Monday, October 08, 2007

Where Do Our Church Donations Go?

I know that Catholics donate money to the church. We do this every time we hear mass during the offertory. Some even go beyond this and donate more. When calamities strike, the church even conducts a second collection before the end of the mass to add to the collections for the day.

We as Catholics donate to the church because we know only too well that the church conducts missions to help the poor. The church is suppose to help the needy, educate the uneducated and spread the teachings of the Lord. Foundations are even put up to supplement the church in their missions and advocacies.

Prominent members of the faith use their influence to gather more funding for the Catholic faith. Some even cozy up to politicians to get more funds. Parish priests spend most of their collections to help their community and even the rich help them in their work. The Filipinos by far are the most generous people I have ever met. Despite meager earnings, we shell out a few bucks to help the church do its mission.

I had a chance to speak with someone who has devoted his remaining years to serve the church. I have never met someone so devoted that despite his age volunteered his time, effort and even resources all for the glory of God. He did all this without anything in return. But events forced him to now question his faith. He saw for himself how greed had polluted men of the faith.

Oh yes we have all been hearing rumors about the corruption in the church. Lo and behold, it is all true. I used to defend the church against some who question why they never pay taxes. I used to defend the church against accusations of corruption. Well, from now on, I will keep an eye on these corrupt and bogus priests.

It seems that now, the leaders of the Catholic faith would like to take control of all funds the different parishes raise. They would like to take away from the parishes, the funds they use for their civic projects like, education, trainings and simple assistance. They would like to consolidate this for the main purpose of investing them for profit. Yup, you heard me right, PROFIT.

This goes against the principles and teachings of the Lord. The church is not a business, its supposed to spread the teachings of Christ. I was so shocked when I heard this from the person I talked with. He confirmed that certain priests even conduct weekly meetings with the palace (why the palace, hmmm?). My oh my, not only did it come as a surprise but it dropped my jaw. The church investing? For profit?

Now I join the many in asking questions. My source was so shocked when he was offered a sizable amount just to manage the investments. My source also confirmed that quite a big percentage of priests and nuns is against this plan. Certain bishops denounce this plan as the church is not an income-generating institution. They are supposed to be a non-profit entity. Its no wonder why some priests possess things only the affluent can afford. There's even a priest who celebrated his birthday with different bands playing and beer flowing. Oh, and did I mention that he drives a Ford Expedition with "BLING-BLINGS'.

From now on, I will choose who I donate to. I would rather give my money to worthy institutions than give it to these wolves in sheep's clothing. I am not sure if this plan of the church did push through. I hope not as this cuts the very essence of charity and a simple life. I wish my source stayed on to keep me updated on the shenanigans of the church. He was so disillusioned that he would rather just stay away. Now I join those who clamor for the church to pay taxes. If we want transparency from the government, I suppose we should also ask the church where our donations go. The church has become a mafia. Now I understand why some priests warns us against the anti-Christ. The devil can really take different forms, they even take the form of priests.