Friday, March 05, 2010

Useless Spending and Empty Promises

Manny Villar is the campaign's biggest spender. He claims he's using his own money to fund his expensive campign. In an interview, he promised to bring home all the OFW's stranded in the Middle East should he become the next president. He also promised he'll do it even if he has to use his own money. Eh, ganun naman pala, why wait to be elected? Why not do it now? With such a noble cause, I'm sure even his opponents wouldn't even bother to call it vote-buying. Just imagine the impact it would have on his muddied image?

But of course being the shrewd politician that he is, Villar is using this to bait the OFWs to vote for him. Ano sila hilo? He had spend so much just to see his ratings drop in the surveys. He will promise you heaven and earth just to get your vote. See how he used his dearly departed brother to gain your sympathy? Villar's statement that he would simply return to being a businessman if he wants to get rich is also a big lie. He never ceased being a businessman and he used his position to further enrich himself. Villar never divested his business interests. He and his wife still own their companies.

Just imagine how much he could get out of being the president of the country? As speaker and senate president, he had already shown what he is capable of, what more as president? He'll have a bigger pork to spend on his projects. He can easily convert more agricultural lands for his subdivisions. Of course all these issues against him would seem to be unfounded. After all, he has local and agency officials in his pocket to make all his transgressions legal(?). I could just see him now smiling at the effects of El Niño on our agricultural lands. For sure his thinking of how many more subdivision he can develop because of the phenomenon's disastrous effects. No irrigations to destroy, no officials to bribe, all he has to do is feast on the despair of the farmers who would readily sell their lands so their families could survive.

Villar has made so many promises. Tatapusin daw niya ang kahirapan. With the kind of campaign spending he's been doing, I wonder how many poor families could have benefited from the billions he had wasted? So he's back to playing catchup. But this time, he cannot simply steamroll his rivals with his obscene spending. Now he has to abide by the rules of the game. He cannot go over the spending limit set by the law. Poor Mr. Villaroyo, you peaked too early. See what happens when you rely too much on your money? Serves you right, you thought we can all be bought just like the people you are used to dealing with.

Better watch your back because Erap is hot on your tail. He seems to be more credible than you. Want us to believe in the purity of your intentions? Don't promise us anything anymore. Sabi nga ni Sen. Flavier, "Just do it!".