Friday, October 26, 2007

Bombardment! Bombardment!

After Joey de Venacia dropped his bombs in the senate, Gloria conveniently pardoned Erap. During the hearing yesterday, Joey directly linked Gloria and Mike Arroyo to the kickbacks in the scandalous ZTE Broadband deal. Joey claimed that Mike Arroyo was to receive $70 million in kickbacks.

He also exposed the "talk" Gloria and Romy Neri had and how GMA reacted to Neri's report of bribery. I will not dwell so much on the senate hearings, but on how the administration seems to be dumping us with a succession of issues to further divide our attention.

Just when the palace bribery was heating up, the Glorietta blast hugged the limelight. To divert our attention from Joey's testimony, she pardons Erap. Now the ZTE controversy will be temporarily sidelined until the next controversy that the palace will throw at us. This succession of scandals maybe intentionally exposed to keep us from focusing on a specific issue.

Gloria and her gang may after all be trying to keep our attention divided. This will surely work in their favor as her critics will be prevented from uniting and kicking her out. They can pretty much take these risks as they know that they have succeeded to instill apathy in our society. I am sure that they will once again come up with another controversy to cover up the previous issues.

Gloria and her gang couldn't care less, they know they have the nation in the palm of their hand. We the people are playing right in their trap. They know we will not be able to rise as one to kick them out. More than sixty members of congress rushed to Malacañang last night in what they claimed to be a party. Perhaps this is the start of the end of JDV's speakership.

This maybe the next controversy to further cover up the ZTE scandal. Impunity, that's what we call it. The administration can pretty much get away with anything. I am sure that more and more issues will be thrown at us. And while we are too busy choking on the deluge, they will be laughing at us. We will be like headless chickens running around with nowhere to go.

Unless we can all unite and focus our energies on putting an end to this administration's arrogance, we can all kiss our asses goodbye. Gloria will put a friendly speaker in the house and bulldoze her way to her premiership. Is anybody ready to accept Gloria as ruler for life? We only have two choices to put an end to this cancer, have another street party or a full blown civil war. Which would you prefer?