Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fight Against Moral Bankruptcy

What we are witnessing now is the moral bankruptcy of our officials. Since the leak of payoffs last week, congressmen, mayors, governors and palace officials have been issuing different and contradictory statements. From pabaons, allowances and to social assistance, anything and everything has been used to justify the gifts they received.

The worst part of it all is that they, not even for a moment thought of it as a bribe. I thought that only members of congress received these gifts but recent reports also point to governors. So now the total amount is just too staggering to the senses of the hard-up Filipino.

Now palace officials are mum about the issue they are embroiled in, some claim they were not even present. For the most secure place in the entire country, its bewildering to learn that a crime was committed under their very noses. Its numbing to the senses as how this crime was undertaken without the knowledge of not even a single official.

What is utterly disturbing is how the recipients themselves never even questioned the propriety of such handouts? The moral decay in institutions of government shows where our entire country is heading to. If officials can accept without question, cash gifts from supposedly unknown persons, then we're definitely morally bankrupt. Whether it was for gasoline or to motivate our officials, its bribery in every sense of the word.

This would definitely move down to the people and soon almost everyone would readily accept corruption as a norm. I am not about to let moral bankruptcy take its toll on the Filipino as a person and as a nation. Its is high time we rebuild our nation from the ground up. Let us show these so-called leaders that we as a people will not allow this society to rot to the ground because of reception to corruption.

They may or may not be receptive to such a revolution. But it is imperative that we let them know we want change, change that will be our legacy for the generations to come. Let us not let our social status be the defining line for change. We us a people should unite. Whether its must come from a peaceful revolution or in a confrontational one, we must set the standard of how our leaders conduct themselves.

Democracy can be very taxing. It can take eons to perfect. And even that is uncertain. But we must keep the fire burning. Unless you want our people to be ridiculed and maligned because of how our leaders conduct themselves, we must make a move now.