Friday, September 28, 2007

GMA, FG, etal And The ZTE

The day before Neri was set to testify before the Blue Ribbon Committee, Gloria announced that after a discreet investigation on the NBN bribery scandal. She said that as per their investigation, there was never any bribery. She said that the president's office conducted the investigation to find out if the allegations of such really happened.

She practically debunked the claims of Joey de Venecia and the report of Neri. Both pointed to Abalos as the perpetrator of the crime. As expected, Abalos vehemently denies this. But GMA's findings does not make sense. Neri himself reported the incident which contradicts the findings of the discreet investigation.

Upon questioning, the personalities mentioned in the scandal said that they where never asked to shed light on the allegation by any official or agency of the government. Just how discreet this is, we will never know.

Ask any investigator and I am very sure that they would interview all personalities connected to a crime. I bewilders everyone's common sense and certainly, more questions will crop up. Gloria is definitely entangled in this web of corruption. This scandalous deal with ZTE will never be signed if indeed GMA wants transparency in government dealings.

Now its clear that Neri invoked executive privilege to avoid implicating Gloria. Gloria never lifted a finger even after Neri reported the bribe. It is clear that Gloria pushed for the ZTE and I am sure she knows someone made a killing. It is also now clear why the PAGC official who tried to investigate the bribery was unceremoniously sacked.

But even if Neri refuses to talk, all is not lost. The senate must focus their attention to the other personalities that were mentioned in Joey's affidavit. Remember, there were other individuals who were with Abalos during those meetings in Wack Wack. They should now subpoena these people and grill them instead. Names of personalities close to Mike Arroyo were mentioned.

No wonder Mike quickly left with them on the eve of the senate investigations.
Now there are more Jocjoc Bolantes in our midst. These people should be called to testify in the senate. They are private individuals and no EO 464 or MO 108 can protect them. Of course to invoke right to privacy and self-incrimination but I am sure the senate will find a way to make them talk.

I now will be looking forward to this and when this time comes, my chips, burgers and soda will surely come in handy.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking Down Sen. Trillanes

So now the mandate of the people does not exist. Despite not being convicted, Sen. Sonny Trillanes is barred from performing his duty as a servant of the people. I thought all the while that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I suppose this dimwit of a judge is expecting an appointment from GMA to a higher position that is why he refuses to allow Sonny to even meet with his staff in his detention cell.

I am sure Esperon and Gloria is still smarting from slaps the election of Trillanes gave them last May. And this harassment is the only way they can get back at the senator. Even a simple meeting was denied by his marine custodian citing the lack of a court order. Maybe the judge wants Trillanes to lick his butt.

I can understand if media access is not allowed. But barring his staff, Sen. Pong Biazon and Civil Service Commission head Karina David is a totally different story. So the hearing of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Reorganization had to be canceled. Jalosjos who was convicted of rape was even allowed to construct a burger stand and a tennis court in Muntinlupa, and yet Trillanes whose only fault is standing up for what is right is being treated in this manner.

We are not talking of a barangay captain or a mere congressman, we are talking of a nationally elected senator. He is was LEGITIMATELY elected by more than 11 million people unlike the one pretending to be a president and a whimp pretending to be a general. This judge must be so envious of Trillanes that he will do anything to be famous. I cannot see any reason why Sen. Trillanes should be prevented from performing his duty from inside his cell. A meeting with his staff can be likened to a visit. Inmates are accorded this right and in some cases, conjugal visits are even allowed.

I do not see additional expenses incurred as I am sure that his staff will bring with them food and the necessary items they will be using during their meeting. It also wouldn't be a security problem as I am sure that proper screening by the guards will be conducted and no one is that dumb to try anything inside a military camp.

So what is the fuzz all about? Its all about breaking the will of Trillanes to kneel and beg before the illegitimate leader. Its all about psyching out the senator to finally give up his fight for what his principles dictate. Its all about the pain and nightmares he continue to give GMA and ESperon. And its all about a judge who hopes to be rewarded by Gloria someday.

If you are one of those who voted for Sen. Trillanes and would like him to serve you, his constituents, email him at


The Spineless Piece Of S**t

I had may potato chips ready, my burgers and cold soda beside me. I even canceled all my activities for the day. So there I sat in front of the TV and tuned in to ANC. After preparing myself for the special feature on the senate hearings yesterday, I was so dismayed at how Neri turned out to be a farce and the Judas to Abalos. Of course I wanted to finally see Abalos squirm, but that is only one part of my wish.

Now it is confirmed, Romulo Neri is nothing but a spineless piece of s**t. So much for the hero-come-lately tag. It seems the RAT (as Manuel Buencamino refers to him) was after all going to leave Abalos to be devoured by the senators. Invoking executive privilege, Neri ducked the questions regarding what transpired after he informed Gloria of the 200(bowls of soup no. 5) bribe offered to him by Abalos. He chose to save his queen.

All the hope that the people had went pffft. Neri, sitting in a pool of his own excrement, gave in to pressure and toed the government plan to nail Abalos and save GMA. In the end, the calls of different sectors, including his schoolmates went unheard. Neri chose to stick it out with his illegitimate president. He clearly forgot who he is really serving. He forgot what his alma mater taught him regarding honesty, integrity and decency.

At the end of the day, he buckled and delivered himself to the arms of corruption. He allowed himself to be used and abused by his master. He now will forever walk that lonely path, alone and shunned by the people he let down. It saddens me that he just let his chance pass without hesitation. It would not have been financially rewarding, but he could have been remembered as a morally upright personality. Now he is nothing but a spineless piece of S**T!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Merciless, Ruthless Church

I have been a Catholic all my life, somehow along the way I became disillusioned with the church. I saw how some unscrupulous men of the cloth abuse the faith and trust given to them by their flock. I suppose there will always be bad eggs in every institution there is. But in a church which preaches love, faith and values, its the last place you would expect evil to thrive.

I have stopped going to church but had never renounced my Lord. The few times I attend the service is simply because I had no choice. I chose to live by the teachings of the Holy Book instead. I would rather commune with my Lord in my own way than be a hypocrite. I have met several nuns and priests who share my feelings as they themselves have seen how even their very own leaders are living a life so lavish that it insults the senses of its flock.

I must admit that there are really nuns and priests who have devoted their lives in the service of the Lord. There are however some who uses the church to enrich themselves. As I watched the hearings of the senate today on the wiretapping case, I cannot help but cringe at how priests and bishops turned their backs on people who need sanctuary. Is these the kind people who preach love and yet conspire with the powers that be to deprive a person in dire need of a safe place?

One witness described how disillusioned he was with the church. I cannot in any way fathom how people of the cloth can be used by an abusive regime. Clearly, the current leaders of the church should stop and reflect on how their actions affect the perception of those they rule over.

Politics and money are ever present in the church as well. A recent meeting I had with several members of the church confirmed how corruption has infected the hierarchy of the Catholic faith. One even mentioned that its no longer "white envelopes" but "suitcases" of money. They shared with me that there is division in the church as certain factions are sick of the corruption they witness. They even confirmed how some of their leaders are under the payroll of a very powerful man.

Now it is clear to me why a certain leader of the church strays from the way of reason and sensitivity to issue callous statements in defense of this illegitimate regime. It is now clear to me how a certain priest rides a red Jaguar to different functions. I am dismayed by this blatant display of corruption and greed. Greed led to the ouster of one prominent priest from his parish. He managed to increase their collection and was able to really serve the less-fortunate.

This did not go unnoticed and he was soon transferred to another parish. Its all about control of funds. Its sad that his projects will now suffer as a greedy faction will now takeover and use the funds as they see fit. Never have I been sick to the gut as these are the people who is supposed to emulate the Lord. Everyday, we see poverty around us and some of these "hoodlums in robes" live in opulence.

Now I understand how Jesus felt when He saw the temple turned into a market. I now understand why some priests would walk away from their vocation. Now I understand why the Catholic church continues to lose members to other faiths. I now wonder how betrayed God must feel in how these fishers of men abuse their power. But I will remain a Catholic despite these personalities. I will not renounce my faith but will certainly denounce these wolves in sheep's clothing. These personalities know who they are and I hope that the Lord will not be kind to them when they face judgement.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Cuddling The Corrupt

Speaker Joe de Venecia has managed to stave off the attack of GMA's clones. With a solid backing of his Lakas hardliners and the possible alliance with the opposition, JDV took round 1. GMA may have the power but she can't put her position on the line. So despite the rhetorics of her allies, they can't just push JDV around.

GMA, in a bid to kill the NBN investigation, announced the SUSPENSION of the ZTE deal. If I remember right, a TRO had already been issued by the Supreme Court and GMA's announcement is but a ploy. But Joey de Venecia had already opened the Pandora's box and the Blue Ribbon Committee will not be duped into closing its hearings just yet. In the thick of it all, Romulo Neri, former NEDA chief, holds the key to the entire fiasco.

As of late, Neri has been "invisible" but would definitely attend the hearing on Wednesday to explain his part on the ZTE deal. He had said in his last interview that a bribe was indeed offered and had reported it to Gloria. And Gloria told him not to accept the bribe BUT approve the deal anyway. So Gloria had knowledge of the bribe but did not even lift a finger to run after the briber. Isn't this contrary to her policy of stamping out corruption?

The entire nation will be waiting for what Neri has to say. The inaction of GMA on the attempted bribe will not escape the peering eyes of the senate. For sure this will be another issue that will be thrown at her. No wonder, Neri is under heavy guard, they need to apply pressure on the poor guy to make sure he says the RIGHT things. Clearly the only threats to Neri's safety will come from the administration.

Gloria clearly has a hand in this. Its her neck that is at stake now. She will definitely be implicated in this scandal. She pushed for its approval despite the report of an attempted bribe. Its obvious that she is cuddling the corrupt. So the buck does not stop with Abalos, nor with Mendoza, it clearly stops with Mike Arroyo and Gloria.

Karma is catching up with her. Slip up after slip up is slowly wringing her neck. Certainly this will be another nail in her coffin. She knows this and could probably spell disaster for her. So who's next? Erap maybe home by Christmas, could the Arroyos still be in the palace by that time? The NBN scandal has created a lot of anxiety for the Arroyos and Luli's reaction shows it all. So the wheel of fortune has turned full circle, Gloria the cuddler of the corrupt is next in line.


Friday, September 21, 2007

From Hell And Back

We have not moved past those dark years of martial law. The corruption and abuse have remained in our midst. During those yeas, the military ruled with an iron hand and the Marcos condoned their acts. Like today, military officials benefit from rewards from the incumbent. Just like in those years, human rights abuse is rampant.

The government back then was able to rule with such ferocity and impunity due to the apathy of the people. Just like today, apathy is the rule of the day. The administration's propaganda is doing its job. Political dissent is quickly crushed and all-out war is declared on the insurgents.

More than half a century has passed and the Red scare is still employed by those in power. It has succeeded in fooling the people into believing the myth about our insurgents. Reason and understanding has been replaced by cruelty and authoritarianism. Genuine grievances are quickly dismissed and proponents conveniently branded as hard-line communists. Critics disappear in the dead of the night never to be seen again. Every death and missing blamed on the communist PURGE.

Instead of addressing the real causes of the insurgency, the administration would rather dismiss it outright. The government back then went on a beautification campaign very much like today. Attempts were made to paint a rosy atmosphere and that the economy is booming. While the national debt grew at an astronomical rate, majority of the people suffered. It also led to migration which is present today.

People were forced to leave behind families to earn much needed dollars in the name of survival. It was only after the Marcos ouster did we discover the humongous debt we have. GMA today is doing the very same thing. She has been engaging in a borrowing spree that we and our descendants will be paying for till the day we die.

The only difference now is that GMA does not control the senate. Scandal after scandal is being exposed. Back then, the husband and wife tandem of Ferdie and Meldy looted with blind abandon. Their lavish lifestyle in stark contrast with the suffering of the people. Today, another tandem has taken their place, and is embroiled in the looting of our coffers.

Allies are given juicy positions and allowed to enrich themselves. From hell we're back to hell. Its a recurring nightmare that has haunted us. Once again, liberties are threatened. Nothing really has changed. Its no wonder that the years of martial rule are hardly taught in schools. Perhaps its a ploy to keep our youth in the dark of how hellish authoritarianism can be. Perhaps its a way for the corrupt to continue on with their rape of the nation.

I hope that we who experienced it firsthand continue to share our experiences with our children so that they may see the signs on the walls, so that they may understand what is happening around them. Let's not sit idly by while our country is ravaged by a new personality. Its high time we learn our lessons well and keep it in our hearts. Unless we change our ways, we only have ourselves to blame for this recurring nightmare and we will never get out of this viscous cycle.


Fashionista Si Gloria

Do we really need all these high-tech projects, GMA has been pushing for? Do we need this so-called cyber highway? Will the poor benefit form this broadband that they are moving heaven and earth just to push this project? I am sure that folks in the far flung barrios do not even know what broadband is. They may even think that this could be some new singing group.

I also asked myself why on earth such a project should be undertaken when it clearly isn't a national priority. The NBN is part Gloria's dream of making the Philippines a first world country. But being "in" doesn't make a country progressive. I would compare it to a social climber who tries to look rich and spends on unnecessary things just to be "in" with the times.

Instead of addressing more pressing problems, GMA spends our taxes on her caprices. But of course there is also the "kickback" factor for a comfortable retirement. Another pet GMA has is the Cyber Education Program. It would be patterned after the cyber education program that Thailand is using. While Thailand has successfully implemented this, the funding is shouldered by the king. Oops, I forgot, we live in the Enchanted Kingdom and we have a Queen.

But in our case, the queen spends the people's money and leaves her loot intact. Much can be desired from this administration. Gloria watches her people die while she makes herself feel good. She would rather make it appear that we are rich while the people wallow in the quagmire of despair. Instead of shooting for the stars, why don't we reach for a more attainable dream? The money must be really good to undertake such a project.

Let's not pretend what we are not. Gloria once accused the poor of having misdirected priorities. She accused the poor that they are hungry because they would rather spend their money on cellphone loads than on food. Well look at who has misdirected priorities now? We don't need her high-tech projects, we need simple solutions to problems which beset the nation today. What we need is a working government that thinks of the people's welfare. We don't need a leader who "sprays tons of deodorant" to hide the stinking truth.

Being "in" for the sake of feeling good is always bad. Delusions of grandeur or social climbing for that matter only makes things worse. Gloria should stop dreaming and start working. She had been dreaming since 2001 and the people have been left wanting. All these talk of high-tech solutions to address simple problems only proves that Gloria the Dreamer would rather be a "fashionista" than a true leader. So what's next, GPS on pedicabs?


Thursday, September 20, 2007

No ReHab For Greed

As I expected, Luli joined the fray and took stabs at Joey de Venecia. She said that her family never meddled in any government contract. I am sure because your mother's henchmen do the dirty work for her. She even goes further and attcks Joey's receding hairline. I never heard Joey call her father a domesticated pig. But this childish retort from is nothing compared to her other comments.

She then calls Joey an addict, yes an addict. They even said that Joey de Venecia had gone into rehab twice. I don't really care as I have worked with reformed addicts. I witnessed how hard it is to bounce back from this problem. People I've worked with had to regain their self esteem and regain the trust of those around him.

I couldn't care less if Joey indeed was a one time addict. What is important is how he got back on his feet and turned himself into what he is now. I also do not agree to the insinuations that Joey is being used or even sourgraping for the contract loss, its the oldest response in the book to hide a crime. Its all part of an orchestrated attempt to discredit a direct witness.

I am sure that Mike Arroyo's camp will present witnesses to debunk Joey's claims. They have had enough time payoff waiters and even personalities to hide the truth. The next days, more dirt will be hurled against Joey. More personal stuff about him will come out and the concerned personalities will do anything to destroy Joey.

After all is said and done, a rehab gives a new lease on life for anyone wanting to change for the better. There are rehabs for almost all addictions which inflict harm on a person and society. There are rehabs for the alcoholics, there are rehabs for drug users, there rehabs for the mentally disturbed. The list of rehabs goes on and on. Everyday, a new addiction is discovered and a rehabilitation program for such is developed.

But in all the the years that passed, there was and will never be a rehab for greed. Greed is is even older than prostitution. Greed will never be subdued by any law nor rehab. So you see Luli, people who go to rehabs are those who want to reform. A greedy person will never reform, he just develops more lust for everything. Greed can only be shed if the person dies or if imprisoned for life.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mafia Culture

I promised Nick of that I would write about Cris Mendez. While I had actually drafted a post right after his death, I chose to bide my time and reflect on what other people (not just bloggers) and prominent members of Sigma Rho had to say. To make the long story short, it seems that the Sigma Rho is nothing but another mafia gang.

The fraternity after all is not about brotherhood but about connections and influence. This in turn is used to land good jobs, get favors and much worse, become a tool for corruption and abuse. So in reality, members are recruited with the promise of a better future and an assurance that come what may, the brotherhood will always be by their side. It would have been good if leads to the advancement of an individual in a morally upright way.

But it has become another old boys club as the first sign of trouble no matter how immoral or even criminal, the frat rallies around the embattled member assuring him of a united protection. In essence, its a protection racket as well. I am not lumping fraternities in one big heap of shit just because a few has strayed from the ideals of genuine brotherhood.

But in the case of Sigma Rho which chose to protect its guilty members in the case of Cris Mendez, it is pure criminality. Former senator Jovito Salonga should be lauded for standing for what is morally and lawfully right. Unlike other prominent members of Sigma Rho, he chose to sever ties with this criminal gang.

This brazen display of power speaks volumes about Sigma Rho and its crooked view of brotherhood. Lawyers, judges and even politicians comprise this mafia-like organization. No wonder they can totally disregard our laws because their "brods" will surely come to their rescue and save them from the arms of justice.

I weep for the wasted life of Cris, so young and with a bright future. Now he is but another statistic in this barbaric crime whose perpetrators are being cuddled by their influential criminal brothers. To these criminals, justice may not be served in this life but who knows in the next? Pray too that your sons will not face animals like you when their turn comes. Justice can come from the most unlikely places and a crime cannot be hidden for eternity.

So no matter how Sigma Rho tries to justify/glorify its organization, its nothing but a gang that revolves around the culture of the Mafia.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skyline PIG-eon Fly

So at the eve of the senate hearing on the scandalous ZTE deal, Mike Arroyo quietly slipped out of the country last night. All the palace said what its a private trip. At the senate today, Jose de Venecia III named Mike Arroyo as the mystery man in that reconciliatory meeting he had with Ben Abalos in Wack Wack Country Club. He even re-enacted how Mike Arroyo pointed a finger at him and told him to back off.

The old adage said, "flight is an admission of guilt" and like his friend Joc-joc Bolante, Mike conveniently ducked the flak and left. No one knows where his wings will take him. The senate's arm cannot reach him now and unlike members of the executive, he cannot invoke EO 464 or MC 108. He after all as he claims to be, a private citizen.

For the first time, someone had directly connected him to one of the biggest scams this administration has been linked to. And to make matters worse, Alan Peter Cayetano now heads the Blue Ribbon Committee. In the senate, Mike has only a handful of protectors. So the winds of fate has changed. The once persecuted senator now has Mike by the balls.

As expected, one of GMA's puppies, Brenda wasted no time in defending her master. She said that Joey is a front for unknown parties out to kick GMA from office. She even insinuated that this "campaign" must be expensive. She insists that Joey should present evidences to proves his claims. I hope GMA and her cohorts look for another alibi as the destabilization accusation never worked.

The Tres Hunyangos also came to Mike's defense with Iggy leading the way. This guy had the gall to call Joey a "law violator" and should not be believed. Look who's talking? Isn't Iggy a tax evader? The two sons, Dato the congressman of the military and Mr. Horsey Mickey said that their big daddy can take care of himself and they do not need to lawyer for him. How true, what do you know about law anyway? Better to keep your mouths shut as you might dig your father's grave.

Now that the speculations have ended and the mystery man finally exposed, this should be a lesson to Mike. You may fool the people some time but not all the time. So the PIG-eon has flown the coop. Flying to some distant land where he can avoid being questioned the very man he wanted banished from congress. Fly away, skyline PIG-eon fly...pray that you don't land in place where we have an extradition treaty with.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Common Sense And Nonsense

After watching the senate hearing today on the Garci tapes, I can now see that a diploma nor a law degree does not mean one is intelligent. Surprisingly, Joker today was meek as a lamb. Probably still smarting from the embarrassing encounter he had with Vidal Doble the last time around. So he let a deranged senadora, a liar and an uncouth presidentiable bang Doble around.

But despite the bullying and the stupid enuendos, Doble pretty much held his own with the more intelligent senators giving him leeway to explain himself. With Brenda and Dickhead taking snipes at him and the Mr. Electricity joining the fray, Doble as I saw him was holding his anger back. He took the jabs in stride and rolled with the punches.

Brenda called him a "lineman" and yet the palace scrambled its shock troops and airlifted a bishop just to get hold of Doble. An inconsequential lineman wouldn't get such attention from GMA if he doesn't know anything about the cheating in 2004. For someone who claims to be brilliant and an exceptional judge, she sure does not have the wisdom nor the common sense to see the real picture. Its funny how she insisted that Doble had loads of cash that he can afford to go to ktv bars. Doble said that the clubs he frequented where in the Kamias and 15th Ave. areas in Quezon City. I can tell you outright that these bars are the cheap ones you see filled with ordinary laborers. I should know, I checked out those places. These are the sleazy and dirty bars that a cash-load person will never visit.

Dickhead continued with his usual below-the-belt comments that a true blue Atenean will never do. As I expected, Dickhead was playing to the gallery and the media. What a pathetic way to campaign for his presidential bid. I laughed as he gazed around the hall, trying to look for affirming nods from those who were watching the proceedings. He may have thought that the gallery appreciates what he is doing. I could see some senators visibly irked by his antics. The poor fellow just doens't know when to quit, he hasn't learned his lessons well.

Enrile, the village idiot took a different route. He presented the affidavits Doble executed before when he was still un the "custody" of the ISAPF. He insisted and persisted to try and crack Doble. He tried to force Doble to admit to the statements Doble wrote under duress. The three ganged up on Doble and did not even attempt to be civil. They displayed how paid hacks treat the enemies of their master. They even berrated Doble for following unlawful orders from his superiors. Brenda told him that she should have questioned his superiors. Kung 'di ka ba naman tonta, Doble doesn't want to be charged with insubordination or mutiny.

Bereft of decency, they showed how money can make sense out of nonsense. At the end of the day, the public will see through their ploy and no matter how hard they try to fool the people, they will never succeed. Unlike them, we use our brains and can discern what is the truth and lie which they insist to be true. They may be brilliant lawyers but after what they displayed today, Lito Lapid seems to have more brains than they do. Now that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hindi kami uto -uto, we are not brainless like you and wisdom has not escaped us.


Clash Of The Titans

It seems there is no turning back, the line on the sand had been drawn. Unless the winds of fate change, GMA and JDV are heading into a collision course. Joey de Venecia, the "fights" promoter has been issuing statements that has placed GMA's henchmen in such a bad light. Today, he could just spill the beans on someone very close to Gloria, could it be someone "very" close to her? (want to find out who? check the comments on my previous post)

Imagine the devastation this scandal is going to leave behind with Gloria sitting right in the epicenter. The war of the words has ended and the real confrontation begins. Abalos will just be another piece in the puzzle and someone's ass is definitely going to be fried. Will JDV and GMA find a way to settle this out of the wide eyes of the peering public? I don think so, GMA must now face the lynch mob who's been waiting for the right time to pounce on her and her gang.

Unless Joey has an ax to grind with is father, JDV despite his tarnished image could just be turned into a hero by his son. This novel had taken a life of its own. Not only are the people watching with mouths agape, the US has expressed its interest as well. Is Gloria slipping from America's grace? We are aware even if we deny it, that America has a great influence especially with the presidency.

Who do you think will reign supreme, GMA or JDV? Should GMA push this deal, we the people are the biggest losers. We are caught in the crossfire of two giants(?) whose integrity lie in the gutters. With revelations coming trickles, we are slowly seeing the big picture. The blatant attempt to fill their pockets, the players are slowly being exposed.

We could still trace the root of this fiasco, an ambitious wannabe and a greedy leprechaun fighting for money and power. One is still trying to reach his unreachable star and the other trying to increase her "tanker" of gold. The titans will soon butt heads and I'm very sure both will have massive headaches. Will JDV finally come clean? I don't think so, a trapo will always be a trapo. As for GMA, well, this could just land her in a place where her "throne" is by her bedside.

Well, Joey, the floor is yours. Speak and make us proud. Make us believe in your conviction to rid us of corrupt officials. Nail the leeches who have been draining our nation's coffers. Now someone jittery is floating the amnesty balloon very liberally for all her kingdom's enemies, perhaps in anticipation of her future incarceration. Let the clash of the titans begin.


Friday, September 14, 2007

ZTE, Gloria And Joey

I believe that Joey De Venecia is telling the truth about this scandalous ZTE deal. But if I may add, up to a certain point only. What got me thinking is his clearing GMA and JDV in connection with this. He said that he confronted Abalos after he dropped the names of GMA and JDV during their meeting with ZTE officials in China, and he even referred to GMA as his president.

Its impossible for Abalos to go at this alone. With Neri confirming he was offered a bribe and the insistence of GMA to push through with this deal speaks volumes about who are the parties involved here. The grossly overpriced project has been hugging the headlines for several weeks now and Joey de Venecia's exposes had made it more interesting.

Gloria only the other day said that we should not rescind and must honor our contract with the Chinese, this came at the heels of the Supreme Court issuing a TRO on the NBN deal. Despite the revelations on the deal, and the loss of the contract, why should we honor a nonexistent agreement? She witness the signing of the deal, a president would always know the agreements we enter into. Even Neri approved the project.

I am not questioning the revelations made by Joey de Venecia, what I found strange is how he protects GMA. Abalos cannot claim to be the most powerful man during the elections as we did not have a presidential election this year and he cannot in any way twist Gloria's arm. Another question that bothers me is why GMA supported JDV and not his partymates in Kampi? Now comes JDV's son practically absolving her of any involvement in this anomalous deal.

Its so convenient to lose the contract to prevent any scrutiny. The assertions of the government's legal counsels that the deal is aboveboard without anything to back it up is also illogical. There seems to be a plot to make a sacrificial lamb of Abalos. Those protecting GMA want the buck to stop with Abalos, preventing this scandal to reach Malacanang's doorstep.

I am sure Abalos had the blessings of the palace. Its impossible and just too brazen for him to move on his own. Members of the cabinet were too accommodating to him. The 180 degree turn of Neri is a sign that somebody bigger was pulling the strings. Neri vigorously opposed the project and yet approved it. I believed Joey when he first came out but the more he speaks, the more I question some of his statements.

Well, he is prepared to face Abalos in court and only then will we see the entire picture. I will remain skeptical with Joey's motives, after all, JDV can still run for president in 2010.


130 Million Peso Question

Now that the plunder case against Erap is over, there is still a question of where the P 130million Tobacco Excise Tax went. If we recall, this is the main allegation that the plunder case was built on. In the end, Erap was nowhere near the said amount. What the prosecution found and threw in the case is the kickback on the purchase by the SSS and GSIS of BW shares. The court found no evidence to link Erap to the tax scam.

So where did the excise tax go? The findings of the court says that it ended up with Atong Ang and whistle blower Chavit Singson. I also found highly peculiar is how Erap only ended up with only P 200million in jueteng protection collection when Chavit himself referred to Erap as the Lord Of All Jueteng Lords. Statements by withnesses all end up with Chavit as the main "keeper" of the loot.

Prosecutors and the courts quickly accommodated Chavit as its main witness and as I suspect, did not even give due diligence in investigation Chavit's allegations. This I found odd as Singson himself is a self-admitted jueteng operator. Chavit even mentioned Bong Pineda's name who is a known ally of GMA. It was highly irregular not to call Pineda to the stand to corroborate Singson's allegations.

If Erap was cleared of the Tobacco Excise Tax scam, then Singson should now be asked to explain. Obviously there was a conspiracy to nail Erap in whatever means. Why should Singson now enjoy immunity and freedom when he is as guilty as Erap. Was Chavit quickly embraced because GMA's legitimacy is at stake? Or this was the plot all along, to conjure up a story so they can rile up the people and finally kick Erap out.

I accept the Sandigan's verdict but I am not contented nor fully convinced with it. So many questions were left unanswered and the decision now open to speculation. The administration was never vindicated, instead it clearly shows now that political considerations were really made. Erap's properties and money are now being forfeited but what about the missing 130 million? Is this part of Chavit's reward for helping nail Erap?

In this case, there indeed seems to be honor among thieves. GMA and her cohorts are hailing Chavit as a hero but why not ask the tobacco farmers whose livelihood was compromised? Where is the 130 million, Chavit? The Ombudsman must now ask Chacit this question. I too ask this question.

Jueteng is still operating and only the names had changed. Chavit continues to live in style and is not ashamed to even flaunt his wealth. Where does he derive his income from? Is the BIR checking this? Amassing such wealth is highly questionable. If indeed our courts are blind then they should start asking questions. The lawyers who vigorously worked for Erap's conviction if they are true to their conviction should initiate investigations on Chavit.

Its sad that Chavit's secretary who was privy to the tax scam was killed. She was the only link to the crime. Even if testified against Erap, evidence corroborated by BSP's actual demonstration will not prove Chavit's allegations. The only one who will benefit from her death is Singson and nobody else. The 130 million is no joke and COA and the Ombudsman should ask Chavit to explain this.

If Singson cannot clear this mess, then he should join his former friend. He is guilty as well and should suffer the same fate.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Challenge To All

While I am happy to see justice done and from what I read in the decision, the justices took pain in really studying the merits of the case. While there are still some unclear points, the decision to my humble interpretation was just.

As I saw different reactions to Erap's conviction, I couldn't help but ask myself if those who were so determined in Erap's prosecution be as determined when its GMA's turn? While I saw how proud both public and private prosecutors were of their accomplishment, would they be selective as well?

What happened to Erap should be not just a lesson but a challenge to all. Not just our institutions to ourselves as well. We should all make it our advocacy to make our leaders accountable for their actions during their terms. We should ask them to be transparent in their every decision. Let us not allow them to eternally hide behind the curtain of immunity and technicality.

The Ombudsman on its own initiative may conduct investigations on "all" public officials even the president. While they may not prosecute, they can however submit their findings to congress that in turn could initiate impeachment proceedings. This is if the Ombudsman is impartial and just.

Congress on the other hand should be independent if ever a meritorious complaint is presented to them. They should first be our servants before they serve someone else. They should be the first ones to submit to due process and the rule of law. Any sign that our are remiss in their sworn duties, we should and without hesitation call their attention.

Erap's crimes is just but a speck compared to the anomalies that this administration had been accused of. Its time we shed our biases and work together for good governance, justice and equality, transparency and accountability from our leaders. Let us look beyond personalities and focus on the issues at hand. With our intitutions in disarray, its all up to us to do our part. Only when we turn our backs on the culture of apathy and self-indulgence would our country move forward.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Next Stop, GMA And Her Gang

I found the Sandigan decision quite acceptable although I have some questions in my mind. Like I said, let the courts convict if it warrants and acquit if there was really nothing to convict. Well they did find merits which led to the conviction.

Now that the hearings are over and Erap has been convicted, this should serve as a warning to those who are in power. Due process was followed even if there are claims that it has political undertones. Erap was found guilty based on documentary evidences which clearly showed the paper trail.

This however is just the first step at making our public SERVANTS accountable for any wrongdoing they may have committed during their tenure. I also deplore the selective justice which our supposed-to-be guardians of our laws practice.

I suppose now that it has been proven that it was Atong Ang and Chavit Singson who conspired in getting the Tobacco Excise Tax which deprived our tobacco farmers of much needed support, the courts must now run after Ang and Singson. But they are not just the ones our law must prosecute.

The courts must also address the IMPSA bribery which beneficiary is former DoJ secretary Hernanin Perez. Information and evidence revealed that he pocketed $2million. When are they going to prosecute him? And of course there is the case of Joc-joc Bolante who diverted more than Php 700million of fertilizer funds to bankroll the presidential campaign of GMA.

Corruption disguised in the form of negotiated deals/treaties like the Northrail and the ZTE should also be looked into. The P 350million Jose Pidal account should be re-investigated to finally find out where this money really came from. Is it excess campaign contribution or an accumulation of dirty money?

Gloria and her allies maybe safe for now but they will have to face the music one of these days. We must hold all of them accountable for the plunder of our country. No one should be above the law and justice applies to all. Our leaders owe this to us. They should not hide behind immunities which they dictate. Good governance is all about the rule of law.

Our leaders should learn from Erap. They all should learn to take the hits and face the consequences. If they don't, well we can still do something about it and they might not like it.



Former President Joseph Estrada was found guilty for the crime of plunder. Jinggoy Estrada and Atty. Edward Serapio were acquitted of the same crime as the prosecution failed to prove that they had conspired with Erap. Erap was however acquitted of the perjury case.

The entire decision was not read as per the request of the defense panel. Erap was ordered to forfeit in favor of the government the Boracay mansion, the funds of the Erap Muslim Foundation, and the Jose Velarde account.

Erap has yet to decide whether to appeal for a motion of reconsideration or appeal to the Supreme Court. He will be confined in Tanay for the meantime.

*Erap was found guilty on two: Juenteng Protection and BW Scam.

The details of the decision is yet to be made available. You may check the Sandigan website for the details.


Polluted Senators

Former ISAPF member Vidal Doble has been called as a polluted witness but administration senators. They picture him as an opportunist and his recantation only proves it. Citing his receiving Php 2 million in exchange for the Garci tapes tells all about Doble, at least that is what they want us to believe.

If Doble is polluted source, isn't Juan P. Enrile Miriam Santiago no different? We may recall that back in the last week of April, 2001, both Enrile and Santiago were seen on top of the stage at the EDSA Shrine. Until the eve of EDSA 3, they were there agitating the Erap supporters. They succeeded in rousing up the crowd that in a few hours, the crowd moved and took siege of Malacanang.

So what makes them different from Doble, the man they say is a polluted witness? They are both the same. Enrile and Santiago both exploited the situation and used the people'S emotional weakness at that particular time. I can't quite recall how many lives were lost that fateful day of May 1, 2001. I can still vividly remember the lone policeman who almost lost his life at the foot of the Sta. Mesa bridge. A mob almost lynched him and was only save by another man who prevented the group from further inflicting injuries on the poor guy.

I remember how the crowd stormed its way to the palace and wreaking havoc along the way. The police were caught flatfooted and the mob almost succeeded in breaching the palace defenses. Now this two has the gall to accuse Doble of being opportunistic and of being a polluted witness. Then what do we call these two dishonorable senators who have blood on their hands?

I say, they are both polluted senators. They both accuse Doble of turning his back on the oath he took as a soldier. I say, Enrile and Santiago also have not upheld their oath as well. They never apologized to those who lost their lives and suffered injuries because of their deceitful rhetorics in EDSA 3. The crowd moved without a soul and pushed only with their hate-filled hearts, all because these two exploited them.

Enrile and Santiago are perfect examples of parasites who greedily feed on those they can exploit. They are both as polluted or may even more polluted than Doble. At least Doble had a conscience to correct the wrong he has done. Enrile and Santiago however never did. All the two did was to apologize to GMA who was threatened but was never in danger as she had the PNP and AFP to defend her.

I suppose they never look in the mirror to ask themselves if they are worthy of anything. If we have polluted witnesses, we also have polluted senators. They are senators who have nothing in mind than to exploit the people and abuse their position. I hope the MMDA sweeps them off to the dump and finally rid us of polluted public servants.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Hello Garci To Hello Medy

Gloria may have a "Hello Garci but Bishop Socrates Villegas has a "Hello Medy" for him. This is none other than Remedios Poblador is one of GMA closest friends. Her name cropped up during the joint senate hearings on the Hello Garci scandal. Sen. Noynoy Aquino submitted a letter sent by Bishop Villegas in his inability to attend the hearing.

Doble said that Villegas was the one who brought him fron the San Carlos Seminary to the residence of Gen. Abu. Villegas in his letter narrated how Medy called him up to seek his help in extricating Doble from the seminary. Fearing that violence might erupt and endanger the seminarians there, Villegas agreed to help.

Its no wonder that the administration allies would rather not hear any of what Doble had to say. The more Doble speaks, the more are implicated in this scandal. So who exactly is Remedios Poblador? Why does she wield such immense power? Did she act alone and on her own prerogative? Does she have the PNP or the AFP under her supervision?

Is Cardinal Roasales hiding something as wel? We may recall how he disagrees on reopening the Hello Garci investigation. With Villegas coming out, Rosales being the head of the church must have known about this as well. Its no wonder why he is very much against it as he too maybe implicated in the mess. Poor Bishop Villegas, he may well have been an unwitting pawn in this.

With GMA's allies in the senate failing miserably to discredit Doble, the palace will now employ everything in its arsenal of dirty tricks to stall the investigations. But wait, Globe and Smart may bring something else into the picture. Doble claimed that both providers were party to the illegal acts of the ISAPF. The next hearings may open a can of worms. The AFP is notorious at intimidation and harassment. These could lead to coercion making wiretapping possible.

The palace will nver allow Medy Poblador to appear in any hearing. They will once again invoke EO 464 and the newer MC 108. The case is heading for another collision with the palace. The Supreme Court's resolve will once again be put to the test. The Hello Garci has gone a long way and has created a new controversy, its now Hello Medy. Will she too drop out of sight and fade into night? I hope not, its high time we get to the bottom of things and put closure in this controversy. But as they always say, what are we in power for?


Monday, September 10, 2007

Who's Afraid Of Karma?

As the nation awaits the Sandigan's verdict on Erap, someone in the palace is obviously jittery to the point of paranoia. As if haunted by how she and her husband grabbed power in 2001, she now orders the deployment of 6,000 members of our security forces. Is it overkill or an act of desperation?

Past events and surveys have been sending alarming messages to GMA which has led to her paranoia. She is now caught between a rock and a hard place. To convict Erap would legitimize her ascension to power. But a dismissal would now include a constitutional question and would open her to accusations of mounting a coup.

She is now in a bind and whatever the outcome of the case would be, its a lose-lose situation for her. Gloria sure got herself entangled in such a mess that she has painted herself to s corner. Months before, the palace had been asking for sobriety and trying its best to condition the mind of the people.

Gloria obviously has been rattled and succeeding scandals have rocked her administration. Worms are moving out of the woodwork that put her on the defensive. She started on the wrong foot and the growing dismay of the public is just too much for her and her allies. Karma is slowly creeping in. She thought that simply unseating Erap will do the trick. Instead of using due process to take down Erap, she and her husband decided to hasten things up and get rid of Erap in any way possible.

Erap is no saint and deserved to be face the charges against him. He submitted himself to the mercy of the courts unlike Gloria who hides behind unconstitutional EOs and buys off allies to protect her. Now I realized how despite accusations, Erap is a better person than Gloria.

What goes around, comes around and karma will always find a way to collect ones dues. So who's afraid of karma, only those who have done wrong. Those who like GMA have committed injustice. Gloria is too afraid to find out what karma has in store for her? Everything she has done will soon catch up ad bite her sorry ass.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Doble Decks Gordon

As he promised in his interviews, Dick(head) Gordon wasted no time in impeaching Vidal Doble's credibility. Acting like a true GMA defender, he used everything in his book of dirty tricks to try and take Doble out.

The cool, calm and collected Doble was just too smooth for Gordon's tirades. He answered every attack Gordon threw at him with sober replies. Gordon used sarcasm and subtle insults to try and pull Doble's goat and failed miserably. This round goes to Doble leaving Gordon smarting a bruised ego and a big black eye.

Now the "Dick" wants Doble jailed for perjury because he lied in his first affidavit, the CA hearings and in the investigations in the lower house. But witnesses have been known to recant and even nail the perpetrators. Instead of ferreting out the circumstances behind the wiretapping, Gordon focused on Doble's personal life. Instead of focusing on the job at hand, he veered away and focused his energies on Doble. Gordon never came close to proving Doble is a polluted source.

So this is the kind of senator Dick Gordon is. He will throw sanity and public interest out the window and defend a president whose legitimacy is in question. Instead of sticking to his covenant with the people, he protects only one person. Is this the kind of guy who intends to run for president in 2010? We don't need people like him in any public office. He thinks only of himself and anybody who can buy him his position.

I don't know about you, as for me, I will never vote for a guy like Dick Gordon. But thanks to his antics, he has shown his true color and has lessened my choices for 2010.


Monday, September 03, 2007

7.5 Magnitude Hits RP: GMA Shakes Our Senses

Gloria happily announced that our GDP rose by 7.5%. What a sensational feat despite the stock market losing all its gains. Our economy grew even if the peso is slowly slipping against the dollar again. Despite the drought, our economy still grew. Gloria is smiling because of this.

Many economists and even businessmen does not agree with the figures. My small business had dropped about 12% in earnings. Some of my tenants are actually behind in their rental payments. This is the gauge I use that business especially the medium-scale and small-scale businesses are actually slowing down. People have less spending power. Utilities are actually going up further hampering growth. This is the reason why NAPOCOR and Meralco are proposing lowering its costs in economic zones. In the coming months, Meralco will be charging us another P6.23/kWh more to recover their claimed losses. I just wonder why they can recover whatever they lost while we can only charge our losses to experience?

All I hear is the entry of BPOs who are actually just replacing those who have chosen to relocate elsewhere. The endless sale in the malls shows that retail is not moving. Just take a look at how credit cards are offering zero interests just to push the public to buy.

I am not an economists and my knowledge of economy is limited. My observations are purely based on what I see happening around me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to reach a conclusion. The surge in trading is due to bargain hunting since the big drop in the stock market which wiped out its gains. So what if interest rates are down, what we should check is the huge number of uncollected payments and nonperforming loans. Borrowers are either restructuring or defaulting on their loans. The automotive industry had even gone to lower down payments just to entice buyers.

I really wonder how the administration arrived at this number. Reality on the ground says otherwise. I suppose GMA's economic team just took the figure from a recent earthquake. She intends to shake our senses into believing that she is doing a great job.

All these are just based on numbers, numbers which when totaled would present an average. Big business may get the lion's share but what about the other industries? How much drop did the agriculture incur? Are there more manufacturers? Are exports more than our importations? How does the claimed growth affect our environments? How much does our OFWs' remittances actually account for this growth? Why have child labor problem in the country grown to alarming heights? Why do Filipinos leave in droves to seek employment abroad?

Her cabinet says that soon the ordinary Filipino will feel the trickle down of the growth, that is after big businesses and her cronies have gulped down the gushes. While we continue to bear the brunt of passed-on taxes and high cost of utilities, Gloria will bask in the glory of her claimed improving(?) economy. her economic team will continue to extend tax breaks and incentives to those who are close to them. When she finally steps down and the smokescreen clears, we the people will be left holding a bag full of empty promises and dashed hopes. We will be left to pay for the billions she borrowed through the years of her illegitimate and stolen presidency. Parents and children alike will follow the footsteps of those who have gone ahead them and continue the vicious cycle of migrant employment.

The social and environmental cost of her policies will haunt us for the years to come while she and her corrupt gang will have plenty in hand for a comfortable retirement.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

ZTE-Abalos Golf Tournament

I did not know that ZTE and Ben "Jammin" Abalos held an invitational golf tournament until reports about it hit the papers. Being an avid golfer myself, I know very well what goes on in the fairways between businessmen. Abalos's flimsy attempt at justifying his impropriety is just too much to swallow.

Transactions between "businessmen" during a leisurely round of golf is a normal practice. Deals are closed and concessions are made during the game. Abalos must take us all for fools. This guy had been cheating the Filipino people for so long. This guy is totally bereft of delicadeza that he refuses to step down. He paints himself as the aggrieved party despite the facts and consequences arrayed before him.

He has not learned his lesson well or he simply is thick-skinned. The Lord had sent him signs through the loss of a family member and yet he refuses to change his ways. Just like the disappearing ERs, he made the ZTE contract disappear into thin air to hide the truth. His stricken comrade in the DOJ will no longer be able to defend him, the Lord maybe saying that He's had enough of Gonzalez's antics and to send him to the hospital would save the country from further assault.

I hope those in congress will now entertain the thought of impeaching this COMMISSIONER even just to show their constituents of their sincerity to serve. This could even help the congress's approval rating. I do hope that the next time Abalos would hold a golf tournament, he would get Globe or Smart as his sponsors than get a foreign firm to "sponsor" it. Globe and Smart are equally qualified or maybe they are too cheap for his enterprising ways.