Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Two Faces Of Hunger

In a country riddled with strife, two faces of hunger continues to take a heavy toll on its people. There is hunger for power and plain hunger. The former has been so entrenched that its result is hunger for more than 21% of the nations people. Just imagine the impact on a struggling country such as the Philippines.

Hunger for power has never been more evident than in this administration. While past governments had some degree of discreetness, this administration flaunts it. With barely three years to go, it seems the current dispensation is wasting no time to enrich its members. Delicadeza is virtually nonexistent and our leaders jockey for the biggest loots at stake.

Instead of busying themselves with how to serve the people, they are busy looking for ways to enrich themselves. Planning for a lavish retirement is what they occupy themselves with. Kickbacks is the name of the game. Unneeded projects are pushed and negotiated deals are used to mask the worsening corruption.

Families out of desperation are forced to part ways and the administration is only too happy to help them out. Human trafficking is espoused by the state to gain more much needed dollars. Dollars which are used to prevent the economy from sinking. But while our OFWs toil, the government continues its policy of indiscriminate borrowing. This has led to the deterioration of badly needed basic services.

Education and health continues to suffer. While the DepEd wants to go hi-tech, the lack of classrooms is yet to be addressed. I don't think any cyber-education project will work without the necessary facilities to house them. Grossly overpriced infrastructure drain the national coffers at an alarming rate. Dormant reserves are not utilized augment badly human and infrastructural investment.

In a country where agriculture should thrive, farmers are the hardest hit. Poverty and hunger pervades the countryside due to corruption and unimplemented land reform. Even subsidies are pocketed by erring officials who remain free due to close ties with those in power. Selective justice is used to address the growing corruption. Those who criticize the administration are quickly charged while those who conspire to steal for the palace enjoy freedom.

The full force of the military is used to repress any form of dissent while safeguarding the corrupt. Hunger for power, that is the cause of increasing hunger. The dwindling number of the middle class and increasing number of those living below the poverty line has much to tell. Claims of growth are limited to the elite and never will the poor enjoy this.

GMA and her gang of thieves continue to sow terror. They are the ones who destabilize the nation with their paranoia. The best men of the military are branded mutineers because of their idealism. We have a military full of corrupt leaders all jockeying for Gloria's attention. Ass-lickers are handsomely rewarded with promotions and juicy posts await those who retire.

Hunger, it is all about hunger. Hunger has brought the people to its knees and hunger drives the administration to steal more. Hunger has two faces in my country, one of power and the other for food. Those in power couldn't care less if we all die of hunger as long as their pockets are lined with gold. Hunger, it is what drives men to desperation and it is what drives our leaders to steal.