Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Just Want Answers

Self-determination is a double-edged sword. Many have been using this to point out why the Philippines has no right in claiming it as part of the country. We have many conflicts because of this and the UN's participation in cutting up countries. Because of Israel's creation, this so-called self-determination has been disregarded. Palastine refuses to be a part of Israel. It was only recently that the world recognized its existence. Ethnicity when used, can create a huge problem.

Why then should we force upon Mindanao the wishes of the Manila gov't? Why then should we prevent the people of Mindanao to decide for themselves if they want to be a part of the Philippines? Much like the Sabahans, Mindanao is cinhabited by many tribes who have existed even before the Philippines was discovered by Spain. Is it because that Many people from Luzon has migrated to Mindanao? Are we too stupid realize that Malaysia had been meddling in Mindanao's affairs perhaps in the hope that Mindanao will eventually be part of their federation?

Instead of trying to negotiate for peace, why not simply allow the people of Mindanao to determine for themselves if the want to be Filipinos or not? Why the double standards? Why the hypocrisy? What is imperial Manila afraid of? Who knows, the residents of Mindanao might choose to be called Filipinos. I am not a critic of the administration nor a PNoy basher, I just want a clear stand and policy on the issue. For once, the palace should categorically state how it views the Sabah issue. Are we dropping the claim or not. Saying one thing and doing another is a great injustice to us all. I am not a Kiram supporter nor agree to the Sultan's actions. I just want a definite position. Many have been trying to explain PNoy's actions. 

Mr. President, I want answers to my questions. I can only guess that you have relinquished Sabah to attain peace in Mindanao. Never mind the proprietary claim of the Sultan of Sulu. We can accept that peace is more important than a monarchy long gone. Transparency is all I ask from you so that your critics can finally be silenced. Things would have been different if you did not ignore the Kirams. owould not have died if you used your intelligence funds more wisely. Your administration wouldn't have looked like a headless chicken.


Get Real

Let's call a spade a spade. Recently, the archdiocese of Bacolod came out with posters of Team Buhay (anti-RH) and Team Patay (pro RH) senatorial bets. These posters are clearly a form of campaigning. The posters are endorsing voting for and not voting for certain candidates. The CBCP claims they are exercising their right of expression. Come on, let's get real, after all, lying is a sin. It's so obvious that you are not expressing your sentiments but endorsing candidates.

The Comelec has requested the church to re-size the posters to what is allowed in the election code. They sought relief from the Supreme Court citing the right to freedom of expression. The SC issued a TRO which to me is quite perplexing. It doesn't take a genius to differentiate a campaign material from that of an expression. Is the Catholic church above the law? If the justices are not swayed by their faith, I am very sure that they will tell the church to follow the law on campaign materials.

The moral lesson here is that lying is acceptable if it's for the church. What a way to teach us about values. Will you please get real? You've been lying long enough and getting away with it. Mahiya naman kayo!


Saturday, March 02, 2013


Some may argue and even defend the president for his handling of the Sabah issue. There are those who would say that we shouldn't be dragged into the Sultan of Sulu's personal claim to Sabah. I agree that the means employed by the Kirams was wrong. There are other ways to go about this issue. 

What disappoints me is the arrogance by which this administration treated the Kirams, they are after all Filipinos and treated as royalty by our Muslim brothers. He said that we are his boss yet treats shabbily a constituent. Would I be treated the same way? He went out of his way to meet the leaders of the MILF, could he have given the Kirams the same treatment. It's a PR stunt gone bad. He gave the perception that the Malaysians is his boss. Granting that a letter sent to him asking for a dialogue never reached him, it would have been presidential on his part to give the Kirams a phone call during the early days of the standoff. 

I guess his high trust rating clouded his judgement a bit. He forgot that this rating could fall in a blink of an eye. He could have convinced the Kirams in private instead of insulting them in public just to appease the Malaysians. Now that Filipino blood has been spilled, add his pronouncements, there will be political repercussions. This could affect the mid-term elections or even go as far as the 2016 presidential elections. Things could have been handled differently. Humility would have been a more prudent choice than legal threats. 

Only time will tell if the administration's arrogance will wane. Maybe the next surveys will jolt their senses. They cannot deny the fact that this unfortunate episode will have an adverse effect on the administration.