Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Birthday Boy: Manolo Quezon

One of my idols in blogsphere is celebrating his 37th birthday today. Better late than never, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to you, Manolo. Happy birthday!

Mosey down to his blog and greet him.


Statistical Overstretch And Albano's Twisted Imagination

The TU cheating machinery has bogged down. During the campaign, Tonypet Alabano of TU said that political machinery will give the TUTA a 12-0 sweep of the senatorial elections. He was trying to condition the minds of the people when their cheating operations kick in. What actually happened is the complete opposite of whatever mind-conditioning the administration tried to stick in our undiluted minds.

Now Tonypet is raising a howl and crying that they have been cheated. Cheated he says? Cheated my ass! Only the incumbent has the monopoly to cheat. With their guns, goons and gold and they still claim they were cheated. The COMELEC too is by your side so how can the TU lose? We are not stupid Tonypet. It was the people's will to kick TU's asses to kingdom come.

Now Tonypet comes up with a term only he understands. Its called STATISTICAL OVERSTRETCH. He claims its the GO's brand of mind-conditioning wherein the opposition would claim imaginary cases of cheating to undermine the TU's standing in the canvassing. This guy sure has his brain stuck somewhere else.

Wasn't Escudero, Cayetano and Pimentel nearly robbed of votes in the hundreds of thousands? And these where uncovered during the national canvass. Of course Abalos was quick to declare it as clerical errors. Lintang Bedol, one of Garci's lieutenants, justified the voting of minors. I wonder how many minors voted for TU in Mindanao and ARMM? People in Maguindanao profess that there were no elections held there despite CoCs and SoVs which show a very high turnout of voters. Maybe Tonypet should ask Gov. Ampatuan why teachers under armed guards were videotaped in a gymnasium filling out ballots even before elections began. He should also ask Amb. Tita De Villa of what she witnessed during the Lanao speacial elections. Even foreign observers witnessed how the a mockery of the electoral process was done.

I suppose Tonypet is trapped in the nightmare they themselves created. He claims that TU was cheated in opposition bailiwicks. This claim however runs contrary to NAMFREL's study that the opposition actually has thousands of voters disenfranchised in opposition turfs while administration bailiwicks had astronomical increases in their voters registration.

The vigilance of the people and the genuine call for electoral reform is what caught the administration off guard. They thought that they can still cheat and get away with it. (my hunch is that Gloria really wanted to be out of the country when the reports of TU's cheating are exposed) Now Tonypet has to conjure up some insane, highly improbable scenario to deflect the heat from their massive, brazen acts of defrauding the electorate.

Now Mr. Albano, who do you think will believe your assertions? You may fool people sometime but not all the time. The people are not as stupid as you may think. We are well informed now more than ever. Its you who is actually overstretching, overstretching your blurred and twisted imagination that the people love TUTA and GMA so much, and that we owe our continuing existence to them.

It could may have been TU's cheating operators who did some hokus-pokus to make it appear that the GO cheated. The GO does not need to cheat in their bailiwicks as voters there cannot simply be bought. Unlike in the administration's turfs(?), teachers and election officials are forced to cheat under the barrel of the gun of warlords bought with the people's money.

My humble advice is for Tonypet to see a shrink to interpret his "dreams". Sometimes, lies become truths when one believes them to be reality.

"You may want to read what UNIFFORS (GO bites TUTA) had to say about Tonypet Alabano. Arbet of AWB Holdings (Making a donkey out of oneself) adds his masterstroke on Albano as well"


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Making The Grade

When it rains, it pours. This is what's happening now as the race for the Magic 12 is heating up. The blatant display of how cheating can land you in the top 12 is now pouring in. Despite the presence of election watchdogs, the cheating operators were not deterred from conducting their fraudulent business. Military presence did not prevent hostilities from breaking out. And intimidations were even more pronounced.

Cheating is more rampant now as the final stretch to proclaiming the Magic 12 is at hand. Quantity and not quality is the name of the game as the COMELEC sacrifices scrutiny with speed. Despite questionable CoCs, the COMELEC would rather finish the count and proclaim the winners and worry about protests later.

Now the dagdag-bawas is more evident. The COMELEC just makes everything slide than charge the perpetrators. In many cases, they justify or even cover-up those who obviously are guilty of fraud. Even candidates who benefited through cheating were never questioned. This cases were simply noted and would sure fade into oblivion.

COMELEC officials whose watch were tainted with documented reports of alleged cheating were quickly absolved of any wrongdoing. Even when violations are done under their very noses (I'm quite sure, even with their blessings), these COMELEC officials were retained and even praised. Abalos, despite tons of evidences even has the gall to berate the media for airing footages of cheating. (eat my shorts Mr. Abalos)

Migz Zubiri and Ralph Recto simply kept quiet despite being obvious beneficiaries of dagdag-bawas. It only shows what kind of men they really are. Nothing is more important to these two than just making the grade, regardless of how they get there. Mga walang delicadeza. A true gentleman would never allow himself to win through cheating.

With the huge campaign expense of these two, they will do anything and use any means to get into the Magic 12, even at the expense of decency and principle. If principles can be bent, what can these two offer the senate much more the people? I'm sure they know where they stand in the eyes of the people. No amount of endorsement will put them into office. Is this how low our senator-wanna-bes will stoop just to make the cut? Of course, what can we expect from "puppies" of a cheating president.

If I were in their shoes, I would be the first one to ask for an investigation to make sure that the will of the people be heard. But then again, I'm not a greedy, power hungry, unprincipled trapo like them. This is where we make the distinction between public servants and self-servants. By hook, or by crook....winning is the only thing to them.

As the last Cocs reach Manila, expect more shenanigans to be exposed. The heat has taken its toll on Rene Sarmiento, head of Task Force Maguindanao. The special elections there was marred with recorded violations and intimidations. Now the stakes have gone higher as the last position is up for grabs. I wonder what the TU will come up with this time. I hope its not another "kuwentong barbero" where shaving is a way of life.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Its Payback Time

The cannibalism of Lakas by Kampi just before the elections has left a scar in their coalition. Local candidates of the two were pitted against each other and some Lakas members had no savory words for their supposed to be allies. The rift between the two had left a deep wound that cannot easily be healed.

Although the administration may have won the majority in the lower house, GMA cannot be complacent as their coalition is on the rocks. Now that the focus of the people is on the senatorial canvass, her political advisers will have to repair whatever damage had been left by the rift.

The answer is the renewal of their push for charter change. GMA was able to get the attention of her cohorts in the lower house when she dangled the cha-cha carrot. With JdV getting a fresh mandate, a new battle is emerging between Lakas and Kampi. The fight for the house leadership will be a hotly contested one.

Should JdV lose the lower house to Villafuerte, it could widen the rift between Lakas and Kampi. GMA will be left standing on very shaky ground. JdV can easily turn his back on her and her impeachment can very well push through this year. Will she gamble and see what happens next? Knowing how wily she is, for sure she would not blindly step into the unknown.

Will a renewed push for cha-cha do the job? Would the Lakas be stupid enough to believe her again? GMA showed Lakas what she is capable of and Lakas should now consider its options. But JdV is also politically savvy and could may very well corner GMA. Its going to be a battle of concessions. Should GMA go too far, Lakas may just go with the opposition and hang her out to dry.

The untenable position Gloria is in could spell her downfall. This will bring us back to the Cha-cha. Now more than ever, with a seemingly hostile senate, Gloria will have to rein in the Lakas in the lower house to save her skin. She will be hard-pressed to push for Cha-cha. This is the only thing that could hold their shaky coalition together.

After the smoke of the recent elections clears but with no time to spare, the administration will have to muster the numbers and press for the shift to a parliamentary system. Gloria will have to pay through her teeth as the rift will surely hit her hard.

The next few weeks will be crucial for JdV and GMA. Niceties will not work this time and the day of reckoning is upon them. Will they square off? Who between the two political abominations will survive? I'd love to see Kampi and Lakas go at each other's neck. They brought it upon themselves and the stronger predator will reap the rewards of its labor.

Its payback time for Gloria. How she will pay for her party's cannibalism of Lakas will be something to look forward to.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It seems that more and more discrepancies in the canvass entries are being uncovered. The election watchdogs are indeed doing their job well. The latest of these discrepancies were traced to Ralph Recto who was given an additional 100,000 votes.

Last week, the same "CLERICAL ERRORS" were discovered. Chiz Escudero and Alan Cayetano were almost robbed of 100,000 votes each. Fatigue maybe taking its toll on our hard-pressed canvassers. It could also may have been pressures from some quarters.

But the COMELEC, when its hands are caught in the cookie jar, has one explanation and an alarming one at that: CLERICAL ERROR. With the canvassing at a snail's pace once again, I wonder how many times this phrase will come out of the COMELEC's mouth.

Our vigilance is paying off. The cheats are losing their battle. Whatever the outcome is, I will accept it as long as it is proven to be the true mandate of the people. No, I'm not waving the white flag nor am I willing to accept Gloria's claim that she has the confidence of the people. I am very sure that there are those who did not vote or were never allowed to vote. Then there are those who voted who were not supposed to. But all these will have to be in another post.

The voters' list despite being purged was full of errors. I suppose the COMELEC's answer to those disenfranchised will be, yes you guessed it, CLERICAL ERROR. Now the "I AM SORRY" speech by Gloria is passe and Garci has done his job, CLERICAL ERROR RULES! And pixies are everywhere. Lets be more vigilant, people!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Invitation To Show Your Concern

We have seen how "AN HONEST MISTAKE" nearly cost Chiz Escudero and Alan Cayetano a hundred thousand votes each. Reports of cheating and failed polls have been coming in from different sources. Even the NAMFREL Quick-count system was almost hacked which caused the delay in their counting.

Obviously, someone is trying to steal the elections again. But this time, the vigilance of the people maybe paying off. Volunteer watchdogs have been very busy unmasking the different forms of cheating being employed by operators of unscrupulous politicians.

I received this text from a good friend yesterday.

"A well-planned systematic and shameless PLUNDER OF OUR VOTES is unfolding before our eyes!! Please join the CONCERNED CITIZENS at a PEOPLE'S PROCLAMATION and PROTEST rally on Wednesday, May 23, at the PICC where the COMELEC canvass is being held. Assembly is at the Starcity at 3pm. Please wear black.

Bring your friends and associates. Let's not allow this SHAMELESS administration to murder our democracy again and again. Mabuhay ang dakilang Pilipino!!!"

I hope you will all help protect our democracy.


Is Mindanao A Lost Cause?

As I had expected, Mindanao is once again a hotbed of cheating. I now ask myself why this place seems so unchangeable. How can there be real democracy in Mindanao when almost everyone can be bought for as low as P20? I pity the Muslims who volunteered to safeguard the elections. All they wanted was to change the perception that Mindanao is the cheating capital of the Philippines.

Well the recent polls could even be worst the our Mindanaon brothers and sisters could have witnessed. Is it culture or some societal factor that we couldn't comprehend? We see a lot of Muslim NGO's and even separatists who have been trying to change Mindanao. Muslim NGO's tried their best to make a difference but to no avail. Reports of massive cheating and vote-buying are coming in. Failure of elections are a dime a dozen.

I resent the remarks thrown at our Muslim people as being terrorists and hoodlums. But how I can even start to debate/defend them when all I see is a people bent on keeping the title of cheaters? I can blame the usual suspect, poverty but that would be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I suppose I can blame their social structure. It seems that their social system is stagnated that warlords and their royal families can indeed buy off their rights.

Do they still consider themselves serfs of a sultan or maybe they're just uninformed as to what is at stake in an election? Most of them seem to see elections as a way to make a fast buck. We could also say that our political leaders have never given Mindanao any hope and this has turned Mindanaoans to an apathetic people whose only care is to live by the day and avoid the ire of their leaders.

Whatever the reasons may be, I'm still reeling from the fact that despite the efforts of concerned Muslims, Mindanao will continue to be perceived as the cheating capital of the Philippines. Those with money will continue to dictate the fate of an abused people. The current dispensation has once again used its resources to buy the lords and order their people to sell their future. Unless these opportunistic local leaders are brought down from power, the Mindanaoans will never be free from the bondage of misery and misunderstanding.

I hope not all is lost for the people of Mindanao. I can only pray that the predators in their midst will be finally be replaced by those willing to actually change the path the powerful had taken them to. A misguided people that will continue to blindly follow the few who only think of themselves. When most of our Asian Muslim neighbors have allowed democracy to actually set in, Mindanao rich as it may be, will continue to wallow in desolation.

I thought that Islam is pure and just. What I see in Mindanao, are a few corrupt Muslims abusing their very own people. What makes them different from the leaders of Imperial Manila, nothing, they could even be worst. They terrorize their own people. They use the barrel of the gun to persuade and the power of the purse to sell their people to the highest bidder.

Just like the powerful in government, the abusive local leaders and warlords would like to keep the status quo. They want the power for themselves. What is happening in Mindanao is a microcosm of what is happening to the entire country. We all allow the few and corrupt to dictate on us their will. If indeed Mindanao is a lost cause, the same goes for all of us. As long as we do nothing despite the blatant abuse of the administration, nothing will ever change. We'll all go to the dogs because we allowed authoritarianism get the better of us.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Legacy My Ass!

Benjamin Abalos will be retiring as commissioner of the Commission on Elections in 2010. He said that he would like to leave behind a good legacy when he finally steps down. With the way he handled the 2004 and 2007 polls, I don't know what legacy he is talking about.

The 2004 elections saw for the first time the blatant mockery of the electoral process. We witnessed the power of the COMELEC in manipulating the polls. Exposed were several officials in connection with massive cheating. The Garci scandal rocked us out of our senses.

Despite these exposes, the COMELEC headed by Abalos never blinked. Instead, it showed its true color and arrogance. It never investigated those implicated in the cheating. Garci retired and his lieutenants were given more sensitive positions. The cheating machinery we could say, is firmly in place.

The COMELEC never left anything to chance. It served its master to the hilt. What the palace dictated, it followed to the tee. Everything was accommodated. Anything was accepted, hook, line and sinker. It showed its power and might. They are the lords of the elections.

The recent polls were no different. Despite numerous violations in the campaign, it stood in the sidelines and even cleared the violators. They're not about to change their style, nothing gets resolved and complaints just disappear into limbo. It said before the elections that they will be stricter this time around. Yes they were strict, as long as you're with the opposition.

They allowed the party-list law to be bastardized. Fronts and proxy party-lists of entities allied and working for the palace were accepted. Akbayan raised a howl and asked the Supreme Court to force the COMELEC to reveal the faces behind these bogus party-lists. The Ladlad party-list representing the gay/lesbian community was rejected even when they are clearly a marginalized/underrepresented group. The COMELEC showed that they can do anything with impunity.

They never imposed their will against the deployment of the military even during the elections. Civilian rule over the military was merely shrugged off by Esperon. Though openly campaigning against progressive party-lists, the COMELEC never charged the military for electioneering.

The highlight of their arrogance is the Cayetano case. In a bid to take down the palace's fiercest critic, they accepted the candidacy of Joselito "Juju/Peter" Cayetano. To appease the public outcry, they declared Juju a nuisance candidate. That was back in March. Juju never appeared before the the COMELEC to appeal his case. He never showed any interest in his candidacy. A day or two before the elections, a midnight resolution said that all Cayetano votes will now be counted in favor of Alan Cayetano. But a day before the polls opened, the COMELEC's legal department said that Juju can still appeal his case. Citing the much abused due process, they said that any votes bearing just Cayetano will be considered stray.

Voters and even the teachers were now confused. The DepEd in its bid to "clarify" the COMELEC resolution, went around the precincts to inform the teachers of this latest development. Alan Cayetano has asked the Supreme Court to judge the case with finality.

The COMELEC allowed itself to be the tool/machinery of the corrupt and powerful for their cheating operations. They of course can deny this but the people only know too well what happened in the last two elections. Despite the evidences staring them in their face, the COMELEC had the gall to pronounce that the elections were clean, peaceful and credible. Talk about a job well done. They have just outdone the elections of some African countries where cheating in elections is the norm.

From the controversial automation, to the Garci controversy, to the disenfranchisement of voters, to this current lot of commissioners showed us why more and more Filipinos lose faith in the electoral process. The most common perception is that the elections are always rigged.

Legacy, what legacy? All I see is a legacy of cheating. A legacy of absurdity and ineptness. A legacy of arrogance and impunity. That is all I see that Benjamin Abalos will leave when he finally steps down. I wonder what they'll cook up in 2010.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Killing The Vote

As the counting begins, the confusion sets in. After disqualifying Joselito "Juju" Cayetano, the COMELEC in a very late announcement said that a plain Cayetano vote will be considered a stray vote. Coming at this late stage, it sowed confusion. Many supporters of Alan have been made to believe that simply writing Cayetano on their ballots will be counted for Alan.

Last Saturday, the legal department of the COMELEC clarified that Juju despite being disqualified can still appeal his case with the Supreme Court. Alan's supporters were lulled into a sense of complacency as the disqualification was highlighted more than the appeal. Obviously, the COMELEC sat on the case long enough to hoodwink the electorate.

Through all this, Juju had remained quiet and invisible. And all we hear talking are Oliver Lozano and the COMELEC. I am now sure that Juju has more lawyers other than Lozano. For someone whose candidacy is at stake, Juju seems unperturbed. The COMELEC being the judge in this case seems to be Juju's lawyers as well. What behooves me is why an arbiter would be the accused's defense? What for?

The more this weird case rolls, the more the conspiracy against Alan is exposed. Its not about Alan Cayetano, its about subverting the will of the people. This is a way to kill the vote. As Ellen Tordesillas puts it, gone were the days when we see rampant ballot box snatching. All the cheats have to do is sow enough confusion to steal the votes of a candidate. Vergel Santos adds, just because the number of persons killed is small does not translate to a peaceful and credible elections. What is killed is the will of the people.

Alan Cayetano has really hurt the Arroyos. As I mentioned in my previous post, officials in Pampanga were promised an "early Christmas" should Alan get "0" votes in their barangays. This leads me to believe that Cayetano may indeed have the "goods" on the Pidals. One will never go to such effort to ruin Alan's candidacy if they have nothing to hide.

For now. some of the Cayetano votes were counted for Alan. The BEIs stuck to the COMELEC's resolution. The efforts of the COMELEC to spread the instructions to the canvassers did not them in time. Their attempt to subvert the people's will did not work in some areas. But for sure, many of Alan's votes have been wasted.

Intentional incompetence is what we can call the COMELEC's move against Alan. Vergel Santos and Ellen Tordesillas said that this brazen act of the COMELEC could finally str the people into action. Add the case of Naga mayor, Jesse Robredo and the set is complete. This conspiracy against the two is a showcase of how the COMELEC and the administration can thwart the will of the people. Both cases shows us how these criminals are killing the votes. Assassins? Yes they are!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Inventive Politician & Updates

Well, the cheats have devised a new way of shrouding their vote-buying operations. Local candidates now have a new cover, the MEMBERSHIP CARD. I found out about this scheme after my helper returned from her short vacation. I thought that the insurance card was the ultimate but this new scheme bags the plum. This is exclusively used in the local races, and therefore has limited funds.

Here's how it works. Operators "recruit" voters. These voters are then given membership cards. These cards are the recruits' passport to collecting their "allowance". The allowance is the bribe of course. Its bulletproof at the moment and I'm sure only the geniuses in the COMELEC will call this scheme as another campaign expense. Just like the way the COMELEC absolved De Venecia for his insurance cards.

My helper said that people in their area are getting these cards from competing local candidates. The more membership cards they sign up for, the more money they get. The smallest offer in their area is P500. Let's say that you have three candidates, this translates to getting a membership card from each of these and getting a total of P1500. This however does not mean that they will vote for the candidate.

People are indeed getting smarter. They are bleeding these unscrupulous candidates dry. Should anyone complain or get caught, they simply show their membership card showing that they are volunteers. This shields the candidate from disqualification. The money given is "justifiably" a campaign expense.

One perfect example is the case of Raul Gonzalez, jr. ABS-CBN showed a video footage of "alleged" vote buying in their district. The young Gonzalez merely said its their volunteers' allowance. Clean isn't it.


A day after the COMELEC announced the disqualification of KBL senatorial candidate, Joselito "JuJu" Cayetano, the COMELEC legal department now says its not final and executory. They said that Joselito has five days from the receipt of the resolution to appeal his case. So, any plain Cayetano vote will still be considered a stray vote. To make sure you are voting for Alan Cayetano, write his full name on the ballot. Just to be on the safe side, write the full names of the candidates you will be voting for. Write an "X" on the spaces you will not be filling out.


GMA 7 was able to take videos of Mickey Arroyo and his "supporters" Using barangay vehicles, supporters and coordinators were transported to a hall for the meeting. An irate Mickey berated the tv crew for filming and asking him why they are using government vehicles in an obviously partisan event.

A hidden camera was also able to record a coordinator reminding those present that an early Christmas awaits those who can deliver a zero vote for Alan Cayetano.


Go out and vote. Unscrupulous candidates and their cheating operators would love for us not to use our ballots. They can easily use the unused ballots to fill it with their clients' names. If you are still cynical about the elections, the best way to prevent cheating is to just exercise a vote of protest. Use the ballot to express your apprehension. Again, "USE THAT BALLOT" and prevent the cheats to use you as their tools for cheating.


Tomorrow is the big day, its E-Day. Remember to vote early. Bring a pen, a valid identification card and "your" list of candidates. Come back in the evening if you can and watch the counting and if possible, even the canvassing. Use your cameras, camcorders and anything that you can use to record the results or any kind of cheating. A flashlight will come in handy if there should be any power outage.


Election Message of Antonio Trillanes IV

Unable to attend the Genuine Opposition's miting de avance last Friday at the Folk Arts Theater, Sonny Trillanes however was able to give his election message to the Filipino people. Speaking in Pilipino, Sonny had this to say to the people.

Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

Ako po ay nagpapasalamat at nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong ipahayag sa inyo ang mensaheng ito. Ang darating na halalan ay isang napakahalagang bahagi ng ating kasaysayan. Dahil ito na po ang huling mapayapang paraan para matanggal natin ang mga tiwali sa gobyerno, at sa ganoon ay makausad na tayo tungo sa kapayapaan at kaunlaran. Alam ko po na hirap at pagod na kayo. Kung kaya't kailangan na nating magkaisa at manindigan laban sa mga nanggagahasa sa ating bayan. At alang-alang na rin sa ating kinabukasan. Huwag na nating palampasin ang pagkakataong ito. Mga kababayan, itakda natin ang Mayo 14, bilang araw ng pagbabago para sa ating bansa, at ang araw ng tagumpay sa sambayanang Pilipino.

Mabuhay kayong lahat.

You may view tha actual footage here.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Hope Springs From Us

When people fall prey to CYNICISM, that's when we stop living. Its like surrendering yourself to the powers that be, to be dictated upon and just accept whatever is presented to you. I am saddened that most Filipinos have lost faith in our elections. But whether we like it or not, you and millions of us will have to vote come Monday.

I have seen several elections in my lifetime, yet I never fail to use my one vote. Never have I given up on the only day when my sentiments can be known. The deterioration of our institutions should not dishearten us. It should instead strengthen our resolve to push for change and make our voices be heard.

One way our perverted leaders use to weaken us is to destroy our trust in the electoral system. This ensures their hold to power. The less voters, the more its easier for them to cheat. They expect us to lose sight of our goal to rid this government of its corrupt officials. With us out of the way, they can go their merry way, robbing us blind.

Its now all up to us to make sure the cheats will not win this time around. Never have more than a million freedom-loving Filipinos volunteered to safeguard our votes. From all walks of life, they came to make sure our true sentiments will be protected. The cynics should now have a change of heart. Complete strangers will be laying their lives on the line to protect your vote.

The cynics will no longer have the reason to take this elections for granted. With these volunteers, we can take back the elections the cheats have stolen from us. To the non-believers, you can now be sure that your vote will be counted. But you can take it to a higher level by sticking around and lend a hand to these gallant volunteers. Its your vote and future they're guarding anyway.

Hope for genuine change and a reversion to credible elections is in our hands. Its all up to us and not those we will elect. Let us not be a nation of cynics. Let's do our part in shaping our future. We can decide our fate as long as we actively participate. Let's not stand around and expect change when we do not even dare lift a finger. If we don't trust our institutions, than its up to us, the people to make sure the elections will be clean.

Hope springs eternal when it comes from us. Go out and vote. Elections is the only day when we are all equal. We all have just one vote. Vote with conviction. Let your voice be heard. Perform your obligation to make sure the elections will be clean. You don't have to be a volunteer, you can always stick around and watch the counting.Its your future that is at stake.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The case of forced disappearances is increasing at an alarming rate. Since Gloria took office back in 2001, the total number of abductions has reached 199. The last one is Jonas Burgos who was forcibly taken from a mall. But Jonas had the name of his firebrand father. Just imagine those who are not so lucky to have a popular parent.

Ever since Gloria directed her military to annihilate the communists, the number of disappearances increased. Oplan Bantay Laya and the notorious butcher, Jovito Palaparan are the perceived culprits of these abductions. This year alone, fifteen victims have already gone missing. Last year saw seventy-seven and 2005 figures are twenty-six enforced abductions. The biggest number are from the Bulacan area. We all know who had responsibility for this area.

The vehicle used in the Burgos abduction has been traced to the DENR in Norzagaray. but is impounded by the AFP. Its connected to an illegal logging case. And guess where this AFP unit is based? Yes, in Bulacan. Now the AFP says that they have turned the vehicle over to the DENR. Another finger-pointing case.

Those who have gone missing are mostly student activists, union leaders, organizers of the poor and farmers linked to progressive groups. This policy of the administration has developed a culture of impunity and abuse. Instead of engaging in social reforms and addressing social concerns, the administration took the easy way out. They employ intimidation, harassment and outright terrorism to clean up their mess.

This cowardly practice of abducting dissenters has led to the torture of those they left behind. The pain of uncertainty continues to haunt their families. The longer they go missing, the more terror it sows in the hearts of their compatriots. But regardless of how many this administration abducts, there will be more who will take their place.

Abductions and killings will never prevent dissent. Floating the Red scare may work for the "blind" and stupid but not to the poor and oppressed who have been suffering for many years. The term MISSING has many meanings in our country. Its not restricted to those who were forcibly taken but may point to what our country and system actually lack.

  • MISSING is the rule of law.
  • MISSING is the legitimacy and moral ascendancy of the current dispensation.
  • MISSING is the sincerity to serve the people by those in power.
  • MISSING is the indignation of a civilized society against abuse and corruption.
  • MISSING is the sense of concern for the betterment of our country.
  • MISSING is the sense nationhood.

So now I pose this question to the non-believer. Tell me, how many more of our countrymen should disappear before we realize what is actually MISSING?


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Wish List

This is how I will vote this May 14. I'm giving the candidates of Ang Kapatiran a chance to change the system. Of course, I will never vote for any of TUTA's candidates.

  1. AQUINO, Noynoy
  2. BAUTISTA, Martin
  3. CAYETANO, Alan
  4. ESCUDERO, Chiz
  5. LACSON, Ping
  6. LEGARDA, Loren
  7. PAREDES, Zosimo
  8. PIMENTEL, Koko
  9. ROCO, Sonia
  10. SISON, Adrian
  11. TRILLANES, Antonio
  12. VILLAR, Manny

REMOTO, Danton

Kabataan - the youth needs to be heard

My other party-list choices are: PEP, Akbayan, Gabriela, Abanse Pinay, Anak Pawis and Bayan Muna.

Use your right to vote. It may not be the silver bullet that will rid us of our woes but its a step for change. Elections is always a step into the unknown. Let us do away with cynicism and be proactive. Don't waste your one vote as its a vote for our future. Let's GO out and vote!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Into The Homestretch

I'm not talking about the Kentucky Derby, its about the midterm polls. As the elections draw nearer, the number of election related violence is increasing. Local candidates are trying to decimate each other's ranks. Ambuscades and assassinations are becoming more regular and brazen.

These are the very same people who think that going parliamentary is the way to progress. The government boasts that we are in a democracy yet candidates resort to all kinds of illegal activities to ensure their win. It is safe to say that these hoodlums are nothing but mere warlords who would use any means to further their ambitions and hooliganism.

Even Manny Pacquiao, with his bodyguards and guns accuse his petite opponent, Darlene Custodio of plotting to assassinate him. He has turned into a bogus champion of the people. He now talks, walks and breathes like a trapo. His rhetorics does not amount to anything as we all know how the vindictive Gloria withheld the PDAF or pork of her opponents in congress.

Opponents of administration bets are harassed or disqualified. Just take the case of Mayor Jesse Robredo. Rehashed charges of he being an alien finally succeeded. Thank the incompetence of the COMELEC division who found merit in what has been decided years before through an en banc resolution. The Villafuertes sure wield immense powers.

After the Supreme Court finally put to rest the controversial party-list nominees, the COMELEC can no longer protect the bogus party-lists. Now the fakes have been unmasked and cases for their disqualification are being readied. Administration allies in congress and government offices will have a hard time justifying their candidacies. Chief Justice Puno has once again saved democracy from the evil hands of this administration.

There seems to be a snowballing of concerned voters. Never have we seen so many volunteers who will try and protect the will of the people. Apathy seems to be waning as the people now are more proactive. Finally, genuine concern for democracy has awakened our sleeping people. I hope this enthusiasm will continue lest we be lulled into complacency again.

The elections will be our make or break. We can either sell our future to a power-drunk gang of thugs protected by a corrupt military, or we can take the step into the unknown by making a political statement. We may or may not get everything we want, but at least, those who we will vote for will be on their toes. Let's take the bul by the horn and decide for ourselves.

There will never be change if we don't vote. We cannot sit idly by while our country is raped by those in power. Let's bear in mind that we the electorate wields power. Let us not surrender our liberties to a corrupt and abusive regime. Participate and vote against Gloria's candidates.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheating Machinery

In a bid to convince the people that the TUTA will get the votes, the administration continues to point to political machinery. With the elections just a few days away, They now say that its going to be 8-3-1 favoring TUTA. This is a big drop from their 12-0 dream which we all know is absurd.

Probably realizing the people will never believe such a sweep, they have adjusted their projection. While the surveys to the run up to the elections point to an opposition win, they now have to float the political machinery factor. This of course is to cover-up the cheating that would take place. The administration has to paint a picture of credibilty to support their claim

Elections are supposed to be free from intervention. Especially from the engineers of cheating. This is not the case in Mindanao where cheating is rampant. Here, the military, the COMELEC officials and even the teachers are in cahoots as alleged by Gov. Al Tillah of the Islamic Society and Atty. Firdausi Abbas, the Sultan of Lanao. It maybe recalled how alleged cheating took place in parts of Mindanao.

Names of AFP officials also were mentioned in the Hello Garci scandal. Tillah and Abbas even mentioned Garcillano during the Korina Today show. They also pointed to the national government as the ones who spearheads cheating. From intimidation to actual vote-buying were mentioned by the two.

Mindanao has three million voters which is more than enough to get the "swing votes".
From swimming voters to flying voters to prepared election returns, these are just some of the cheating they employ. Voter numbers also increase during elections. Former senator Santanina Rasul is glad that NGOs and even foreign observers will be trooping to her province to guard the elections.

Mindanao is highly militarized. It is a land where warlord-ism flourish. These warlords are the only ones who benefit from government concessions and even scraps never reach the people. Some voters never really bother to vote as the cheats have already prepared the ballots. The remoteness of the province and the presence of the military adds to the impunity by which cheating is conducted. Could this be the case too of the recent militarization of depressed areas in Metro Manila?

My two cents, cheating will be rampant in areas with a high military presence. Intimidation will be high. And people will be hard-pressed to express their will. Unless the people assert their right to vote, elections will never be clean. Its time for us to thwart the cheating machinery of those in power. Let's be vigilant and fulfill our role in this coming elections. Let's be the proactive voter.