Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Few Good Men And A Malignant Tumor

The 28 detained officers headed by Generals Miranda and Lim called on Esperon to tell the truth about the military's participation in the fraudulent presidential election of 2004. The palace in turn called on the 28 officers to quit the service.

Chief illegal counsel Sergio Apostol said, “The fact that this officers were obviously engaging in partisan politics, it’s high time that they should quit and get out from the military service because their statement against Esperon shows that they’re no longer loyal to the Constitution. There’s already a loss of military discipline on them. That breed of soldiers has no room within our AFP.” Apostol even had the gall to add that the military must remain apolitical.

The sh*thead even said that with their behavior could lead to GMA denying them general amnesty. What a twerp this Apostol must be. Principled men never beg, they fight to the the end. Men with conviction never take the easy way out. Martyrdom is the reward for their strength.

Apostol even reminded them that they should be grateful for the government's treatment. Holy shit, this guy sure is way over his head. Gen. Miranda almost died because of the government's disregard for their basic right to medical attention. Thanks to pressure from Sen. Pong Biazon, Gen. Miranda finally was extended medical attention.

I don't know how these few good men could respect the chain of command who is clearly violating every law of the land. The way Gloria and Esperon destroyed the military institution because of politics and greed will take decades to rectify. These multi-decorated men has more integrity than Gloria's entire administration combined.

A few good men sought to right the wrongs this administration has done, and for that, they are now incarcerated. They stand before a kangaroo court which continues to chisel away at their resolve. I am sure that GMA and Esperon will never break these men. They will stand by their principles and would show the people what true love for country is.

Esperon may conduct his loyalty checks every minute of the day but I am sure that in the deep recesses of the hearts of true patriots in the military, someone else would rise up again to defend the constitution. I am sure that even as I write, some men out there are watching and waiting to rise and crush this malignant tumor called Gloria.

Sleep tight Esperon, don't let the bedbugs bite. This maybe your last night of bliss. Who knows what tomorrow brings for you and your master? Never underestimate a thinking man. They maybe silent for now but could wake up from their hibernation and Kick your sorry asses.