Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Five years ago to this day, an ambitious Gloria swore that she will not run for the presidency. Borrowing Miriam's famous line, "I lied!" She ran and stole the 2004 elections. If she can lie to our faces once, she can do it again. The next months will be crucial as she and her cohorts in the lower house launch their assault on the constitution. Dureza's prayer was a trial balloon to test the people's patience. The flat reception of the December anti-chacha rally has emboldened the proponents of Chacha and make a mockery of democracy.

The thugs in congress is gearing up for a final push to perpetuate themselves in power. The hoodlums needs only 30 votes as of last count to convene congress as a constituent assembly. Add about seven or eight senators to the mix and they succeed with their evil plan. The 1st quarter of 2009 will be their only chance. Anytime after that will be too late or dangerous for Gloria. There are several scenarios to consider.

One is to push their Chacha not matter what and try to reach the Supreme Court. With justices set to retire and with Gloria's appointing powers, even the JBC cannot do anything to prevent her from appointing her allies to the vacant posts. A coup by any military unit idealistic enough to launch one is next to impossible. They were all shipped to Mindanao to fight the MILF. All the units in Manila are those whose loyalty can be easily bought. Civil society is alone to face the onslaught of the vultures in the administration.

Recent business gymnastics point to a consolidation of bargaining power by those who intend to further enrich themselves. The business community can easily be held hostage and will be unable to even raise a whimper. No businessman in his right mind will ever gamble on something that would cost him his bread and butter. Civil disobedience cannot be relied on with the current economic situation wherein everyone is too busy trying to survive. Unless the Filipinos get their acts together and show resolve, we can kiss our precious democracy goodbye. Gloria and her minoins are here to stay.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti-ChaCha Rally

Friday started early for me as I prepared for the rally in Makati. Fetched Manolo Quezon and then we met up with Leah Navarro and Enteng Romano. We were joined by Mike Cohen formerly with ANC and now a reported for Fox News. He was to cover our march from Greenbelt to the Ninoy Aquino monument. As we prepared our banners, members of the Black & White movement from Nueva Ecija arrived. We soon learned that others from provinces in the north and from the south were held in various checkpoints by elements of the PNP. Their contingent was the only one who made it through.

Our companions from Nueva Ecija were prevented by Greenbelt security guards from entering the mall. To be honest, they were well-dressed. This prompted Leah to make a few calls and soon they were allowed into the mall. I did not know that Ayala malls had a policy of discriminating against people from the province. The incident drew too much attention from passersby which made the guards uneasy coupled with a riled up Leah. My feisty sister berated the stunned guards into submission.

We marched in rows of four abreast. In my row were Atty; Edwin Lacierda and former SCAP chair, Bianca Lapuz. Despite being in a wheelchair, Bianca marched with us. What I thought was a fairly sized crowd soon swelled as people started coming in fro different points in Makati. The PNP had a huge force which really didn't bother us. After the prayers, personalities took turn in lambasting the administration. But the highlight and the most controversial is the speech by Mar Roxas who verbalized the sentiments of the people by saying "putang ina". There was no other way to describe the disdain we felt and Mar Roxas got it spot on.

I had the privilege of meeting Mae Paner, the Juana Change sensation. Arbet Bernardo joined us in the evening and took photos of the rally. The rally was peacefully and merry as artists performed on the small stage. The heavens cooperated as dark clouds shielded us form the sun. Not a single drop of rain fell and we were all dry but cool. Judging by the diversity of the crowd, one could feel the real sentiments of the people. I don't give a rat's ass what Alex Magno prefers to call us, the important thing is that we sent the message across. This was just a test run for an even bigger event soon. The next time, Gloria and her gang might not like what they hear.

*Thanks to Edwin Lacierda for a delicious merienda and to Manolo Quezon for a wonderful dinner.


Monday, December 01, 2008

CON Our Sorry ASS

The Cha-Cha train is on its merry way again. This time around, Gloria is banking on her appointees in the Supreme Court to carry the day for her. At the head of the wolf pack is her "independent" son, Mickey and her favorite dog, Luis Villafuerte. She has lied through her buckteeth countless times and her silence shows that something is brewing. She has left the denying to her surrogates. Golez her puppy is the one doing the lying this time around.

But we all know that no action in the lower house takes place without Gloria's blessings. Like Chiquito's character, Mr. Wong would always say, "Kita tali, kita tali!" All strings are being pulled by the puppeteers in Malacañang. It's a good thing that tactless Jess Dureza exposed the new bid to amend the constitution. This time around, they are hellbent in pursuing their Cha-Cha. Villafuerte is bragging that they have the numbers this time around. The seven incoming justices will have to closely guarded by the people or we may wake up with Gloria as the new prime minister.

The mafia is trying to CON our sorry ASSes. But will the military take this sitting down? Well, it depends if the junior officer will toe their leaders twisted doctrine and mandate. We cannot go at it alone as Gloria and her gang showed how ruthless they can be. Only two scenarios come to my mind should Gloria force her Cha-Cha. Either we would end up with an Arroyo monarchy or total anarchy. Both could be grim but the latter could seal the fate of the criminals in the administration.

With the impeachment dead, Gloria has been inoculated till 2010. No impeachment against her can be filed within a year before an election. She and her cabal can concentrate on their Cha-Cha, unmolested and with complete focus. It would be only us in their way. I just hope the fence sitters would finally realize that watching from the sidelines cultivates impunity and creates dictatorships. Unless of course they have masochistic tendencies and love to be beaten to a pulp. Or perhaps they don't mind being robbed blind by politicians and Gloria's mercenaries.

We must be vigilant and the next few months will be crucial. The Supreme Court will be the next battleground between the forces of good and evil. I am certain that Gloria will ensure that she can gain control of this institution. The senate is powerless against Gloria's onslaught and they know it. Gloria's appointees hold the fate of the nation in their hands. Will they be independent or will they have the patriotic hearts to prevent our annihilation? Only time will tell.