Friday, October 05, 2007

If Only We Have The Same Vigor......

Every time someone comes out with remarks against Filipinos, we unite and rise as one in indignation. Petitions and even boycotts are used to bring the respondents to bear. The latest issue to hit us is the slur in the hit series, Desperate Housewives. If we can unite and condemn others, the lack of outcry on the issues that beset our country today has much to say.

Tongue-twisted shared a piece of his mind: ...I’d rather that I, and all other patriotic Filipinos whether here or abroad, focus their energies in the fight for truth and justice, and not play right into the dirty spins of this deadly criminal syndicate calling itself government, which by its cheating ways brought upon us this shameful prejudice we now reap.

I vomit at the temerity to use the issue to further camouflage and muddle probably the biggest scandal we will ever see in our lives, just so this mini-dictator survives for another day.

Teri Hatcher is not the enemy, Gloria is. She is one eff-ing Desperate Housewife!

I must admit that I share his view. It seems that Filipinos are inconsistent in more ways than one. The culture of impunity which pervades our country is the result of apathy. The lack of calls for accountability has allowed the administration to go its merry way of raiding our coffers.

Gloria and her cohorts can pretty much steal under our very noses. If only we can be united against corruption, the Philippines will not be in this hole we ourselves have dug. I have always stated that I look beyond the personalities and focus on issues. Regardless of our political leanings, it is our duty to push for good governance and transparency.

Democracy is a dynamic system. We have to actively participate to ensure that our leaders be made aware that we are watching. We must know how our taxes are used and how government loans benefit us. What is happening now is the complete opposite. Information is denied and officials ordered to shut up. We the people should be the dictators, not the other way around.

These officials are supposed to be our servants. If only we have the same vigor when we address issues against Filipinos. If only we unite against bad governance and corruption. We cannot let a few fight our fights, we should do it collectively. We should not turn a blind eye to what confronts our nation. If we want change, we must move as one.If we channel our energies on racist slurs, just imagine if we unite to cure the ills of our country. We will have a better chance of effecting change.