Sunday, April 29, 2007

Unfair Elections Act of 2007 (INSULTING THE ELECTORATE)

Let it be known to all concerned, these are the guidelines for the coming mid-term elections. All concerned are enjoined to adhere to the following provisions:

  • All administration bets SHALL, post their ghastly posters anywhere they please. LGUs and local police must turn a blind eye on these activities.
  • Administration bets SHALL, campaign during Overseas Elections as voting ends on May 14.
  • All government agencies must extend financial and logistical support to all administration bets. This includes their intelligence funds, office equipment and transportation.
  • All administration bets SHALL, engage in voting-buying whether in cold cash, insurance cards, or distribution of roast calf or grilled fish. They can also insert cash in giveaway items. They can also use raffles to disguise vote-buying.
  • Administration bets can exceed the maximum allowed spending per voter.

  • All government funded party-lists are not subject to investigation or disqualification.
  • All left-leaning party-lists and those critical of the administration must meet all requirements of the Party-list Law or suffer disqualification.
  • Party-lists who have pending cases against "friends and financiers" of the administration are to be disqualified.
  • Only heterosexuals can be represented in congress. Gays, Lesbians and trans-dressers even if they comprise 10% of the population and under represented can not claim to be marginalized.
  • Nominees of party-lists can come from a different sector provided they are friendly to the administration. (i.e. doctors and vice mayors can represent tricycle drivers)

  • Those who engineered cheating in the 2004 elections can run for a seat in congress. Those who aided these "engineers" are to be promoted/appointed to more sensitive positions.

  • The DoJ can file trumped up charges against nominees of left-leaning party-lists. They may also release accused candidates provided they issue statements in support of the administration.
  • The DILG must dismiss/suspend all opposition local executives without investigation. They can however forget about administration-friendly local officials who face numerous cases in court.

  • Proxy groups/entities can accuse the opposition of political dynasty but must never include families connected to the administration.
  • Television stations can air black propaganda/libelous ads against the opposition but may be charged in court if they air truthful ads of the opposition.

  • The AFP SHALL, engage in partisan politics in the guise of voters' education.
  • They SHALL coerce, intimidate and terrorize the electorate in voting only for the administration bets.
  • They can conduct sit-ins in schools and is allowed to field their own party-lists.



Blas Ople Policy Center Seeks Embassy In Syria

Fellow blogger, Susan "Toots" Ople sent me this email regarding the plight of our countrymen in Syria.

News Release
April 29, 2007

Blas Ople Policy Center seeks embassy in Syria

The Blas F. Ople Policy Center, a non-stock, non-profit organization which extends assistance to distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), called on the government to send a humanitarian team to look into the plight of Filipino domestic helpers in Syria and consider opening an embassy in the said country.

Susan Ople, president of the Ople Center, issued this appeal in light of text messages and urgent appeals from victims of human trafficking trapped in Syria.

“We recommend that the government open an embassy in Syria. Our recommendation is based on the growing number of Filipino workers there, many of who are at the mercy of foreign agents and their employers,” she said, adding that the government has embassies in countries with smaller OFW communities.

Requests for help were conveyed by two OFWs who were able to return to the country through joint efforts by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Blas F. Ople Policy Center. The two workers were also assisted by the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration. Initial information about the plight of the two distressed workers came from Dindo Amparo, who heads the Middle East bureau of The Filipino Channel. Amparo sent an e-mail to the Blas Ople Center with the mobile phone number of the OFW concerned.

According to Ople, the sending of a humanitarian team is also urgently needed because most of the Filipinos in Syria were being exploited due to their illegal status. Filipino workers in Syria are estimated at 6,000, most of who were victims of human trafficking rings in the Middle East.

The Center was also approached by relatives of Shiela Donguines, an OFW who thought she would be employed in Jordan. But Shiela ended up in Syria where she is being forced to work from 5 in the morning to 11 at night by her employer.

Alicia Santos, one of the OFWs who were able to return home, complained about the inhumane treatment she received from her Syrian employer who did not allow her to eat on time and refused to pay her a monthly salary.

Rhadilyn Bucad, on the other hand, revealed that her illegal recruiter came to her home in Tarlac and promised her a good-paying job in Syria. She was not asked by the recruiter to pay a placement fee. When in Syria, she was made to work long hours without salary by her employers who also maltreated her.

Former labor undersecretary Ople said foreign agents in Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait and other Gulf countries have been able to penetrate the countryside through local “brokers” or “recruiters” who scout around for willing victims.

“These so-called headhunters are paid by conduits of foreign agents for every Filipino domestic helper that they can send abroad. This is why the unsuspecting OFW is able to leave without having to pay a placement fee. The foreign agents make money from employers in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and other neighboring countries who are eager to have a maid of their own,” the Ople Center explained.

The daughter of the late Foreign Affairs Secretary Blas F. Ople urged interested job applicants to deal only with licensed recruitment agencies that are recognized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

“If anyone you know approaches you with an offer for a job in Syria, walk away or better yet, report him or her to the police. There are no suitable jobs to be had in Syria and even if there were, I wouldn’t recommend it as an employment destination especially for household workers, “ Ople stressed.



Friday, April 27, 2007

Voice In The Wilderness

Blogger Arbet Bernardo could not have said it better. His latest post about the death of values shows his sentiment and frustration. Apathy and moral degradation has turned our people into self-centered, self-serving individuals. Less people now care about their neighbor. Life has become a survival of the fittest where the weak and voiceless are dumped by the roadside. And the wicked and evil proclaim themselves kings.

He laments how we have turned into beasts, unable to discern right from wrong. Where our existence relies on our ability to put one over another for the sake of personal gain. This should be a wakeup call to everyone. We must bring sensitivity and genuine concern back in our lives.

We must bring back the values our leaders and some of us have discarded. Its not just about morality but being a human being. When we no longer care, we lost our humanity. We should not allow apathy to reign in our hearts. He must learn to be human beings again.

Arbet may just be a lone voice, but we should learn from his writings. He maybe swimming against the tide with this but I am sure that you, the reader, would stop and reflect of what we have become as a people, as a human being. He maybe a Voice in the Wilderness now, but we can join him in his call to bring values back in our lives and bring sanity back to society.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


When government officials offer incentives to influence others to vote for certain candidates, isn't this vote-buying? The offer by Raul Gonzalez to give a P10,000 reward to barangay captains who will produce a 12-0 sweep for Team Unity is tantamount to vote-buying.

Joe De Venecia is distributing insurance cards baring his picture to his constituents. This is a clear case of vote-buying. He claims that it has been his party's practice since last year. If this is a standard practice, then all LAKAS-CMD candidates are also guilty. This is if all its members are doing the same.

Manny Pacquiao is doing the same. Anyone who joins his movement will be given a P20,000 insurance. He claims that he just wants his constituents to be insured. He said that the fund has grown to P6 billion, wow! These funds came from his friends and donors, he adds. Pacquiao is running against re-electionist Darlene Antonino who is with the opposition.

This practice is nothing new. Gloria Arroyo used the Philhealth Card during her presidential campaign in 2004. Follow the leader! Birds of the same feather really flock together. They are all SHAMELESS!

These are blatant violations of the Omnibus Election Code. Art. 22, Sec. 261 states: any person from giving, offering or giving money or anything of value in order to induce any person,association, corporation or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate. The act is considered vote-buying.

Election Expenditure Update: Team Unity who boasts of 12-0 sweep has already spent close to P3 Billion in their campaign. The Genuine Opposition for their part has spent P380 Million.


Monday, April 23, 2007

State Of Dementia

I thought that after calling Julia Campbell careless and irresponsible, DoJ unconfirmed secretary Raul Gonzalez has had his fill. I was so wrong. As I listened to Pinky Webb interview him this morning, he dared his detractors to walk that same path Julia took. He added that he is sure no one would dare.

So despite the public uproar regarding his comments, he is remorseless of what he said. Instead of apologizing to the mourning family, he puts up a challenge to everyone. This guy is insane. Only people whose sanity had escaped them could not discern between what is proper or uncalled for. He has no sensitivity and his callous behavior shows what he is made of.

How can he dispense justice if he blames the victim than persecute the offender? He obviously is unfit to hold the position of justice secretary. The entire cabinet must at all times adhere to propriety as they are the president's alter egos. Any action or statement for that matter is deemed the official stand. There is no such thing as personal opinion when comes to the official family. With people like him in government, it only shows how incompetent this administration is at addressing issues. Its no wonder why the international community sees us as one of the worst in everything.

For someone who claims to be educated, Gonzalez showed lack of breeding and even diplomacy. His latest victim, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Enjoying the protection of the current dispensation, he is quickly defended for his transgressions. All the invitations of GMA are therefore all for show as her attackdog Gonzalez is always there to wreak havoc on common sense.

Senility is therefore an understatement when describing his state of mind. He is in a state of dementia. To allow him to stay a day more in office mirrors what this administration is, a bunch of lunatics.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Education: The Elusive Dream

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) yesterday, lifted the 10% cap on tuition fee increase. The logic behind this is that no university or college would dare increase their fees beyond 10%. The CHED said that the threat of losing students is the major deterrent to exorbitant increases. Really? I wouldn't subscribe to this twisted point of view. Instead of protecting the youth and their parent's, they are thrown to the wolves.

We all know that removing the cap could also lead to an increase in dropouts. With the way the schools have been increasing their tuition year after year, it has become too restrictive and has turned education into a privilege than a right. With this development, the parents will have to bear the brunt of the only "inheritance" we parents could give to our children.

State colleges and universities can only accommodate so much and the less privileged are even eased out by the affluent. Where will this displaced students go to get a good education? Personally, I think state universities and colleges should give priority to the under privileged. But this is not the case, the elusive dream of a college education is made unreachable to the under-privileged Filipino youth. Instead, these kids are made to go head to head with the rich, better educated youth whose families can easily afford to send them to private universities.

I believe the admission system should not be wholesale. The poor should be placed at the head of the line instead of at the end. Efforts should be done to reform the present situation in admittance in state universities. Give priority to those who need it most than those who can easily afford it. This should be the case. Scholarships should be awarded to those who can't afford and the grade requirements should be lowered to an acceptable level. Government agencies can develop jobs for education programs for scholars to help pay for the cost of sending them to school. Regardless if the state university uses income bracketing, the bottom line will always be affordability.

It seems that the Dept. of Education and even this administration would like to keep the poor were they are. And they ask why the poor remain poor and the rich become richer, kinda stupid isn't it. Then they blame the poor for their woes. It seems that the rich are given more preference and the government has made this their policy. They would rather see poor kids attend their TESDA trainings (which are not free by the way) and eventually send them off to distant lands to slave as "skilled" workers. The government then waits for their remittances which prop up the economy then claim that we are at the verge of economic takeoff. Its legalized human trafficking, and only GMA and her greedy cabinet can conjure such a scheme.

The administration's penchant for borrowing to somehow control the deficit has buried the country in debt. They couldn't care less as its the Filipino who eventually shoulders the cost. Which brings us back to the problem of education. As parents, we always try to give our children the best education we can afford. We toil and give up our luxuries for the sake of our children's future. But if a government makes it difficult for us to achieve that goal, then education will always be that elusive dream.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BLACK & WHITE List Is Finally Out

After a long hiatus, the Black and White Movement finally released today their Black and White List. The list was created primarily to guide the electorate of who the candidates are and their respective political parties.

The list is divided into two parts. The Black list is for those we should not vote for and the White list includes those we should vote into office. There is a list for the local officials and a list for the party-lists as well.

They further explained why such a list had to be made and they invite you to support this move.

"The Black and White Movement invites you to be part of this campaign to elect into Congress men and women of moral courage who will exact accountability from the GMA regime for the unabated corruption and extra-judicial killings.

We have selected 100 congressional districts where we will actively campaign for those in the white list and campaign against those in the black list. Let your vote make a difference. Join us in the black list/white list campaign."

To access the list, you may visit their SITE or click the B&W Mvmnt: Org in My Links sidebar.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ouch! Ouch! It Burns, It Burns!

Talks have been going around this past days about the latest Genuine Opposition ads being aired on ABS-CBN. I have seen the ads and only the guilty would cry foul. The ads focus on the corruption that pervades in our institutions. The GO did not mince words and that stopping corruption is included in their platform. I must say that the ads hit the nail on the head. Every Filipino knows it is happening and how rampant corruption is.

Now, the administration is up in arms and is threatening to sue the execs of ABS-CBN and the Genuine Opposition's campaign team. The administration said that the GO should stick to the issues and refrain from politicking. But isn't corruption the root of our country's woes? Isn't it a legitimate issue and not mere political mudslinging?

I also do not agree that these allegations are baseless and are raised merely to discredit an already discredited regime. What is funny though, even the international community had taken notice of the huge problem of corruption besetting the country and that the administration still denies the problem exists. The administration is definitely irked as the ads hit home. The truth hurts and this had the administration going to their usual defense, LIBEL.

ABS-CBN is now being singled out as GMA-7 rejected to air the GO ads. I could only ask myself why? Could pressure be the reason or is someone in GMA-7 protecting Gloria? Hmmmm, this could get interesting. One thing is sure, the heat is definitely being felt by the administration. And its actuations only makes matters worse. The opposition is pushing the right buttons and is forcing the administration to take the easy way out, repress the truth with absurdities.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the administration has been harping on the growing economy and how its winning the battle against corruption. They have employed every dirty trick in the book to derail the campaign of its detractors. Even the AFP has been called in to make sure of that. Now that everything is out in the open, they simply cannot take the heat.

Platforms are based on issues. Issues that must be addressed. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot create a platform without considering the issues. Now they cry foul in a game they started and which rules they themselves created. Well, it backfired on them. It has burned them and burned them quite deep. Playing with fire can really hurt and all they can say for now, is OUCH!

UPDATE: GMA-7 as of April 16, finally ran the GO campaign ad. I was able to catch only one version and I'm not sure if they will be airing the other three versions.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Battle Of The Fronts?

Ever since Akbayan representative Etta Rosales exposed "bogus" party-lists, it got me thinking. While Esperon and the Neo-cons cry the Reds are coming, the administration is sending its fronts to war. The AFP with Malacañang's blessing is now doing a demolition job on left-leaning groups. The AFP is not shy about their operations against these groups and even deployed military units in Metro Manila.

In the spirit of reconciliation, the Aquino administration and even the '87 constitution extended the hands of peace to the communist insurgents and invited them to take their fight in the realm of mainstream politics. FVR for his part welcomed the development as a way of attaining peace. Thus the Party-lists were born. Now the plight of the marginalized, long forgotten by society is being given a voice in congress.

But when GMA stole the reins of power from Erap, the purging of the left began. Like Marcos, she allowed the military to act with impunity. And for every leftist killed, she praised them to high heavens. Now they opened a new front in the name of survival. The administration is buying and sending its allies to congress. Forget about representation, what is imperative now is the GMA's survival.

With the surveys going against the administration even in the local level, They must have the numbers come impeachment day. The opposition is clearly gaining the upper hand. Two options are available to them, to cheat or to create fronts. They know that the battle will be fought in the lower house and they need all the support they can get. With this in mind, they followed their communist theory and created their own party lists. Never mind who the nominees are, their friendly COMELEC will be there to protect them.

Isn't there a law about government employees/agencies engaging politics? But the COMELEC's brilliant(?) commissioners saw otherwise. They now say that nominees are non-issues, what is important is the party itself. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry can land a seat in congress. Even the provision which states that a nominee should come from the ranks of the marginalized is circumvented. What is worse, the COMELEC did not even lift a finger and accepted the nominees wholesale.

Now, the marginalized is being abused by these hoodlums. The mangling of the law has prostituted its essence of the system. Now even convicted criminals are being used to resurrect the political career of a pedophile. Doctors and vice mayors can now represent tricycle drivers. Hell, even under secretaries and directors can run for a seat. And they are not ashamed to admit that they are connected in some way with the government. The OFWs with their massive political clout is being represented by a son of the PAGCOR chairman. Wow naman talaga, the blatancy of how they intend to achieve their goal is appalling.

The Ang Ladlad which hoped to represent the third sex was not accredited by the COMELEC based on "technicality". This is despite the overwhelming number of their members throughout the country. The PEP Coalition who wishes to fight for the rights of parents and children hoodwinked by powerful and wealthy individuals was first accredited only to later recall its accreditation. Now the PEP Coalition is in limbo and is appealing its case. The COMELEC in 2001 was so strict with the requirements to be met, it has made a 180 degree turn to accommodate the whimsical caprice of the administration and let its allies run. Nominees were simply accepted regardless of their background.

The administration is in survival mode. And this is the only reason why they must win at all cost. They have abused the peace-loving Filipino. They have curtailed our rights and have refused to face the issues. This election is crucial if we want true democracy to prevail. Let's not allow these bogus party-lists to gain a single seat. To give them one is like accepting that the Filipino can be bought.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Saving Up For Election Day - The Local Scene

We never see infrastructure going up until the few months before an election. For almost three years, our officials would hold back development in our areas. Diggings and other projects would suddenly rain on us just before the start of any election period. Even good roads are dug up and waiting sheds spring up like mushrooms.

To an expecting, taxpaying constituent, we would like a continuous development. But after being elected, any form of development would come in trickles. For the next two and a half years, cities, districts and towns deal with potholes, poor health service, uncollected trash and many more.

From time to time, these officials pave a street or two but that's about it. Christmas, Valentine's and graduation are their favorites. Weeks before these days, you will see their ugly faces plastered on streamers, greeting us. But boy, when elections are just around the corner, money starts flowing. You will see them mingling with the voters. You will see them in different churches and prayer rallies. You will even see them attending school programs or even buying stuff from our markets. You will

These zombies wake up when the media starts reporting about them. They'll suddenly get their fat asses off their expensive chairs and spring into action. Then they'll go back to their usual routine, sitting and thumbing their noses and waiting for the next opportunity to make "pa-pogi".

Come May 14, these bozos will be at mercy. For the past two years, we've seen how they work. Let's remember those who really served us. Let's remember those who did not take advantage of their position. Let's remember those whose faces we never saw on streamers. Let's remember those who worked quietly and never announced that he constructed a shed, a court or a playground.

Make a list of what your, governor, mayor, councilor and congressman has done for you, their "BOSS". On May 14, let's get rid of the TRAPO who remembers us only when there are elections. We don't need decorations in our local offices, what we need are public servants.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Antonio F. Trillanes, IV - A Ray Of Hope

Despite his role in the Oakwood Mutiny, Sonny Trillanes seems to be holding his own. Incarcerated for the past three years, he never wavered and has stuck to his ideals. While most of his compatriots have turned tail, he never broke and is now becoming a force to reckon with.

How does he do it? The answer is plain and simple, the people see themselves in him. The purity of his intentions might just carry him to the halls of the senate. The administration may call him a rebel, but to the ordinary man, he is someone they can rely on to fight for their rights. To the administration, he is an outlaw. But how can an illegitimate regime justify that?

What Sonny lacks in campaign funding, he makes up with integrity and charisma. Integrity is what he can offer. This is the reason why he still has a shot in the senate race despite the administration's efforts to ruin his name. Can the likes of Chavit, Defensor and even Joker match his integrity? I don't think so, Trillanes has more integrity than the entire slate of Team Unity combined. Joker may claim that he is a protector of human rights, but he would never touch any Arroyo. He may not have the numerous ads Pichay and Defensor have, but the mouths of Filipinos carry his name. Never have I seen a campaign run by mere volunteerism. His funding comes from people who believe in him. They come from different walks of life and are only too willing to give him their support. He rejected a gambling lord's offer of financial aid. Can Chavit match that?

Esperon is nothing compared to him. He commands more respect than this human rights violator. This is the reason why Esperon would move heaven and earth to keep him in jail. Esperon is envious of what Trillanes has accomplished. Even several months of solitary confinement did not lessen Sonny's resolve. He cannot be bought and does not have to be a lapdog to anyone.

Integrity, charisma and a pure heart, this is what Trillanes has. Traits like these can never be discounted nor ignored. People can easily associate themselves with him. He represents every ideal the people aspire for. He stands for the reforms we all seek. His methods may have been harsh but every man can only take so much. His actions should have awakened us to the reality that nothing will ever get done by just watching from the sidelines. He showed us that there can never be compromises in achieving our goals. Antonio Trillanes is his own man.

Ellen Tordesillas had requested me to share with you the modest way Sonny Trillanes reaches out to you, the Filipino people. Due to lack of funds, his supporters prepared a short clip for his campaign. You may view his ads HERE and HERE.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Ninoy's Letter To His Son

Ellen Tordesillas posted this in her BLOG. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III now shares this touching and inspiring letter to us, the Filipino people. All freedom loving Filipinos should read and share this to everyone they know.

We all know how Ninoy unselfishly gave up his life in the fight for justice and freedom. I hope that everyone who will read this will learn what love for country means. I hope that the fence-sitters will no longer watch from the sidelines and do their share.

When tyranny and injustice rears their ugly heads, its our duty to protect our country. We all should not sit idly by while our beloved Philippines is raped and ravaged by people whose insatiable lust for power is overwhelming. We must not allow the prostitution of our institutions.

Noynoy is requesting bloggers to disseminate the letter for all to know why he had to run for a senate seat. You may view and download the PDF file HERE.

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing."


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lenten Hypocrisy

I know its Lent, but I just couldn't let this pass. As if we haven't been suffering enough, GMA now asks the Filipinos to sacrifice this Lent to save the nation from from disunity and poverty. She also appealed to stop the bickering and hopes for enlightenment. Well, she would like us to distinguish truth from false promises.

She added, that we should carry our cross to save our country from poverty and conflict, to remove anger and hate from our hearts. She asks us to be generous in giving service to our fellowman. She wants us to use our faith to foster love and unity and that with should emulate Jesus Christ.

Look who's talking! What more can the Filipino give when she and her minions have nearly drained our last ounce of strength? She has the temerity to appeal for a cessation of bickering when her parrots have been talking non-stop. How can our nation unite when she drives a wedge between classes and sectors of society? Oh, we all know truth from lies and that is the reason why nobody believes her anymore.

We've been giving not only service but even our lives for our countrymen. We've been there whenever calamities hit our provinces. We've been donating to different causes and NGOs. Our doctors have been giving free treatment to the impoverished. We've been paying our taxes. We all know how to sacrifice for our people. Our OFWs have been sending their hard-earned dollars to prop up our economy.

You continue to fatten your minions and let the nation go hungry. You persecute and kill those who oppose you. You divert funds to your loyal subjects to repay your political debts and neglect social services. Now you ask more from us? You never suffered. You never had to worry about your next meal. You have a very good life.

We all understand the true meaning of Lent. Its you, madame who should do all you ask from us. You should look in the mirror and ask yourself, what have I done for my people? We've all been doing our part, except you. You are the reason for the mess we are in. Yet you continue to ask but you never give.

My Lenten message to you madame: "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH"


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WOW Philippines

Its not about promoting the Philippines as a tourist destination but more of a magnet for investigators. Thanks to GMA, she really put us on the map. Now we are as (in)famous as Zimbabwe. With the way we've been hauling in awards of notoriety, we are on track to being a "first" world country just like what she envisioned. It would have been better if investors and not investigators are coming in droves. I couldn't be wrong, with the way the BBC and CNN covered the Ducat hostage crisis, we are once again thrust in the limelight which exposed our leaders' corruption and ineptness to the world.

The UN and the EU have taken notice of the human rights abuses in the country. Just imagine, the US senate even conducted a special session just to investigate the extra-judicial killings that seem to be escalating everyday. Several media organizations around the world have condemned the assassinations of journalists. Theyhave even rated us as second most dangerous for journalists, second only to Iraq, which is in a state of war. The PERC recently bestowed upon us the (dis)honor of being the "most corrupt" in the region.

Wow, we're really making waves. With the way the unconfirmed DOJ secretary has been dishing out words of wisdom against UN rapporteur Philip Alston, and Esperon seeing "Reds" where there is none. They are definitely making the Philippines stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of democracy. As of late, the international community is also alarmed with the rampant "forced eviction" in the country.

The world had taken notice and will continue to do so. Meanwhile, Gloria and her minions will welcome all investigators, they can always deny can't they? Remember, she has a doctorate in lying and doublespeak. She praises her generals who kill women, children and even the elderly. And she's not ashamed to say that in our faces. She even makes sure the cameras catch it. Isn't that dandy.

So what's next? We will once again WOW the world with how we conduct an election. An election wherein gambling lords, convicted criminals, recently retired COMELEC official (who made sure Gloria won), and a host of party-lists who are not ashamed to admit that they are connected with Malacañang, are all eligible to run. Even tricycle drivers have a party-list, represented by a vice mayor and a doctor, duh. WOW talaga! If the leftists have fronts, so can the rightists, represented by no less than Jovito "The Butcher" Palparan. WOW na WOW talaga!

Well we can still redeem ourselves and make sure this administration will not dishonor us ever again. We've suffered the last six years, we can outdo ourselves by making sure we vote wisely and with conviction. We're thinking human beings not monkeys as what Gloria and her ilk would like us to be.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many have wondered and some have even offered explanations on how Gloria has managed to stay in power. There is only one answer to the question that has baffled the nation. Plain and simple BRIBERY. Never have a country seen bribery on such a grand scale. Its no surprise why the Asian region found us to be the most corrupt country.

From top to bottom, the bureaucracy is tainted by this epidemic sowed by the highest official of the land. With impunity, the nation's coffers have been raided time and again to shower those who showed loyalty to the queen. While the people scavenge for scraps, the lapdogs rejoice in their new found wealth. Institutions and individuals continue to be bought through fees and taxes exacted from the people.

As long as you play the rules of the game, one can land a position no matter how incompetent that person is. The fattened cows now know what it takes to get more "blessings". With money and positions flowing like a river, they are lining up to lick the queen's ass.

Notice how she creates offices to accommodate her minions? She even duplicates agencies to make sure everybody's happy. She fries the small fish to show she's doing something about corruption but lets the sharks go unpunished. To make sure she stays in power, she allows the AFP to abuse the populace. Even the UN nor the international community cannot touch her. Her little kingdom is growing thanks to her mercenaries in congress and in the military. . Corrupt generals are only too eager to retire, assured that they can continue their criminal acts in their civilian offices. Loyal officials are given juicy projects to fill their pockets with commissions. They are bribed with taxes we pay through blood, sweat and tears.

In this country, crime pays. Here, criminals become public officials. They feed on poverty and thrive on apathy. They are SCAVENGERS OF MISERY. Those who go against the system are silenced. Others are incarcerated for their ideals. Now you see why our officials and the military continue to flock to the palace by the murky river. Like happy customers, their SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!