Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buking Ka Na Naman

Villar's in the hot seat again. Documents have come out disproving his claim to poverty. As usual, Villar came out saying that he's being a target of a smear campaign. Smear campaign? Documents do not lie. May I remind you that there are documents(unlike the ones you have) that refute your claims. I don't think the likes of Solita Monsod, Conrado de Quiros and William Esposo would throw their credibilities out the window just to spread lies about you. May I remind you that it was your campaign ads that brought attention to you.

Here lies the problem with too much dramatics to gain sympathy. The use or should I say the exploitation of the poor and the departed had come back to haunt you. Karma sure comes swiftly to those who use deception to further their personal ambitions. Now you challenge your critics to see for themselves your old house. Haven't you learned your lesson yet? Remember what happened when you challenged Ted Failon to visit Daang-hari? Not only did he see for himself how many of your subdivisions line this road, but saw how the road snaked instead of taking a direct route.

Your mouthpiece also claimed that your party will go on an offensive against those who criticize you. Esposo has replied, "bring it on!". There, someone has answered your challenge. You might end up getting you butt kicked again. Unless you can finally tell us something that is totally true, don't bother saying anything. Less talk, less mistakes. But I guess you really would like to push your luck. Tell us more lies, make more false claims. I am sure that someone out there will present another document to refute you. I am sure that even the poor you love to exploit will soon abandon you.

You have no one to blame but yourself. We did not open the Pandora's Box, you did. The ball is in your court now. Give us more reason not to vote for you and even convince others to abandon you. Money cannot buy everything. You may have your billions but you surely lack integrity and credibility. You and your cabal are certainly making it easier for us to decide on who to vote for come May 10. We'll be waiting for the next round of claims you will make. Give us more bullets to criticize you. Give us more of your lies so that we may expose the real Manny Villar.