Friday, April 30, 2010

Freedom of Depression

My mind was blown away as I read Carmen Pedrosa's column last Saturday. She questioned Noynoy Aquino's mental fitness. She claimed that a friend of friend of a psychiatrist told her about how the late Ninoy Aquino sought the help of the doctor to help Noynoy. She went as far as giving out details and that we should protect these sources. It was also very convenient for her to say that the psychiatrist had already passed away. So how then do we confirm this hearsay? Pedrosa should have gone straight to the widow of the late doctor. Unlike Guido Delgado, Pedrosa is a journalist. She should know what her responsibilities are.

Like the two earlier (but already proven to be fake) psychiatric reports, Pedrosa's story was as tall as her idol, Gloria Arroyo. I have already pointed out in a previous post what differentiates black propaganda from the truth. Perhaps Pedrosa is the one suffering from depression and needs to have her head checked. Perhaps she is depressed because her beloved charter change had died several times. Perhaps depression had set in because no one seems to be listening to her. Or maybe she's depressed that unlike Jarius Bondoc or William Esposo, she has no credibility.

I know that Freedom of Expression is enshrined in our constitution, but we must also make sure that we do not throw around lies. It is obvious that Pedrosa was simply sowing intrigue. The wife of the late doctor condemned the use of her late husband's name in the attempt to smear Aquino's name. So there you are, Pedrosa was not exercising her constitutional right. What Pedrosa is exercising is her "Freedom of Depression". All of us have experienced depression in one way or another. A loss in the family, poor performance or continuing failure at pushing charter change.

Who knows, Pedrosa may just join Villar in seeking psychiatric help for severe depression after he loses the presidential race. Villar with the specter of a senate hearing or corruption charges and Pedrosa for once again losing to neophyte president. Whichever way their senseless story goes, Villar and Pedrosa will surely use their right to suffer depression.


anna said...

Whether Aquino did consult an analyst, aka shrink, or not, should neither be here nor there. Shouldn't even begin to be an issue. Unless there's proof that he was committed to an asylum, why make an issue of his consultation with a shrink?

Pedrosa's calomnius piece was not an exercise in freedom of expression. It was freedom to gossip. :-)

I wonder if she re-reads her pieces before she sends them for publication. Me thinks it's she who's seriously beginning to lose her marbles.

mschumey07 said...


Her response to quizzing reports was an incoherent outburst. Yup, she's losing her marbles.

Anonymous said...

hah hah hah a president with mental illness, as long as he has not been sent to an asylum, is safe? Even a high school student may not be safe if this kid has access to his stepDad's handgun, much less a persidente who can order troops to shoot on a mass of farmers demonstrating for land-reform.

Dani said...

Have you heard? Pedrosa is now screaming, laughing and crying in Mandaluyong? Hah, hah, hah, huh, huh,huh....