Monday, October 15, 2007

Simply Criminal

Slowly, pay-offs by Malacañang are coming out. It has become administration policy to "bribe" each and every person in the name of GMA's protection. I am very sure that Gloria will never part with her loot. So this is where our taxes go. The presidential pork cannot be scrutinized by any individual or institution. It is not even subject to scrutiny by the Commission on Audit. I wonder how big the presidential pork is for 2008?

I don't care how the palace would call the "gifts" it distributed last week to the 190 congressmen who attended the breakfast hosted by Gloria. Its plain and simple bribery. Whether it was gas money or for travel expenses, one thing is clear, its simply criminal. Its our money not hers. And she has no right to give it to already rich congressmen and deprive us of services. These monies could have been put to better use.

At a time when 21.5% of the country experiences hunger, its simply callous and insensitive not only for the palace but for the congressmen themselves. How can we, the people even sit by while this bribery is done before our very eyes? The total amount given out last week totals P95 million. No amount of denial or justification can explain why such a staggering amount should be given out to people who don't do their jobs.

While ordinary folks wonder when their next meal would be, congressmen simply dine with Gloria and they receive a wonderful gift. When students try to reach their dreams studying under the shade of trees, local officials are handed out loads of cash. Just imagine how many classrooms can be built with these gifts Gloria is handing out to her visitors.

Never has corruption been more blatant and evident than with this administration. The administration is the biggest crook and Gloria should be held responsible. She is the biggest criminal today and the whole world knows it. The propaganda that there is no alternative to Gloria should not be even considered. If we continue to allow this kind of criminality in the highest office of the land, then we deserve it.

To those who still think Gloria is an angel, think again, Lucifer was an angel once. You can claim that she has done so much for the country, think again, we have yet to find out how big a mess she is going to leave behind. Three years is an eternity in politics. It can drive a country to its knees.

Will you simply sit idly by in the face of such criminality? Will you sacrifice the future not only of the country but your descendants as well? Our time has passed, let us not be victims of this vicious cycle where we fall victims to our past mistakes.