Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

I'm glad that Enteng Romano has resigned from the government. Not that I am one of those who thinks his brainchild stinks but because I appreciated his efforts. Greg Macabenta couldn't have written it better. I first met Enteng Romano when I was just 16. The Altos Computers took me in as an apprentice while I waited for the semester to open. although we did not work together directly, we shared the same small office together with my mentor, Myrna Jopson (sister of the late Ed Jopson). Last time I saw him was during a prayer rally in Makati. He has always been a hard worker, vibrant and enthusiastic.

I admire how he handled the situation he was in. He took it like a man while an ingrate people screamed for his head. I suppose people were just envious that this public servant was trying his best to serve the country. How many public servants (past and present) can match his delicadeza? I guess, Filipinos have yet to grasp national pride. The easily questioned the use of Pilipino as a selling point to promote tourism. You would be surprised of how how many foreigners know the meaning of "ganda". Perhaps because we are not proud of who we really are. Instead we would like to go with the flow and imitate the slogans of our Asian neighbors. We did not even give the project a chance. It all boils down on how you market the brand. The Dept. of Tourism can explain what the phrase "Kay Ganda" means.

But like geniuses envious that we did not come up with a slogan, we quickly shot the idea down. I did not find anything bad in the slogan. Along with the media, stakeholders who really did not care jumped on the bandwagon and showed their prejudice. Romano may not be brilliant but at least he's doing what he thinks is good for the country. Day in and day out, all I would hear and read is how bad the slogan was. It was only after the slogan came out that the concerned(?) sectors came out, and they had nothing good to say. A friend who owns a travel agency found it different, innovative at that. I suppose we prefer to lose our identity in the sea of English. It's no wonder why we are being left behind. We lack a national goal and vision. It's everyone for himself. Are we not proud of who we are? I guess not.

Kudos to you Enteng for showing the people what you are made of. And to all you geniuses, join the government. Let us see how well you'll perform. I doubt if you'll come out with a slogan that embodies what is truly the Philippines.


Friday, November 19, 2010

With or Without A Slogan

I couldn't care less if the Department of Tourism has a new slogan to promote our country. The fact of the matter is that unless we can protect foreign tourists, we'll have a hard time selling the Philippines. Two weeks ago, the Asian Intercity Bowling Championships was held here. Despite the travel advisories that several countries issued, the event was well participated. My team represented one of the three local cities that participated. Several cities from Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Saipan and Guam also sent teams to participate in the annual meet. Unfortunately, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and China did not send their teams due to the travel advisories and the botched hostage rescue.

A very sad incident involving a player (of Australian descent) from Guam happened. While waiting for a taxi cab in front of Robinson's Place in Ermita, two thieves riding in tandem snatched her necklace. The poor girl was dragged for several meters because her necklace di dnot easily break. She sustained bruises on her elbows and knees and he right wrist was sprained. This did not happen in the wee hours of the morning but early evening. She vowed that she will never visit the Philippines again even if her sponsored her travel.

This is not an isolated case. Many tourists are victimized by thieves, prostitutes and even our police. No matter how much we spend on advertising, or how many times we change our "branding", unless we can assure our visitors that they will be protected, the Philippines would be a hard-sell. It's not about the terror threat that we lose tourists to our Asian neighbors but
due to crime. Even our "balikbayans" fall prey to crime. Is this just the government's problem? It concerns us all. How many taxi cabs dupe even the locals? We've lost our sense of hospitality as well. What most people see in tourists is simply the color of money. We no longer see them as guests. It may just be a case of a few rotten eggs, but perception plays a big part in all these. When even local tourists are treated badly, the tourism industry will continue to suffer.

With or without a catchy slogan, we will continue to lag behind our neighbors in terms of tourism. We must go through a re-education of sorts. Tourism should not be limited to the DoT's and travel agencies, it should be a national concern. We, the Filipinos are our tourism's greatest endorsers. It is our good nature that will back our foreign guests.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welga You Like It Or Not

The bus operators showed us last Monday how they can hold the riding public hostage. Thousands were stranded and they blamed the drivers and conductors for the strike. Yet last Friday, a defiant Claire dela Fuente said that they will call for a transport strike shoud the MMDA impose the number coding on them. With the DoJ and DOTC threatening to revoke their franchise.

Bus operators claim that they have no control over their drivers and conductors. What a lot of crap. No driver or conductor in his right mind would want to lose the only income they have. Clearly, these operators are trying to dodge the bullet. We all know that drivers and conductors have no fixed monthly pay and relies only on commissions (boundary system). You don't drive, you don't earn. Operators set a fixed amount which these people have to meet. Anything over the amount is theirs for the keeping.

The number coding scheme being imposed on them is meant to reduce the number of buses plying the EDSA route. How many empty/half-empty buses do you see on the EDSA during rush hour? There are many. How many of you encounter traffic at every loading and unloading zones for buses? I'm very sure many of you experience this everyday. Because drivers and conductors do not have fixed salaries nor the benefits other employed people do, they try to run as many trips as they can in one day. This is why we see them jockeying for position at every corner and driving like demons on steroids. How many lives have been lost because they try to outrace themselves so they can add a little more to their earnings?

The problem lies in the greed of the operators. They feed on the blood, sweat and tears of the drivers and conductors. I'm very sure that they don't even pay the right taxes. The number coding was to be implemented back in 2003. GMA did not impose it. Perhaps she's afraid that Claire wouldn't do a duet with her. We all know how GMA never had the political will to do take the bull by the horns. These is why NaPoCor has a huge debt and we the people have to shoulder the burden.

I'm enjoying this chicken play between the government and IMBOA. I'd love to see who blinks first. Because the threat of losing their franchises is real, these operators are running to the courts for intervention. EDSA plays a very big role in Metro Manila's economy. As long as a strangling traffic holds up movement, maximum productivity will never be achieved.

Why not revoke all franchises and start from scratch. Cities can create loops for buses. They wouldn't have to fight each other out. Provincial buses should have their terminals in the fringes of Metro Manila. They shouldn't be competing for space on EDSA. I've taken buses in my trips abroad. People walk to stations. Specific stops are assigned to specific buses. The riding public should also learn to share some sacrifices. You want to get off at your doorstep, take a cab. Otherwise, learn to use your feet. I do ot know how this issue will end. EDSA will not widen itself. Every sector involved must sacrifice so that this problem can be addressed.

Drivers and conductors are not slaves. They have the right to earn a decent living. I don't believe that operators are losing money. I also abhor how they use these people as pawns because they want everything for themselves. I hope the LTFRB can conduct a REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS audit of all franchises so the we can weed out the legitimate from the illegal operators. This would be a good step in the right direction.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meron Nga Bang Nagbago?

PNoy promised change. So far, there had been many changes. I laud the changes in the GOCCs and the GFIs. The exposes on how grossly abused these offices were by their boards. These are major changes that created a huge impact on public perception. But there changes that show na "walang pagbabago".

In the Bureau of Customs, "areglo" is still rampant. Before, it was P80,000-P125,000 per container. Now, it's between P165,000-P185,000. Only the faces changed but the same corrupt practices remained. Importers complained that despite their desire to pay the right taxes, officials come up with charges so that the importer would use the "areglo" just so they can bring their goods out. No wonder manufacturing costs are so high.

The new Metro Manila Development Authority administration has also done nothing. In fact, traffic has become terrible. Colorum buses continue to ply their routes with impunity. Of course the LTFRB shares the blame. The "Kabit system" is tolerated. There is a very simple solution to this problem, simple conduct an audit of franchises of these bus companies. EDSA looks like a huge parking lot even on weekends. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix this problem.

The revised IIRC report will be released on Monday. This will prove if things really has changed or wala talagang pagbabago. Will justice be blind or would it favor those close to PNoy? I hope there wouldn't be scapegoats.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Where Were You?

As the debate on the RH Bill heats up, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is gearing up for a confrontation. First they threatened to call for civil disobedience, they now threaten to excommunicate anyone who supports the bill. Claiming that they are doing this in the name of morality. The say that when moral values are the issue, they will resort to these extreme actions to drive their point home.

Pure hypocrisy if you ask me. Where were you in the nine years of Arroyo's immoral reign? Isn't thievery a moral issue? Isn't human rights a moral issue? Isn't increasing poverty a moral issue? Isn't the destruction of the moral fibers of all our institutions a moral issue? The cheating and lying of the past administration and its cohorts were all moral issues, yet they did not even raise a whimper when all these were happening before our eyes.

Calling for civil disobedience just because the president is pushing for an informed choice is totally reckless. Their continuing rejection of the RH Bill runs smack of hypocrisy. They could not even police their ranks. We've seen priests father children, molest altar boys and steal mass collections. Have they done anything significant to address poverty that is a result of the lack or inadequate information and methods to plan for their family?

The Lord gave us free choice. It is up to us to use our God-given wisdom and intelligence to make our own conscientious choices. At the end of the day, it is my God that will decide if I lived my life in accordance with His teachings. We live in a democracy and you have the right to express yourselves. It is your right to call for civil disobedience. As a Catholic and a Filipino, I can also exercise my right to express myself. I'm sure I am not alone in saying that we too can call for a donation disobedience. After all, you get the money you spend on yourselves from us.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Media Out of Focus

"A journalist is only as good as the last story he wrote."

It did not surprise me to see media practitioners and even networks included in the list of the Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC). Clearly, broadcast media overstepped the bounds of press freedom. They need not be told by any authority what they can and cannot air. It's a lame excuse to say that the police did not give any guidelines on what can broadcast. Either these people were stupid or simply ambitious. I am appalled by the way broadcast media handled the situation. Their actions contributed to the deterioration of the situation.

I do not understand why they have to show the actions of the assault team or show on national television Mendoza's brother screaming like a stuck pig. Things may have ended differently if Erwin Tulfo and Michael Rogas of RMN did not tie up the line of communication for almost an hour.

All rights have limitations. Press freedom is not exempted from these limitations. Media should know when lives are endangered. At the end of the day, broadcast media should know when they should act as reporters and when they should act as human beings. The media I saw on that fateful August day is a horde of predators out to squeeze every drop of ratings they can get out of the incident. They should be brave enough to accept the consequences of their reckless actions.

Legislators now would like to repress some of their rights. Media has only itself to blame. They said that the PNP failed to give them orders so they just let their cameras roll. Now that congress wants to regulate them, they raise a howl. If only media knew how to regulate itself, congress wouldn't step in. Alas, the temptation of becoming stars was just too irresistible. The networks should be reprimanded, the more guilty ones (Tulfo and Roags) should fry.

Broadcast media at least on this matter was clearly out of focus.


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Illusion of Jueteng

I don't buy that jueteng gives employment to the poor. In fact, it enslaves them. A kubrador gets a measly 10% of his entire daily collections. It looks big until you see how many they are. A kubrador is lucky to earn P 200 for his efforts. Additional income can be had if one of his patrons win. And that very rarely happens. The biggest benefactor of jueteng is non other than the jueteng operator. The lowly kubrador slaves day in and day out to earn his keep while the operators sits idly by and rakes in hundreds of millions.

Like a slave, the lowly kubrador has no benefits. He has only himself to rely on when he gets sick. Is this how jueteng benefits the poor? Jueteng would be acceptable to those who are too naive to understand how jueteng really works. Jueteng's benefits is just an illusion to justify its existence. It's nothing but a means to exploit the poor and desperate. It's no wonder the Small Town Lottery (STL) will never succeed. No corrupt official will allow it. To legalize jueteng will take a big chunk of their earnings. Just imagine the tax they have to pay? They will have to raise the pay of the kubrador. Of course these people will have to pay their SSS contribution and medicare. No jueteng operator in his right mind will part ways with his millions. He would pay any amount to continue his exploitation.

*Jueteng operations in my area were temporarily stopped. A new chief of the PNP has just been appointed. People in the know will tell you this is the SOP every time a new chief is named. Negotiations will soon follow when everything settles down.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Truth

We've heard P-Noy's SONA and the two Kontra-SONAs of the minority in both houses. Edcel Lagman described P-Noy's SONA as "bitin" and misleading. The truth of the matter is that P-Noy got it right. His data was genuine as can be. He was right about the excessive benefits the MWSS execs get. Even the MWSS's OIC admitted it. What about the over importation of rice by the NFA? Yap denied it but evidence presented by Sec. Lito Banayo proved otherwise. In fact, surplus as far back as 2008 was discovered. P-Noy wasn't lying when he said the budget had been spent. Sure there's money in the coffers but all have been allocated to the different agencies. He has nothing to work with in terms of programmable funds. The misuse of the calamity fund was also proven to be true. Perhaps Lagman felt bitin because P-Noy mentioned only a few anomalies.

Alan Cayetano was his old true self. Feeling self-righteous as usual. He implores P-Noy to follow up on his promises. I guess he forgot that his gang blocked the resolution of Villar's scandalous C-5 Ext. controversy. Isn't that worthwhile job for the Truth Commission? Cayetano may have also forgotten how he exploited the Arroyo administration's scandals to further his political ambitions. He is the one selective in the fight against corruption. Their camp also was the one who used downright dirty tactics against P-Noy during the campaign. All the issues hurled against Villar were supported by real documents and not fabricated ones. He was never truly for the people in past nine years. He played poker with the people at the least of his concerns.

Lagman and Cayetano may have massive hangovers of the past nine Glu-rious years. The country has entered a new phase. The likes of Lagman and Cayetano are remnants of old politics where the truth is fabricated and manipulated. The truth of the matter is that the people can now differentiate fact from fiction.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

While Others Toil

The GOCCs really are the luckiest bunch of them all. P-Noy's expose on the lavish lives of the officials and the employees of MWSS is a great example of the disparity even in government. I'm sure those in NAPOCOR fairs even better. I could almost see the distraught faces of public school teachers and even health workers. What did these people do to deserve so many benefits. I don't see the logic behind the inequity in the same government.

Teachers have low pay, poor benefits (even the GSIS stole from them) and very long working hours. Our public health workers share the same fate. In their hands are the education and health of our nation. While those in the MWSS and NAPPOCOR are bestowed with so many perks despite being remiss in their jobs. How can they then justify the benefits their receive? The MWSS employees even have their own subdivision. And these people have the temerity to feel bad because they were singled out? Ang kakapal ng mga mukha niyo!

Habang kukuyakuyakoy kayo sa mga malalamig niyong opisina, our teachers endure hot and crowded classrooms. They are burdened with loans because their low salary isn't enough to support their families. They do not have a place to call their own while La Mesa Heights have huge three-storey houses. Do MWSS employees go through the same rigorous training and education our teachers and health workers go through to get their licenses and certificates? I doubt if they do.

While others toil to make ends meet, these lucky ones have grocery allowances, mid-year and end-year bonuses. Hell, they even have productivity bonuses despite the water crisis. They even have reimbursements for their expenses. They even have an anniversary bonus! The MWSS should be closed down. It should be just a small department in the DPWH. Nothing will justify the the perks these people get at the taxpayers expense.

I hope P-Noy does the moral thing and teach these people a lesson. While they bask in the sunshine, our teachers and health workers slave in the shadows of despair.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


The party-list 1-UTAK has announced that they are dropping Angelo Reyes as their nominee for congress. I saw a defiant Reyes on TV and I don't think he's going down without a fight. I guess now Reyes feels how Erap felt when he abandoned Erap back in '01. Hasn't Reyes had enough? I'm sure he has put away a sizable retirement. What is it he wants that he is forcing himself to a group that no longer wants him?

He revealed that interest groups in the party wants him out. At least the one who wants to represent 1-UTAK is a true bus operator and not an impostor like him Reyes has yet to secure a COMELEC proclamation. And last Thursday, he was informed by the house SG that he should present the pertinent documents before being allowed in congress. Poor Angie, he's been hanged to dry.

I recall Reyes bullying anyone and everyone who questioned him during his term as DOE secretary. Not even Ralph Recto was spared as he served as both spokesman and lawyer of the oil companies. Humility was never in his vocabulary. Now that the 1-UTAK party-list that he thought would be his ticket to congress has dropped him, he has nowhere to go. I don't know how he'll bully his way to congress. I hope he gets the message. Kung ayaw na sa'yo, huwag ka nang magsumiksik!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Wating for the Big Day

Monday will be a big day. P-Noy will be having his first SONA. This early, hints of what it would contain have been circulating. P-Noy will be revealing the devastation the Arroyo administration left behind its wake. From the depletion of our coffers to the complete erosion of our country's institutions. The nation awaits if Gloria will show her face and try to put on a brave face while P-Noy enumerates and describe how GMA raped the country during her nine long years in the palace. We've heard time and again the many scandals GMA and cohorts were involved in. Perhaps P-Noy's people have unearthed several more.

Knowing GMA, she may skip the SONA. She hates being put on the spot especially since she and her gang have come out with books and commercials that protray her and her administration as unquestionable public servants. So far, we are still feeling the repercussions of their criminal acts. We have yet to feel the actual effects of the devastation they have left behind.

Should she be thick-faced enough and attend, I could almost see her smirk, squirm and even break into a wry smile as if to taunt and belittle the new president. I'm sure P-Noy will be civil but will not hold anything back just so that the true picture of our nation's true state be known. So far, the only thing we know is how huge our deficit is. I won't be shocked anymore of what else P-Noy will reveal.

We have not seen the end of the Arroyo's. Iggy is still around. Dato, thanks to the creation of another district is still in congress. We all know how the COMELEC showed its stupdity an allowed the multi-millionaire Mikey to represent the marginalized. And finally, Gloria is also in congress. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse still wields power. I just hope ti's not enough to bring us back to the dark ages.

The day of reckoning is on Monday. Wahtever P-Noy will be saying, I'll definitely be watching the SONA.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jueteng Is Here To Stay

With the power down, I had the rare chance to exchange pleasantries with my neighbors. I found out that one is a "kobrador" in our area, Yes Jueteng does exist even in Metro Manila. One neighbor asked him how they'll deal with PNoy's marching orders for DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo? He painfully replied that their "intelligencia" will surely increase. Intelligencia is the bribe they give to PNP officials that protect their operations. Being the ones who implement the law, the police are at the forefront of protecting jueteng.

PNoy's directive will surely go to waste. I abhor gambling in any form and I don't even play Lotto. So I told myself that jueteng will continue and that all PNoy will be getting are fictitious reports from police officials. My neighbor is very sure that the police will surely ask for more to turn a blind eye. At present, three draws are played everyday in my area. With all the informal settlers here, they are making a killing. He's now wonder9ing how high the bribe would be since PNoy wants jueteng eradicated.

I guess jueteng is just too established that even Sec. Robredo will have a hard time stopping it. So how do we really finally kill jueteng? We've tried small town lottery (STL). We all know how it was used and abused by unscrupulous local and police officials. The problems lies not with the operators or the officials, the problem are those who patronize it. I'm sure the juetueng lords will be increasing the minimum bet to cover the bribes they'll be paying to the police. They are more hungry than the local execs.

PNOy and Robredo will never be able to eradicate jueteng. I don't thingkGod himself will be able to as well. How I wish people would stop patronizing jueteng. I guess I'm wishing too much. Filipinos just love to gamble. They don't care even if they gamble all their earnings away. It saddens me to finally admit that jueteng is here to stay.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Complainer

Even my good friend Manolo "The Explainer" Quezon will have a hard time explaining to Binay what the VP's role is. Binay still so intoxicated with his new found position may have thought that the vice president wields the same power, enjoys the same privileges, shares the national treasury and can have what he wants whenever he wants it. With just a week as VP, he has been complaining (bitching) about everything.

He finds his office as too small and wants to move into the Coconut Palace. He also finds his office's budget of P187 million too small. He even adds that his budget as Makati mayor is far higher than this. Eh kung bumalik ka na lang sa Makati? By far, Binay is the only VP who finds things to bitch about. May I remind you sir that I am your boss. I can only feed my family dried fish everyday, I don't think you should ask me to feed you steak. Di ka ba nahihiya sa akin? Maybe I should slap you around just to knock some sympathy in you.

Like a family on a very tight budget, you must learn to live with what you have. Please show me anything in the constitution that says that I should give you a life far better than mine? You are the one who wanted to run for office to serve us. We did not force you. Perhaps you don't feel what the rest of us feels? You have no right to complain because you don't experience the hardships we experience everyday. How can you be an example for the people to follow? Do you want us to rave and rant like you? Nine years under Gloria is too much for us. Here you are as if telling us that we should give you anything you ask for? Serve us first and maybe, just maybe we'll give you a raise.

"Si Binay lang ang gaganda ang buhay"


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Snakes and Ladders

After the elections, I expected the cracks in the Aquino camp to show. Well it did. Sadly it showed the true colors of those with vested interests. Even the Johnnies-come-lately had things to say. I must admit, nawalan ako ng gana. To see people speak as if they had been in the fight since the very start. It was truly like the game, Snakes and Ladders. The snakes squirmed their way in to dump Mar Roxas and use the Noynoy magic to push for Binay. Binay may have been a staunch Arroy critic but I still think that principles should come first.

Now they're all trying to climb the ladder to get their "manoks" in place. I hope they can remind themselves that Noynoy is also a member of a political party. I also thought we campaigned for a team that would work together. How wrong can I be. I believed that everyone was working for a common cause. I thought we were all advocates of change. Obviously some supported Noynoy for personal gain. They had an agenda, they were after power and influence.

Napaso ako talaga. And the snakes worked both camps to put their man in place. Why should I believe their flimsy claim that Binay had been opposition since the very beginning? Binay an advocate of change? What a lot of bull. He did not even have the decency to ask his children to stay out of politics.He is a trapo in every sense of the word. Those who said that Noynoy is surrounded by trapos should have known this. It stuck out like a sore thumb. At the end of the day, it bolied down to who would give the power and influence they sought.

Good that their "manok" has been put in the freezer. Despite lobbying for a position in the DILG, Binay and his backers failed to get the president to appoint him. It's nice to see them fail in their bid to get their man into any position. I did my best to give my share to getting Noynoy elected. Whether he thanked me or not doesn't really matter to me. I gave even if he didn't ask. I am not expecting anything in return. All I ask is for him to keep his promises to the people.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Null Votes Have It!

Much like the words that sent people to the streets back in 2001 to oust Erap Estrada, I cannot help but utter the similar words with a twist. Accuracy has been sacrificed by expediency. For more than a week, as the canvassing progressed, the shortcomings of the automation became apparent. I guess the blame falls on the education of the voter on how to properly cast their votes. I don't want to think that cheating was prevalent and I would like give all parties the benefit of the doubt despite some questionable results.

How many voters were disenfranchised, we will never know for sure. What we know is that a machine has decided the fate of our nation. In hindsight, any mark should have been accepted. Shading, a check or even an x should have been allowed. With the nullified votes, the automation system deserves to be revisited so that things like these will not happen again. It's a good thing that Pres. Aquino's lead was overwhelming or the presidential results would be shrouded in doubt.

The vice presidential race is a totally different issue. With almost 3 million null votes, the truth may never be known unless Sen. Mar Roxas files an electoral protest. I'll leave that to the PET to uncover. If there's any consolation to the whole affair, Gloria Arroyo will be out by June 30.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let Us Keep This In Mind

What does this "A little while" mean? (Jn. 16:16-20)

God's time is not our time. We want everything explained and resolved and repaired now. But there are things to be learned by waiting. Patience and insight and growth all come slowly.

I must admit that I'm sitting on pins and needles, waiting for my vice president to be named. I also hoping that my senator, Risa Hontiveros would land in the magic 12. Impatient as I may be, my Mom sent me this wonderful message. Binay maybe in the lead now but it's too close to call as those coming from Mar's bailiwicks are yet to be counted. There seems to be an attempt to set a trend and to condition the mind of the people. I cannot blame the COMELEC as there seems to be unseen hands that are working in the shadows to give Binay a reason to cry cheating should Mar finally overtake him.

Reports of vote-buying and pre-shading are true. The foreign observers have reported this. From the far-flung to the nearby cities in Metro Manila, there was cheating. Voters were forced to feed pre-shaded ballots into the PCOS machines. A foreign observer even watched as a BEI told the voter to just feed his ballot into the machine. The media concentrated too much on the candidates and precincts where they voted. Those located in the depressed areas and hidden from public view were seldom covered. This is were the intimidation, vote-buying and pre-shading took place. Whether the BEIs were terrorized or paid, we will never know. Automation or not, unscrupulous politicians and their goons will find ways to cheat. I am sure that time will come when we can truly say that our elections are clean and credible.

Now we are at the crossroads. We have a tight vice presidential race and the one leading the race is claiming victory. With 3 to 5 million votes still to be counted and with a lead 800,000, everything is still up in the air. No one can say how things will go. I hope that my vice president would come out victorious. We cannot have an administration with a clean president and a vice president with skeletons in the closet.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whose Endorsement Mattered Most

During the campaign, endorsements from everybody was sought by all aspirants. From the national candidates to the local aspirants, getting the right endorsement mattered. A friend from San Juan and an Iglesia Ni Kristo member told me how they toed the church's line. I was told that Erap was disappointed with this. In fact, they gave the Erap-Binay tandem a big fat zero. I was also told that in the New Ear precincts, Erap and Binay suffered the same fate. Obviously, the INK is the only church that observes command voting.

Gibo Teodoro may have gotten Quiboloy's nod but look at where he is now. Quiboloy is not what he portrays himself to be. God may have punished him for using His name in vain. I don't think Quiboloy's endorsement will not be sought again at least in the near future. Teodoro's poor showing is testimony to a false prophet. His endorsements of Erap and GMA were mere coincidence. Beauty queens may have endorsed Gibo, but this is a presidential race, not a beauty contest. I would rather see Gibo run for the senate first before gunning for the highest post of the land. Mike Vekarde was more cautious. He probably saw where Manny Villar presidential bid would end up. So instead of endangering his congressional aspiration, he chose not to endorse any candidate. After all, majority of his followers favored Erap.

What about the celebrity endorsements, how did they fare? Manny Villar thought that the big guns would help him weather the presidential race. Revillame, Dolphy and Pacman did not help a bit. Attached to the three were moral issues which the majority of voters shunned. Pouring millions in concert-cum-rally did not help. Those who went attended because of the bands and celebrities and nothing else. The number of attendees did not translate to votes. Villar lost massively. Loren Legarda had Sarah Geronimo as endorser but she is no Judy Ann Santos. Geronimo did not have the same influence as Judy Ann's. Geronimo's endorsement also was not able to lift up Legarda's public image.

Noynoy Aquino may have a celebrity sister. Kris maybe a scandal-magnate and tactless at times, but that's what makes her credible because she just cannot keep a secret. She's as transparent as she can be. You must admit that Kris's endorsement of my favorite congresswoman, Risa hontiveros has done wonders for Risa. She's virtually unknown in the national level. She doesn't have a political pedigree and yet is still there in a strong 13th place. But Kris nor the likes of Regine Velasquez and the other stars was Noynoy's best endorser, the fact of the matter is that Noynoy has the legacy of his parents to thank. Of course he also has his clean name that convinced people he is a worthy president. Despite the "trash" thrown at him by the likes of Bayad Muna and Pacquiao, he held his own. The people took his sincerity and his message of hope. At a time when hope is the only thing we have, a leader who can inspire is what we need.

So there, that's how endorsements succeeded and failed in this elections. At the end of the day, the voter relied on themselves and the promise of a new life. We all know the trials and hardships we will be facing, but I'm sure we won't squander it this time around. We are now more vigilant and participatory in the dealings of our government. The patience we showed in enduring the heat for hours just to cast our votes showed that we are definitely focused on real change.

Whose endorsement mattered most? It is ours, the electorate's endorsement that mattered most.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Aftermath

It has been a day since we trooped to the polls to decide our destiny. I must admit that I am satisfied so far with the speed of the results. I must say I am disappointed however with the slow pace some of the results are being transmitted which makes some people suspect trending. I've heard from friends far south that operators are hard at work. Could this be the reason why problems of transmission seem to crop up? Even Cebu which has a modern telecom system seem to be encountering problems. I am not surprised with Lanao and we all know very well how Mindanao has always been an operator's haven.

Despite the promises of automation, I am wary of its performance. Disenfranchisement, pre-shading and even vote-buying were reported. I myself witnessed how jeepney-loads of voters were brought to the polling center and were fed before voting. Even disinformation was used to prevent voters from voting. Certain volunteers of a party-list were telling voters that the elections was extended to 11:00pm when it fact it was extended only by an hour.

In the bailiwick of a losing candidate, I got reports of intimidation and harassment. Voters in the depressed areas were fetched from their homes and brought to the polls. They were made to insert pre-shaded ballots into the PCOS machines. In fact, my very own mother complained to the BEI because her secrecy folder bore the signature and logo of a candidate. The PPCRV volunteer merely took the folder. My sister even got into an argument with a PPCRV volunteer. Paging PPCRV, do really vet your volunteers? You may have moles in your organization. You are supposed to be impartial and just. Obviously you have questionable volunteers.

Pace of results have slowed down considerably. The speed last night was amazing. The entire day today, only trickles of updates were given. Notice how small the number of votes are? The lack of information about where the votes were coming from leads to speculations. Even if my candidate is leading, I would like to know where the results were coming from. I'll be giving the COMELEC the benefit of the doubt, but are we really getting the right results? I now question the wisdom of random auditing. How I wished the parallel count was allowed.

The next few days will be crucial. I remain vigilant and regularly check COMELEC's website to check which precincts have sent their reports. It maybe a tedious task but that's the only way for me to get the real score. I hope everything works out. So much is riding on this elections. We cannot afford to be complacent. Unseen hands can still manipulate the outcome.


Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Hrs, And It's Worth It

I did not vote that early. I went to the polls at around 9:38 am only to see a throng of eager voters lined up waiting for their turn to vote. I was told that those who voted at 7 am took 30 mins. to finish up their democratic right. What followed is 5 hrs. of standing in line. At around 2pm, those whose number is 550 and below were herded to a classroom adjacent to the polling precinct. The lady in front of me who came a few minutes earlier asked a volunteer why the pace was so slow? She was informed that they were processing 5 voters at a time. This got the goat of the lady.

She called someone on her phone. She called the person on the other line, Tito Rene. That Tito Rene was none othe rthan Rene Sarmiento of the Comelec. She told him about the slow pace and passed the phone to the one in charge. Like a snap of a finger, the pace was hastened. From the snail-like 5 at a time, it became 20 at a time. By 3:08 pm, I was done. It took me 7 minutes to vote. The 5 hrs. of waiting was all worth it. Despite my aching feet and tingling knee, I was happy to vote.

I must apologize to my friend Leah because I kept bugging her about reports of irregularities in Las Piñas. At least I had someone to suffer with. I did not bother to have merienda. The long wait made me lose my appetite. I did drink about 2 liters of water when I got home. It was a draining experience but it was worth it. The true test of the automated polls is the counting and transmission. We really have to be vigilant and patient.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

A City Held Hostage

As things are going, Manny Villar's presidential run maybe over. In fact, the specter of losing even his hometown of Las Piñas is highly possible. The once formidable Villars could be losing their grip. It's somehow their fault as their base, the informal settlers of the city has dwindled in number and those who remain have discovered how "unnecessary" their existence is to the Villars. Alas, some form of persuasion is needed to get their influence back.

The majority of homeowners of the different villages and subdivisions in Las Piñas never liked the Villars. If not for their base, the Villars wouldn't win in the city. The residents of Philam Life is rabidly anit-Villar. In fact, coercion and intimidation is the name of the game. Any household who bares any form of support for Noynoy Aquino will have to deal with uncollected garbage. Stores which hang yellow ribbons or banners of Noy-Mar are threatened with with closure. But the Villars and Aguilars have upped the ante. They are now wooing the house-help, drivers of both private and public transports and the remaining informal settlers.

Last Sunday, May 2, drivers and house-help of Philam were approached by Villar coordinators and asked to sign up and invited to a meeting the following day. May 3 at around 4pm, they went to the covered court of Remarville (a village beside Philam) where the daughter of incumbent Las Piñas mayor Nene Aguilar was there to meet them. April Aguilar then started her short talk. This is how the event was told to me by one of those present.

"Sabihan niyo na ang mga amo niyo, lahat ng di bobot ko Manny Villar ay di bibigyan ng Friendship Sticker(this is the sticker given to all car-owners of the city as a pass to enter the other subdivisions in Las Piñas). Hindi sila tatanggap ng kahit anong sebisyo mula sa munisipyo. Lahat ng may negosyo ay di bibigyan ng permit o lisensya. Kung may pending papers or documents for release ay sisiguraduhin naming matatagal ilabas. Alam namin kung sinu-sino sila at kung sino ang kanilang iboboto kaya di sila makaligatas. Ayaw ko na sarili niyang lugar ay matalo si Manny Villar. Nakakahiya ito pag nangyari."

Warn your employers, everyone who will not vote for Manny Villar will not be issued Friendship Stickers. They will not be extended any service from the city hall (i.e. medical, garbage collection or other social services) . Those applying for business permits or licenses will be denied. We will make sure that those whose papers or documents are pending release will wait a very long time. We know who they are and who they will vote for and they cannot escape us. I don't want Manny Villar to lose in his hometown. This will be very embarrassing.

After her speech, those who attended, around twenty of them, were fed with Minute Burger and Zesto Juice. Another meeting like this took place a day after. This time around, poor folks and tricycle drivers were invited. Around 700 attended. The same stern warning was issued and were also fed afterwards. In both meetings, all attendees were given P400 each. I was able to interview a tricycle driver yesterday. I teased him about the check sticker (Villar's campaign logo) on his trike. I even offered him a yellow ribbon. He politely declined and said, "Gusto ko po pang makapag-trabaho (I still want to work)."

Sadly, not one of those whom I inteviewed is willing to come out officially. They are all afraid of the Villars and Aguilars. So this is what is happening in the little city of Las Piñas. Coercion and intimidation is the norm. Last March, persons wearing orange shirts and claiming to be local Comelec officials went house to house asking how many voters are there in every house. Will the elections in Las Pinas be clean? Will intimidation get to the nerves of the voters and allow themselves to be used in cheating? This is an example of traditional politics at its purest.

To the Villars and Aguilars, you may own 3/4ths of the city but you don't own the people of Las Piñas. Your little kingdom will someday crumble too. Your goons and gold cannot subvert the people's will. Isn't the wealth you now possess enough? Mahiya naman kayo, hindi kayo mga diyos!


Friday, May 07, 2010


Manny Villar may have circumvented the law, but the people of Norzagaray, Bualacan has something to say to him. This is how ruthless, Manny Villar is. How can we trust him when he can do this to the poor farmers and Dumagats? Villar obviously knows what he's doing. He knows the tricks of the trade. He knows who to deal with to legitimize his land grabbing. Come Monday, May 10, you know who not to vote for. Unless of course you want someone who can turn the country into one big subdivision.


How My Ballot Will Look On May 10

I never believed in block voting. I always wanted a balance. But with the candidates paraded before me, balance is out of the picture. I cannot in my conscience choose anyone from the Nacionalista Party nor from Erap's Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino. Joey de Venecia may be a good alternative just because he chose to expose a vukgar transaction. And yes, P500 million is a huge amount to turn down. Ang Kapatiran is too extreme for me as I believe that you can be morally upright without extremism. Any PaLaKa candidate is a big no-no for me. I guess by now you have an idea of who I'm voting for. Contrary to my usual practice, I'm voting straight Liberal Party.

No. 2 AQUINO, Benigno Simeon C. III

Vice Pres.:
No. 6 ROXAS, Manuel A.

  • No. 1 ACOSTA, Jr Nereus O.
  • No. 5 BAUTISTA, Martin D.
  • No. 7 BIAZON, Rozzano Rufino B.
  • No. 14 DRILON, Franklin M.
  • No. 19 GUINGONA, Teofisto III D.
  • No. 23 LACSON, Alexander L.
  • No. 26 LAO, Yasmin B.
  • No. 28 LIM, Danilo D.
  • No. 4o OSMEÑA, Sergio III D.
  • No. 48 RECTO, Ralph G.
  • No. 51 ROCO, Sonia M.

My choice for Party-list is No. 58 Akbayan. Ang Ladlad (No. 89) is also a good choice because they have bigger balls than Bayad Muna and because they actually need official representation in congress.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Accountability and Moving Forward

If we believe that going after crooks in government is mere vengeance, then we'll never get out of the rut we're in. If moving forward is turning a blind eye to the transgressions of outgoing officials, then let's just open the gates of corruption. Gibo Teodoro maybe intelligent but certainly not an agent of change. It utter stupidity not to go after the criminals who brought our institutions down. Gloria may have given him the break in his career but as president, he must uphold the law. To leave it to the people to go after these grafters says much about what kind of public servant he really is.

Look at how the current commissioners of the PCCG are treating the Marcoses. They've literally given them a "pat" on the hand. These bungling buffoons are mere 15/30 employees satisfied with getting paid doing nothing. How can we ever move forward when history keeps repeating itself because we let these hoodlums get away with their loot? There simply is no justice to be had. Erap may have been convicted but look at where he is now?

It's high time we teach these scoundrels a lesson. The elections will decide where this country will head to. We need a leader who will not only inspire us but one who will give us justice. He needs to be committed to the mission of getting back all the monies these thieves stole from our country's coffers. We've already heard them speak. Only a few speaks from the heart. Only a few are willing to end corruption. Only a few are sincere.

We've already lost billions because of these looters. We don't need someone who will let those who brought this country to the brink of destruction go free. Come May 10, vote for someone who you believe will prove that crime does not pay.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tres Babaeros

Finally, the Tres Babaeros have come to Manny Villar's aid. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines could not have put it better, "don't vote for candidates endorsed by womanizers." As expected, the trio of Willie Revillame, Manny Pacquiao and Dolphy came out with an ad exalting Villar to high heavens while doing a demolition job on Noynoy Aquino. The common denominator of the three is not their influence on the poor but as abusers of women. But there are statements uttered that deserves attention.

Willie Revillame said, "Mabuti na ang masaktan kesa ang manakit." Maybe Willie has forgotten how much pain he caused by using the desperation of the poor and lured them to a stampede that cost so many lives. Ganyan nga Willie, lokohin mo pa ang mga mahihirap at mangmang. Wala ka nga bang sinaktan? Maybe you should have looked yourself in the mirror and recalled the not so distant tragic past before you uttered these words.

Poor Mr. Dolphy. His children did not fare well in life. This is a person asking us to entrust our children's future in a man whose shady dealings have ruined investors' lives while enjoying a life of bounty. Dolphy sure is a good judge of character. If you are to ask me, I wouldn't believe a person who has children with very troubled lives. It really is so selfish of him to father so many kids he couldn't take care of. Would you now risk our country's future and live it in the hands of a man who have done so many wrongs to investors who trusted him? What about the thousands of informal settlers in Las Piñas? They have no place in any of Villar's plans. Paano mo mabibigyan ng bahay ang walang bahay na Pilipino kung sa mallit mong siyudad ay napakaraming walang tirahan? What about the future of farmers whose lands were converted into subdivisions? Oh com'on.

Lastly, Pacquiao should have studied Aquino's record first before saying na puro laban sa salita pero wala pang nagagawa. He maybe a good boxer but certainly do not know a thing or two about public service. Or maybe mahilig din siyang magbuhat ng sariling bangko. After all, Noynoy works quietly and does his work without much fanfare. Unlike Pacquiao, Noynoy doesn't need hype or publicity. Ikaw Manny, alam kong may nagawa ka na. Ilang "milagro" na ba ang nagawa sa asawa mo? The late Pres. Cory Aquino was never a public servant yet the people put their trust in her. Another bad judge of character, Pacquiao just adores the likes of Chavit Singson and Gloria Arroyo. What a fine lot to be identified with.

Three (in)famous womanizers are appealing to us voters to support a candidate who has muscled his way to riches. They want us to vote for a man who has lied, cheated and abused his position to enrich himself. Will you be swayed by their endorsement? I'd like to believe that the Filipinos are not stupid. Here are three men who have clearly abused women and children by their lifestyle. They are all materially rich but morally bereft. I would never listen to people who have questionable moral values. The Tres Babaeros may have hit it big in their own fields. They maybe richer than most of us. But I can face my family everyday because I have been loyal to them. What counts most in this elections in not just what you have achieved. What counts most is integrity, credibility and sincerity. Villar obviously does not possess these qualities.

Sadly, even the Tres Babaeros will not be able to save Villar's candidacy. Overconfidence brought Villar down. Overselling himself did him in. Villar thought that with the right story, he can become president. He may have gotten away with a lot of things in his rise to power, what he forgot is that there is such a thing as karma. At least he's used to wearing orange. Who knows, he may someday be elected as the BJMP's best dancer and YouTube's next dancing superstar.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Freedom of Depression

My mind was blown away as I read Carmen Pedrosa's column last Saturday. She questioned Noynoy Aquino's mental fitness. She claimed that a friend of friend of a psychiatrist told her about how the late Ninoy Aquino sought the help of the doctor to help Noynoy. She went as far as giving out details and that we should protect these sources. It was also very convenient for her to say that the psychiatrist had already passed away. So how then do we confirm this hearsay? Pedrosa should have gone straight to the widow of the late doctor. Unlike Guido Delgado, Pedrosa is a journalist. She should know what her responsibilities are.

Like the two earlier (but already proven to be fake) psychiatric reports, Pedrosa's story was as tall as her idol, Gloria Arroyo. I have already pointed out in a previous post what differentiates black propaganda from the truth. Perhaps Pedrosa is the one suffering from depression and needs to have her head checked. Perhaps she is depressed because her beloved charter change had died several times. Perhaps depression had set in because no one seems to be listening to her. Or maybe she's depressed that unlike Jarius Bondoc or William Esposo, she has no credibility.

I know that Freedom of Expression is enshrined in our constitution, but we must also make sure that we do not throw around lies. It is obvious that Pedrosa was simply sowing intrigue. The wife of the late doctor condemned the use of her late husband's name in the attempt to smear Aquino's name. So there you are, Pedrosa was not exercising her constitutional right. What Pedrosa is exercising is her "Freedom of Depression". All of us have experienced depression in one way or another. A loss in the family, poor performance or continuing failure at pushing charter change.

Who knows, Pedrosa may just join Villar in seeking psychiatric help for severe depression after he loses the presidential race. Villar with the specter of a senate hearing or corruption charges and Pedrosa for once again losing to neophyte president. Whichever way their senseless story goes, Villar and Pedrosa will surely use their right to suffer depression.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Is The Black Propaganda?

The presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party claims to be swamped by black propaganda. So far, all I've seen or heard being hurled against him has been proven to be true. Careful and diligent research has been undertaken by those like me who have reported on his very unethical and highly criminal dealings. Let me breakdown the issues so far brought forth against him. So far, he has not shown any document to debunk or refute the issues we raised.

In the first place, he chose to answer allegations that he benefited on the C-5 project in the media. He refused to answer in the proper venue that is the senate. So there is nothing wrong if media also airs the reports of his "sins". The issue here is if all these are simply black propaganda? Mr. Villar may have been used to faking and fabricating documents that is why he failed to recognize truth from lies. Colluding with the right officials may have made his claims to be true. But other documents and investigations brought out have proven otherwise.

He said that all his developments were legal. Why are there cases filed against him because of land grabbing and illegal land conversions? Just because you present land titles issued during the Japanese occupation doesn't prove ownership of these lands. Just because government agency officials say it is so, laws on the other hand say they are not. So how do you account for the farmers of San Jose and the Dumagats of Norzagarayclaim that you stole their land? Documents and laws have confirmed the wrongs you have done. Can you also explain how a sequestered piece of land can be acquired by your company? Perhaps the PCGG can do the explaining for you.

Is the illegal conversion of prime, irrigated agricultural land in Iloilo a figment of our imagination as well? I don't think so as those who used to farm there have spoken out to recount how they were forced to sell their lands to you. With another 600 hectares awaiting your development in the area, how many more farmers will succumb to your pressure? I suppose the DAR or the local executives there have some explaining to do as well. I am sure that there are many more similar cases hidden from public knowledge. Don't worry, we have a way of getting the information out.

The Vista Land issue being hurled against you by Erap and Enrile was one that eluded us. Fortunately, Enrile got hold of the document to pin you down with impropriety and unethical practice of a public official. Of course the PSE had exonerated you. Let me borrow Guido Delgado's ploy, a simple denial does not prove the document to be fake. Unless you see nothing wrong with being a businessman and politician at the same time, then you really must really think we are dumb and stupid.

Your lies have been exposed. You even lied about your status in life. When you can lie about your past, how then can you convince us that your entire existence is based on truth? At least this election has exposed the real Manny Villar, the Villar who abused his political position to enrich himself. What was a picture of inspiration in reality was a career mired in oppression and corruption.

Where then is the black propaganda you accuse us of? All I know is that we worked hard to prove tha issues against you. What have your supporters and your camp come up with? Nothing but a bunch of lies that have proven nothing but your desperation. Despite the billions you have already spent, despite the drama, despite the exploitation of children, women, the dead and the dying, you continue to slip in the ratings. Even a disgraced former president has more credibility than you. It's insulting to our intelligence that you call the truth as black propaganda.

Even if we take all these issues out of the equation, only one question sticks out like a sore thumb. How will you recover your billions? Ah yes, I have forgotten that you are a very good businessman. You have already proven your brilliance, after all, you have made yourself from a simple multi-millionaire into a multi-billionaire in just over a decade. What the Ayala's and Lopez's and even Lucio Tan took almost a lifetime, you have managed to do in a fraction of that.

Black propaganda? So far the only one using this in all forms and mediums is you and you camp. What is funny is that it keeps backfiring on you. No one is buying the lies you've been peddling but losers like you. It really is tough running a campaign based on lies and deception. Black propaganda my ass!

Find out the truth about the real Manny Villar HERE, HERE and HERE.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motherhood Statements

So desperation has really set in. I never expected Manny Villar to stoop so low. To defend him from the issues hurled against him, he has enlisted the help of his mother. Of course anyone wouldn't dare crossing a crying mother. This is really a cheap gimmick to use in the face of criticisms and charges of impropriety. Villar's propagandists has done a good job, at least for the time being. I expected Mrs. Curita Villar's press conference to be followed by an ad, true enough, it was.

So Villar has used everything to gain our sympathy and for us to turn a blind eye on his transgressions. For children singing to the elderly, Villar will use any means to get himself elected. But will his mother finally stop his critics? I don't think so. In fact, it might have worked if his camp did not use his mother in an ad on television. It reeks of exploitation and they had no qualms about it. Sen. Enrile is right in calling him callous and insensitive. After all, Villar was insensitive enough to use a departed brother to make it appear he was poor. I doubt if Erap'a or Enrile's hearts will be softened by Mrs. Villar's tear-jerking, heart-wrenching statements.

What I really don't get is Villar was arrogant enough to use his position in his indecent dealings but hides behind the skirt of his old mother in the face of the accusations of his critics. I must admit, Mrs. Villar maybe too old to know what her billionaire son has been doing all these years. I got to hand it to Villar's image-builders, they showed how low they can really be. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how Villar had avoided answering the accusations leveled against him.

With this latest stunt, Villar has proven once again how low he really is. He will use anybody to gain sympathy. He wants to look like an underdog with everyone ganging up on him. But did it really work this time around? He has only himself to blame for the position he is in. He may have thought that his wealth can hide the truth. See what happens when one uses too much drama and theatrics in his campaign ads? He placed himself in an indefensible position. He portrayed himself to be something he really was not. He has proven one thing from his latest antics, his mother truly loves him. As the adage says, "he's a billionaire only a mother could love."


Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelan Ka Ba Talaga Sasagot?

The latest bomb to hit Manny Villar came from someone in the Know. Former president Joseph Estrada sure knows what he is talikng about when he accused Villar of stock manipulation. Who could forget the infamous BW Scam? As usual, he first called it black propaganda. When the issue got hotter, he said "no law was violated". Then he changed his tune to "Vista Land should be the one to explain".

So far, Villar has not answered any of the issues against him. From the C-5 to the Vista Land issue, It's either smear campaign or someone would answer for him. It really is very hard to defend the indefensible. Look at Alan Cayetano, his "askal" demeanor in defending Villar may have ended his political career. Remulla did not do well either as he exposed the link between Villar and the Ampatuans. So far, Adel Tamano is still hanging in there, but I'm sure he wouldn't last long. Who else has come to defend Villar? The list is long and includes a host of characters whose credibility and integrity are all questionable. Even one of the biggest scammer in the country had come to his defense.

They all have tried their best to answer for Villar. So far, all they have done is to dig deeper Villar's political grave. With the campaign winding down to its last two weeks, Villar just couldn't shake the troop of monkies on his back. People have seen through his web of lies. His delusion of being poorer than a rat had been exposed. Time and again, Villar had the chance to debunk the accusations hurled against him. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), time had ran out to clear his name. He is unrepentant for the thousands of people he had taken lands from, from the investors of his IPO and to the farmers whose families now starve because of his land conversions.

Mr. Villar, errr Mr. Villaroyo, like with Gloria, we are all waiting for you to answer all the accusations against you. Buti pa si GMA nag-sorry. You have remained evasive and untrue. There is a deeper word for greed, it is "GANID". You think you can have your cake and eat it too. Sad to say it is not to be for we can see through the drama, the antics and the propaganda. I echo the question millions of voters ask, "Kelan ka ba talag sasagot?"

I suppose like Gloria, you will say sue me in court. I'm sure your many victims will do just that as soon as the election is over. Intimidation will no longer work because we will have an administration that will make sure that justice will be served. You will finally wear your favorite color for many years in a room worthy of someone like you.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Simple Life

I'll the title and photos speak for themselves. Neatly tucked away in the heart of Las Piñas lies the very simple abode of a very simple man who leads a very simple life. Based on his claims, he enjoys simple living. When you finally get to see for yourself how simple he really is, then you might say that poverty does not exist in the Philippines. You might say that poverty is a figment of the Filipinos' imagination. I don't know how this man can claim simplicity without batting an eyelash. If the poor he says he care for so much for can see the size of his estate, they might think they're living in another planet.

Tall tales have been spread by his cronies. Tales that would make your heart sink. His campaign ads are filled with gut-wrenching stories of his rise to fame (or infamy). What was once a small subdivision within a subdivision is now owned by this very simple man. He as managed to acquire the properties in this very small community. He even bought a sizable lot fronting his humble abode so his guests can have a place to park. The owners of the few remaining properties have to abide by his very strict security protocols. After all, with the many lives he has ruined to get to where he is, threats would surely abound. But of course, the endorsement of the supposed protector of the abused have taken away the threat of the left.

Unlike the viral photos of his supposed mansion circulating in the net, these pictures are the real deal. Of course he doesn't live there as he has bought the ancestral home of a prominent political clan in the glitzy area of Wack-Wack. I'm sure he still owns this as this is where he started his empire. Let me remind you however, that this property does not occupy a block but a big part of a small community.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of this very simple home.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Sino Ang Tunay Na Baliw?

The Nacionalista Party continues to deny the spurious psychiatric report of Sen. Aquino came from their camp. Villar on the other hand has challenged Sen Aquino to undergo a psychiatric test. While this is a legitimate issue, why does it seem that Villar is pushing the issue? The more Villar pushes it, the more I believe that he had a hand in this. Instead of coming out with a strong condemnation, Villar can still come out with a challenge to his rival. His party mates may not be privy to this black propaganda. Villar may have instructed others outside the loop to this despicable act.

After all the issues about Villar's ruse to riches came out, faking documents is as easy as pie to him. Knowing how dirty Villar plays politics in his kingdom in Las Piñas, I am not surprised if he can order a demolition job like this. We all know how a fish is caught, with his arrogance, Villar may just say enough to pin himself. With the insane way he's been spending, and his ratings dropping, he maybe experiencing desperation.

We've all seen how deadly the combination of arrogance and desperation can be. The Amaptuans have shown us that. The entire situation may have depressed Villar so much that he had asked someone to concoct such an insane report. Unfortunately, his plan backfired on him. Not only did it hit him in the head, his political party may suffer some setbacks as well. At the end of the day, was it all worth it? The backlash wouldn't be felt yet but Villar and his lot will surely find that out.

There are only 28 days before the elections. What if Villar, despite his outrageous spending lose the presidential race? How would he feel? How will he take it? Who knows, he maybe the one in need of psychiatric help. Oh Mr. Villar, you are threading on very thin ice. Be careful what you ask for, it may come back to bite you. Sino nga ba ang tunay na baliw? Is it the one who ran because the people asked him to, or is the one who throw billions for a measly P35,000 a month pay? Will the real "baliw" please stand up?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Si Garapal At Si Askal

We woke up to a report of a supposed psychiatric report on Sen. Noynoy Aquino's mental state. Soon the blogosphere was abuzz with matching documents to boot. But before the day ended, it became apparent that the said report was a fabrication. Both Fr. Caluag and the Ateneo Psychology Department denied such report was ever made. ABS-CBN refused to name the source but confirmed that the documents came from two members of Villar's Nacionalista Party, Aquino's rival. The blogger who posted the documents in the net has taken down his blog after the falsity of the report was established. Villar's camp now wants the network to reveal their source.

This was not the first time a psychiatric report on a presidential candidate was used in the campaign. Back in 1992, Miriam Santiago was a victim of such a tactic. Garapal who is considered one of the best operators in the country and whose mere mention of his names makes Miriam's mouth foam in anger, is the one who engineered the propaganda. The father of "dagdag-bawas", Garapal is as creative as Goebbels can be. We all know how Hitler's evil PR man turned Germany into a mess.

The NP has in its pocket, Askal. Now Askal is one rabid individual. He will used whatever means to further his ambitions. He used the unpopularity of GMA to get elected into the senate. Just a few days before before the fake report came out, he was seen on TV declaring Noynoy's team as a bunch of TOPAKs. This opportunist will exploit everybody and anybody who will help him get what he wants. Askal epitomizes what a traditional politician is. I wouldn't be surprised if his team was the one who fabricated the Aquino report.

I am in the belief that Askal got the idea from Garapal. Same tactic, same circumstance but are their parties really different? Or is the rumor of an alliance between their parties really true? Although Askal is as creative as Garapal (ex. taking us for a ride when he went after FG) and could possibly have thought of this on his own. But I think someone fed him this idea and he thought it a a very good tactic to use. NP could always deny it and could simply pass the blame to the Liberal Party. After all, they can claim black propaganda or smear campaign to protect themselves.

Could the use of the same tactics be purely a coincidence or is the rumored alliance be true? If it is true, then the Villaroyo rumor can be true. Villar could very well be GMA's secret candidate. With Garapal firmly behind GMA and Askal rabidly for Villar, the two can easily work together to save their patrons' necks. Both Villar and GMA has many things to explain. Both can face numerous cases when a new president outside their loop is elected. He scratches her back and she scratches his.

Could this theory be true? Is this the link that will finally prove the Villaroyo rumor? The coming days could reveal the truth. I expect both camps to deny it. It's up to the public to see through the two parties. In the kind of political culture we have, an alliance like this is not remote. When both leaders have personal ambitions and necks to protect, they could come together and destroy whoever poses a threat. The use of fabricated reports like this really shows desperation. This is one for the gutters. Only people who "swim in a sea of garbage" will use this strategy instead of sticking to the issues. Iba talaga trumabaho si Grapal at si Askal!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The True TOPAKs

Out of desperation and lack of creativity, Nacionalista Goebbels, Alan Peter Cayetano and Gilbert Remulla has coined a rather lame acronym for Noynoy Aquino and his campaign team. After Manny Villar's significant drop in the latest surveys, they had to come up with more lies to throw at Sen. Aquino. To get under Aquino's skin, they called his team TOPAK which they say means, Trapo, Oportunista and kamag-anak inc. Also throwing his lot into the fray is Bongbong Marcos, son of a dictator who took the country into near destruction.

So let's dissect this new tirade against Noynoy. Alan Cayetano who took us all for a for a spin in the last elections to get elected into the senate is, as his actions in the senate would confirm is a pure unadulterated trapo. Defending his embattled patron Villar to the point of making a fool of himself in the C-5 controversy, Cayetano showed us a real trapo at work. He is an opportunist himself. Riding on the unpopularity of Gloria Arroyo, he used whatever means possible to get elected. And when the time came to investigate the NBN-ZTE deal came, he did not even dare call one of his biggest campaign contributors whose name was mentioned in the hearings. The Cayetanos are a kamag-anak inc. Alan's sister is also a senator running for re-election and his wife is a congresswoman of Taguig. Iba talag, all in the family!

What about Gilbert Remulla who calls Noynoy Gloriaquino? Is he also a trapo? Is he also an opportunist? Is he also a member of kamag-anak inc.? I say all of the above. His brother Boying Remulla did not sign GMA's impeachment. He may claim that he's different from his brother but I call it playing safe which translates to being a family of trapos. His other brother is the vice governor of Cavite who tried to wrest the governorship from Gov. Ayong Maliksi. It was supposed to be in exchange for Gilbert's silence in the Garci hearings. Unfortunately for them, Maliksi thwarted their plan so the deal did not push through. What is it with politics that entire families are lured into "public service"? The pay must be really good, don't you think?

So who are the true TOPAKs? The holier than though duo of the NP surely are. Their records speak for themselves. Without anything to destroy Noynoy's reputation with, they now deviate from the real issues. If they claim to be what they are are, then I dare them to demand from Villar answers to all the controversies hounding him. Like the two leftist in their senatorial slate, they remained silent on the cases hurled against Villar. How then can you convince us that you will faithfully serve the people when you cannot even question the integrity of your presidential candidate?

At the end of the day, it is the vast wealth of Villar that forces them to make fools of themselves. Clean your own backyards first before you accuse anyone of being TOPAKs. I dare you to run as independents and show us what you are really made of. Don't BS us with motherhood explanations to the transgressions of your beloved leader. The crap you thrown maybe your own. Now who are the true TOPAKs?


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buking Ka Na Naman

Villar's in the hot seat again. Documents have come out disproving his claim to poverty. As usual, Villar came out saying that he's being a target of a smear campaign. Smear campaign? Documents do not lie. May I remind you that there are documents(unlike the ones you have) that refute your claims. I don't think the likes of Solita Monsod, Conrado de Quiros and William Esposo would throw their credibilities out the window just to spread lies about you. May I remind you that it was your campaign ads that brought attention to you.

Here lies the problem with too much dramatics to gain sympathy. The use or should I say the exploitation of the poor and the departed had come back to haunt you. Karma sure comes swiftly to those who use deception to further their personal ambitions. Now you challenge your critics to see for themselves your old house. Haven't you learned your lesson yet? Remember what happened when you challenged Ted Failon to visit Daang-hari? Not only did he see for himself how many of your subdivisions line this road, but saw how the road snaked instead of taking a direct route.

Your mouthpiece also claimed that your party will go on an offensive against those who criticize you. Esposo has replied, "bring it on!". There, someone has answered your challenge. You might end up getting you butt kicked again. Unless you can finally tell us something that is totally true, don't bother saying anything. Less talk, less mistakes. But I guess you really would like to push your luck. Tell us more lies, make more false claims. I am sure that someone out there will present another document to refute you. I am sure that even the poor you love to exploit will soon abandon you.

You have no one to blame but yourself. We did not open the Pandora's Box, you did. The ball is in your court now. Give us more reason not to vote for you and even convince others to abandon you. Money cannot buy everything. You may have your billions but you surely lack integrity and credibility. You and your cabal are certainly making it easier for us to decide on who to vote for come May 10. We'll be waiting for the next round of claims you will make. Give us more bullets to criticize you. Give us more of your lies so that we may expose the real Manny Villar.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bayad Muna: Leftist By Convenience

You can hear members of Bayan Muna repeatedly hit Sen. Noynoy Aquino with the SDO of Hacienda Luisita, yet they are mum on the various injustices done by their patron to informal settlers, farmers and indigenous people. I have yet to hear Ocampo, Maza or Mariano hit Villar about the Dumagats of Bulacan, the residents of Paradise Park or the farmers of Iloilo. Have they forgotten who they are fighting for? How can they justify their alliance with someone who have caused harm to the very people they say they fight for?

I thought the Reds were fighting for social justice? Is it because Sen. Aquino cannot give the same benefits Villar gives them? They say that HLI's SDO is an injustice to the farmers of Luisita. How many beneficiaries of land reform have sold their lands because they cannot finance its cultivation? In the end, they end up selling their lands to the likes of Villar who convert these lands to subdivisions.

Have these so-called protectors of the little people done anything about the plight of the Dumagats whose land was foreclosed by the Bangko Sentral? How about the doffee farmers of Amadeo in Cavite whose coffee fields are now a subdivision? What about the farmers in Iloilo whose rice fields is now a High class subdivision? Have these Lestist by convenience asked their conscience why they chose to support a candidate who have in his quest for wealth has driven many informal settlers out of their homes? Have they asked the former residents of Barangay Hollywood in Las Piñas how they lost their land?

I call it pure hypocrisy to accuse one of social injustice when someone who sits in their presence is himself doing the same. It all boils down to money. It really changes everything. It changes even those who vowed to fight for the rights of the poor. Money takes away the very soul of a person. If you say that you stand for cause, show us that you are for real. Don't bullshit us with statements that there are no proofs in the issues hurled against your financier. Do your homework, where's there's smoke, there's fire. Unless of course that you have sold your principles in the name of elections. Mga trapo din pala kayo!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PUP and GMA's Extravagance

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is in turmoil. A 2000% increase is set to be imposed on science and engineering courses on incoming freshmen. University officials attribute the increase to augment the university's funding problems. At present, government funding is at P570 million a year. More than half of this goes to salaries while the rest to operational expenses. Some of you may say that paying P12/unit is almost nothing, many of the poor who desire to get a good college education enroll here. A P6000 per semester may sound cheap, but to a family who loves hand-to-mouth, this is a big dent on their family's small budget.

The schools would have had adequate funding if only GMA would have been less extravagant in her trips or if only she put to good use her pork barrel. Instead of spending billions on useless trips and ads that try to make her administration look good, the PUP could do away with its tuition fee increases. Student leaders lament that they had to endure lack of facilities for their classes. Imagine attending a computer class with a ratio of 5:1 for a computer. Makati is better off as there is 1:1 ratio.

I must admit that the school officials' hands are tied. They have to make do with the meager funding the government gives them. The problem lies in the allocation of government funds. How can the country churn out competitive graduates when the president would rather spend hundreds of millions on her district in Pampanga for her congressional bid? How many tables and chairs or even computers could have been bought with the presidential fund? How can this administration claim that they are addressing the problems of the education sector?

Chartered flights, multi-million peso dinners, midnight flights to China to witness a signing of a botched scandalous project, these are just some of unnecessary expenditures this government has undertaken. Government agencies also have PR and intelligence funds that could given additional funding to our state universities and public schools. Education was never this administration's priority, making money for their caprices is. I no longer wonder why we have a skyrocketing dropout rate. Our children are being deprived of education. I suppose Gloria thinks that an uneducated people can be easier duped and controlled.

It's a classic practice of dictators to keep the populace uneducated and demoralized. The PUP case is not isolated. It's a microcosm of the what's happening around the country. Education is no longer a right but a privilege. How can a nation progress if we have leaders that totally disregard our youth? I suppose the government thinks there's always the private sector that would step up to the plate. The reality is that private support is dwindling due mainly to the fact that they have become milking cowa of the government. Gloria issued an EO that orders all government agencies to conserve. Where did these savings go? It went to bonuses and advertising of officials in preparation for their political plans.

Gloria's legacy is one of despair. Our people are left with nothing. She and corrupt politicians have drained our coffers dry. Our social services would not be left wanting if only our leaders honestly served our people. We are not asking for a slice of paradise. The Filipino people just want to have a little dignity and a decent life.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is The Threat Real?

I'm banking on the automated polls to be a success. Not only is it our last chance for redemption, it could immensely affect the future of our young democracy. Many scenarios have been hurled around. Things like failure of elections, partial failure and even a military takeover. Although I take these scenarios seriously, I still hope that come May 10, true democracy shall be the outcome.

I'm keenly observing the events that people point to that could show that something big is in the offing. There's the SC ruling on the next CJ, or Bangit's appointment as AFP's CS. But still I am not convinced that the automated polls will fail. I'd like to think that there are still some good left in the people who''ll oversee the process. There is also the issue of GMA running for congress. Why is she running? Is there something we should be wary of? Is she up to something again? So many questions that only the May polls could answer.

I've heard reports of a particular political party's total disregard for its national candidates. In fact, some personalities have even come forward to make their sentiments known. But that's their problem, I thought to myself. You wanted to run, that's your problem. What got my attention is the report this party is concentrating its funding on its congressional candidates. Some of them are even running unopposed. This party is even heavily investing on party-list groups. In fact, an official of this party even told one of its senatorial candidates, "Matuwa ka at nakasama ka sa senatorial slate, ngayon gusto mo pang manalo?" And this poor soul had been a loyal supporter of their party. He even endured ridicule from the public for his die-hard loyalty to someone we all despise.

I began to ask myself, why concentrate on the local arena? The threat of the failure of elections then entered my mind. Should no president, VP or senators be proclaimed, the next in line of succession is the speaker of the house. Could it be that Gloria is indeed planning something? Could she be targeting the speakership? Could this be the ultimate plan? Shit! I did not see this coming until the funding issues of Lakas was brought out. Congress is the key to all these. This could spell disaster and ruin our country's democracy forever.

When I pieced all these information together, indeed, the threat is real. The success of the elections is in our hands. Vigilance is our only weapon. If I were you, I'd start thinking of what we can do to ensure that the true voice of the people be heard. Let's all triple, even quadruple our vigilance. We must guard our freedom from those who want to take it away again.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Cry, cry, cry....Political Butterfly

I stayed up late last night to watch the vice presidential forum, Harapan. One candidate stood out like a sore thumb because try as she might, no one believed her. Loren Legarda, the senate's crying lady tried her best to be credible. After the audience graded her performance, a wry smile is the best that she can do. That's what happens when political butterflies run for public office. Like a moth that flew too close to the fire, Loren burned.

Her eloquence was not enough to carry her through the forum. I'm sure that every time her scores came up, she would have cried. I can see how irritated she was. This is Villar's running mate, I don't think she has any chance of catching up with Sen. Mar Roxas. Loren's record of changing sides has come back to haunt her. She tried to discredit Mar but instead ended up eating her words. She is the epitome of a political opportunist.

The Filipino voter has come a long way. They now know how to see through lies peddled by insincere politicians. How many issues has she ridden on to be popular? How many times has she made 180 turns to reach her ambitions? This is what happens when you claim something you are not. Poor Loren, she has no one to blame but her herself. You can fool some people some time but not all the time. It's time to hang up your gloves and retire from politics. You have used to many people for your political gains. Now the people do not believe you. You have used the last of your aces and you've gone bust.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Difference Between Mudslinging and Telling The Truth

While the campaign season reaches its peak, the issue of mudslinging is being raised. There's a world of difference between mudslinging and telling the truth. Villar claims to be a victim or even an underdog as issue after issue is now coming out of the woodwork. Victims of his "deeds" are coming out into the open. The small folks, the poor to be more specific, are coming out one by one to share with the Philippine electorate how Manny Villar and his companies managed to legally(?) grab their lands.

Can you call this mudslinging, negative propaganda or Villar's motherhood claim of pamumulitika? I call this the TRUTH. Anyone who can do basic math will tell you that "Sipag at Tiyaga" will not make you a billionaire in such a short span of time. Unless you are wield power, say like a speaker of the house or a senate president, legally increasing one's wealth cannot be achieved overnight.

Are all these issues hounding Manny Villar part of a grand design to besmirch his immaculate image? Of course not. The people he oppressed are now emboldened to come forward and expose his crimes. Take the case of the poor farmers of Bulacan. Villar's only answer to their accusation is that we check with the Bangko Sentral because all the land titles are there. How convenient it was for the Registry of Deeds to fall prey to a fire completely burning all the records that could prove that lands were indeed stolen from these poor farmers.

The MO is the same with the other issues. Local officials, regional officials and even government agencies all conspired to make it appear that all land transactions and projects were above board. It's high illogical for beneficiaries of the CARP would readily give up the lands they so long fought hard to get. It's also utter stupidity to simply convert prime agricultural lands to upscale subdivisions because these lacked irrigation. Isn't it government priority to make available irrigiation to farmlands?

A person who is haunted by injustices he committed to enrich himself will have to sooner or later face his accusers. What a lame excuse Villar hides behind because his past has now caught up with him. This is the reason why he is massively spending on his presidential bid. Like Gloria Arroyo, only the presidency can save his neck. With his billions, he can do a GMA and buy off the lower house to shield him from impeachment.

So what then do we call all these issues going around accusing Manny Villar of this and that? We call it the truth. It's the truth because victims are now coming out. It's the truth because there are documents that show he actually did the things he is accused of. Is it plain mudslinging then? Are these mere insinuations and allegations? Nah, it's the truth! And it has come out to bite Manny Villar's ass.


Finally Up Again

BloggingFor several days now, I've been unable to post anything because of some technical glitches which I attribute to some malicious individual who somehow was able to "fool around" with my blog. I've disabled my comments for the meantime and would be using a more secure one.

Please bear with me and I'll surely fix my blog problems in the soonest possible time. Thank you for your continuing patronage.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Useless Spending and Empty Promises

Manny Villar is the campaign's biggest spender. He claims he's using his own money to fund his expensive campign. In an interview, he promised to bring home all the OFW's stranded in the Middle East should he become the next president. He also promised he'll do it even if he has to use his own money. Eh, ganun naman pala, why wait to be elected? Why not do it now? With such a noble cause, I'm sure even his opponents wouldn't even bother to call it vote-buying. Just imagine the impact it would have on his muddied image?

But of course being the shrewd politician that he is, Villar is using this to bait the OFWs to vote for him. Ano sila hilo? He had spend so much just to see his ratings drop in the surveys. He will promise you heaven and earth just to get your vote. See how he used his dearly departed brother to gain your sympathy? Villar's statement that he would simply return to being a businessman if he wants to get rich is also a big lie. He never ceased being a businessman and he used his position to further enrich himself. Villar never divested his business interests. He and his wife still own their companies.

Just imagine how much he could get out of being the president of the country? As speaker and senate president, he had already shown what he is capable of, what more as president? He'll have a bigger pork to spend on his projects. He can easily convert more agricultural lands for his subdivisions. Of course all these issues against him would seem to be unfounded. After all, he has local and agency officials in his pocket to make all his transgressions legal(?). I could just see him now smiling at the effects of El Niño on our agricultural lands. For sure his thinking of how many more subdivision he can develop because of the phenomenon's disastrous effects. No irrigations to destroy, no officials to bribe, all he has to do is feast on the despair of the farmers who would readily sell their lands so their families could survive.

Villar has made so many promises. Tatapusin daw niya ang kahirapan. With the kind of campaign spending he's been doing, I wonder how many poor families could have benefited from the billions he had wasted? So he's back to playing catchup. But this time, he cannot simply steamroll his rivals with his obscene spending. Now he has to abide by the rules of the game. He cannot go over the spending limit set by the law. Poor Mr. Villaroyo, you peaked too early. See what happens when you rely too much on your money? Serves you right, you thought we can all be bought just like the people you are used to dealing with.

Better watch your back because Erap is hot on your tail. He seems to be more credible than you. Want us to believe in the purity of your intentions? Don't promise us anything anymore. Sabi nga ni Sen. Flavier, "Just do it!".


From The Mouths of Babes

My son is so irritated with Villar's ads that he seldom opens his Facebook account. Even the net did not escape Villar's ads. He's also sick and tired of hearing Villar's campaign jingle that he decided to rewrite the lyrics of the song. He just entered his teens, not a voter yet and sure knows what Villar's true color is. So now I share with you his song. With so many issues hurled against Villar, he would like to get some answers.

Totoo ba na nan-land grab ka?
Totoo ba, sa C-5 ay kumita?
Yan ang tanung namin,
Bakit ayaw mong sagutin?

Nalaman namin ang land covernsion mo.
Mga mag-sasaka, nawalan ng trabaho.
At ang iyong plano.
Ay lokohin mga tao.

Si Villar ang tunay na pahirap.
Si Villar ang tunay na pasakit.
Si Villar ang may kakayahang,
Gumawa ng katiwalian.

Si Manny Villar,
Ang magdidiin sa atin,
Sa kahirapan.

My son and his friends intend to make a video of this. That's how disgusted they are with being bombarded with what is obviously a ton of lies. See what happens when you have a catchy campaign jingle? It gets obliterated by irritated viewers and listeners. Maybe Cayetano and Remulla can learn a thing or two from the mouths of babes.