Friday, October 12, 2007

Shaken And Stirred

So the house has once again rented itself out to GMA. For the third time in as many years, the lower house toed the palace line but this time JDV's ass was on the line. An obviously weak and unsubstantiated impeachment complaint has been referred to the committee on justice. The Lozano-Marcoleta tandem has been replaced by Trojan horses, Pulido and San Luis.

In the midst of bribery by known KAMPI operator, Francis Ver, a visibly distraught JDV announced the referral of the complaint citing his constitutional duty. Now the impeachment is deemed initiated and inoculates Gloria from impeachment for another year. JDV has also inhibited himself from the impeachment deliberations as he might be accused of being biased.

One hundred eighty-nine congressmen bused to Malacañang for a breakfast meeting with GMA. It was meant to show JDV that he can lose the speakership right there and then (and of course, collect their money). Malacañang has to keep JDV in check and as the speaker as well to keep the other aspirants at bay. To take JDV out now would create a chaotic situation that could blow up in the administration's face. Who knows how many other congressmen are out there waiting to announce their bid.

Its a happy ending for GMA. She's untouchable for another year. As for JDV, he gets to keep the speakership for now. GMA showed him how deep her pockets are. He was no match for her in terms of money. I hope that JDV emulates his son regardless of the latter's motives. I hope he someday makes a stand and redeem himself. He has to get out of Gloria's shadow and hold his own if he wants the people to respect him. Diplomacy and statesmanship is one thing, subservience and making an ass of one's self is another.

Who knows he might just make a 180 degree turn. Maybe next year he can make Gloria kneel before him and conduct an honest to goodness impeachment. As for the 189 congressmen for rent, we might as well line them up against the wall and shoot them one at a time.