Friday, October 26, 2007

Greatest Good For The Fewest Number

Gloria's move to pardon Erap is simply precedent-ial. Its what transactional politics is all about. Now the plunderer and the plunder-ess are holding hands. To claim that its for the the common good is pure bullshit. Now the entire Estrada clan calls Gloria president.

Nothing good will come out of this. The masses were once again exploited by the powerful trapos. Erap with his usual trapo rhetorics and GMA, an even dirtier trapo has succeeded to quell the anger of the poor. I cannot blame these people as they are hanging on the promise of a better life and words to them is like gold.

The rich and powerful will never let go of the riches they possess. Only the naive will believe these two. Erap and Gloria saved their own skins, plain and simple. One wants to enjoy what he plundered, the other is enjoying her plundering. It really sucks but that is how our system works. The poor will never have justice. Justice is reserved for those who have influence.

The pardon is the easiest way out for the two plunderers. This will now set a precedent that would embolden thieves to steal more. Erap just legitimized the illegitimate presidency of GMA. So now even cheating in the elections is legal. I guess we are not yet ready to harness the full potential of democracy. The poor still bow to the rich and the rich wield their power without mercy. Empowerment will have to wait. I suppose, the Burmese have more conviction than we do. Even without a leader, they continue to fight for democracy.

Politics is a game that we ordinary folks will never understand. The administration talks of unity and reconciliation but all we see is a consolidation of power. I am sure that the senate and lower house will welcome this with open arms. We can now see a waning of interest of the opposition in Gloria's shenanigans. They will soften up and give GMA a little space to breathe.

We the people will now have to fend for ourselves. We can no longer rely on the courage(?) of the opposition. GMA now has a new defender in Erap. Unless the young guns of the senate will hold true to their word to protect the people, then we are really fucked. The moral regeneration JDV is asking for means that we have to commit genocide to achieve it. Corruption will not just go away. To exterminate termites, you have to kill the queen.

Simply put, the event that just took place is not for the common good of the nation. It is the greatest good for the fewest number. Only Erap and GMA benefited from the pardon. Thievery and corruption will continue unabated. And the "masa" will remain poor as they have been sold out by the one they so idolize. As for Gloria, she will live another day. As for the nation, the struggle continues.