Friday, February 29, 2008

See You At The Rally

I'll be joining the rally slated today in the heart of the city of Makati. I hope to see you there.

"Got this message from Leah Navarro"


Labanan ang Katiwalian at Kasinungalian.

Itaguyod ang Katotohanan.

It is time to be COUNTED!

Join us at the Friday Inter-Faith Prayer Rally

Ayala cor. Paseo de Roxas – 4:00 to 8:00 PM

Where former President Cory Aquino and Jun Lozada will join us as we make the call for Truth and Accountability.

Black and White Movement, together with Hyatt 10/La Salle 60, MBC, MAP, Manindigan,
and other professional and church groups will assemble at the
AIM (Paseo de Roxas) Parking lot at 3:00 PM.

Please join us.

Sa Totoo Tayo. Now Na!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leaving Its Flock To The Wolves

After having an emergency meeting, the CBCP with its donation-riddled members did not call for the resignation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Obviously, there are more envelopmental bishops than morally upright ones. Hiding behind the doctrine of separation of church and state, the CBCP says it is up to the people's communal action. Malacañang obviously will be happy with the CBCP statement as her allies in the CBCP has shielded her from the more activist ones.

The statement basically leaves everything to GMA's discretion. They ask her and her officials to lead in combating corruption. We all know her track record when it comes to fighting corruption. If she has done her job, we wouldn't be hearing of different scandals and exposes. The senate wouldn't be investigating government deals if GMA is doing her job.

They also asked her to abolish EO 464 and allow her officials to face senate inquiries an investigations. We all know that Gloria will never do this. It's suicide for her as I am sure that more crimes will be unearthed. And even if Gloria allows her men to appear before investigations, they will merely do cover-up after cover-up and we will still be in the rut we're in. No criminal in her right mind would shoot herself in the head (in the foot maybe, never the head).

They also asks the senate and the Ombudsman to use their powers to fight corruption. I am sure that the senate has been doing just that despite accusations of grandstanding. I however do not think the ombudsman is doing the same. The DoJ and even PAGC has sat on cases involving allies of Gloria. The CBCP also requests the media to be objective in its reporting. I am sure that the media has been doing just its work in all honesty. That is the reason why all these scandals have been exposed, the media is doing its job to inform the people.

The last point the CBCP emphasized is for us, the people to cultivate a culture of truth and integrity. It seems that the CBCP has not heard our calls. They refer to it as a new version of People Power. Through People Power, we have been learned and advocated change. The ones who never learned are the people who benefit from our efforts. Our leaders never learned from People Power. I suppose those bishops should look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves that some of them are not truthful nor persons of integrity. On only a handful of bishops have the moral ascendancy to lead its flock.

Basically, the statement has no bearing nor of any importance. To call on a criminal, the "boss" at that to spearhead change is totally illogical. You've never seen a mafia boss rat on her own people. Is the CBCP feeding us to the wolves? I suppose we should not wait for them anymore as they are more concerned of their investments than their flock. GMA has succeeded in destroying every institution in the country. Some bishops obviously need to moderate their greed as well. No wonder nuns and priests are lambasting the bishops for their inaction and stand.

So the shepherds of men have led their flock into the den of wolves. They are no different from the high priests who crucified Christ. Money does change everything and the church is not immune to it. I just pray that those bishops who actually have integrity and principle would come out and lead us out of this hell that Gloria, her gang and her high priests have imprisoned us.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BLOGSWARM - Day 2 To The Men In Uniform

Against Arroyo
wave 1.0

Let’s Expand the Democratic Space through cyber-Activism. Sama-sama nating ISIGAW / I-POST / IE-MAIL:


For selling us out to China, Gloria must resign OR ELSE! The men in uniform who is being duped by a BASTARDIZED chain of command must know that they must serve God, Country and People. This is where their LOYALTY should reside, NOT to a corrupt and morally bereft pretending president. They are not mercenaries and at all times must have wisdom, conscience and devotion. Professional soldiers never allow themselves to be used in any way by a self-serving tyrant. True soldiers are principled and defenders of the oppressed. They should never be the oppressors.

Politics is never an issue despite claims of your officers. What is at stake is the survival of a nation. Honorable men wear their uniform with pride, integrity and principle. Be and act what you really are, the DEFENDERS of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and FILIPINO people.


Monday, February 25, 2008

BLOGSWARM: Take Down the Conjugal Plunderers

This the first day of protest of cyber activists against the conjugal plunderers in the palace by the murky river. Filipinos all over the world are disgusted by the moral bankruptcy and insatiable greed of the powers that be. It's time to make a stand and share not only our voice but or actions as well.

Twenty-two years ago, the patience of the Filipinos finally ran out and kicked the dictator Ferdinand Marcos out of the country. Today, as we commemorate the action of the Filipinos which earned the respect of the entire international community, let us remind ourselves that power emanates from the people. The people has the sole right to put into office and remove from it any leader who has betrayed its people.

Making our leaders accountable for their crimes against the people is what we all seek. Only then can there be true justice and genuine change. We must learn from our past so as not to repeat the same mistakes again.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Inutile President

Gloria in an interview over DZRH admitted that she learned of irregularities in the NBN-ZTE deal the night before the contract signing. Yet she allowed it to push through. Her lame excuse was that she cannot cancel it outright because another country was involved in the contract. How stupid and spineless can she be? Regardless of whether a diplomatic row could result from the cancellation, she is supposed to look after the wellbeing of the Philippines.

She also said that she spoke with the Chinese president at the first opportunity she found. Yet she dragged her feet before placing the NBN in hibernation. Only when the anomalies were unmasked and a senate hearing underway did she actually announce the cancellation of the agreement. Another question is why only the ZTE officials were present and not a single Chinese government official was there. It is clear now how the administration tried to get one over the Filipino people. Regardless of the short time involved, she could have right there and then refused the signing.

Her messengers even described her "like a thief in the night" bringing home goodies for the country. She may really take us for fools, easy to hoodwink. I'm sure it's another ploy to appease the people. I expect another "I am sorry" statement in the days to come. But we've had enough of her scandalous operations and it's high time we show her what we're made of. It's an insult to our intelligence that she would think we'll buy her story hook, line and sinker.

Is this the kind of president who claims to fight corruption? How many allies of her have gotten away with plunder? Nani Perez and Jocjoc Bolante have yet to face even an investigation to explain the IMPSA deal and Fertilizer scam. Her order for the DoJ and the Ombudsman to look into the anomalous NBN deal is a mere Zarzuela. With this admission, Gloria shows how incompetent she at running the affairs of government and that she is not fit to represent the Filipino people.

It is time to kick her out of office before she sells the country out. Not only does she lack political will, she is SPINELESS and INUTILE.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

You're Invited To A BLOGSWARM

In the spirit of true PEOPLE POWER, we are inviting you to an online show of disgust and search for the truth. We will be conducting a blogswarm slated on Feb. 25-26. You may copy the banner and post it in your blog on the dates mentioned. If you have your own posters, please use them too.

Captions and entire posts are welcome. Let us all join hands and free our country from the grip of "EVILS" in government. The time for genuine change is NOW!


Friday, February 22, 2008

The Youth Makes A Stand

We have often discounted the youth. Some of us have even counted them out. Now they have come out of hibernation and have set their foot down. Today, they have drawn the line on the sand and has picked up the slack we old-timers left unfinished. They are now out to make and be part of history. Many of us lost some of the fire we once had in the fight for genuine change. Some have grown tired and has hung up their gloves and slipped into slumber.

The real stakeholders of what we fought for in the past are now in the forefront of the fight against the "evil" in our midst. They have declared war on Gloria. What strikes me most is how they rebuked the assertions of Malacañang that the people are tired of people power. They said that even if it takes them several people powers to effect the change they seek, so be it. Malacanang's propaganda is not being taken by the young guns. Their declaration mocks the palace and seems to say, "bring it on".

The youth is not burned out like most of us, but more steadfast than I had expected. They are more active reminiscent of the youth during the Marcos years. They were babies during EDSA 1 and were not quite mature during EDSA 2. They want a more active role in shaping their future. I gotta hand it to these kids, they sure know how to rattle Gloria. The good thing is that the communal action now emanates from them. We should support these idealists in our midst. They have show true grit and determination. All is not lost as long as we move in the direction they dictate. They are not tainted nor biased. They have only their future to hang on to.

I am glad that finally, they have realized what most of us have been fighting for. It was never for us but for them. Our time may have passed but seeing the collective action of the youth of today gives me hope. Hope that the future is brighter than we could imagine. Kudos to the youth for you have not wasted the energies we put in the fight for a better Philippines. I pray that you will keep the fires burning and that you will not lose sight of your goals.

We need collective action. It is time to once again bridge the gap not only in generation but in society as well. The time is ripe that we drive away the "evils" in government. No amount of propaganda from Gloria's minions can convince us that People Power cannot work. I ask you to join hands with the youth. They need our support now more than ever. Let's prove Gloria wrong. The Filipino is not tired, we're just warming up.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Black Magic Woman's DemoNcrazy

Jun Lozada claimed to have heard Romy Neri call Gloria evil. Neri of course is struck once again with amnesia. But Lito Banayo asserts he also heard Neri call GMA evil and is even willing to testify under oath. Neri's world seems to be growing smaller everyday. Even his alma mater has disowned him. The more exposes come out, the more Gloria's true face is unmasked. For someone claiming to be God's gift to the nation, the "evil" tag shows otherwise. Her brand of democracy has set us back to the dark ages where justice is dictated by those in power. The rule of law is subverted and those in power interprets the laws of the land as they see fit.

Enter Gloria's Raul Gonzalez and Joey Salceda, two of GMA's ardent fans. Salceda during a lecture at the Ateneo Center of Economic Research and Development said, "We all know how lucky the president is. She may be a bitch , but she's the luckiest bitch around." Gonzalez for his part said that if Neri did call Gloria evil, he should resign his post. Neri when asked last Monday merely replied he doesn't remember. Gonzalez is Gloria's official whip. His primary role in government is to provide the chilling effect to whip everyone into place.

Gonzalez also pointed out how different the present cabinet is from the Hyatt 10. Oh yes they are totally different if you ask me. The current cabinet is as morally bankrupt and devoid of decency. I am sure that they all know how evil the current dispensation is and they partake of the loot as well. So the "unity walk" was a show of how bereft of decency our so-called leaders are. They demonstrated how "evil" this administration really is. The proud Hyatt 10 had evolved to the La Salle 60. I am sure Gloria will do anything to keep her gang intact. She cannot afford to lose even one as it may create the tipping point that could lead to her ouster.

The CBCP has apologized to the people for leading its flock to the dungeons of hell. Of course there are still bishops out there who lean to the "dark side", afraid of losing meaty "donations" from the palace. But the church hierarchy is rocking from the bottom up. The surge is coming from ordinary nuns and priests. The church leaders could soon find themselves isolated with the activism of its members.

So the black magic that GMA wields could soon dry up. Even those who supported her rise to power are one by one abandoning her. Her ship is sinking fast and with lesser fingers to plug the holes, she and her gang will soon be drenched. The difference is that the people may not be forgiving this time around. She had pushed the nation to the hilt and nothing even her resignation would appease the growing lynch mob. The people are tired of her charades, her rhetorics and her heavy hand. Even the military whom she managed to control by bastardizing the doctrine of chain of command is more restive. Her puppy Esperon is busy taking loyalty checks all over the country.

The black magic woman's demo-n-crazy (democracy) is fast going down the drain. All she can do is sit and wait for the inevitable. I am very sure she is on her way out. And those who chose to stick it out with her can kiss their asses goodbye. This time around, justice will not be soft as the people will be closely watching and will be very demanding.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Time To Reform The POEA

It seems that this administration never runs out of gimmicks to extract money from our poor OFWs. After our OFWs successfully thwarted the POEA's MC no. 4, they are now eying the exorbitant "training fees" being charged by employment agencies. Note that by law, these agencies are not supposed to charge our OFWs placement fees. There are however certain fees that the OFW should pay. There is the medical and processing fees for their travel documents.

Well it seems that the government was never sincere with its programs. The government inserted a training program for GMA's Super Maids. The program actually is good if it would improve the knowhow of our migrant domestic helpers. The program started with fees ranging from P5,000 to about P10,000 per trainee. The POEA to my mind should have regulated this from the very start. Not only does this burden our OFWs but it seems that recruitment agencies have found a way to replace the exorbitant processing fees which was taken away from them.

No wonder we still see applicants mortgaging their properties just to be able to seek employment abroad. The government should protect applicants from unscrupulous agencies who exploit our countrymen. Now, recruitment agencies and their partner training centers charge applicants up to P45,000 for the Supermaid training program. Aside from this training fee, the applicant is also asked to pay another P1,000 for placement assessment. Mind you, the training fee is not regulated and the training centers have the discretion of how much their training fee would be.

I think the POEA should be the only agency that should handle recruitment. I consider these recruitment agencies to be leeches which continue to suck the "blood" of our OFWs. The recruitment agencies have ways of burying our OFWs in debt. Out of desperation, applicants have no choice but to allow themselves to be enslaved by these agencies. More often than not, these agencies could not even protect our OFWs. At least if our OFWs only deal with the POEA, then every worker is protected and that dealings would be simpler as everything is regulated.

Of course we are all aware why recruitment agencies exist, they are protected by no other than our public serving politicians. Theft and human trafficking is legalized and exploitation is the norm. If GMA is sincere, centralizing and redefining the POEA's role is a must. Seeking assistance would be simpler and the process hastened. With our OFWs' remittances propping up our economy, unburdening and protecting our OFWs should the first on the list. The present system is full of loopholes which recruitment agencies take advantage of. So once and for all, government should arrest the situation and put its foot down. The POEA is there for our OFWs' protection, it is not there to help recruitment agencies make a killing on our hapless OFWs.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Red Ribbon Committee

In the light of NBN-ZTE scandal, GMA has formed her "Red Ribbon Committee". It's tasked with discrediting whistleblower, Jun Lozada. The Ombudsman and the PAGC instead of investigating the officials involved in the botched deal is now running after Lozada. Its started with the NBI raiding Jun Lozada's office in search of documents that would pin down Lozada of anomalies. Because Lozada chose the right path, he must now face Gloria's Red Ribbon Committee. Highly similar to "red Tape" that makes life difficult for the people, this committee will try to make life miserable for the hapless Lozada.

The committee headed by her trustworthy dog, Raul Gonzalez is now running after Lozada. Raul's co-chair is none other than Sergio Apostol who just loves everything Chinese. They have a very incredible witness in person of Miriam Santiago who during the senate hearings, exposed Jun's little secrets. Lozada admitted to it and actually publicly confessed and asked the nation for forgiveness for his small indiscretions.

So instead of running after the big guns like Nani Perez, Joc-Joc Bolante, Ben Abalos and Big Boy, they run after the one who exposed Gloria's crimes. The Ombudsman and the PAGC who's been boasting of successfully snaring small fries is on the Red Ribbon's operations as well. GMA's brand of "full force of the law" is actually using the PNP to kidnap witnesses that could nail the conjugal grafters. Ah, yes, that's Gloria's justice for you.

Now that the Red Ribbon committee's operation is in full swing, expect the expected. The thieves will run free and the whistleblower castrated. No wonder Romy Neri refuses to divulge what he knows, a whistleblowers life is a life of persecution and misery. Might as well "moderate the greed" than earn the ire of the GMA. Neri wouldn't want Gloria's Spanish inquisition investigating him.

So what else is new in Gloria's enchanted kingdom? Unless the people finally rise in disgust, we will all have to swallow GMA's bitter pill and cower in fear unless of course the nation finally regains its balls and throw this administration out of office.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MC No. 4 Exempts Professionals

Our OFWs applying for office positions are exempted from the controversial MC no. 4. MC no. 4 has imposed a hefty surety bond of $8,000 for directly hired OFWs. The bond will al be shouldered by their employers. The MC is to ensure that our OFWs get a fair shake. At present, OFWs hired through employment agencies have some level of protection against abuse. Directly hired OFWs however do not enjoy the same protection. The MC had incurred the ire of our OFWs that could imperil their jobs. Since the controversy erupted, the POEA had to revise the said MC.

GMA ordered the exemption for professionals. The POEA clarified that the move will cover OFWs hired by reputable companies. But going through agencies does not guarantee protection from abuse. The perfect example of this is the Sentosa case which involved nurses. Like what I expressed in a recent post, the MC looks more like a way out for the government from their responsibilities. The OWWA collects membership fees from departing OFWs to be used for emergencies as the one we had during the Lebanon crisis.

During the elections of 2004, OWWA funds were reported to have been used for the administration campaigns. Irregularities were discovered during OFW repatriations during the Lebano crisis. The bulk of repatriations were undertaken by foreign NGOs. Several chartered flights were contracted by the private organizations which facilitated the exraction of our countrymen from war-torn Lebanon. For exposing the anomalies in the handling of the funds, the ambassador was stricken of his post.

The bonds imposed of by the POEA could once again be mishandled. Several countries are in the the process of directly hiring our professionals. With numer of these OFWs reaching the thousands, the bonds would surely reach millions of dollars. Also, Gloria went on several trips bringing back employment agreements. Clearly these treaties are cover the protection of our OFWs. Why then would the POEA ask for bonds from prospective employers. For sure, any labor abuse would be covered by these agreements.

I still think that this MC should be scrapped. Funds in the hands of this government are most likely to be misused. Time and again, diversion and misuse have been exposed and no one had been made accountable. Allies of the administration continue to sit on these cases. No resolution is in sight in the near future. Corruption in government continue to wreak havoc not only on our institutions but to public funds as well. Public service had been turned into business.

At the end of the day, the lack of investment is due to real and perceived corruption in government. Families are torn apart due to lack of opportunity. So the vicious cycle of labor migration will continue. Children of former OFWs will take the same path their parents took years ago. If reforms fail to materialize, the saga of the OFW will never end and generation upon generation will take the road their forefathers took, the lonely life of the toiling OFW.

*Details of MC No. 4 can be viewed here.


Happy Birthday Gerald

Gerald of Desperadow Si Helralow is celebrating his 19th birthday today. I hope you can share this wonderful day with him. You can post your wishes in his blog. See you all there. By they way he has a wish list too.

So Gerald, here's a toast for you on your special day. Happy Birthday Heraldow!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Where The Guilty Fear To Tread

The 10-hour senate hearing affirmed everyone's belief that the government is guilty of covering up. So the spin meisters of the palace will once again go on a media blitz to try and divert the attention away from the issues confronting it. One thing that was established is how the administration effectively evades the subpoenas of the senate. And instead of answering the queries in the halls of the senate, the palace would play on the media to explain its side. Away from the incriminating questions hurled at them by the senators.

The past few days came in a blur. Lozada was able to meet everything thrown at him. He was even to destroy the fishing rods of administration senators. In the end, Gloria's allies were left in tatters. Lozada proved too credible to even chip his armor. Even Joker was put on the spot. To arrest the situation, his only option was to go ballistic on the hapless Lozada. Mike Defensor could do nothing but to own up to what Lozada has testified on. He was the only administration witness who had the balls to admit truthfully what he and Jun discussed.

Lito Atienza failed miserably to sow intrigue. He was consistently blocked by the senators. Throughout the hearing, he mumbled the same things over and over again. Avelino Razon looked like a wimp. He looked like a dog running after its tail. Atty. Bautista got a beating as well. The poor lawyer was obviously in cahoots with the palace in twisting Lozada's arms. He was part of the mafia holding Lozada hostage. Manny Gaite was a bit player. His staff were the ones the senate should have invited as they were the ones responsible for Lozada's travel papers.

But the ones who shared first prize were Col. Macariñas and Gen. Atutubo. Both had a hard time covering up Lozada's kidnapping. They were such bad liars that they could even make it to the show America's Dumbest. In the end, what was established was how scared Gloria was of the senate. All she can rely on are her tongressmen in the lower house. The senate was just too wily and too rich to buy off. Of course, there are senators too whose greed is unsatiable as their lower house counterparts.

So the senate has proven its worth once again. I am sure the palace will once again call it grandstanding. They will accuse the senate of politicking and destabilizing. Ah yes, the senate is where the guilty fear to tread. And Malacanang can put out all kinds of spin, but the Filipinos are not biting. We are too intelligent to be taken in by their lies and deceit.


Happy Birthday Flygirl

It's Flygirl's birthday today. Unfortunately, she's spending her special day in the island of Sulu. Flygirl is a helicopter pilot for the Philippine Air Force. You may want to drop by her blog and share this wonderful day with her. A soldier's life maybe exciting but quite lonely at times.

So to you Elay, a very Happy Birthday to you!


The Accidental Hero.

Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada was a nonentity. His name doesn't even ring a bell. With no political affiliation, he quietly played his role in Gloria's administration. His troubles began when tasked to "reconcile" the differences between Joey de Venecia and Ben Abalos. He soon gained Abalos's ire. Stressed and overworked, he finally left things as they were and told his friend Romy Neri that the squabble was not worth risking his life for.

The NBN-ZTE deal soon reared its ugly head and the nation saw firsthand the enormity of government corruption. Lozada was soon pressed to appear in the senate hearings. Scared and worried, Malacañang operators soon devised a plan to make Lozada disappear. Ok, fine, things were still manageable. But things went sour. They committed the biggest blunder since the Hello Garci scandal. They did the unthinkable and abducted Lozada when he returned from his trip.

The family knew what fate awaits Lozada. In their bid to prevent what could have been a sorry end, they rocked the media which forced the government to change its plans. The rest was history and Lozada made his confession to the Filipino people. What started as a molehill ended up being a volcano that erupted right in the administration's face. They never expected Lozada would be found out. Now GMA and her gang is sitting on another powder keg whose fuse have been lit.

GMA is a cornered rat. The only thing she has going for her is her security forces. Still they are unreliable since Lozada revealed that soldiers' and police's housing projects were junked to make way for the kickback-riddled NBN-ZTE deal. I doubt if they can still muster enough forces to prop her weakened regime. No wonder her party KAMPI ousted JdV and is now trying to merge KAMPI and JdV's LAKAS. She needs to bank on this to prevent an impeachment.

But I know that Filipinos are not stupid. They can read what Gloria is up to. Gloria's time is almost up. They have miscalculated the decency of Jun Lozada. The sinner has repented. He may have done crazy things in his life, but he came back into the light. He is the accidental hero forced into the limelight.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Abalos Almighty

Why is Benjamin Abalos so powerful? What spell did he cast on Gloria to allow him to dictate what he wants? What power does he have that the military and its intelligence arm follow his every order? What does he know that even Mike Arroyo is afraid of him? These are just a few questions that come to mind after hearing Joey de Venecia's and Jun Lozada's testimonies.

Jun Lozada said that Abalos informed him that he has in his possession CDs of wiretapped conversions of Joey and Jun. Wiretapped? Whenever we hear of wiretapping, the Hello Garci tapes come to mind. These tapes started GMA's sleepless nights and frequent trips to St. Luke's. Wiretap, there just might be something here. From the looks of it, Abalos maybe the one who ordered the wiretapping on Garci and Gloria. No wonder Abalos can influence just about anyone he chooses. But I suppose Lozada and Joey felt they had nothing to hide and decided to come out.

This brings us back to the Hello Garci issue. Could it be that Abalos played a very significant role in the 2004 elections? Just last year, during the mid-term elections, Abalos was reported to have met the Zubiris at his favorite haunt, the Shangrila Hotel in Makati. Abalos is good at making himself look innocent and clean. Even if you catch him, he has a way of making you look evil and him, a saint.

So it is pretty obvious that if the Arroys dump Abalos, Abalos will scream like pig. He will not allow himself to be the scapegoat of the Arroyos. He will definitely go down fighting. Abalos almighty, the king maker of the Philippines. Every corrupt elected official is beholden to him. He is indeed the most powerful man in the country. The Arroyos should watch their backs(?). Abalos I am very sure will take them down with him.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Ma'm, Your Slip Is Showing

Jun Lozada would fill the gaps as to the details of the NBN-ZTE deal. With his coming out, the palace bullhorn, Toting Bunye now says that the opposition's "slip is showing". The senate as he pictures it, is using Lozada to bring down the Arroyo government. Now that he is free from his 'abductors', he can face the senate without fear. Lozada is the break that the senate is waiting for. He could be the final nail in the administration's coffin.

Bunye together with Lito Atienza and Avelino Razon, with bleeding noses, tried to picture Lozada as a liar and an opposition lackey. Lozada's abduction was a big blunder. The palace did the stupidest thing everyone never expected them to do. Now the question is,who's slip is showing? Certainly not Lozada's or the opposition's. It's Gloria's slip that is showing. Her arrogance will do her in. She might have thought that the Filipinos are stupid. Sorry ma'm, it's you and your gang who crashed big time.

Lozada has nothing to fear from the senate, it is Gloria and her husband who stand lose a lot and therefore the only personalities Lozada has to fear. I no longer wonder why Abalos wields so much power. Perhaps we have to revisit the cheating in the 2004 elections to find out why. Lozada also claimed that Abalos reminded him that he has close ties with the military and the intelligence community. The MIG 17 was mentioned again and we all know that they were responsible for the Hello Garci wiretapping. Was it Abalos who ordered the wiretapping? Was this his modus operandi to gain influence? The ISAFP may have thought that the Garci tapes would never see the light of day, but thanks to the wily Vidal Doble, the people had the chance to take a 'peek' at the shenanigans of Gloria.

Ma'm, your slip is showing for the whole nation to see. The scandals you and your family is involved in is just too staggering to the Filipinos' senses. Never have the nation seen so much corruption and abuse of power. Should the Arroyos hang Abalos, it would be like shooting themselves in the head. So the ghost of the 2004 elections have come back to bite them in the ass. Now the entire picture is almost complete. It is clear that Abalos holds the key to the Arroyos' survival. Ma'm, your slip is showing because you forgot to cover your tracks cleanly. Now ywe will watch you wince and squirm with every revelation of whistle-blowers that I am sure will soon suface.

Gloria so I thought was a good student of history. She failed miserably as she never learned from Marcos and Estrada. She will not get away this time as her stupid gangsters miscalculated Jun Lozada's resolve. So Gloria's run is at its end. Her arrogance and greed has done her in. I suppose this time around, she will be joining her husband in permanent exile, that is if any country will take her in. I doubt this very much. Hahahaha, so much for Mikey, Dato and Iggy's coup in congress. Reform? Change? Sure the can country will reform and change as soon as you are gone.

*I'm giving you a sneak peek.
This is what's under Gloria's skirt:
The most expensive stretch of road - Macapagal Blvd.
The IMPSA deal wherein her ally Nani Perez took $2million in bribes
The diversion of the Fertilizer Funds
The Phil-Health card
The OWWA Fund Mess
The cheating in the 2004 presidential elections
The collateral damage in her all-out war against the insurgencies
The hundreds of victims of political killings and enforced disappearances
The NBN-ZTE scam
The North Rail and South Rail Projects
The Jose Pidal accounts
The abduction of Jun Lozada
EO 464
The violent dispersals of rallies
The cover up of her administration in the senate investigation
The bribery of congressmen and local executives
The Cyber-Education Program
The Jueteng-gate

These are just some of the issues GMA has been conveniently evading and hiding. It's high time all these issues are answered.


Moderate The Greed

"Moderate the greed" was what CHED commissioner and former NEDA director Romulo Neri ordered Jun Lozada to do. Lozada did not elaborate on the matter but it was clear when Lozada spoke of a dysfunctional government procurement system. If I were to be asked what "moderate the greed" means, it only shows that corruption is an accepted practice in government. The Presidential Anti-Graft Commission is nothing but a propaganda tool of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Gloria and her administration continues to brag about their anti-corruption campaign. What Jun Lozada confirmed is that only the small fries are severely dealt with. The big crocodiles are left untouched. When a cabinet secretary condones such practice, it only affirms that the entire Arroyo is reeks of corruption. While Lozada has bravely come out to divulge what he knows, the gutless bimbo, Romy Neri continues to evade testifying. The much abused executive privilege often used by the current dispensation has completely wreaked havoc on our institutions.

Moderate the greed Neri says. A kickback will always be a kickback no matter how small the amount is. Lozada's expose showed how powerful and corrupt Ben Abalos is. I suppose he can dictate on the Arroyo's because of what happened back in the 2004 elections. It is now clear who did the wiretapping and who really holds the key on the Hello Garci issue.

The moral decay which has led to the destruction of our institution stops on the palace doors. Corruption emanates from the deep recesses of Malacañang. From the office of the president down to her loyal lieutenants. Moderate the greed, it stuck to my head like an addicting tune. Never have corruption been more pronounced. This is the first time that an official of the government confirms what is considered a norm in GMA's government.

Lozada also mentioned that there are projects that were able to duck the radar and pushed through without scrutiny. I am not surprised why there seems to be blind loyalty among Gloria's officials. Lozada will also divulge information on another anomalous deal tomorrow at the senate hearing. A deal that would dwarf the botched NBN-ZTE deal. Meanwhile, DoJ sec. Raul Gonzalez said that he cannot charge Abalos with bribery because it was not consummated. WTF? This only proves how corrupt this administration is.

Moderate the greed, what the Filipinos should do is kick this corrupt government out of office. We are being dragged into hell with this institutionalized corruption that rules over Malacañang. No wonder the rest of our decent and honest public servants are disillusioned and demoralized. With the leaders they have, they have become outcasts floating in a sea of corruption. It's high time we show this government we can take no more. Like what Lozada said, there comes a time when we all have to make a stand. That time is now.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Jun Lozada is finally out of PNP hands. Appearing stressed and haggard, he faced the press surrounded by nuns and priests. I am glad that the media stuck to this issue that resulted in Lozada's release. He recounted his ordeal and detailed the circumstances behind the scandalous NBN-ZTE deal. He corroborated Joey de Venecia's testimony and implicated former COMELEC chair Benjamin Abalos and Mike Arroyo. He also revealed how Abalos insisted on a $130 million kickback. He also confirmed that a meeting with Abalos, Joey and Mike Arroyo did take place. He knew of the overpricing which the palace knew as well and yet approved the project.

Now that the missing link has been found, Lozada is now ready to face the senate and reveal what he knows, officially that is. Lozada reminds of the computer technicians who walked out of the PICC during the snap elections that exposed the massive cheating to favor Marcos. It was the start of the end for the dictator. Lozada has now put his life on the line for the Filipinos.

As expected, Malacañang dismissed Lozada's statements as pure lies. Romulo Neri should take Lozada's lead and come out. There comes a time when every man has to make a stand. The time is now. Former and current officials should now do the right thing. Those who know of anomalies in government should come out and reveal what they know. The truth will always find a way to come out. Blind loyalty leads to loss of decency and self respect.

We will never achieve stability unless we continue to hide in the shadows of immorality. The time has come when we should face our fears and shed the skin of apathy. We are not a country of selfish cowards. We can once again be a proud nation. I suppose Gloria knows her time is almost up. She can again destabilize the country so she can declare martial law. With a stamp pad congress, she can get away with it. The question is, will we allow her?

I expect her to do the unthinkable. She has Esperon and Razon in her pocket. But I doubt if the rest of the AFP and the PNP would go along with her. The ball is now in Gloria's court. I can only speculate on what her next move would be. I can only pray that this would be over soon so we can all move forward. Of course under a new government without Gloria and her gang.

*For reports on Jun Lozada, you can read them HERE, HERE and HERE.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dumber and Dumbest

PNP Chief Avelino Razon this afternoon showed what our generals are made of. Pinky Webb did not waste anytime devouring him. Pinky asked him who took custody of NBN-ZTE witness Rodolfo Lozada? He was hesistant to reply at first and answered, the PNP. When asked if he knew the PO4 Valeroso who picked up Lozada, he said that the officer is not a member of the police roster. Pinky followed up if he knew of the operation. Lo and behold, my jaw dropped when he replied that he learned about it only this morning.

What the F**K? Is this guy for real? Pinky then asked if this is normal in the way the PNP conducts business. Officers can do anything without his knowledge and simply report their operation later? Razon claimed that Lozada asked for police protection through his brother (whom Razon cannot identify).He added that the PSPO took custody of Lozada as its is the proper division that addresses these cases. Pinky followed through and asked if the PSPO can just pick up Lozada without his orders? The absurd reply was, the PSPO was too busy in securing Lozada that they did not have time to ask for his permission. WTF? The interview ended with Razon faking that he has to go and attend to more important work.

Last night, the worried family of Lozada went on air to plead to those who have him to please return him to his family. They also claimed that they received a text message from Lozada that he was being kidnapped. Also today, the family of the "protected" Lozada is set to file a writ of habeas corpus to compel the police to produce Lozada. This is not an action of a family who is seeking police protection. If Lozada wanted to be protected, his family would be the first to know and would have coordinated with the authorities.

I don't know what Razon would say next. He has succeeded in making a total fool of himself on tv. This is what happens when one is caught with his pants down. No amount of lying would ever undo the mess he made. I am sure the palace will soon issue another stupid statement to cover up in the blunder they committed. Razon sure has his head stuck in his ass.

One thing is clear, Lozada has the goods on the NBN-ZTE scandal. No other personality is scared shitless of what Lozada knows than the tenants of Malacanang. This blunder is which followed the Arroyos' miscalculation in ousting JdV will definitely give GMA a humongous headache. I suppose she will soon have to visit St. Luke's Hospital. I suppose I should re-title this post: Too Many Cuckoos In The Dodo's Nest

*As of this writing, the brother of Jun Lozada has denied that any of their siblings requested for protection. As for Razon, he continues to lie through his ass by sticking to the web of lies he had been peddling.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Rape Of Reform And Change

I wanted to do a live blog of JdV's ouster as speaker yesterday but I lost my appetite as soon as the session started. And as soon the circus started and the clowns started debating, the more I lost the drive to cover it. So as I exchanged text messages with Leah Navarro, I could not help but wince in total disgust. At least Manolo Quezon was able to update us through his twitter although I am sure he was incensed as I was. It was a lesson in transactional politics that all should have watched.

Abraham Mitra moved to declare the speakership vacant. JdV drew the line and finally severed his ties with the Arroyos with a confession-cum privilege speech. As usual, the tongressmen and tongresswomen one by one stood to to explain their votes. This was when I felt my stomach turn and begin to sour. Everyone who voted to oust JdV sounded like parrots with forked tongues. They all claimed to stand for change and reform. It was clear that they had the numbers and would kick JdV out. It was obvious that vested interest was the norm of the day. They cloaked their true intention in the guise of pure old change.

The neophytes and the young representatives exposed their true colors, they are professional trad-pols. I stopped counting the votes as quickly as it started. As the night grew late, the more the lies and rhetorics sickened me. They stuck to their claim of reform. It was clear who was orchestrating the opera, Malacañang was calling the shots. The signs were all there but JdV never took notice of them.

When the NBN-ZTE scam was exposed and JdV's son was in the thick of it. Talk of JdV's ouster was ripe and making its rounds in coffee shops. Pundits talked about Joey's revelations and the impact it had on the de Venecia-Arroyo relationship. JdV's ouster was coming. Malacañang took away JdV's power on the pork and delegated it to the DBM. This was a clear sign that the palace was up to something. Never have this been done before, Gloria has crossed the boundaries of power. She was taking control of the house. It was clear, the representatives will have to toe the Malacañang line or lose their pork. JdV was without a carrot to dangle. But the true victim was our government structure, the executive and at least part of the legislative is now one.

I too clamor for change but not like this. It was obvious that reform and change was not what tongress wanted. It reeked of vested interests and personal ambitions. Boy Nograles, a classmate of Mike Arroyo would now be the palace puppy. I am sure that the change would now place the lower house where it should belong, in the gutters where Gloria sits as well. It was personal vendetta and Gloria did not try to hide it. As usual, she's unabashed to exhibit her arrogance and power. Nothing changed in congress, it's still occupied by the very same hoodlums. JdV would be a formidable opponent and Gloria has finally taken him out of the equation. She can now have all the power to herself.

But the real change this administration is after is not simply taking JdV out. We are all aware that in two years time,Gloria will have to step down. With it goes her immunity and I am sure that there will be a mad dash to sue her. This is the reason why she wants to create more cities and put her most trusted men in the right places. JdV has since turned his back on charter change and this is very bad for Gloria. Without cha-cha, she and her gang is dead meat. Time is running out and she has to get her cha-cha going. This is also the reason why Ronaldo Puno is in the DILG, she needs local support and Puno can get this done. This is where the creation of new cities come into play. The more local governments are involved, the bigger the chances for Gloria to save her ass.

The Mindanao insurgency is now being used to drum up support for a shift to federalism. The shift to parliamentary has been dropped as it was too expensive and quite a hot issue to handle. To make it more easier for the people to swallow change, the MILF issue is now being played. What a better way to disguise her true motives. Play the issues and let everything work its way out.

What we are witnessing is the rape of reform and change. We are heading into war. Not for genuine change but a change more sinister than the one the lower house went through. The change Gloria wants is an abomination that we must all reject. JdV may have acted late but things can still swing in his favor, if he sings the right tunes. He has to confess, and confess truthfully. Then and only then would the true face of the Arroyos be exposed and the country freed from a ruthless regime. Gloria's allies may have won the battle, but the best of what JdV will reveal in the coming days may just cut their celebrations short. It can bring Gloria and her house down. If that should happen, that is one change I am sure we all will believe is genuine.


Friday, February 01, 2008

From Heroes To Milking Cows

After gallivanting and globe-trotting her way around the globe, Gloria happily announced that thousands of jobs await our OFWs abroad. Soon after, POEA announced that direct hiring by several interested countries have started to come in. This was certainly good news for our countrymen who seek economic relief from Gloria's touted economic program.

It's no secret that OFW remittances have been our country's saving grace. And Gloria is not about to let a goldmine slip through her hands. So she embarked on a human trafficking expo to send our workforce abroad. Perhaps she thought that this would mean more dollars to keep her so-called "economic momentum" going. But direct hiring may have stepped on too many influential toes and hurt the recruitment industry.

To assuage her fuming "friends" and to probably strike while the iron is hot, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has devised a unique and covert way of extorting money not only from our OFWs but from their employers as well. In comes POEA's Memorandum Circular No. 4, series of 2007. Not only does this ensure income, but it also frees the POEA of financial responsibilities. While the provisions may look good on paper, the fact remains that no employer in his right mind would just let go of such a huge amount.

Every OFW is charged the following by the POEA:
POEA Processing Fee - $100.00
OWWA Membership Fee - $25.00
OWWA Medicare - P900.00

The Lebanon-Israel conflict showed how unprepared the POEA was and exposed the misuse of the OWWA funds. With the number of OFWs now deployed and those waiting for their deployment, you can just imagine how many billions of pesos the government is making from our gallant OFWs. The new POEA memo would definitely add billions more. Its one thing to ensure that our OFWs are taken cared of by their host countries, but the government has no right make milking cows of our countrymen.

The need to paint a beautiful picture of our country's economy should not come from the blood, sweat and tears of all Filipinos. The government should be sincere, transparent and honest. It should not make us pay because of government corruption. To hell with investment ratings, these are simply tools to allow this government to borrow more which in turn pushes us deeper in the quagmire of debt. OFWs have burdened themselves enough. What more does this government want from them? They are sending their dollars home, they have spurred our consumer-driven economy and have encouraged small business development.

Now the memo instead of safeguarding our OFWs have now placed their jobs in peril. Employers will now look to other countries for their employees. Jester-in-Exile, a fellow idealist has an interesting take on this latest money-making venture by the POEA. I too wonder for whose benefit this memo really is? OFWs in Italy and Hong Kong are up in arms. I couldn't blame them, they would be greatly affected by this circular.

I am all for ensuring our OFWs get a fair treatment and benefits, but the government must not unburden itself of its responsibilities to our OFWs. If the POEA stands fast on this memorandum, I hope the government is prepared to repatriate the affected OFWS and face a huge unemployment and economic crisis.