will tell you that Mike Arroyo can be very creative with his vocabulary. His past behavior will tell you how boorish he can be. With his power and influence, he can very well say anything he wants. Hell, he can even piss anywhere he wants.

Last thing, how convenient it is for him to return knowing only too well that the senate is on vacation. I am very sure that before the senate resumes its session, he will once again take a "planned trip" abroad. Just shut up Mike, don't bother denying anything. You just might get carried away and make a monkey out of yourself. Who knows, you might just suddenly add BACK OFF in your vocabulary.