Monday, September 28, 2009

An URGENT Call and Many Thanks

Operation TULONG BAYAN Priority Message
Monday, 28 September 2009

Heartfelt thanks to those who have so far volunteered their time and muscle! Our work is far from over, we hope you will continue to volunteer in the coming days as most drives like this lose their 'pull' quickly.

We also profusely thank the individuals and companies that have donated so much to our relief drive and pray that they and many others will continue to keep the donations coming in.


CUBAO - Cubao Expo Centro, EDSA corner Gen. MacArthur, Araneta Center (the old Seafood Market)
MAKATI - White Space, Pasong Tamo Extension (close to Cantinetta Resto and BMW showroom)

Cubao - 913-7122; 913-6254; 913-3306; 0908-657-9998
Makati - 710-8804; Rosanna 0917-830-5053



* As of Saturday, 26 September, all Piso Piso Para kay Noynoy and Mar donations have been earmarked for Tulong Bayan relief operations
* On Sunday, 27 September, we distributed over 2100 relief packages to three communities within Metro Manila and today, 28 September, are in the process of loading our trucks with over 3000 packs to be distributed to prioritized communities.

We are in need of the following items that can be delivered to Cubao Expo or White Space as soon as possible:

* Rice
* Sardines in tetra packs
* mongo beans
* sugar
* dried fish
* salt
* cooking oil in sachets
* bottled water
* candles
* matches
* detergent soap
* tarpaulin sheets 5-10meters per sheet (for shelter)
* used cardboard or cartons (for bedding)
* slippers
* clothing
* blankets

We will be accepting these donations, hopefully in bulk, throughout the week, and thank you in advance. Our brothers and sisters are in desperate need, please help as much as you can!

Those that wish to donate money can please deposit to the following accounts specially earmarked for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy:


* BDO Galleria Branch, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Savings Account 004640030358
* BPI Ayala Paseo Branch, Current Account 0031065402

Once again, thank you for your help, we look forward to seeing you and accepting your donations very soon!

Operation Tulong Bayan Volunteers!


Typhoon Kurakot

The worst is not yet over as two more low pressure areas are heading for the Philippines. As if the country has not suffered enough, the two LPAs are stronger than typhoon Ondoy. As I watched the reports on TV, I cannot help but ask why was help so slow? But I guess I should have expected this. The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) does not have the resources to respond to a calamity of this magnitude. For the National Capital Region (NCR), the NDCC has only 14 rubber boats at its disposal. Only 14 for an area so big. I do not know how prepared the NDCC is, but judging from their very slow reaction, preparedness is not in their vocabulary.

At a press conference yesterday, NDCC Gibo Teodoro promised to rescue "all" victims before nightfall. Today, thousands are still on the roofs of their submerged houses. If there is one thing that this disaster showed, it's the resilience of the Filipino. Left to fend for themselves, the victims and their loved ones found ways to rescue themselves while the officials thumbed their noses. As the casualities continue to rise, questions need to be answered. But how can something like this happen? I thought the NDCC is prepared. Why did it all have to come to this? There are factors that could explain why all these happened.

I can't believe that after the typhoons Reming and Milenyo battered our country, the NDCC obviously has not learned their lessons. 14 rubber boats for the entire NCR? If Gloria can spend an average of P6 million/day on her foreign trips,why can't we spend for rescue equipments? Our local governments too were slow to react. My mother's house was turned into an evacuation center. She was feeding families until late last night. The city officials did not even bother sending her any help. Her driver rescued their neighbors and brought them all to her place. It's a good thing that she has a habit of stocking up on canned goods and noodles. How do local governments spend their funds?

It all boils down to corruption. Typhoon Kurakot has settled down in the Philippines. It has hit every institution in our country. Billions of pesos end up into the pockets of our officials. The lessons learned from this latest calamity should be another reason why we must choose our next leaders wisely. The officials who acted too slow should not be reelected again. Where are those officials who claim to care now? If only those officials who spent millions in their infomercials put their offices funds to good use, maybe the NDCC would be better equipped. I heard Gloria congratulate her cohorts for a job well done. I wonder what she was referring to. As day 2 passes into history, thousands are cold and hungry. Waiting for government help that is yet to reach them.

We are all alone on this one. The government relies not from its funds but from the donations you and I shell out. We are the ones who are responding. We who volunteer our services for free. We who devise ways for help to reach our fellowmen. It's all our efforts that are saving lives. I just hope that come 2010, Typhoon Kurakot would finally leave our area of responsibility.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Manny Villar, the survey-topping trapo was recently dethroned by Noynoy Aquino. Villar who's been in the limelight no thanks to the C-5 controversy is now hunting for a vice president. While Aquino has already a running mate, the pretending oppositionist has yet to find one. Noli has already said "Hing nga eh!" and Pia Cayetano's simply interested in jogging, rumors were floated that he's considering Williw Revillame. The trapo and the tado? What a fantastic combination.

Revillame is equally popular as notorios because of his arrogance and ill manners is contemplating a political career. Perhaps he thinks he's popular enough to be elected. Even if he decides not to run for VP or as a senator, I wonder how he'll perform. Will he bring along his scantily clad dancers or ask those in the gallery for dole outs? If Villar is considering including Revillame in his ticket, it only shows how low Villar's values are. Kung sabagay, he doesn't think that benefiting from government projects is bad. Hmmmm, parang narinig ko na yata yan.

Going back to Revillame, what exactly is he going to do as VP or senator? We have enough jesters in public office already, we surely do not need another one. Villar is running a traditional campaign, and he's banking on who will give the votes he need. Now if you you have someone who relies of this, then he's not worth voting for. I shudder at the thought of having Villar as president. With the billions, yes billions he had already poured into his campaign, how on earth will he get his billions back? Of course, he'll tap the presidential fund.

The only people who'll be shouting Wowowee is Villar's cronies. As for the Filipino, Wawawahhhh!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's Afraid Of Noynoy?

So now that it's clear that Noynoy Aquino is running, this certainly changes the whole political landscape and the dynamics of Philippine politics. Every presidential aspirant's back is against the wall. Regardless of whether Noynoy is ripe or not, or whether he has accomplished anyt>hing is now out of the question. The only ones crying are the traditional politicians whose parties lack the principles in stirring the sleeping giant called as the electorate.

So what does the other contenders have to offer? Let's try and dissect each one of the so-called oppositionists. Erap may have the charisma but has too many ghosts in the past that could easily take away the thunder of his candidacy. Filipinos do not have the taste for "reformed" individuals like Erap. It would be better for him to give way if only to prove that he is the man he claims to be.

Loren Legarda we are all aware that relies solely on her media accomplishments that really doesn't amount anything because we are all aware that she readily exploits situations to get what she wants. She's another trapo and nothing else. Even her performance in any investigation is dismal to my standards.

Excuse me to my friends who adore Chiz, but he is one calculating trapo as well. I wouldn't vote for anyone who lacks conviction. A wolf in sheep's clothing is how I'll describe him. Why you might ask? Because he just rode on what's popular and sat like a chicken in the background. He pretended to go for GMA's jugular and left everybody hanging. In the end, he had the temerity to invite the aggrieved parties to a cup of coffee and a smoking session.

Now for the mighty meaty named Manny Villar whose family treats Las Pinas as their own little kingdom. Embroiled in one of the biggest scandals our public works have ever had. He also has a bad habit of harassing a certain school because he thinks the students are too noisy. Eh kung hindi ka ba naman tanga, why live beside a school where you know hundreds of kids go to? The school has been there long before you decided you old house in your subdivision was too small for your stature. And how about your latest caper Mr. Senator? Another bridge so that your land would once again benefit from it?

Now for the administration's three stooges. Noli DeCastro is but a news reader with nothing to show for but his popularity. Remember Legacy? It's a legacy that would be felt by thousands of investors. How about Gibo Teodoro who unfortunately did not get any of his father's good traits. A bar topnotcher yes, but he doesn't match up to Nonong Cruz. And then there's Bayani Fernando who thinks he's loved by many. Thanks to his wild experiments and policies, had alienated himself from the realities on the ground. It's funny how he thinks there's nothing wrong with getting million-peso birthday gifts that were supposed to go to the struggling employees of the movie industry.

So who's afraid of Noynoy? I suppose only those who are eager beavers. Those who paint themselves as reformists who in the end will protect the status quo. Those who believe that the Philippines will never change. You know what? I don't care about qualifications anymore. I couldn't care less who is "HILAW" or "HINOG". The elections will not be about what you accomplished in your life. Less give it a religious color. You will not be judged by what you have but how you lived your life. I'd like to believe that at last, the Filipinos now know right from wrong. Where traditional politics takes a backseat and integrity is what we look for in the leaders we elect.