Friday, September 28, 2007

GMA, FG, etal And The ZTE

The day before Neri was set to testify before the Blue Ribbon Committee, Gloria announced that after a discreet investigation on the NBN bribery scandal. She said that as per their investigation, there was never any bribery. She said that the president's office conducted the investigation to find out if the allegations of such really happened.

She practically debunked the claims of Joey de Venecia and the report of Neri. Both pointed to Abalos as the perpetrator of the crime. As expected, Abalos vehemently denies this. But GMA's findings does not make sense. Neri himself reported the incident which contradicts the findings of the discreet investigation.

Upon questioning, the personalities mentioned in the scandal said that they where never asked to shed light on the allegation by any official or agency of the government. Just how discreet this is, we will never know.

Ask any investigator and I am very sure that they would interview all personalities connected to a crime. I bewilders everyone's common sense and certainly, more questions will crop up. Gloria is definitely entangled in this web of corruption. This scandalous deal with ZTE will never be signed if indeed GMA wants transparency in government dealings.

Now its clear that Neri invoked executive privilege to avoid implicating Gloria. Gloria never lifted a finger even after Neri reported the bribe. It is clear that Gloria pushed for the ZTE and I am sure she knows someone made a killing. It is also now clear why the PAGC official who tried to investigate the bribery was unceremoniously sacked.

But even if Neri refuses to talk, all is not lost. The senate must focus their attention to the other personalities that were mentioned in Joey's affidavit. Remember, there were other individuals who were with Abalos during those meetings in Wack Wack. They should now subpoena these people and grill them instead. Names of personalities close to Mike Arroyo were mentioned.

No wonder Mike quickly left with them on the eve of the senate investigations.
Now there are more Jocjoc Bolantes in our midst. These people should be called to testify in the senate. They are private individuals and no EO 464 or MO 108 can protect them. Of course to invoke right to privacy and self-incrimination but I am sure the senate will find a way to make them talk.

I now will be looking forward to this and when this time comes, my chips, burgers and soda will surely come in handy.


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