Thursday, October 25, 2007

GMA Gives Erap Clemency

Its final, nothing the civil society, concerned citizens and the demoralized private prosecutors can do about it. Gloria has put to waste the honest efforts of all those who worked hard to put Erap behind bars. This just shows how politics weakens our judicial institutions.

So now, I am sure not in the spirit of reconciliation, GMA has decided that her survival is her foremost concern. Many lessons can be learned from this. Just like how FVR was cleared of the Expo and PEA-Amari scam, Erap after enjoying a resthouse arrest is now a free man with full rights restored. The forfeited properties will remain forfeited except the accounts he had before.

Granting that Erap was illegally kicked out of office due to a power grab, the court proceedings that followed were legal and proper. The prosecution worked tirelessly to dig up evidence to pin him down. The poor prosecutors were all taken for a ride. They danced with the devil and were taught a hard lesson in politics.

Gloria also bolstered the belief that people of influence are extended special treatment. So the poor will never enjoy the same privileges as Erap did. Justice in this country is indeed selective. Gloria saved her neck and that is what this pardon is all about. As for Chavit, he has served his purpose. He allowed himself to be used and it serves him right. A rat will always be a rat.

So the Erap saga ends today. Probably forced to swallow his pride for the sake of his ailing mother, GMA was only too glad to finally bring him to his knees. As for justice, it died today with Erap's pardon. Rallies anyone?