Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lame Duck Toughie

What we saw yesterday was the unmasking of the nation's toughie. Gloria showed how feisty she can be and tried to persuade the people that she's no lame duck. While she took jabs at her critics, the more her showed what a big bully she really is. I remember a frat mate who was a little taller than Gloria. He acted tough and bullied almost everyone. That's because he was surrounded by big brods. Gloria is no different, she bullies the weak and defenseless. But to her allies, she's soft and even goes as far as taking extrajudicial actions just to cover their asses.

She claims that she works hard and does her job well. It all depends I suppose if the price is right. She put the blame on her predecessors for the rut we're in, she's been in office for almost a decade and all her hard work(?) had made a living hell out of the lives of the marginalized. She's claims to be a strong leader yet she cannot even kick Angelo Reyes out of his job. She surrounds herself with her generals both active and retired. This toughie is a fluke. She can't even face her detractors even in the proper forums. She hides behind her immunity and her position.

Want to know how tough this Gloria is? Just ask the pharmaceutical companies. Instead of signing the Cheaper Medicines Act, she seeks the advice of these companies. That's how tough she really is. She's fact to use her emergency powers yet order the BOC or the BIR to clean their acts. Afraid she might step on the toes of her supporters? So what makes Gloria tough? She's not in Pres. Cory's league. How many coups has Gloria faced? She thrives on transactional politics and has too many political debts to pay. The price to pay for her stay in power.

The toughie can't even explicitly say that she will step down. She can't even tell her two idiotic sons to stop fooling around with the constitution. As she leaves to meet Pres. Obama of the US, I wonder what Obama will say to her. How I wish he'll tell her to stand in a corner. She's no toughie, she's a lame duck.


Monday, July 27, 2009

True Lies: The SONA

No its not a fantasy game though I wished it was, but Gloria outdid herself again. She portrayed herself the leader she never was and never will be. The way she boasted about her achievements almost made my ears and eyes bleed in utter disbelief. I'm a bit exaggerating but I was cursing all the way. After two terms, she could have done a perf3ect job. But no, not Gloria. She ran again in 2004 to escape the allegations she and her husband were involved in corruption.

Getting back to the SONA, as expected, she gave herself a perfect score. She went on citing programs and data that did not match the realities on the ground. Her redefinition of employed allowed her administration to boast the unemployment is low and that she created 8 million jobs. Her frequent junkets bore only promises that have yet to materialize as another company is set to close shop.

She also boasted of the CARP despite the throngs of farmers hiking their way to Manila for the agrarian reforms they have long fought for. Despite her promise to modernize the agriculture sector, you will still see palay being dried on the streets of Central Luzon. She may have irrigated thousands of hectares but a price that added to the woes of our farmers. She also boasted about how thousands of new classrooms were built and how many new teachers were hired. Yet the ratio of student to classroom and teacher is 70:1. Shifts had to be made to accomodate the thousands of students in public schools. Tjhe kids of our househelp were asked to choke up P100 each to cover the cost of new faucets installed in their school. This is Gloria's claim that public schooling is free.

The Cheaper Medicines Act was not implemented the way it should be. Gloria made concessions with pharmaceutical companies and only selected medicines were dropped by 50%. The economy did not grow, it shrunk in the last two years. The proof is how small businesses lsot from 50% to 80% in their gross sales. This is the reason why the BIR failed to reach its collection quota. Inflation is really high despite her claims. The cost of living shot up and more and more families are feeling the pinch. I wouldn't rely on surveys, what I rely on are what I see on the streets and my personal experience. Only a fool would say that their life improved.

The true state of the nation is far from the lies she peddled. Without the OFWs, our country would have sank. This is the problem with Gloria, the lies have become truth. Instead of being sincere and transparent, she threw the blame at her critics. I dare her and her henchmen to live in my neighborhood even just for a day, then say that everything in her SONA is true. If there's anyone who is afraid, it's Gloria and not her critics. She and her family has a lot of answering to do. The numerous unanswered scandals will surely haunt her long after 2010.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Rallyists are getting to be more innovative in showing their disgust with those who voted for HR 1109. They now bring the forum to the very doorstep of these congressmen. The dimwit who wants to protect these hoodlums is none other than Dato Arroyo. He's proposing that these indignation rallies be banned. Under Gloria's administration, even rallies in freedom parks are most often than not, not allowed. With all the laws governing rallies in place, Dato wants to add another one. With important bills waiting on the floor of the lower house, this dimwit would rather prioritize something that only hooligans like him would benefit from.

I don't know how his constituents voted this dimwit into office. I tend to believe that he got elected through goons, guns and gold. So far, the Arroyos have nothing to show for during their tenure in the house. All I've seen them accomplish is to corner the power sector and of course the Con-Ass. Maybe Dato thinks that just because he is a lawmaker, he can formulate just about any law he wants. Well, think again Mr. Dimwit, even Matt Defensor thinks your proposal is just too much.

So if were to give Dato an advice, I'd tell him to just stick to his seat and keep his mouth shut. The more he opens it, the more he exposes his stupidity. Public interest is still higher than a public servant's right to privacy. I suppose he doesn't know that because he doesn't serve the public, he serves the interest of his dynasty.