Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is The Threat Real?

I'm banking on the automated polls to be a success. Not only is it our last chance for redemption, it could immensely affect the future of our young democracy. Many scenarios have been hurled around. Things like failure of elections, partial failure and even a military takeover. Although I take these scenarios seriously, I still hope that come May 10, true democracy shall be the outcome.

I'm keenly observing the events that people point to that could show that something big is in the offing. There's the SC ruling on the next CJ, or Bangit's appointment as AFP's CS. But still I am not convinced that the automated polls will fail. I'd like to think that there are still some good left in the people who''ll oversee the process. There is also the issue of GMA running for congress. Why is she running? Is there something we should be wary of? Is she up to something again? So many questions that only the May polls could answer.

I've heard reports of a particular political party's total disregard for its national candidates. In fact, some personalities have even come forward to make their sentiments known. But that's their problem, I thought to myself. You wanted to run, that's your problem. What got my attention is the report this party is concentrating its funding on its congressional candidates. Some of them are even running unopposed. This party is even heavily investing on party-list groups. In fact, an official of this party even told one of its senatorial candidates, "Matuwa ka at nakasama ka sa senatorial slate, ngayon gusto mo pang manalo?" And this poor soul had been a loyal supporter of their party. He even endured ridicule from the public for his die-hard loyalty to someone we all despise.

I began to ask myself, why concentrate on the local arena? The threat of the failure of elections then entered my mind. Should no president, VP or senators be proclaimed, the next in line of succession is the speaker of the house. Could it be that Gloria is indeed planning something? Could she be targeting the speakership? Could this be the ultimate plan? Shit! I did not see this coming until the funding issues of Lakas was brought out. Congress is the key to all these. This could spell disaster and ruin our country's democracy forever.

When I pieced all these information together, indeed, the threat is real. The success of the elections is in our hands. Vigilance is our only weapon. If I were you, I'd start thinking of what we can do to ensure that the true voice of the people be heard. Let's all triple, even quadruple our vigilance. We must guard our freedom from those who want to take it away again.