Saturday, October 27, 2007

We Are Hypocrites, The Tribune Says

People who went to EDSA back in 2001 are now branded as hypocrites by the Tribune's editorial. No, I am not insulted nor am I incensed by the label. The elite, they call us. Me, rich? I am another member of the working class who tries his best to feed his family. No, I don't own a newspaper like Niñez does, I'm a lowly blogger who does not even have his own domain.

The people I went to EDSA with back in 2001 were ordinary folks. I saw countless individuals who obviously were not well-off. Sure there were the rich group but I could tell that they are a very small group. I did not see dole-outs but I did see people just like me who shared the little food we brought along. There were no catering trucks that handed out mineral water and food in Styrofoam containers. Even the old balut vendor I stood beside "gave" away his balut for free.

I went to EDSA not to install Gloria but to show my disgust at how the numbers game was played in Erap's impeachment. I too am appalled by the same situation in GMA's last two impeachments were the majority relied on their numbers to dump the impeachment complaint. Aside from being one with those who denounced his way of running the country, there was a personal side to why I joined EDSA 2. I had to teach my kids that we all have to make a stand sometime in our lives. If the people who joined EDSA were rich, they wouldn't be working during the day and then going to EDSA after work. Maybe the Tribune did not notice how thin the crowds were during the day only to swell in the afternoon and into the night.

I laugh at how the Tribune's editorial pointed to different groups and lumping them into one box. Calling EDSA 3 the revolt of the masses is quite incorrect. EDSA 3 showed us how the poor can be easily manipulated by the rich. It showed us how the elite can exploit the suffering of the poor to their advantage. The Tribune should look at itself and those who see Erap as an aggrieved party and examine themselves closely.

Erap's undoing was his own. The private prosecutors found evidence to link him to the crime for which he was charged. He was acquitted of those he obviously did not commit. I too defended him against the obvious injustices this administration handed him. Maybe the Tribune has to understand what morality and justice is. The editorial was quite reckless in its opinion. I am not a member of the Black and White movement. I must agree though that certain personalities were accommodated by the UNO but that is to put some credibility to their slate. UNO cannot claim that these personalities were forced upon them. If UNO stuck to their favored candidates, I doubt if those would match up to who GMA had.

We need people with values, integrity and principles in government. Erap should be thankful that Gloria's back is against the wall or he would be rotting in jail now. Erap is fortunate to be rich unlike the numerous seventy-year-olds still languishing in jail. Erap should be thankful that he has been pardoned unlike the eight-year-old who is still detained because he stole a pair of slippers.

I do not understand what the Tribune is ranting about. Erap is free, and even his detention was unlike no other. He lived comfortably during his detention. He received the best medical care unlike the inmates who are squeezed in small cells with their bodies splattered with lesions.

So to the Tribune, think before you write. Like I have said time and again, "Hindi bobo ang Pilipino". And I really hope I am rich, then I would have more to share to the less fortunate without asking nothing in return.