Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sa Ika-uunlad Ng Bayan, Hindi Si Gloria Ang Kailangan

As if Erap's clemency would finally unite our divided nation, it in fact created more divisions. Divide and conquer is what Gloria has been doing. The more divided the forces arrayed before her, the more she can hold on to power. Gloria had been bragging about her governance based on due process and the rule of law. So far, all we have seen is how she made a mockery of our constitution.

Her administration is an aberration. The lies she has been peddling and the corruption that is the highlight of her administration continues to wreak havoc on the populace. We bear witness to a never ending parade of scandals. Her "love" for everything Chinese-made has set us back and buried us deeper in muck of foreign loans.

Transactional politics has laid waste to every institution in the land. She bombards us with rhetorics that boggles our senses. She wants reconciliation while she holds a gun to our heads. Human rights is as worse as the dark years of the Marcos regime. Every crook has been accommodated by her administration. Morality is virtually nonexistent and even priests line up to kiss her hand. The men in uniform reduced to mercenaries at her disposal.

The devastation she has caused will take decades to repair. She talks of moving on when all the steps she had taken leads to regression. To wait for 2010 could be too late. Nothing will be left for us to look forward to. To effect change, we must stay focused on the issues at hand. Moral suasion will not do the job. GMA is too wily to go along with calls for a snap election. She knows too well what awaits her if she ever she decides to step down. Lacking in political will and moral fortitude, she will continue to lavish her allies with dole-outs and bribes. Bribery after all is the only language she speaks.

No way will we move forward. The elusive dream of economic wealth will always be elusive under her presidency. With her at the helm, we will sink deeper in desperation. Our children's children will bear the brunt of her corruption.