Monday, April 12, 2010

Sino Ang Tunay Na Baliw?

The Nacionalista Party continues to deny the spurious psychiatric report of Sen. Aquino came from their camp. Villar on the other hand has challenged Sen Aquino to undergo a psychiatric test. While this is a legitimate issue, why does it seem that Villar is pushing the issue? The more Villar pushes it, the more I believe that he had a hand in this. Instead of coming out with a strong condemnation, Villar can still come out with a challenge to his rival. His party mates may not be privy to this black propaganda. Villar may have instructed others outside the loop to this despicable act.

After all the issues about Villar's ruse to riches came out, faking documents is as easy as pie to him. Knowing how dirty Villar plays politics in his kingdom in Las Piñas, I am not surprised if he can order a demolition job like this. We all know how a fish is caught, with his arrogance, Villar may just say enough to pin himself. With the insane way he's been spending, and his ratings dropping, he maybe experiencing desperation.

We've all seen how deadly the combination of arrogance and desperation can be. The Amaptuans have shown us that. The entire situation may have depressed Villar so much that he had asked someone to concoct such an insane report. Unfortunately, his plan backfired on him. Not only did it hit him in the head, his political party may suffer some setbacks as well. At the end of the day, was it all worth it? The backlash wouldn't be felt yet but Villar and his lot will surely find that out.

There are only 28 days before the elections. What if Villar, despite his outrageous spending lose the presidential race? How would he feel? How will he take it? Who knows, he maybe the one in need of psychiatric help. Oh Mr. Villar, you are threading on very thin ice. Be careful what you ask for, it may come back to bite you. Sino nga ba ang tunay na baliw? Is it the one who ran because the people asked him to, or is the one who throw billions for a measly P35,000 a month pay? Will the real "baliw" please stand up?