Thursday, August 31, 2006

COMELEC Junks Sigaw's Bid?

The COMELEC voted unanimously against Sigaw ng Bayan's petition. Citing the Supreme Court's ruling, Sigaw would now have to ask the SC to hear their case. But despite the junking, the COMELEC took cognizance of the signatures submitted by SnB. This means that SnB did meet the required per centum to "amend" portions of the constitution.

Without going thru any scrutiny, these signatures are deemed authentic by the en banc's statements. Why did the COMELEC do this? This could only mean one thing, should the SC reverse its previous ruling, the COMELEC does not have to check each and every signature. Accusations of forged signatures will not be heard anymore. The COMELEC came out clean and played safe with their decision. Now they will just await the SC's ruling and God forbid it rules for SnB, then we're really screwed as whatever accusation of fraud will not be accommodated by the COMELEC because of this cognizance.

Those who questioned the alleged "spurious" signatures now cannot contest the signatures. Is this the script that was written by the palace? It could be, as we all know the administration's use of technicalities and (un)due process to get what it wants. It just needs to follow the schedule it set and nothing can derail their plans of total domination.

We have to closely watch the Supreme Court and be more vigilant now. The next chapter of the script could spell the end of democracy and the start of hell for all of us. The tyrannical dinosaurs in the administration will stop at nothing to push their Cha-Cha bid and make sure any constitutional attempt to rid the country of the "virus in the palace" will not succeed.

The next couple of months is crucial, and this could be the turning point. The lower house announced that they are just two votes shy of their constituent assembly bid. A two-pronged attack on democracy if I may say. Now the opposition has to divide its attention between SnB and the lower house. Now we really have to work hard to foil the pretnder's evil plan.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I hate moderating commenters on my blog. But it seems that some will do anything to ruin another blogger's name. I'm referring to person/persons who have in the past commented here impersonating another blogger. Gari (Bangketa Republique) helped me trace and locate the impostor/impostors who used and maligned Mong Palatino (Mongster's Nest) by posting a pathetic comment broadsiding Manolo Quezon and Toots Ople. I have informed Mong and he had since issued a disclaimer on his blog.

My only request is for the commenters here to be truthful. Otherwise, I will be forced to ban you.

These are the aliases this impostor uses to comment on this blog:

Tessie, Tony, Carlo, Lt. Edmundo, Sr. Angela, Arkibo, Juancho, Quisumbing and Ssan.
The IP address they use are and (Fredrericksburg, TX, USA).

To other bloggers, take note of the IPs I mentioned. I hope this will prevent impostors from sowing any misunderstanding in the blogsphere.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

GUIMARAS: Ecological Timebomb

Guimaras has been known for its natural bounty and its beautiful beaches. Like many of our nation's provinces, its inhabitants rely on the sea for their livelihood. Tourism has also been booming since people from the the cities discovered its pristine beaches.

Late July and early August saw a barrage of storms and unrelentless rain hit the country. August 11 was the fateful day that MV Solar I sank 24 kms. off the island of Guimaras. With a cargo of 2 million liters of bunker fuel, it now has turned the once beautiful coastline to a sea of oil. Coral reefs, magroves and whitesand beaches now tainted by the black gold. Residents and NGOs had mobilized themselves into a cleanup brigade and races against time to save whatever could be saved.

But it seems the government has once again turned a blind eye to the catastrophe that threatens to engulf the entire Visayan region. Just like the case of the repratriating our OFWs from Lebanon, the government continues to move at its own snail-like pace. Refusing to admit that funds are not coming, GMA continues to give lip service intstead of mobilizing the vast resources of government. The U.N. has manifested its intention to help save Guimaras and pledged $16 million in the cleanup effort.

While weeks have passed, the government's only action was to the declare a state of national calamity. People on the ground can only do so much with whatever resources they can muster. First Response's limited funding is fast dwindling. Dispersants being sprayed by the coastguard cannot cope with the volume of oil still leaking from the sunken tanker. Petron, the cargo's owner has not done much and like the government, its only response to the crisis is minimal. Sunshine Maritime, Solar I's owner has not done much either.

From hair salons to simple folks have lent their hand in trying to prevent the oil spill from creating more devastation. But the three entities which has the most responsibility has offered nothing. The people had taken the initiative, what else does these three want. Or they are really not concerned with the nightmare the people of Guimaras now face. Winds and waves has caused the spill to widen its destruction, it now threatens most of Visayas. Fertile seabeds, coral reefs and other marine sanctuaries are in danger of of being decimated by this impending calamity of unimanginable proportions. What the people want to see now is government response and action. Mere statements and press releases will not stop the spill. Photo-ops will do much less.

Its obvious she does not want to touch her remaining funds to be used for her big Cha-Cha push. This is the reason why she continues to stall and hopes that the international community would take notice and spend for the cleanup instead. How callous this administration is. While they continue to point fingers and discuss courses of "action", the ecological timebomb continues to tick. It might be too late for anyone to do anything.

*Ellen Tordesillas has more to say about this. Click here and here.


Monday, August 28, 2006


Much had been said about the "PI ni Gloria", but what is it really? This monstrosity first reared its ugly head right after her SONA last year. She had tickled the fancy of incumbent officials and the lure of extended if not permanent hold on power was just too juicy to disregard. Local officials sprung to life when the pretender herself endorsed the idea of "revising" the entire constitution and shifting from presidential to parliamentary system. AdCom, ULAP, the administration bloc and the PI of Sigaw ng Bayan did not waste time to conduct an "expensive" campaign to push for Charter Change.

An entire year had passed since the Gloriagate and the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom sits atop the throne, wielding power like there's no tomorrow. Her legions claimed to have gathered ten million signatures with the "aid" of local officals and "funding" from the vault of the Enchanted Kingdom. While PIRMA (FVR's friends) tried this trick back in '97, the Supreme Court issued a permanent injunction to this futile practice due to lack of an enabling law. But what are we in power, retorts Malacanang. With the continued mockery of the constitution by the pretender, she can do anything she wants and get away with it.

The noose of public disgust though not openly expressed, is slowly tightening. The administration and the proponents of Cha-Cha obviously is spooked. The Second Impeachment Complaint had to be quashed, as reward, all those who connived to junk the impeachment now faces the reward of perpetual bliss. The rush to ram the Cha-Cha down the people's throat is the pay-off the congressmen had been waiting for. Obviously, the script set by the conspirators had been followed to the tee. Regardless of whatever denial or explanation emanates from the administration, the public has judged them. Whatever you may want to call it, to me, this is plain and simple "PAYOLA". By hook or by crook, unless some hand of miracle intervenes, we are facing a new breed of tyrants. How power corrupts. The taste of power has drowned any sense of decency and had placed the welfare of the country to the least of their priorities.

We whine about fixers in the different agencies of government, what we failed to see was the pretending president is the biggest "FIXER" in government. Yes the fixer who corrupts and destroys the institutions of society and government to finally secure her throne and hold on power.


Friday, August 25, 2006

THANK YOU! - (Swindler's List Part 1)

Thank you to the 173 "TRAPOS" who connived to hide the truth. Thank you for showing us what you are made of. Thank you for showing us what a corrupt official really looks like. Thank you for showing us your lack of decency, integrity and principle. Thank you for showing us, the voters, that you are not worth voting into office again. Thank you for exposing to us your true colors. Come election day, we the betrayed electorate will show our gratitude to you by not allowing you or any member of your family to sit in any public office. So take note of the names which appear on this list. Do not believe any "empty" promises made by these "TRAPOS". This is also the hungry mob who is pushing for Cha-Cha that will allow themselves to stay in power for eternity. Remember these names well, and do not allow any of their relatives to swindle you of your votes come election day.


Benjamin Abalos, Jr., Bienvenido Abante Jr., Harlin Abayon
Roque Ablan Jr., Rodolfo Agbayani, Rodolfo Albano III, Proceso Alcala
Felix Alfelor Jr., Joel Mayo Almario, Antonio Alvarez
Genaro Rafael Alvarez III, Prospero Amatong, Hussin Amin
Rodolfo Antonino, Trinidad Apostol, Jesus Reynaldo Aquino, Munir Arbison
Ignacio Arroyo, Augusto Baculio, Alipio Badelles, Leovigildo Banaag
Roseller Barinaga, Salacnib Baterina, Claude Bautista, Luis Bersamin
Ferjenel Biron, Anna York Bondoc, Narciso Bravo Jr., Danton Bueser
Elias Bulut, Belma Cabilao, Douglas Cagas, Roberto Cajes, Carmen Cari
Bobbit Carlos, Tranquilino Carmona, Nanette Castello-Daza, Fredenil Castro
Arthur Celeste, Antonio Cerilles, Edgar Chatto, Leonila Chavez
Erwin Chiongbian, Solomon Chungalao, Eufrocino Codilla Sr.
Mark Cojuangco, Guillermo Cua, Junie Cua, Antonio Cuenco
Rodriguez Dadivas, Samuel Dangwa, Simeon Datumanong, Del de Guzman
Jose de Venecia, Arthur Defensor, Matias Defensor, Raul del Mar
Antonio Diaz, Baisendig Dilangalen, Abdullah Dimaporo
Victor Dominguez, Mauricio Domogan, Jack Duavit, Faysah Dumarpa
Tomas Dumpit, Ramon Durano VI, Consuelo Dy, Faustino Dy, Glenda Ecleo
Eileen Ermita-Buhain, Gerardo Espina Jr., Amado Espino Jr.
Edgar Espinosa, Emilio Espinosa, Conrado Estrella III, Peter Paul Jed Falcon
Catalino Figueroa, Eduardo Firmalo, Antonio Floirendo, Orlando Fua Jr.
Albert Garcia, Vincent Garcia, Janette Garin, Ernesto Gidaya
Raul Gonzalez Jr., Oscar Gozos, Eduardo Gullas, Joey Hizon, Gregorio Ipong
Nur Jaafar, Eladio Jala, Cecilia Jaloslos-Carreon, Cesar Jalosjos
Exequiel Javier, Uliran Joaquin, Josefina Joson, Simeon Kintanar
Jose Carlos Lacson, Danilo Lagbas, Edcel Lagman, Marcelino Libanan
Teodoro Locsin, Jaime Lopez, Mikey Macapagal-Arroyo
Benasing Macarambon Jr., Emilio Macias II, Sunny Rose Madamba
Amang Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros Magsaysay, Corazon Malanyaon
Suharto Mangudadatu, Alfredo Marañon Jr., Rodante Marcoleta
Roger Mercado, Florencio Miraflores, Anthony Miranda
Abraham Kahlil Mitra, Rafael Nantes, Francis Nepomuceno, Reylina Nicolas
Ernesto Nieva, Prospero Nograles, Arrel Olaño, Ernesto Pablo, Pedro Pancho
Jacinto Paras, Remedios Petilla, Prospero Pichay, Arthur Pingoy Jr.
Monico Puentevella, Herminia Ramiro, Isidoro Real Jr., Jesus Crispin Remulla
Victoria Reyes, Miles Roces, Isidro Rodriguez, Antonino Roman
Jesus Jurdin Romualdo, Eduardo Roquero, Gerry Salapuddin, Joey Salceda
Federico Sandoval, Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, Hans Christian Señeres
Lorna Silverio, Eric Singson, Jose Solis, Nerissa Corazon Soon-Ruiz
Danilo Suarez, Victor Sumulong, Mary Ann Susano, Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado
Judy Syjuco, Emmylou Taliño-Santos, Gilbert Teodoro, Herminio Teves
Acmad Tomawis, Generoso Tulagan, Aurelio Umali, Renato Unico Jr.
Edwin Uy, Reynaldo Uy, Edgar Valdez, Florencio Vargas, Rene Velarde
Eduardo Veloso, Luis Villafuerte, Ma. Amelita Villarosa, Eleuterio Violago
Laurence Wacnang, Antonio Yapha, Eduardo Zialcita, Juan Miguel Zubiri


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Philippine Politics In The Eyes of A Common Man

In the end, it was after all, a numbers game. Conscience and truth had been sent to the sidelines as the "TRAPOS" in congress drove the final nail on the Second Impeachment. Though obviously outnumbered, thirty-two unfazed representatives fought with youthful idealism, the nation's clamor for truth. The "TRAPOS" voted as usual not for what is right but for how much their pockets can hold. Defend as they might, their vote, to the discerning Filipino, its all about power and money. They used every trick they can employ to cover for, or should I say, to lawyer for the beleaguered pretender in the palace.

Such is the case with Philippine Politics. Its no wonder the dinosaurs in congress refuse to accept that even politics is evolving. They would do anything to keep this evolution from coming to age. Political debt, consideration and accommodation has been the norm and this is precisely why our country has stagnated and even regressed politically. Public service and public trust has been thrown out the window when these traitors tasted power. I can imagine our "genuine" heroes turning in their graves as all their sacrifices are wasted by these "TRAPOS".

Politics to me is an advocacy. Its not to be treated as a form of business where one expects to be monetarily rewarded but as something you do from the heart. I may sound cynical but how else can you define public service? Its something you do because you care. Through the years, our politicos lost sight of what service means. And with that, so did the pride of serving the people. There are still true public servants in our midst but sad to say, they cannot be found in congress nor in Malacañang. Its no wonder why those who truely want to serve the people stay out of politics. They wouldn't want to be infected by the kind of politicos we now have. But there are still a choice few who continue to fight against the rotten system that is in place. And these individuals we must keep in office.

People are desperate for change, but change can only be effected if we have a genuine cleansing of our politics. Its not about what form of government we have but what kind of people serve in government. We must throw out this breed of politicians who portray themeselves as servants and yet lord over the constituencies they represent. Representatives only by title, they hold hostage their constituents with hollow promises. All they cared about was getting themselves in office and then use the people as bargaining chips to futher their personal ambitions.

Such is the case with the pretender in the palace. She continues to dangle the promise of eternal power to our corrupt politicians. Who wouldn't support an idea like that, just imagine the wealth they'll gain and the power they'll wield. With the proposed unicameral sytem, they can get away with anything. With a clear majority, opposition will be reduced to an inconsequential participant. Our courts reduced to nothing and check and balances will be non-existent.

To my simple mind, this is what Philippine Politics is all about. Its about power, wealth and ambition. Gone were the days when Filipinos thought more of Filipinos. Now its personal gain and forget the constituents. They can always hoodwink the people to elect them again to office.

Its about time we put a stop to this malpractice and abuse of the simple people. We have about eight months to go before elections. We must take note of what our representatives have done for us during their term. We must check if they have really kept their covenant with us, the voter. Its imperative for us to know how they represented us in congress and if they have been just and true. Its every Filipino's right to make each and every politician accountable as we are their masters and they, our servants.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Parliament They Want

Tyranny by numbers is the order of the day. Today, the lower house will finally put to rest, the second impeachment of the pretender in the palace. As expected, the (in)Justice Committee by sheer number, approved the committee report. Steamrolling the opposition to a vote of 36 to 0, they will now present the report to the house plenary for final approval. The minority refused to vote, denouncing the way the majority railroaded the process. Reneging on their "gentleman's agreement" (as if there is any gentleman in the majority bloc) to deliberate and scrutinize the report.

The majority would love to put the impeachment behind so they can finally concentrate on the most important "resolution" in their agenda, to turn congress to a constituent assembly. They boast that they only need six more signatures to finally entrench themselves in power for eternity.

Are we going to allow this rape of democracy? We have witnessed the congress at work, their demeanor and their arrogance. To allow this institution to make a mockery of the constitution would send our country back to 1973. The current lot of politicians in the majority bloc reminds us of what traditional politics is all about. Its all about keeping the power in the hands of a moneyed few.

They accuse those against charter change as counterproductive where in fact its only themselves they want to "progress". Time and again they betrayed their constituents' trust all in the name of the mighty peso. They have yet to prove to the people that they adhere to the principle of good governance and transparency. They have brought nothing but suffering to the people they swore to serve by spending their pork on worthless billboards, ghost projects and sub-standard infrastractures. They continue to deprive the people of basic social services and condone the abuse of our rights.

Would we want these hooligans in barongs and coats to run our country to the ground? These are the very persons who wish to turn congress into a parliament. A parliament they themselves will benefit from, a parliament whose sole purpose is to entrench and enrich themselves. A parliament where the voice of the people will never be heard, A parliament which can do what it wishes without being scrutinized nor be put in check by the courts. Will this parliament they propose be for the people or is this the parliament the people want? Or is this a parliament which these "trapos" want? To me, its clear as day, this is the parliament they want.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Administration Declares Open Season on Media

Norbeto Gonzales once again grabs the "limelight" as he accused media of being infiltarted by the NPA. With this pronouncement, he virtually declared an open season on media. From now on, any media practioner can be targeted for liquidation by state agents.

He has made similar assertions before. And everytime he does this, those he pointed to were quickly neutralized. Didn't he say that progressive/militant groups serve as fronts and composed of leftists? He also said that student organizations were full of leftist.

Scores of students and cause-oriented group members and leaders have been silenced by the military. This they did with impunity while Malacañang praised to high heavens its "successful" operations. Could this latest assertion of Gonzales be used to justify media killings? I suppose yes, as we have seen the instataneous response of the administration's goons on our youth and progressive groups. And this would be justified under the current administration's all-out war against the Left.

This sends a chilling effect on media practioners who dare speak against this illegitimate regime. Is media about to be purged by the government tasked to uphold its rights? It could be viewed as an "order" to submit to those in power and tow the government line or suffer the same fate of those who dared to speak out against an abusive administration.

I wouldn't expect Taskforce USIG to come up with anything substantial after Gonzales made this claim. Expect them to find nothing political about the spate of extrajudicial killings and may opt to point once again to the CPP-NPAor some personal vendetta. While Amnesty International assails the administration for doing nothing to stop the killings, GMA and her goons couldn't care less. Its no wonder why up to now, the Philippines refuses to ratify the Rome Statute. To put the government under the scrutiny of the International Criminal Court could spell disaster for GMA and her minions.

The question now is who's next? Soon all institutions and sectors of society will be accused by Gonzales as being infiltrated by the Left. Could it be the church, next time, the League of Barangays perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine. But for now, the killings continue to escalate and justice will not be on the side of the helpless but with those who wield power.

Additional reports on this can be found here, here and here.


Friday, August 18, 2006

We've Done Our Share, Now GMA must Do Hers.

Early in life, I was exposed to social concern. I remember an old lady who begged outside my school. She reminded me of my favorite Lola. Grimy and often mumbling in her own world, I wondered how she could live from day to day. I was five back then. People would just pass her and quite a few threw coins in her little can. Food was cheap back then and my daily allowance was five centavos a day. My Mom worked at a government office just across the school and she would fetch me everyday at noon. My Mom prepared a sandwich for my recess and rice and viand for my lunch. Every day, I would sneak out to give half of my lunch and my five centavos to that poor old lady. My Dad who was a banker often asked what I did with my money and why unlike my sister, I was never able to save. He often told me I was too "magastos". When I transferred to another school, I never saw the lady again, even when I went with my Mom who had to work overtime on Saturdays. My parents never knew my little secret.

My parents, with their meager earnings adopted two kids, whom they sent to school. I didn't understand back then why we had a new sister and brother who were much older than us. That time, my younger brother had just began to walk. Obviously they were not my parents' kids as they had a different surname and a woman they called "Inay" would visit them on weekends. My parents told me that they were too poor to attend school and we were helping them out. Years later, they left after finishing college and I would only see them on special occassions. The boy finished accounting and the girl became a teacher. This stuck with me and I promised myself that I would also do the same when I grow up.

I studied in a Catholic school run by missionaries and became more exposed to the poverty around me. From time to time, I joined their "field work" where I realized how fotunate I really was. I often went home without any money in my pockets as I gave them all away to the poor kids we taught. Entering college meant more allowance. But sadly it was not enough for my "special work" and asked my Mom to give me a little money to start a small business. I bought shirts from Cartimar and sold them to my batchmates. The proceeds I got, I donated to my favorite charity. Every Monday during my break, I would pickup my supplies and by mid-afternoon, I've sold them all. I did all sorts of "jobs", like research and reports for a fee to add to my donations. Through those years, I think I helped send more than 50 kids to school.

I had gotten married and had to stop my "special mission" as I now have to build a family of my own. Still, I told myself that I will continue in one way or another, my advocacy. My kid had her parties at an orphanage and instead of getting presents she gave toys away. My job enabled me, with the help and understanding of my boss to hold Christmas events at our establishment where we invited orphans for some merienda and gift-giving. I of course had to look for sponsors for those special events. But my work was too stressing that I eventually resigned, my wife and I started our own business. Business was good back then and every so often, we would give clothes and toys to my favorite charity. At the same time, we were sending our househelp to school since my wife and Lola were there to look after our child.

I thought everything would continue until the Asian crisis which saw my business collapse. My grandparents lived with me and I saw to their daily needs, while my parents spent for their health. My Lolo passed away leaving me a number of apartments. My Lola soon followed him and I transferred to a new house. Doing some freelance design work and having a small bakery plus the rent I collect monthly is just enough to send my two kids to school. The workers we employ now attend vocational classes in their free time, that's what I can afford at present. I also ask my baker to bake extra bread for the streetsweepers and beggars who would pass by the store every afternoon. Noche Buena and Media Noche were spent giving food to those who live on the sidewalks in their "karitons". My children, nephews and nieces always look forward to this.

What I wanted to impart to anyone who reads this is that we can, in our own little way help improve the lives of our less-fortunate countrymen. To give just even one person some ray of hope in life would be a great help. My neighbor who's a dentist treats the poor in our community for free and so does the doctor from the other street who's on call 24 hours a day. The warm smile and thank you we get out of this is more than any monetary reward. If we can do it I expect our leaders to do the same.

What saddens me is how the government, with its vast resources has failed to address poverty. Instead of spending huge amounts on senseless projects and redundant agencies, they could have used it to lessen our people's suffering. They would rather inflict suffering than help alleviate it. I scoff at GMA for asking us to sacrifice when she can't do the same. Our politicians are too busy enriching themselves, depriving their constituents of the service they sorely need. Those who are pushed to seek employment elsewhere are even exploited by the very government that's suppose to protect them.

I often hear and read this remark, "instead of whining and complaining, why don't you do your share?" This irks me as I have been giving more than my share. I know many Filipinos have given more than their fair share too. We've paid our taxes for what, so the people in power can spend it on their gas, their electricity, their water, their food, their trips, their celphones and even their mistresses. They say they've saved huge amounts while they continue to create new positions to be filled by their "friends". They save by cutting down not on their personal expenses but on the social services like health and education. They give big bonuses to corrupt officials, bribe and praise the military, while people in the countryside are terrorized and their rights trampled upon. Where is justice then?

I guess they never look out the windows of the mansions and SUVs and look at the poverty and suffering around them. Nor do they look in the mirror and ask what they've done for the country. But come election time, they remember the poor who sell their votes out of desperation and hunger. They label us as distabilizers for voicing out our concerns. Hit us with truncheons because we dare to expose their wrongdoings. Silence us through their assassins. Abduct our youth and progressive leaders. All these we got from a government who calls itself a democracy.

The Filipinos have done more than their share, its GMA's turn to do hers. RESIGN!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Political Dinosaurs

What we witnessed yesterday at the digusting halls of congress, was a how dirty politics can be. We saw political dinosaurs butting heads with younger, more idealistic representatives. It was a show of what we could call the realities of envelopemental politics. Leah Navarro of Black and White Movement however pulled a fast one and gave these dinosaurs what is due them, a slap on the face. The "Kuwarta o Kahon" and waving the "White Envelopes" was a masterstroke that struck the nerves of the guilty. A coup de grace that sunk the mammoths and sent them scurrying to the inner chambers of the low(est)er house.

Skirting all issues, the senile and deaf dinosaurs defended to the last centavo, their beloved pretender. Voting 56-24, the House Committee on (in)Justice junked for lack of substance, the people's bid to impeach the pretender. It will now be sent to the plenary to finally bury for the second time, the truth which the people had been asking for.

As promised, the majority bloc delivered the murdered impeachment on a platinum platter to her majesty the queen of the (dis)Enchanted Kingdom. And mind you, just this time, they are ahead of schedule. Yeah, just kill the damn impeachment whatever it takes. Never mind the truth. We saw yesterday, a glimpse of how the parliament they want would work. No accountability, never mind the people as long as they are all happy.

Their next move now is to push her Legions, who are many, to get the Cha-Cha train moving again. This they have to do ASAP to avoid having elections next year. To have one could spell the doom for the pretender. Early projection by some quarters predict the senate to be composed mainly opposition and the house to usher in about 80 new purely opposition congressmen. This could definitely turn the tide against her when she faces another impeachment in '07. The pretender may opt to declare martial law should her Legions fail in their Cha-Cha bid. But this could be costly and might awaken the sleeping society. This would be the last option the administration may take. So starting today, they will apply all constitutional means to advance their goals with utmost haste. Let us be vigilant for we are dealing with an entity with supernatural powers (especially in the use of the "magic white envelopes").

Old style politics, its been used before to further one's agenda. These old dinosaurs would surely fade away and history will judge them for their lack of integrity and conviction. Dinosaurs they all are, with pea-sized brains that only know one thing, survive at all cost. They would rather have a fuller pocket than an immaculate heart. Old school politics isn't it?


The Gift of Life

My congratulations to Erwin (The Bystander). He has a new angel, Candice Abigail. She was born on August 9,2006 at exactly 4:21pm. Well-wishers may drop by his blog for your greetings.

A welcome and wonderful news amidst the turmoil in our country. This is really good news. This one's for you, Erwin. Welcome to fatherhood.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TRUTH: Can it ever be told?

What can the people do to compel the administration to once and for all let the truth come out? Its minions and "bouncers" has managed to keep the administration's stink from coming out regardless of what we all consider as public knowledege. This nation's history has been rocked by cover-ups and lies that one would just resign himself to accepting that this is what the Philippines and its governments past and present had considered SOP. But we the people deserve to be informed and not misinformed. Truth then has been considered passe mostly by the current administration and its cohorts both in the public and private sectors.

What I don't get is how some individuals can still be lied to, believe and even praise to high heavens this pretender in the palace. Its totally mind-boggling if you ask me. I would understand those who benefit from the current administration, but to blindly believe without an iota of doubt, whatever the pretender says is unbelievable. Am I the only one in the entire country who has encountered these individuals? My advice should you encounter this kind of zombie is to hanker down and try to outwit them in their own game of propaganda.

Watching the majority bloc in congress defend their master with ludicrous assertions made me laugh with contempt. They are truly putting up not a good fight but a hilarious comedy that rivaled the best sitcoms on cable tv. Clowns they really all are. The gallant representatives of the opposition might as well dump their diplomacy/respect and be sarcastic with these clowns. But even with this tactic, the thick-skinned (mis)representathieves wouldn't back down. They stand to lose everything should the pretender be impeached.

To keep the society from dipping its hand in this turmoil, the administration has hired the services of individuals who call themselves, "The Legion" and they are many. So many that the jugglers in the palace have to find more funds to keep the Legion from disintegrating. Add that to the money they need to keep their jesters in congress happy and their storm troopers from melting down.

Finally, the international community had come to the simple Filipino's aid and is pressuring this administration to adhere to upholding basic human rights. But simple declarations would not scare this dispensation, unless strong embargos are employed, the pretender will not bow down to a piece of paper. They must deprive this administration of funds which obviously does not reach the intended beneficiaries but are diverted to "special urgent projects" which only the administration knows.

Can the truth be told? My two cents is unless the people comes to its senses and finally assert its right to be informed, it will never come out. Any day now, the Legion will file their petition to the COMELEC, unless the Supreme Court adheres to what is constitutionally mandated, this administration will continue to wield power with impunity as long as it pleases. Would you like this to happen? Should we remain silent and accept anything thrown at us? Open your eyes to reality before its all too late. The Filipino is not a WHIMP!


Cervical Cancer (CECAP)

A good friend, Ellen Tordesillas had asked me to post this in my blog. Being a survivor herself, she has been very active in cancer prevention education. You may have friends who will fit the job or maybe even you.

The Cancer Institute's Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) Center together with JHPIEGO (An affiliate of Johns Hopkins) is in need of a Program Coordinator and a Program Manager that will oversee the JHPIEGO/CECAP programs in the Philippines. The salary will be at $8,000.00/year, with 13th month pay plus benefits.

CECAP project is for 18 months, with a possible three-year extension.

For more details, you may contact Dr. Cecilia Llave at 524-85-84, 0918-912-81-47 or

J o b D e s c r i p t i o n

Program Coordinator,

Cervical Cancer Prevention Center (CECAP) –

JHPIEGO (An Affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) /Philippines

Summary Scope of Work:

The Program Coordinator will coordinate the JHPIEGO-Cancer Institute Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) Program in the Philippines. The Program Coordinator will be expected to oversee general administrative activities associated with implementing the CECAP Program, with supervision from the Project Director, Dr. Cecilia Llave.


Program Management: Working closely with the CECAP Project Director at the Cancer Institute and the JHPIEGO/CECAP Program Manager, the Program Coordinator will oversee the following:

· Coordinate day-to-day activities of the CECAP Project in the Philippines, in collaboration with colleagues at the Cancer Institute

· Work closely with CECAP consultants and staff to facilitate activity planning and implementation

· Ensure that CECAP consultants complete their assigned tasks in accordance with contractual agreements

· Coordinate CECAP training activities

· Coordinate site visits for assessments, quality assurance visits, and evaluations

· Prepare CECAP program reports, workplans, activity charts and budgets as needed

· Draft correspondence to key stakeholders in the CECAP program as needed

· Complete other tasks as identified by CECAP Project Director and JHPIEGO/CECAP Program Manager

Office Administration: Working closely with the CECAP Project Director, the Program Administrator will oversee the following:

· Consultant Administration

o Identify and hire consultants to carry out designated activities

o Ensure that local CECAP consultants submit invoices on monthly basis

o Review CECAP consultant invoices for accuracy

o Ensure that invoices are submitted to the Cancer Institute Foundation for processing and payment

· Contract/Grant Administration

o Maintain communication with the Cancer Institute Foundation on all matters detailed in the subagreement between the CIF and JHPIEGO

· Travel

o Assist coordination of travel arrangements for in-country staff, consultants, and visiting U.S. staff, as needed

o Assist staff and consultants to complete Travel Expense Reports and other documentation as needed

· Financial Management

o Ensure that CECAP Monthly Financial Reports and prepared and submitted to Baltimore from the CIF in a timely manner

o Submit all project invoices to the CIF for payment according to their policies and procedures

· Management of Information Systems

o Liaise between Baltimore Management Information Systems (MIS) Division and local information technology consultant(s) to ensure that the Project has appropriate and functioning technology (computers, software, etc…)

Knowledge Management/Knowledge Sharing
· Communicate regularly with CECAP Project Director update status of project implementation and to request assistance with troubleshooting as needed

· Communicate regularly with JHPIEGO/CECAP Program Manager regarding office administration and request assistance with troubleshooting as needed

At least three years of experience coordinating donor-funded projects, preferably in the domain of public health
Demonstrated self-management ( i.e. motivation, dealing with pressure, adaptability).
Strong decision making skills and results-oriented approach
Proficiency in English and in one or more commonly used local language(s)
Ability to travel in country as necessary


Familiarity with basic administrative and accounting processes
Acknowledged skills in reproductive health training, program implementation and cervical cancer prevention approaches
Familiarity with financial management


Computer skills demonstrating competency in Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, MSWord and Power Point
Ability to draft letters, reports and documents electronically
Ability to interact skillfully and diplomatically with numerous counterparts, both domestically and internationally.
Comfortable with a team approach to programming and the ability to manage several major activities simultaneously


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

INFO: Human Rights Violations

A commenter, Carlo, sent me this information for any complaints regarding Human Rights Violations. Your letters of concern may be sent to the following:

A. Mr. Philip Alston
Special Rapporteur on Extra-judicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions
Atten: Lydie Ventre
Room 3-016, c/o OHCHR-UNOG
1211 Geneva 10
Tel: +41 22 917 9155
Fax: +41 22 917 9006 (general)

B. Ms. Hina Jilani
Special Representative of the Secretary General for human rights defenders
Attn: Melinda Ching Simon
Room 1-040
1211 Geneva 10
Tel: +41 22 917 93 88

Thank you Carlo, this info will greatly help the victims and their families. This administration has abused its power to suppress, repress and oppress the Filipino. Some had gone to the extreme of eternally silencing the voices of dissent. As undeclared martial rule dawns on us, we lament that our very own Human Rights Comission only has recommendatory powers. They cannot prosecute any abusive state agency/agent which indulges in these acts against humanity. I implore the international community to condemn such acts being utilized by the current dispensation to perpetuate its hold to power. Only when then will GMA and her assassins be finally exposed. Her scorched-earth policy to rid the nation of its insurgents had gone beyond the realms of war. It has crossed the line of human decency and has disregarded rights constitutionally accorded to every man. Unless the international community pressures this administration, they will do such acts with impunity. GMA and Palparan must be held responsible for this inhumane acts against the people of the Philippines.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sowing the Seeds of "HYPE"

Since Gloria, "the Pretender", delivered her SONA, her Legion, Sigaw ng Bayan is going all-out in a campaign to demolish all opposition to their People's Initiative(?). JDV and the Low(est)er House has failed to meet its time-table to convert congress to a constituent assembly that would have paved the way in the pretender's perpetual stay in power. Sigaw has also gone on a media blitz, employing black propaganda to keep the Cha-Cha ball rolling. From accusing all opposition as being oligarchs to abolishing the senate, to starting a class war and the latest, to painting the presidential system as the cause of unemployment and the factor that pushes our people to slave in foreign lands. (I wish they would question the pretender's policy of sending more OFWs to work abroad)

While our contstitution needs amending, it does not need a complete overhaul. Implementation has been the biggest hindrance in our quest for progress. Red-tape and corruption has prevented the much needed investments from coming in. I wonder how Sigaw justifies its assertions. Cha-Cha can only be successful if the leaders understand what public service is. Isn't the lower house composed of the very oligarchs Sigaw hates so much? To open up the economy to foreign ownership without a strong domestic economic base will only lead to local enterprises to close shop. Real state prices will shoot up and further deprive the ordinary Filipino from owning a small piece of land. Our small scale businesses will lose out to bigger more modern foreign enterprises. Removing term limits of representatives will promote warlordism and dynasties. Does Sigaw really think that the moneyed, political families will allow a common Juan dela Cruz to take his place of power? If they really want equal representation in congress, why not remove the limitations on the partylist, thereby any interest and marginalized sector will be duly represented in congress? Are the current lot of congressmen afraid they may lose out when this is done? It seems Sigaw has a clouded view of politics and how it is done or they would want to go by the easy way and just do it by "hype". Ordinary people are dreamers, just feed them what they want and you will soon have them eating in the palm of your hands. But in reality, their dreams will just be dreams, in the end they'll realize that they've been had. The promise of a smoother and prosperous life has been used by the same lot of politicians we now have, this is also what Sigaw asserts will happen should we approve their Cha-Cha, a life of bliss and happiness. What makes them different from the "trapos" who after being elected by the people contracts selective amnesia? All they remember are those who contributed to their campaign kitty and how to enrich themselves. Forgetting the poor hapless folks he promised the world to.

The senate has gained the ire of the palace because it has and continues to uncover anomalies committed by the executive. Instead of addressing the issues and accusations, the palace has resorted to unconstitutional means to silence and thwart any kind of opposition. In trickles, evidences of impropriety are coming out. This is slowly pushing the palace's back against the wall. Malacañang clearly has given Sigaw its "marching orders", Cha-Cha must be done at the soonest possible time. They are uncertain how the impending "death" of the second impeachment will be seen and taken by the general public. Of course they wouldn't want to have any election next year as the populace would surely kick their lackeys out of office and send someone who they think will genuinely represent them. (Susan Ople has this say about abolishing the senate)

Lambino of Sigaw had said on ANC that his group will be filing a petition before the COMELEC this coming Friday, August 18. Sigaw ng Bayan has claimed support of more than 9 million Filipinos. With the Supreme Court shooting down the first FVR-PI, can the justices hold back the pressure from Malacañang to see Sigaw's PI in a different light? We see a pattern how the administration continues to toy with its two co-equal branches. We must be vigilant now more than ever as the pretender grows desperate as the days go by. Her plan to divide and conquer has met a deadend with the senate. Unwavered by Malacañang's onslaught, the senate has withstood every attack the palace had thrown at it. The only way now for the pretender to deal with the senate is through Cha-Cha. The last bastion of democracy will now be pitted against her legion. We must not be taken in by simple visions, we must be served with facts not fiction. So beware, of wolves in sheep's clothing. They have been sowing the seeds of HYPE and not reality. Let us show them that we, the people has a personal stake in government and no liar/trapo can hoodwink us into giving him our future.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Suffer the Children

A few weeks ago, reports of disappearances and abductions of students from different universities hugged the news. Sherly Cadapan and Karen Empeño along with Merino, a farmer were forcibly taken by an armed group. Asher and Erlinda Cadapan and Concepcion Empeño, parents of Sherlyn and Karen, have asked the Supreme Court to compel the military to release their daughters. A writ of habeas corpus has been filed but despite the court's intervention, the military continuous to disregard the families' pleadings.

We now ask, why? Is the military now above civilian rule that they can disregard the rule of law? Gen. Palparan has even insinuated that the missing students had gone up the mountains to join the NPA. He even has the temerity to offer such callous remarks inspite of the families' sufferings. Despite witness accounts and KARAPATAN's findings, the military acts with impunity and directs its violence and might on poor, hapless and unarmed civilians. Extrajudicial killings of militants continue while GMA lauds her favorite general. The irony of it all, we are signatory to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

These are kids at the prime of their lives. Kids whose beliefs and ideals are pure. Why waste their lives in the name of anti-communist feelings of an ordinary general? These kids could be the future leaders of our country. This purging of the progressive ranks will not benefit our nation but incite the people to result to an armed struggle to free itself of a tyrant. It is the government's duty to hear their voices and protect their lives and ideals. All they did was express their misgivings against the present dispensation which continues to be deaf to society's woes.

Many promising youths were killed during the last dictatorship and I bear witness to some of these. It is happening again after we reclaimed democracy. So many future leaders silenced for fighting for their rights. Why do these poor defenseless youth have to suffer the brunt of the government's all-out-war against the insurgents. Aspiring for social change does not make one a communist. With additional funds to work with, the military has stepped up its campaign with wanton disregard for basic human rights.

Our future suffers the most as these young, idealistic youths are silenced for eternity. Their only "fault", to assure themselves of a better society. A society where every man is assured of his rights, a society with equal recognition and representation. Their wishes were not for themselves but for the next generation who will inherit the fruits of their sacrifices. Politicians refer to the youth as the future of the country, but what kind future do we foresee now, now that their voices are silenced forever? In this country, the youth always suffers the most. Torn away from parents out of desperation and taken away from this world for their ideals.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Day the Circus Came to Town

The Impeachment hearings has begun. Knowing too well the public's will to know the truth, the lower house has limited media coverage of the proceedings. Some suggested that those who benefited from the Fertilizer Fund Scam inhibit themselves from the hearings to remove any cloud of doubt. The minority headed by Escudero welcomed the suggestion. Of course the majority plainly shrugged this off. The Justice Committee unanimously voted down the attempt to consolidate all the complaints except the one filed by the Hyatt 10 (5 if you think like Defensor and the gang), Black and White Movement and duly endorsed by Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party.

Datumanong has forecasted that the hearing will be finished in 6 to 7 sessions. Whoa! They intend to stretch this "show" for another five sessions? Nice touch, the longer it takes, the more "graces" will flow their way. Recall how those who accommodated Malacanang's call to "move on" were showered with projects and additional pork. And while the majority laughed their hearts off, the opposition got what Mike Defensor said they deserved, "NOTHING". Forget about their constituents who needed their CDFs. So its either you're with me or you'll get nothing policy that the palace is now practicing. Those who benefited from that circus last year justified their action using their constituents as shield. I wonder what their reason would be this time despite the overwhelming calls by the public to find out the truth.

Malacanang's asserts that the impeachment will not prosper this year as the opposition still lacks the number. The opposition even lost the support of Paras who seemed to have ridden on the impeachment last year to earn publicity points. Now we see some of the old faces in the opposition still sticking it out despite losing out on the palace's incentives. This is what we call conviction and representing the true feelings of their constituents. Regardless of how the majority tries to picture them, they continue to be the thorn in Malacannang's side and the defenders of truth.

In a democracy, we the people, are the true masters of these "clowns" este politicians. Our true sentiments is what they should express and represent. They accuse us however of trivializing the impeachment, we are not the ones acting in a zarzuela but the dumb actors in congress. While we take this matter seriously, the majority bloc continues to waylay the process through prejudicial questions and technicalities which are applicable only when it suits them. How convenient isn't it?

While the lower house has many clowns and political acrobats in their midst, the palace has many "jugglers". But we'll discuss these jugglers some other time. Its been a year since the circus came to town, lets see what they have in store for us this year.


Arrogance = Stupidity

Sometimes being arrogant makes one look stupid. This is what just hapened to GMA's staunchest defender. Mike Defensor should have kept his back-channel talks where it be, at the back. But no, he had to brag about it. Unknowingly, he just proved the allegations of the opposition about bribes in exchange for "cooperation".

In a bid to undermine GMA's critics, he practically admitted how they are bribing the opposition and the administration's critics. We now know by his admission how the administration was able to herd the lower house into killing the impeachment last year. In an apparent bid to lure the opposition back to the administration's fold, he is dangling the opposition's pork barrel in exchange for their "cooperation".

Last year's impeachment led to a purge in the lower house wherein all congressmen who supported the impeachment either lost their juicy committee positions and their CDFs too. Defensor even came out and asked why give them their pork if they want the president impeached. (its mandated by law to give senators, congressmen and even municipalities their CDF and IRA allotments: stupid)

Defensor had bragged that they have attracted Emilia Boncodin back to the administration and had been appointed as team member in the government's Petron board of directors. Now he says that four more of the original Hyatt 10 are about to join them. He mockingly called the remaining five as the Hyatt 5.

He adds that Escudero, Pimentel and Jinggoy are also being targeted for reconciliation. The Daily Tribune discusses Defensor's other targets for his back-channel operations. But he denies all these efforts is in no way connected to the long line of impeachment cases GMA faces in the lower house.

Being boastful can really get you in trouble. He unwittingly admitted how they cloaked bribery in the name of reconciliation. And he unwitingly admitted how they violated the law by witholding the CDFs of the opposition. Is this the due process the administration often brags about? Is this the rule of law the administration hides behind? He must think that by using the word reconciliation, people will not look at it as bribery. Bribery can be anything, from money, gifts, to favors given to individuals in exchange for silence and cooperation.

I just wonder how much they will be handing out this time. They've drained the Fertilizer Fund, and succeeded in getting the budget re-enacted, a re-enacted budget by the way is one big pork barrel for GMA. Could it be the OWWA funds this time? Next year could be GSIS or SSS. So before anything goes awry again, the senate should be checking these funds the soonest possible time.

An ape will always be an ape even it wears a tuxedo and a braggart usually ends up a fool.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

The OWWA Fund Mess: OFWs Nightmare

The Overseas Worker Welfare Administration has been created mainly to address OFW emergency needs. The escalating Lebanon conflict exposed our government's ineptness at dealing with a crisis of this nature and magnitutde.

The OWWA Fund is much like the SSS or GSIS. It is there to be used by contributing members for their medical needs and other personal matters. It was never intended to be used as an evacuation/repatriation fund. Nor was it ever created to be "used" as campaign funds for a presidential wanna-be.

The congress had embarked on an investigation to finally ferret out the truth if indeed the OWWA funds has been misused. The senate committee headed by Sen. Jinggoy Estrada had invited officials of OWWA, the DFA and DoLE to shed light on what actions the government has taken to repatriate our OFWs in war-torn Lebanon. While most countries had been taking their nationals out of Lebanon since day 2 of the conflict, the Philippine government has been taking its sweet time to evacuate ours.

Amb. Al Bichara revealed a shortage of funds for the operation. Because of this, allegations that misuse of the OWWA funds had been revived. John Marzan in his blogpost discusses this allegation with additional details to enlighten the reader.

Malacanang has once again invoked EO 464 (declared unconstitution by the Supreme Court) preventing these officials from attending any investigation conducted by congress. This action has led many to believe that indeed, the allegation that GMA used the OWWA funds to augment her campaign kitty. GMA had also created a Lebanon Taskforce to handle the repatriation operation. It is headed by VP de Castro.

Now that the conflict has escalated, GMA orders the forced evacuation of all 34,000 OFWs in Lebanon. When southern Lebanon has been levelled to the ground, when bridges and roads leading to safety has been destroyed, why only now? The IOM and other nations had been lending us a hand at evacuating our OFWs.

GMA had boasted that we have adequate funds for the evacuation. The government has been releasing funds in trickles. The point here is, the president should have used her presidential pork barrel instead of relying on the OWWA fund. She has at her disposal billions in emergency funds even with a re-enacted budget. A re-enacted budget gives GMA the power to use excess funds in whichever way she pleases. Our OFWs are living a nightmare in Lebanon because the government never had a working contingency plan, and a presidency obsessed with an imaginary kingdom.

*additional reports on the repatriation operations can be found here and here.


A Little Slice of Human Sensitivity

Since the repatriation of our OFWs began, I've been hearing this line from so many migrant workers and the general public as well: "Hindi naman sila OWWA member, bakit kailangan silang gastusan ng OWWA?"

I am appalled and flabbergasted by this statement. In a human crisis like Lebanon, we must forget how much money one gave or the apparent lack of it. I have been paying my taxes but you will never hear me complain when an indigent asks the government for help despite the fact that he has never contributed anything to the social fund. Right to life is a basic human right and so is employment. It does not say in the constitution that only taxpayers are entitled to any social service nor does it say that only taxpayers have the right to live.

Its no wonder why we as a country is so divided. Its not the system that's destroying us but the lack of human sensitivity and social concern. This is the sad reality why we will never progress as a nation. Many of these undocumented OFWs have given up so much. Aside from paying more just to land a job abroad, they don't have the security/protection and the same salary as the documented ones enjoy. This is the time when our migrant workers must unite, regardless whether they are legal or illegal. They must see and treat themselves as one and the same, they are both Filipino Migrant Workers. The "O" in OFW does not stand for OWWA member.

All I ask is a little slice of human sensitivity, a little understanding. To descriminate against another just because you paid $25 is and never will be justified especially in the other's time of need. Let's not be selfish but instead try to understand the circumstances why one has to resort to illegal means just to work abroad. Try to put yourself in their situation and you will be very thankful that unlike him, you don't have to beg. You both have the same goal, to offer your loved ones a little comfort in life. Don't let a mere $25 membership be the gauge for one's right to enjoy life.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Magsumbong Kaya Si Tulfo?

Last Wednesday saw a different side of Ramon Tulfo. Together with his three brothers, Ben, Erwin, and Raffy, Reeling from his show's recent cancellation, Mon threw harrassment accusations at Mike Arroyo. He decried Mike's influence peddling to get back at him.

A few months back, Mon wrote about the smuggling activities of Vicky and Tomas Toh. This led to their falling out. Once the staunchest defender of Mike, Mon is now on a rampage. Vicky Toh first hit the limelight during the Jose Pidal controversy that saw Iggy Arroyo's rise to "stardom".

What could have sparked this "lovers quarrel" which some speculate could turn ugly and put the presidency in an awkward and precarious situation. Some say that Mon knows too much about Mike's activities that he could do a Chavit. But the palace simply shrugged this off saying that Mon's assertions offered no evidence to link Mike Arroyo to any illegal activities. Mike Defensor urged the two former friends to just put things aside and reconcile, afterall they have been friends for quite some time.

Now, certain sectors are saying that the only noble thing to do, is for the Tulfo brothers to spill the beans and expose everything they know about Mike Arroyo. Bayan suggested that they turn witnesses and testify in the impeachment. Ellen Tordesillas suggest we sit back and relax and let's entertain ourselves with this unfolding drama.

The Million Dollar question is, "MAGSUMBONG KAYA SI TULFO?" Your guess is as good as mine.



With the returning OFWs from Lebanon, the administration is embarking on a new program to do a makeover ala Fab Five to boost our OFWs and make them more viable to employment abroad. From domestic helper to SUPERMAID.

The lead agancy will be TESDA which will give additional "technical training" to our OFWs. Their training will include English Proficiency, First Aid and other skills that will further enhance their skills and qualifications in doing their domestic chores. That's according to the pretender in the palace who in a roundtable discussion with her labor related department heads talked about her plans.

Nothing bad about the whole thing except that we're back to square one. Obviously, the administration had failed in its job-generation program. Almost 10% of our current population are migrant workers and that does not include the undocumented ones. The sad state of our economy which continues to pull families apart in the name of the mighty dollar which keeps our sagging economy afloat.

As far as the administration is concerned, they will continue to send our people to seek employment abroad. Its obvious and the administration cannot deny it, we need the dollar remittances of these OFWs. The continuing plight of our OFWs have fallen on deaf ears and even our domestic labor force is wanting in much needed reforms.

The OWWA is reportedly collecting $25 per OFW every year. This does not stop there as there are still more fees collected by various government agencies such as the DFA and POEA. After breaking there backs to help the country, more often than not, they are left to fend for themselves except when our officials are harassed into taking some action. Just like this Lebanon debacle were the government only started to work when hit from all sides by the disgusted sectors of society in their apparent lack of concern for the wellbeing of our countrymen.

The sad reality of it all, regardless of whatever training our OFWs get, their job description will be that of DOMESTIC HELP and not as SUPERMAIDS. So whatever renaming or window-dressing this pretender may do, nothing will change the way their employers would see them. They will never be known as SUPERMAIDS but just DOMESTIC HELP with additonal skills.