Monday, July 28, 2008

A Distressing SONA

Gloria's "I care" speech was a futile attempt to caress us into believing in her. It was so callous of her to say that she cares when her economic programs directly affect the lives of the poor. The EVAT clearly hits the poor and the struggling middle class than those in the higher echelons of society. The rich can easily make ends meet despite the inflation while the common man has to struggle more. The EVAT is the only gains this government can boast of but the more pressing need to increase actual collection has not been addressed.

Her SONA showed GMA's weakness. She clearly cannot inspire the people to agree with her. With her dismal ratings, she is now moving to the realm of fighting for her popularity more than ever. I believe that cha-cha is now inevitable as her future becomes more uncertain. Her "Pantawid Porgrams" is a clear indication that she is out to buy the support of the masses. One-time dole outs without clear and solid sustainable plans is vote-buying in its purest form. Could it be in preparation for 2010? I don't think that with her situation now, stepping down is option.

This I think is one of the most expensive SONAs to date. With a face lift budget of P200million to refurbish the Batasan's stinking toilets, the funds could have been used for other socio-economic programs. The congress stinks anyway and no amount of makeover will deodorize the institution. Gloria passed the blame on international crisis to cloak the gravity of the situation we are in. As usual, she took credit for programs long laid out by previous administrations. She did not present any concrete legislative and economic programs that would lead to improving our lives.

I will not be expecting any changes with her administration. Still in a state of denial, Gloria chose to close her eyes to the realities on the ground. Corruption in her administration is widespread. All they have netted are the small fries with the Bolante case still unresolved. It was a feel-good SONA and nothing more. She is after all entitled to her opinion no matter how unrealistic it is. She has to live her lies so she can believe it and what better way to do it than through her SONA.

"Anything is better than nothing", Gloria says. Are we this low to just accept scraps and cultivate a culture of mendicancy? I hope we are not this desperate to just swallow whatever GMA throws at us. Gloria spoke to her minions and not to the people. She after all is a master of speech and not of deeds. She practically made a goddess of herself in the midst of despair.

2010 is still a distant future and I am sure she and her battalion of corrupt "chefs" are busy cooking up something to save their skins. There is simply too much at stake not to consider their options this early. So I think that the dead shall rise again to push for charter change. The congress was given their marching orders and will now buckle down to "addressing" political reforms through legislation. We all better watch out as this may bite us in the ass. She has a knack for going back on her words. I can still remember clearly how she promised never to run only to announce her presidential bid.

*I'm back in fighting form with my health issues done away with. Sorry for the sudden silence. Thanks to those who showed their concern.