Monday, January 28, 2013

You're Offending My Feelings

During the battle for the RH bill, the bishops engaged its opponents not just in name-calling but threatened to excommunicate those who support the landmark bill. In the midst of the battle, Carlos Celdran showed the stuff that legends are made of and mounted his own protest. DAMASO, will go down in history not just a Jose Rizal villain, but a representation of how repressive and backward the Catholic church can be. Celdran was dragged out of church and was eventually charged in court.

Today, the court handed down a guilty verdict on Celdran for offending the religious feelings of the Catholic church. I did not know that there is such an offense. I should have made the same accusation to the bishops who not only offended my religious feelings, but my intelligence as well. Perhaps someone should remind them that Jesus was crucified for offending the religious feelings of the church and that brought about the creation of the Catholic faith.

It's an absurd decision which insults the intelligence and senses of all of us. Is it now a crime to question the integrity of "HUMAN" priests who portray themselves as gods and judges of men? Can we not questions the doctrines of a church created by men? I am reminded of the middle ages and how the church manipulated everything to favor them. It's no wonder why the church's flock continue to dwindle. Many are disappointed with the church's actuation. 

The church should be more in touch with the faithful's feelings. Not to heed them may cause them their flock.