Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Vicious Trapo

Seeing Manny Villar's ad with smiling children really make me sick. His exploitation of the youth and the poor is legendary. Informal settlers were virtually nonexistent in Las Piñas. It was a quiet productive town and surprisingly peaceful. I remember walking home from school was safe and I was just 5 yrs. old. Everyone was courteous and you can even hitch a ride without worry. That was back in the '60s and '70s when a different family ruled the quiet municipality. Fast forward to the '80s when Villar reared his sinister head.

Bands of informal settlers started descending on Las Piñas. Every available plot of land was taken over. Soon the Villars became the powers that be thanks to informal settlements that sprouted like mushrooms. Everything went well for these settlers until Manny Villar's greed rose to new levels. Those who brought him to power are now being outed like rats. H'es a senator now. He doesn't need their votes. They're in the way of his bridge that would connect his subdivisions in Cavite to Las Piñas. If you think its just these "useless" informal settlers he molests, you are dead wrong. Even those who own lots near his palatial home in BF Resort did not escape his attention.

I've mentioned the Elizabeth Seton School in my past posts. There is more to tell. There's once was a small eatery andi store beside the school. It's owned by an old retiree. The problem is that Villar wants the entire area for himself. In his way is the school and the store. He soon went after the store. Soon the old retiree was harassed so that he would sell his property to Villar. The area was commercial. It's on the main road where hundreds of establishments line the avenue. Villar told the man he has to close his store. The reason, he violated commercial zoning laws. He then offered the man a new house and P1million to sell his property to him. To avoid further harassment, the man reluctantly sold his property. He was paid and the house he was given was in some forsaken corner of one of his developments.

Enter the Seton School which has been in Las Piñas long before Manny Villar came. They had to rent a portion of the school from a certain Mrs. Lim. The lot was used for faculty parking, Villar wanted the property as it also borders his property. Like I said, he wants the entire area for himself. But he had no way to harass the owner. So he offered her P8million for the lot, a new house and another P1million. The lady declined and instead sold the property to Seton. This infuriated Villar and started Seton's headaches.

Being related to the mayor, he blocked the permit for the construction of a dorm. When the PTA and the students signed a petition which forced the mayor to approve the school's permit. Villar lost the battle bit not the war. He then closed the other gates leading to the school citing security reasons as he is a senator. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ano? Now the school has to settle for a lone entrance that has produced traffic nightmares for students and motorists alike. This is how Villar values education for our youth. But don't worry, your school may not be located in an area Villar is interested in. So you are safe for now.

A well-known businessman planned to open a huge mall in Las Piñas. He had purchased a foreclosed property which location is just perfect for Cavite and Las Piñas. But Villar has other plans. His mall is near the property. This would surely kill his business. His mall by the way houses stalls which sells pirated games and DVDs. So what he did was to harass the owner of a huge lot beside the competitor and built a new SM Hypermart. The businessman has yet to open his mall. Up to now, the mall has yet to open. It's "Soon to Open" sign still drapes the building's facade. Villar supports business, yes that is true. But be sure the business you put up includes him or else you'll end up bankrupt.

Villar is a vicious trapo. His strategy is one of manipulation, exploitation and the use of brute force. This is the truth behind a man who has swindled depositors of his defunct bank. This is the man who protrays himself in his ads as one who will bring you to the promise land. Beware of false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing. Know the real Villar and you'll definitely get sick in the gut.


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Return Of The Plague

Alan Peter Cayetano implied that Sen. Jamby Madrigal is a nuisance candidate. Then that means that his president Manny Villar is a plague. If this dork thinks that Villar is a worthy president, perhaps we shouldn't vote for any Nacionalista Party candidate (my apologies to my friend Toots Ople whom I admire). Nick Perlas is a more deserving candidate than Villar in terms of, well just about everything.

The NP exemplifies all that is traditional. Just look at its lineup and you'll see why he put such a diverse slate. No it is not about unity but opportunism. He is after votes. He is not running on a platform of principle but one which tries to get everybody in. I cannot say the same for the two leftists though. All the time I thought that Alan Peter represents change. If you think the Amapatuans are criminals, take a good long look at Manny Villar.

In terms of entrepreneurship which he says will solve our economic problems, I'll give you two glaring examples of how he values entrepreneurship. He eliminates those whose businesses outperforms his. A friend of mine once opened a business in Las Piñas. It was doing well and of course did not escape the eye of the greedy Villar. So he bought a franchise of a competitor. It did not even put a dent on my friends earnings. Despite being small and unknown, my friends business stomped the competition. Lo and behold, when my friends business permit was due for renewal, he was denied.

The same fate was dumped on a lowly internet cafe. OMG! Even a small business like this did not escape Villar's eagle eyes. The internet cafe despite its popularity soon closed down. Villar will never allow any business to outperform his. Perhaps he wants to be part of every new business. Na-momorsyento in the vernacular. This the same ploy he used against Maynilad. Of course Maynilad wouldn't allow this. Villar thrives on tubong-lugaw. This is why Villar's wealth continue to grow.

A Villar presidency will be worst that Marcos or even GMA. He will dip his soiled hands in every transaction his will administration will ever have. His presidency will be a plague that will engulf the country. He is not a philanthropist. He is one who expects something in return for anything he gives away. He will have to recover the huge expense his campaign is costing him. Madrigal is a nuisance only for Villar because she had exposed the real Villar.

Do the math and you'll wonder how he became a billionaire with no liabilities. Would you want a return of the plague? Our country has had enough. Would you dare to gamble your children's future? He chooses his battles well. This is why he chooses the forums he joins. Villar is all business. He wants it all for himself. Do not believe everything you see on TV. Go to Las Piñas and see it for yourself. Explore the hidden secrets of Villar so you'll know the plague he's carrying around.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's You We Don't Trust

Gloria finally breaks her silence on her declaration of martial law in Maguindanao. Now it is clear, she had to cover her tracks. She now accuses us that we do not have faith in democracy, in our security forces and the constitution. It is not the three that we don't trust, it is you we don't trust. You clearly abused your office. Do not complain if you had to make tough decisions every single day. You wnated this office. You asked for these responsibilities when you cheated to become president back in 2004.

Now you condemn the monstrosity you created by legitimizing these private armies. Do not try to use rebellion when you have been trying to sell the country to the Chinese for personal wealth. Nobody was grandstanding in defending the constitution against your mutant martial law. The climate of impunity and violence is of your own making. An executive order is not a law scrutinized by the legislative. Your hand is awash with the blood of those who died in Maguindanao. You tolerated the abuses of your allies.

Do ot put the blame on us. You armed these so-called rebels with arms bought with our money. You allowed these animals to terrorize the areas they controlled. Your twisted leadership exemplifies all that is undemocratic, all that is unconstitutional and all that is immoral. Do not blame us if we criticize you. You brought it upon yourself. If you have nothing to hide, why hide under the skirt of your cohorts in congress? How dare you accuse of things you perpetrated.

This is a case of command responsibility. You have to be held accountable for these abuses. The sad result of your actions is the total decay of our institutions. What kind of public service are you talking about. With all these transgressions, you don't even deserve to be a barangay tanod. A humble street sweeper renders more public service than you do. Your lust for power is insatiable, yet you cannot even accept responsibility for your actions.

Anything that comes out of your mouth is plain crap. You are nothing but a cheat and a liar. You are the cause of our nation's woes. You and your family deserves that the crap we throw at you. We owe you nothing but you owe us everything.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3

Gloria will stop at nothing to save her neck. She tested the air if she can get away with martial law. Unfortunately for her, her team cracked under pressure. Team Gloria took a beating from those opposed to martial law. I don't think she had the numbers in congress that is why the joint session had to convene. Even after two days, I don't think Nograles was able to convince 147 members of the legislative to go along with her sinister plan. Perhaps the congressmen were afraid of the electoral backlash that could cost them their political future.

Gloria had to retreat. It was obvious that the longer the joint session convened, the weaker their chances of winning the vote grew. So last Saturday, she finally lifted her twisted version of martial law. Even after an alleged ambush of a police convoy, she had no other option but to withdraw. The coup de grace did not come during the joint session. It came after a conspiracy theory was brought up by her ally, Miriam.

There was clearly no basis for declaring martial law. And those tasked to defend it were simply slaughtered. Even if members of her paid CBCP supported her, the rest of the people did not. Gloria hasn't ran out of tricks yet but her options are certainly fewer. She had been trying everything to stay in power. With the lifting of martial law, she managed to avoid losing in the joint session and a scrutiny by the Supreme Court. I am sure her cohorts will again say that everything is moot and academic.

We really have to be vigilant with this administration. Desperation can make people do the unimaginable. So what's next, a failure of national elections? I am impressed by her team of political geniuses. If only they used their intelligence in honestly serving the people. With our institutions in ruins, Gloria may still succeed. It will be up to those in public office to still have an iota of conscience for the country to be saved. If there aren't any, we're dead meat.


Friday, December 11, 2009


The Comelec first made morality an issue with the Ang Ladlad partylist. Now it veers away from its morality to hand down a staggering 12,000 page resolution that could cost Gov. Grace Padaca her governorship. Is is a case of hypocrisy or an injustice to the Isabela electorate? How can a morally upright(?) institution render such a preposterous decision. With only five days to reply, Gov. Padaca and her volunteers will not be able to comb through the voluminous paperwork. The Comelec says that one person filled out 18,000 ballots to give Gov. Padaca the gubernatorial seat. Even presidential election lawyer, Romy Macalintal found the resolution incredulous.

Perhaps the Comelec thinks that that one person can help Gov. Padaca sift through these 12,000 pages. I also find it hard to accept the Dy's claim that Gov. Padaca and he armed group terrorized the electorate into voting her in office. How stupid can these people be? A frail paraplegic going up against an entrenched powerful political clan and winning is an inspiring feat! Are we made to believe that the Dys are weak? I suppose the people of Isabela wanted change. We all know who the warlords of Luzon are.

Are we to believe the Comelec is credible? This shows how weak our institutions are. How the honest and innocent employees of the Comelec are dragged down by a handful of cheats. These "package deals" in the Comelec should stop. We cannot accept and should not tolerate this kind of injustice. It is not our local leaders who suffer, it is us their constituents. The operators in the Comelec has not lost their touch. This brazen act is no different from the gruesome massacre in Amaptuan. I believe the 2nd Division which rendered this decision should be held accountable by the next administration. They are a disgrace to the commission and to the honest employees of the Comelec.

The culture of impunity and corruption continues. There is no institution we can trust. Even those tasked to protect are votes can be bought. Even if we vote for good leaders, our will can be subverted by these crooks in the Comelec. Automation or not, it's the people who lead this commission who decides who can sit or not. At the end of the end, the Comelec can be bought. With the right price and the right "package deal", the rich influential trapos will continue to rule the land.


Due Process and the Rule of Law

I enjoyed the second day of the joint session. I was impressed by Kiko, Miriam, Dick and especially Biazon. They showed why they deserve to be senators. The only "loser" in the senate is and will be in 2010 is Villar. He wasted valuable time for nothing. I will rank him with the dumb asses in the lower house. As in the first day, Teddyboy Locsin was his usual opportunistic self, grabbing whatever media time he could get. Excuse me Mr. Locsin, are you implying that the end justify the means? Or are we a land of vigilantes where laws can be overlooked, abused and circumvented?

To the thinking viewer, Locsin's speech is one that would irritate you coming from someone who is supposed to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land. Miriam in her rare moment of sanity was brilliant. Giving a lecture on what is constitutional and not. I appreciated her intelligence and logic, at least for the time being. Kiko laid the predicate for the rest of those who opposes Gloria's redefinition of rebellion. Dick (according to MLQ3) was aroused and did a fantastic job at exposing the "bullet holes" in the martial law justification. The big bang came from Sen. Biazon who did not mince words and gave Devenadera a piece of his mind. Ms. DoJ must have wished she was riding a "tsubibo" during Biazon's questioning.

Due process and the rule of law, that is what this issue is all about. The palace has always used this in their pursuit of harassing its critics Now I throw back these to you. From what I have heard in the two days I've followed the joint session, these processes were never followed, they were circumvented. Was the declaration a knee-jerk reaction or are there other motives or agendas being pushed? Knowing how Gloria operates, it is both. She tried to kill two birds with one stone, to address public pressure and to silence the Amaptuans. But despite this, I'm sure her ratings would not improve.

For the time being, her electoral cheating is safe. Her military can freely gather the incriminating evidences and keep them from the public's watchful eye. Voter's IDs do not prove anything, ballot boxes do. So the drama continues on Monday. I expect the oppositon to lose the vote. Martial law will stay in Maguindanao. what I'm afraid of is will it spread to the rest of Mindanao?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The National Kennel

I sat, watched and listened to the joint session on the Maguindanao Martial Law. I missed my favorite shows and even missed most of my 23rd wedding anniversary to listen to Gloria's stray dogs try to justify her proclamation of martial law and to redefine what rebellion is. It's mind-boggling how Gloria and her advisers conjured a scenario wherein they claim there is imminent or virtual rebellion in Maguindanao.

Last time I checked, the AFP and PNP were able to secure search warrants and even manage to confiscate weapons. The whole scenario reminded me of how the US relied on a single witness and eventually wage war against Iraq. Unfortunately, Filipinos are not as scared as Americans are. We being very distrustful of our government did not take the proclamation hook, line and sinker. We raised questions and to some extent see through what Gloria and allies are trying to do.

Let me pose a question that's been bugging me after hearing how the resource persons replied to questions asked yesterday. Is there such a thing as preventive martial law? That is how I view Gloria's proclamation. I did not see public uprising nor people declaring a separatist state. I did not see widespread violence or lawlessness. What I saw was a government negotiating with an ally. What I saw Gloria's monster having arms supplied by the government. What I saw were huge palaces in the midst of poverty.

So what's there to discuss in the national kennel? Obviously, nothing. The pack of stray dogs headed by its alpha male Nogiboy, has made up its mind. They will not revoke Gloria's martial law. Perhaps they are afraid that their private armies will be the next one to be dismantled. Who wouldn't be afraid of NPA sparrows and political rivals. So dogs do have guard dogs as well. If for some miracle the congress decides to overturn GMA, it would the first time the national kennel would show independence. Perhaps some of them are afraid of the repercussions their stand could have on their re=election.

So the Zarzuela continues today. Grandstanding will be the norm and same questions will be asked and answered. I hope they cut this stupidity short and get down to voting. The senate will just be overrun by the dogs in the lower house. Let's not prolong the inevitable. We already know the outcome. If you ask me, I'd close down the national kennel and put these stray dogs to sleep. They've been running amuck since Gloria took power.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Commission on S-Election is about to kick Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga out of his office. I'm sure they will as the trend shows that those who speak against and expose the corruption in Malacañan are being ousted one by one. Gloria's rebellion continues. She has managed to put every agency and even the branches of government under her control. The first to go was Gov. Jonjon Mendoza of Bulacan, then Gov. Grace Padaca of Isabela and within the next few days, Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga. These three have been outspoken and managed to defeat the candidates close to GMA.

What can we expect from the ComSelec in the coming election? Would the elections be credible under their watch. I'm beginning to believe those who say the elections can be rigged despite the automation. With the kind of hoodlums operation in the commission, I'm having reservations about putting my faith in the coming elections. They may not be able to rig the presidential election but they can certainly manipulate the local race.

I cannot imagine how Gov. Panlilio cheat his way to winning the gubernatorial race in Pampanga. I also cannot believe how Gov. Pandaca was able to cheat the money and influence of the Dys. The ComSelec sure works in ways beyond logic and imagination. Are we being led into a trap with the automation of the 2010 elections? I guess we put so much trust that automation will reduce if not eradicate electoral cheating and fraud.

Perhaps vigilance will not be enough. Perhaps we should start electing the members of the Comelec if only to reduce the chances that the appointees will not be beholden to the one who appointed them. What else can we do to prevent the Comelec from being party to massive fraud? The commission surely has some explaining to do. We must overhaul the Comelec and what they can be accountable of. I'm sure they will say that evidence shows that those they are ousting cheated. But we must also remember that evidence can be manufactured.


Monday, December 07, 2009

GMA's Rebellion

The spin doctors are now in the process of covering Gloria's monstrosity. In the 9 years of her terroristic reign, the Amapatuans enjoyed the blessings she bestowed on the clan. Evidence of this is her EO which gave legitimacy to the Ampatuan's private army and the cache of arms found by the PNP and AFP. The Ampatuans gave her a solid hold not only in the ARMM but in Mindanao as well.

GMA's ass is on the line here. Pressed into taking action against her loyal warlord, GMA's martial law proclamation is an attempt to cover the root of this problem. Had she not given the Ampatuans free rein in Maguindanao, the culture of impunity and terror would not have gone unabated. She alone had the power to allow and disallow this situation to worsen. The way I see it, she is responsible for the lawlessness in Maguindanao. Her minions in congress are also to blame. If political dynasty-ism was disallowed, the Ampatuans would not have turned Maguindanao into their own little kingdom.

Gloria by her inaction in Maguindanao is guilty of rebellion. She armed the Amapatuans. The Dept. fo Defense, the AFP and the PNP aided the Amapatuans in building a force of their own. They are all rebels by allowing a private person to build his own army. The proliferation of these armed groups such that of the Amapatuans is to blamed on GMA. Her political debt to all warlords is the cause of all these terror. Now that the Amaptuans horns have grown too long, and with evidences pointing to Gloria, the most prudent way to cover up her crime is to declare martial law.

With martial law in place, they can now keep all evidence away from the public eye. They can hide behind the cloak of national security. How many times have we seen this during her presidency? If the Maguindanao massacre did not happen, will she exhaust all her powers to extinguish these private armies? I don't think so. She will let them roam freely and continue to terrorize their constituents into submission. Thanks to Gloria, what started as a clash of political clans has now turned into a perceived rebellion. EO 546 legitimized a monstrosity. It gave the Amaptuans the power to create an army of their own. GMA started a rebellion. She is to blame for this mess.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not One, Not Two......But Twenty-two

I can see that presidential aspirant, Manny Villar is a bad poker player. He tried to bluff Ted Failon and Failon called his bluff. Now the truth behind Daang Hari can be told. Perhaps he knew that his cover had been blown so that he was a no-show at the Harapan Presidential Forum. We all know how Villar operates. He would seek a forum that he can control. The truth is that he develop lands which are secluded because they are the cheapest. Using his influence,power and position, he would then recommend that roads be built in this areas because they would be beneficial to the people. What he does not mention is that these people are those who live in his subdivisions.

Of course we all know that an access road improves the chances that his developments would not only command a higher price but would be more marketable. Villar could look you in the eye and lie through his teeth. Of course that is possible if you're not in front of him holding documents that would prove otherwise. Is this the kind of president we want? Is this the kind of president we can trust? Is this the kind of president who would inspire the people? The way I see it, he will inspire more corrupt people to enter politics because that is where the money is.

So how can you now disprove what the ABS-CBN people found out when they took your challenge? You spokesman, Gilbert Remulla even had the temerity to say that the government hasn't even paid for the right of way. The right of way you speak of doesn't benefit us but you. It's mainly used by your customers and not us, the majority of the taxpaying Filipinos. Isn't it your responsibility to provide the residents of your subdivisions an access road? Isn't the funding for this access road supposed to come from your own pocket? So how can you disprove the fact that your company benefited from these road projects?

You have twenty-two subdivisions all along Daang Hari. You claimed to have only two. One can forget a couple, perhaps you forgot because they were too many to remember. Ay naku, ulyanin ka na rin ba? Perhaps your lapdogs in the senate can explain for you as well. They seem to have the answers in the scandalous C-5 Ext. project. So the man from Wack Wack (he lives there, not in Tondo) has a lot of explaining to do. I spit on those who signed the resolution absolving you of any wrongdoing in the C-5 scam. Is there any other skeletons in your closet? I'm sure there are more. Don't worry Mr. Villar, I'll expose them at the right time.

I leave you with this video. Watch and find out what kind of person the real Manny Villar is.


Saturday, December 05, 2009


As I got back, I was greeted by the news that Maguindanao is under martial law. Whoa! What for? Are the Ampatuans that powerful that Gloria had to declare martial law? What I interpreted as a case of crime has been turned into a national security situation. The AFP and the PNP had enough resources to arrest the perpetrators of the Ampatuan Massacre. So on the 13th day since the horrendous crime where 57 innocent lives were snuffed out, Gloria made an adlib to make the script more palatable for public consumption.

The security forces with their immense firepower and armor could have arrested the entire Amaptuan clan from the get go without the palace's theatrics. Sure the added dramatics have convinced the majority of the populace that what Gloria did was justified. That was after the AFP unearthed a weapon's cache that could lead to the doorstep of Malacañan. Gloria's EO which gave the Ampatuans the authority to create their private army have blown up in Gloria's face. The Magdalos were right all along. Gloria has been coddling terrorists.

So Gloria Bin Laden had no option but to cut the Ampatuans head. They had to do damage control now than wait for more evidence that this administration is nothing but a terrorist organization. Is Gloria trying out an experiment that Marcos failed to successfully complete? This latest action of the government could well be a sign of things to come. If congress allows this declaration to continue, this could be done elsewhere in the guise of private army neutralization.

I do not buy the claim that the courts have seized to function as the Ampatuans were able to secure a Writ of Amparo. Does this mean that the Ampatuans are more powerful than the government? The chef of this very bad tasting dish may have overcooked it. You see, in Gloria's kitchen, some very exotic foods have been rolled out before. Her allies may cry foul again. They may even call it a case of "damn if you do, damn if you don't". But one thing is obvious here. They want us to believe that she is tough even to her allies. She wants us to believe that justice will be served. What I see is that Gloria is to contain the damage the massacre has done to her already tarnished image. She needs to improve her approval ratings.

Yeah I'm glad the Ampatuans will finally face the music. What disappoints me is that the bigger fish, the evil behind the culture of impunity and violence is free and is seeking a lower office. Warlord-ism my ass. It's a gang whose leader sits in the highest office of the land.