Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Null Votes Have It!

Much like the words that sent people to the streets back in 2001 to oust Erap Estrada, I cannot help but utter the similar words with a twist. Accuracy has been sacrificed by expediency. For more than a week, as the canvassing progressed, the shortcomings of the automation became apparent. I guess the blame falls on the education of the voter on how to properly cast their votes. I don't want to think that cheating was prevalent and I would like give all parties the benefit of the doubt despite some questionable results.

How many voters were disenfranchised, we will never know for sure. What we know is that a machine has decided the fate of our nation. In hindsight, any mark should have been accepted. Shading, a check or even an x should have been allowed. With the nullified votes, the automation system deserves to be revisited so that things like these will not happen again. It's a good thing that Pres. Aquino's lead was overwhelming or the presidential results would be shrouded in doubt.

The vice presidential race is a totally different issue. With almost 3 million null votes, the truth may never be known unless Sen. Mar Roxas files an electoral protest. I'll leave that to the PET to uncover. If there's any consolation to the whole affair, Gloria Arroyo will be out by June 30.