Friday, March 23, 2012

The Impeachment's Redefining Moment

It's finally the turn of the defense to present their witnesses and evidences. To dispute the real ownership of Corona's Marikina properties, they presented Dimetrio Vicente, Corona's cousin who claims to owning the said lots. Armed with a deed of absolute sale, the defense said that this clearly proves ownership. Despite the title is still in Corona's wife's name, the tax receipts and even the account, they claim that that the deed of sale takes supremacy. Okay if you say so.

Then they presented the administrator and agent of the Columns. Another deed of absolute sale was presented. This time however, a transfer certificate was attached to it. The title of the condo unit was in the Coronas name. Because the building was still to be constructed, Renato Corona did not list it in his SALN. This time however, they say that despite a deed of sale, and a transfer certificate in Corona's name, ownership cannot be claimed as there was no physical unit yet. Wha? I thought a deed of sale is enough to prove ownership? Did they consider their first assertion with regards to the Vicente testimony?

I always thought thought, and as they always manifest, the document is the best evidence. It's absurd to say that the two cases are different. The fact of the matter is that they bought a condo unit. It is an asset just the same. It should be listed in his SALN period.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Of Brilliance And Miscalculation

As the prosecution rests its case, the burden of proof now falls on the defense. With the Supreme Court's TRO, the prosecution's hands were tied. To rest their case now was a brilliant move. Corona and the defense have their backs against the wall. It is not surprising why Miriam Santiago exhibited such an unparliamentary behavior. She knows the consequences of such a move. Remember how the senators questioned the long list of witnesses and evidences of the prosecution? Now that the prosecution had shortened the proceedings, they again question it.

The move also puts the impeachment court in a very uncomfortable spot. Even if they decide not to admit the evidences on Art. 2, the fact remains that the public now knows the vast unexplained wealth of Corona. The TRO was supposed to protect Corona, it in fact did more harm than good. Corona is the only competent witness the defense has to refute all the evidences. He may have to take the witness stand. This will expose him to questioning from all sides. The SC miscalculated the prosecution's moves

Was the move intentional or did the prosecution unwittingly boxed everybody in? The defense will move heaven and earth to have all evidences declared inadmissible. But then there's the fact that bank records have already been testified on. Even if these were stricken out, the public knows how huge the undeclared wealth of Corona is. At the back of their minds, the senators will have to consider this. They cannot simply discount these information. The senate, after hearing the rationale behind withdrawing the other articles which all evidences are hinged on SC records and witnesses, will have tp use their common sense and see the true motive of the SC in issuing different TROs.

Even if Miriam lectures the public on procedures and technicalities, the public will not swallow them hook, line and sinker. The defense and senate is between a rock and a hard place. Only a conviction will be an acceptable result. Senators cannot claim (if they acquit Corona) that they echo the voice of the people. They cannot claim that our votes do not count. They will have to assert their power as an impeachment court this time around. The defense has reiterated that they will once again go to the SC to defend their client. Cuevas thinks this is useless. He also would like very much not to allow Corona to testify. People will now be watching more closely. We are tired of being played around with. Perhaps the senators will once again try to condition the public's mind that they cannot convict Corona due to technicalities we the people know goes against the intent of the law. We of course will not take this lightly. Public sentiment must take the front seat this time.

I would love to see what's in the senators' minds. I would love to see how much common sense they actually have. To overlook what's staring them in their faces is illogical even to the simplest of minds. Will they disappoint us again? Will we see logic and common sense employed by supposedly intelligent(?) senators? I salute the Prosecutors both public and private. I pity the senate for lacking resolve. I grin at the defense for they miscalculated the ability of the prosecution. Now I can smile, no laugh at Miriam. Her antics did not escape the public's eye and ire. I have only one advice for Corona, karma comes quickly for the wicked and evil. You may still avoid humiliation. You can always resign. We don't really want you there in the first place. We would rather have a chief justice who is appointed constitutionally. We do not like midnight appointees regardless of who the appointing president is.