Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelan Ka Ba Talaga Sasagot?

The latest bomb to hit Manny Villar came from someone in the Know. Former president Joseph Estrada sure knows what he is talikng about when he accused Villar of stock manipulation. Who could forget the infamous BW Scam? As usual, he first called it black propaganda. When the issue got hotter, he said "no law was violated". Then he changed his tune to "Vista Land should be the one to explain".

So far, Villar has not answered any of the issues against him. From the C-5 to the Vista Land issue, It's either smear campaign or someone would answer for him. It really is very hard to defend the indefensible. Look at Alan Cayetano, his "askal" demeanor in defending Villar may have ended his political career. Remulla did not do well either as he exposed the link between Villar and the Ampatuans. So far, Adel Tamano is still hanging in there, but I'm sure he wouldn't last long. Who else has come to defend Villar? The list is long and includes a host of characters whose credibility and integrity are all questionable. Even one of the biggest scammer in the country had come to his defense.

They all have tried their best to answer for Villar. So far, all they have done is to dig deeper Villar's political grave. With the campaign winding down to its last two weeks, Villar just couldn't shake the troop of monkies on his back. People have seen through his web of lies. His delusion of being poorer than a rat had been exposed. Time and again, Villar had the chance to debunk the accusations hurled against him. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), time had ran out to clear his name. He is unrepentant for the thousands of people he had taken lands from, from the investors of his IPO and to the farmers whose families now starve because of his land conversions.

Mr. Villar, errr Mr. Villaroyo, like with Gloria, we are all waiting for you to answer all the accusations against you. Buti pa si GMA nag-sorry. You have remained evasive and untrue. There is a deeper word for greed, it is "GANID". You think you can have your cake and eat it too. Sad to say it is not to be for we can see through the drama, the antics and the propaganda. I echo the question millions of voters ask, "Kelan ka ba talag sasagot?"

I suppose like Gloria, you will say sue me in court. I'm sure your many victims will do just that as soon as the election is over. Intimidation will no longer work because we will have an administration that will make sure that justice will be served. You will finally wear your favorite color for many years in a room worthy of someone like you.